New rules for 2017 for tourists in the US – what you need to remember when going to America?

New rules for 2017 for tourists in the US - what you need to remember when going to America? Before traveling to any country, the traveler feels excitement – “if only everything went well,” what to say about the trip to the United States, which are famous for their difficulties while crossing the border.

Everyone for whom this topic is relevant, it will be interesting to learn about the new rules for travelers introduced this year.

  • happens and what can ask at customs?

    New rules on the entry of tourists to the United States are aimed primarily at limiting the time spent in the country, on the complexity of the process of extending visas and on limiting the possibilities for changing the status of the visa.

    The reason for the tightening of the rules of entry is the fight against potential terrorists. Although, according to critics, the tightening of the rules will not affect the situation with terrorism, but it will be easy to spoil the picture in international tourism.

    So, what do you need to know the traveler about the passage of passport control?

    1. Filling in the customs declaration. This is done before crossing the country’s border. The form of the migration card is no longer necessary to fill in, and these declarations are automatically recorded and quickly transferred to a single Agency database (note – customs and border control). The declaration form is usually issued directly on the plane, in extreme cases, it can be taken in the hall while passing passport control. There are no difficulties in completing this document. The main thing is to enter data (note – date, name, country of residence, address of residence in the US, passport number, country of arrival and flight number of arrival) carefully and carefully. Also you will have to answer questions about the import of products and commercial goods (note – and for what amount), as well as about the currency in amounts over $ 10,000. If you are a family, you do not have to fill out the declaration – it is one for all family members.
    2. Visa. You can enter the US even if your visa expires on the same day. If the current visa is in your passport, and its expiration date has expired (note – or the passport is canceled), you can enter America with 2 passports – a new one with an absent visa and an old visa with a visa.
    3. Fingerprints. They are scanned at once when passing the border, and they must necessarily coincide with those prints that were entered in the database even at the time of issuing a visa at the American Embassy. Otherwise – denial of entry.
    4. Refusal of entry can happen and simply because you did not pass the “face control” from the officer . So do not be too nervous not to cause unnecessary suspicion.
    5. We present documents! At the frontier post, you must first show your passport and declaration form. Depending on your type of visa, the officer can also ask you for an invitation, hotel reservation or other documents. After verifying the data, they are entered into the system, after which you are stamped with the entry and date, which is extreme for your departure from the country. For travelers from Russia, this period does not exceed 180 days.

    What will be asked at the border – we are preparing to answer questions!

    Of course, you are not likely to arrange an interrogation with an addiction, most likely, unless you provoke an officer to do this, but the questions posed will be asked.

    And the answer should be the same as answered at the consulate.

    What can they ask?

    • What are the objectives of the visit? Naturally, these goals should exactly coincide with the type of your visa. Otherwise, you will simply be refused entry.
    • If you are a tourist: where do you stay and what do you plan to visit?
    • Where do relatives or friends live, who are you going to live with, and what is their status?
    • If you are on a business trip: what activities are expected and who is your business partner?
    • How long do you plan to stay in the US?
    • What are your plans for the period of your stay in the country? In this case, paint your entire program of activities and entertainment is not worth it. Just tell in general terms what you plan to do, for example, to relax on the beach, visit exhibitions / museums (2-3 titles for example), go to visit relatives (name the address) and cruise.
    • The final destination in your journey in case you are traveling in transit.
    • The name of the medical institution if you come to the treatment. In this case, you may be asked to show an invitation (for example – referral to the LU) for treatment.
    • The name of your school if you came to study. And a letter from him.
    • Name of the company if you came to work (and its address and essence of the work). Do not forget about the invitation or contract with this company.

    You do not need additional details and stories about your stay – only on business, clearly and calmly.

    Additional documents should not be presented at will, at the request of the migration service officer.

    If you cross the border of America on your car , be prepared to show the rights with the technical passport, and if you took this car in hire – the relevant documents from the rental company.

    It is possible that you will be asked for the keys to the car to inspect it for any prohibited items or even illegal immigrants.

    New rules for 2017 for tourists in the US - what you need to remember when going to America?

    Inspection of things and luggage – what can, and what can not be carried in the US?

    One of the issues that makes tourists nervous is the customs inspection.

    To be confident, you need to meet in the host country, having prepared in advance for this part of the border.

    • When writing a declaration, honestly write about the availability of goods, gifts, money and products, so that later there are no problems.
    • Remember that money can be imported into America in any amount, but that’s about the amount of over $ 10,000 to be reported (note – credit cards are not required to declare). How can I export money and securities abroad?
    • Vegetables with fruits declare everything and without fail. Penalty for default – 10,000 dollars!
    • It is recommended to limit ourselves to sweets, various confectionery products, and also chocolate.
    • пла Processed cheeses and honey with jam are not forbidden to import.

    • When declaring gifts for friends and relatives, write down their quantity and cost. Duty-free, you can bring gifts not more than 100 dollars. For everything from above, you have to pay 3% for every thousand dollars from the price.
    • Alcohol – no more than 1 liter per person older than 21 g. For everything from above, you will have to pay tax.
    • Cigarette – no more than 1 block or 50 cigars (note – Cuban cigars should not be imported).

    Remember that their standards for the transport of products exist for every state! And ignoring these rules can lead to a fine.

    Therefore it is recommended to download an official list of products and items that are prohibited or allowed to be imported before the trip.

    In particular, the ban applies to …

    • Fresh / canned meat and fish.
    • Alcohol with wormwood in the composition, as well as sweets with liquor.
    • Home canned food and pickles.
    • Dairy products and eggs.
    • Individual fruits with vegetables.
    • Drugs and weapons.
    • Biological materials, as well as flammable or explosive substances.
    • All medicines that do not have a feder / agency certificate for US medicines.If you can not do without any medications, then take with you the prescriptions and the appointment of a doctor in the medication (extract).
    • Agricultural products, including seeds with plants.
    • Samples of wildlife.
    • Items from animal skin.
    • All kinds of goods from Iran.
    • All kinds of fruits, vegetables from Hawaii and Hawaii.
    • All kinds of lighters or matches.

    New rules for 2017 for tourists in the US - what you need to remember when going to America?

    When going to the States, remember the new rules of staying in the country!

    • If you are driving a B-1 visa (note business) or a B-2 visa (note – tourist) , you are allowed to stay in the country for the period that is required to complete the objectives your visit to the country. As for the length of stay of tourists “in 30 days” – it is defined for tourists with guest or tourist visas in a situation where the formulation of the purposes of the stay did not satisfy the inspectors. That is, the tourist will have to convince the officer that 30 days for the implementation of all your plans will be few.
    • The maximum period of stay in the country is 180 days.
    • You can extend the guest status only in certain cases. Namely – in the case called “serious humanitarian need”, which includes urgent treatment, presence next to a seriously ill relative or next to a child who is educated in the United States.
    • Religious missionaries, citizens with private property in America, employees of foreign airlines, citizens who open offices in the United States according to L-visa rules, as well as service personnel of American citizens, can also extend the status.
    • It is possible to change the status from guest to new student исключительно only if the inspector makes a corresponding mark on the white card I-94 (note: “prospective student”) when crossing the border.

    Foreign students with technical education received in the US can stay working for a period of 3 years.

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