New Year in Finland – what should every tourist know?

New Year in Finland - what should every tourist know? New Year is a magical and wonderful holiday. His approach is expected with impatience and sinking heart not only children, but also adults, because with this holiday there are many pleasant memories and impressions, waiting for a miracle and magic. So why not plunge into magic again this year and not visit the homeland of Santa Claus – Finland. Article content:

  • Finnish and Russian customs for New Year celebrations
  • Preparing for a trip to Finland
  • How to get to Finland?
  • The best time to visit Finland
  • Budget trips
  • Useful tips for tourists

How do the Finns celebrate the New Year? Finnish traditions.

New Year in Finland - what should every tourist know? New Year for the Finns is a kind of continuation of Christmas. On this day, the Finns are again meeting with friends and family, as well as Christmas. There is the same Christmas tree, the same garlands.

Only there is a difference. If Christmas is truly a family holiday for the Finns, then the New Year is a time of festivities and fortune-telling.

Where is the best place to go to Finland with children for the New Year?

All fun begins on December 31 from 12.00 pm. It is on this day long before the battle of the bells that you can hear the explosion of fireworks on the streets, congratulations to relatives and friends, the champagne opens. To date, the tradition of celebrating the New Year is not much different from the tradition of the past.

If before New Year in Finland - what should every tourist know? Finns were riding in a sleigh drawn by horses, today it is snowmobile riding, ski jumping competitions, etc. And it’s not surprising, because Finland is a truly snow country.

In addition, as in Russia, the Finns have a traditional appeal of the President of Finland to the inhabitants of Finland and a festive concert, broadcast on the television channel.

Even the Finns like to guess the next year. Thus, for example, fortune telling on tin is common. Each member of the family had a coin of tin, and on New Year’s Eve it is melted and poured molten tin into the water and, according to the resulting silhouette, determine what the coming year will be like. This is a long tradition, today some do not use tin, but replace it with wax, and pour in either water or snow.

Celebrating New Year in Russian in Finland

New Year in Finland - what should every tourist know? Despite the fact that in Finland the New Year is not the main New Year’s holiday, yet many tourists, including Russians, want to celebrate this magical holiday there . All conditions are created for this.

So, you can celebrate the New Year in a fancy restaurant or club. Today, it is possible to taste not only traditional Finnish cuisine, but also, if desired, a little unusual for the north, Chinese, Italian, German, etc. the choice depends on the taste. To firecrackers on the streets, to participate in various competitions and events that are arranged specifically for entertainment and a wonderful pastime.

Of course, there are some special features that you should know about in advance and not be surprised at arrival: the celebration begins long before the battle of the chimes, and by 3 o’clock in the morning most streets, clubs and restaurants are empty. A bit unusual for a Russian person, of course, but it’s a fact. Preparing for a trip to Finland – what do you need to know?

New Year in Finland - what should every tourist know? Make a visa in a timely manner is the guarantee of a successful trip! So, if the most magical night in the year is decided to be held in Finland, then it is worthwhile to think about this in advance. First of all, it is worthwhile to worry about Visa.

Finland is a country that is part of the Schengen agreement. All Russians and residents of the CIS countries should have an appropriate Schengen Visa . Get it is not difficult, it is done at the Finnish Embassy in Moscow or at the General Consulate in St. Petersburg.

Naturally, it is necessary to apply for a visa well in advance of the commencement of the trip, approximately for a couple of months.In general, the deadline for consideration of the documents submitted for the Schengen Visa to Finland is about four weeks, but it is worthwhile to foresee the fact that it may delay the consideration of documents for one reason or another, and this fact should not affect the planned trip.

New Year in Finland - what should every tourist know? Documents for obtaining a visa are submitted at the St. Petersburg Visa Center or at the Consulate General of Finland in the same city.

Perhaps some have heard that it is possible to expedite the examination of documents for a Visa. Yes, this is true, but this applies to urgent cases, and if the tourist’s trip is not accelerated the examination of the documents for a visa will not.

The list of documents required for a Visa can be viewed on the Visa Center website, there you can also see the approximate period for receiving it.

How is it better to get to Finland?

After all the troubles with the Schengen Visa are over, it’s worth considering how it’s better, more convenient, and maybe cheaper to get to Finland. Naturally, if you bought a tourist permit, which provides travel to your destination, then there’s nothing to think about.

And if there are relatives, friends or acquaintances who call on a visit for the New Year. Or did you decide to go there with your family or friends and do not want to use the usual tours?

It is worth saying that to go on a trip is best from the northern capital of our country. it is closest to Finland.

Consider some of the most common ways:

  • New Year in Finland - what should every tourist know? Aircraft. This type of transport connection between Russia and Finland is the fastest. The flight time from St. Petersburg to the capital of Finland Helsinki is about 60 minutes. By price category – this is one of the most expensive ways. The ticket price starts from 300 euros.
  • Bus . He, of course, , is not so fast, by comparison with the plane, and in terms of comfort is inferior, but more affordable. Moreover, modern buses that go on a flight to Finland meet all the safety criteria and comply with European standards. They are equipped with folding chairs, have such amenities as a coffee maker and a video system that allows you to pass the time on the road. The estimated duration is about 8 hours. The cost of the trip to Helsinki is just over 1000 rubles. There are also discounts for children.
  • New Year in Finland - what should every tourist know? Minibus . This transport has become popular recently and is an excellent alternative to the bus. In the people it is often called a “shuttle bus” because of the similarity with the usual for us urban transport. There are a number of reasons for this:
  1. travel time is reduced to 6 hours.
  2. The number of seats is less (about 17).
  3. cost is slightly less, compared to the bus – about 20 euros (700 rubles).

Despite the visible advantages, the comfort is slightly inferior to the bus, but it is not so noticeable, if you have to travel less, and the cost is cheaper.

  • Taxi. This type of road transport, in comparison with the above, is the most comfortable, but, nevertheless, expensive. A trip for one person will cost approximately 30 euros (1000-1100 rubles), but do not forget that the seats in the car from 3 to 4. And if you are a loner on a journey, there will be a number of difficulties. This view is ideal for a family of 3-4 people, both for price and for comfort.
  • New Year in Finland - what should every tourist know? Train. Compared to the rest, this mode of transport is the golden mean between comfort and price. The average ticket price in a four-seater compartment is about 60 euros (2000-2200 rubles). Of course, like, like expensive, compared to a bus, but there’s no need to forget about a number of great advantages:
  1. travel time is 5 hours, which is less compared to even a minibus.
  2. there is an opportunity to visit the dining car and the restroom.In the bus, minibus and even in a taxi it is necessary to do it at special stops.
  3. trains run exactly on schedule and it’s very convenient to plan your trip.

With buses, minibuses, taxis will have to wait for both filling and dispatch.

To summarize:

  • The airplane is fast, relatively comfortable, but expensive.
  • Motor transport is relatively cheap, but in terms of comfort and time on the road is not very.
  • Train – it’s comfortable, pretty fast, but more expensive than motoring.

When is it better to come to Finland on New Year’s Eve?

New Year in Finland - what should every tourist know? So, with the transport and the visa figured out, and you can already go on the road, but there’s no need to rush here either. If the purpose of the trip is simply to spend the New Year in the circle of friends and relatives, then you can choose almost any day.

There is no particular difference. There is no usual bustle, you can safely come, settle down, relax and start celebrating.

Knowing only that restaurants and entertainment clubs work mostly until 22.00, but for Christmas and New Year’s until 02.00-03.00 nights.

  • If the purpose of the trip is not just acquaintance with the country and friendly gatherings, but also a walk in the shops and purchase of various gifts, souvenirs, etc., then you need to think ahead of time the day of arrival.
  • New Year in Finland - what should every tourist know? The fact is that in Finland New Year and Christmas, you can say, the main holidays of the year and in some days neither shops, nor entertainment centers simply do not work. For example, on Christmas Eve (December 24), the stores are open until 13.00, and Christmas (December 25) is considered not a working day. It’s the same for the New Year (December 31), the stores are open until 12.00-13.00, and January 1 is considered to be a weekend, but do not get upset, as everywhere there is a little trick here!
  • The fact is that it is on December 27 that winter sales begin, and prices reduce up to 70% of the original cost! These sales lasts, as a rule, about a month, therefore the ideal variant of arrival will be December 27 and as many as 4 days for shopping trips.
  • New Year in Finland - what should every tourist know? On regular (non-holiday) days, the stores are open from 09.00 to 18.00, on Saturdays from 09.00 to 15.00. Of course, as everywhere there are exceptions, namely, shops that work from 09.00 to 21.00 (on Saturdays to 18.00), and stores that operate from 10.00 to 22.00. But do not delude yourself, this regime is inherent in grocery stores and shops with consumer goods.
  • Naturally, do not forget that before you go to make purchases, you need a corresponding currency in the country. You can make an exchange in banks that work from Monday to Friday from 09.15 to 16.15. or directly at the airport or central railway station. How much money to take with you to Finland?

    New Year in Finland - what should every tourist know? There is always a question for every traveler, how much to take money with, so as not to feel uncomfortable with an empty wallet, but also not worry about the safety of too much money?

    If you take into account the average Russian, then on average for every day of the trip is about 75-100 euros. This amount is explained by the fact that Finland is famous for the high standard of living of the population, and, accordingly, the price level is high, in comparison with the Russian one. This figure is averaged, of course. Everything depends on the purpose of the trip. If it’s shopping, then, of course, it’s worth taking more, but do not cash them.

    It will be more prudent to keep most of the amount on the card. non-cash payment in this country is a common thing. If it’s just a trip for several days and plans do not include buying a huge amount of souvenirs, etc., then 200-300 euros is enough.

    How to take money on a journey abroad and how to protect yourself from theft?

    Useful tips or reminders for vacationers in Finland

    New Year in Finland - what should every tourist know? So, to prepare for a trip to Finland, do not try various sites in search of information, just remember a few rules and then your planned rest will be excellent.


    • read make out the Schengen Visa necessary for 2-3 months before the proposed trip.
    • in advance determine the leisure for the days of stay, make a mini-plan for the expected visits, trips, excursions.
    • determine in advance with the mode of transport , where you will travel to the country, find out the schedule, cost, time of arrival and, if possible, purchase tickets in advance.
    • date of arrival must not coincide with the local weekend, otherwise you will be disappointed at the beginning of the journey.
    • the schedule of work shops, clubs, restaurants, shopping networks is also important, knowing them, you will not have to bump into the sign “Closed” and will be able to plan your day.
    • knowing local traditions , say, the season of sales and discounts, you can not only benefit from something to buy, but it is also convenient to plan a budget for a trip.

    New Year in Finland - what should every tourist know? Travel is always exciting, interesting and exciting, and it depends only on ourselves how it goes, what will be left in memory: either frustration and unpleasant memories, or a lot of photos with smiling faces, lots of souvenirs and gifts to relatives, and a sea of ​​positive emotions.

    If you liked our article and you have any thoughts about this, share it with us! It is very important for us to know your opinion!