New Year’s Eve and pregnancy – what needs to be remembered?

We start preparing for the favorite holiday of tangerines, gifts and wishes back in the beginning of December – we slowly buy presents, we reflect – with whom, in what and where to meet, we make a list of products for the New Year’s table.

For pregnant women preparing for the holiday is also complicated by numerous restrictions. After all, you want and meet the new year in a human way, and do not hurt the baby . So, what you need to know about the New Year celebration for future mothers?
New Year's Eve and pregnancy - what needs to be remembered?

content of the article:

  • Preparing for the holiday
  • Food and beverages

rules of preparation for the holiday mums

The first step is to realize that before the advent of crumbs to the light you all share with him for two – food, emotions, loads, experiences , etc. Therefore, preparation for the holiday should occur as carefully as possible.
New Year's Eve and pregnancy - what needs to be remembered?

That is, for a pregnant woman in the New Year’s traditional “race” are unacceptable …

  • Any experiences of negative coloring.
    No negative emotions! Surround yourself with a positive, ignore everything that can spoil your mood, look for additional “vitamins of happiness.”
  • Tearing load, overvoltage.
    Prepare not for the new year, but for the birth of the baby – this is your “number one” task. Let your relatives take care of everything else. To diligently wash the apartment for the holiday, run around the shops, jump under the ceiling, hang garlands, and stand for hours at the stove – their work. Yours is to have fun, iron your tummy and write Santa Claus a note with wishes.
  • Loud music, noisy public places. за Forget about pre-Christmas pandemoniums, markets and hypermarkets. It is best to go shopping at the time of the least customer load – when there are no “traffic jams” in the shopping arcades, and a huge shopping cart can be rolled in any direction without the risk of collision. Do not forget to take care of buying such a necessary object as earplugs, and create for yourself in the apartment a “corner of relaxation”.
  • Heavy bags.
    No weight! If heavy and bulk purchases are planned – take an assistant with you or order the goods at home.
  • 2-3-day watch at the plate.
    All cares for the preparation of the New Year’s table indulgently convey to relatives. If there is no one to give, and the husband knows how to cook only egg broth, cut the menu in half, and allow her husband to help you with cleaning vegetables, washing dishes and shredding sausages for Olivier.
  • General cleaning, furniture rearrangement.
    Likewise: you coordinate, relatives drag the weights and wash the apartment.

And do not forget that you have the right – at any time of the holiday go into his room, lie down on the sofa and lifted leg higher, watch your favorite comedy on TV in splendid isolation, gobbling up the Christmas goodies with the dish.

If the meeting of the new year takes place in a cafe, do not jump with all on the dance floor under deafening music and postpone the return home until the morning.
New Year's Eve and pregnancy - what needs to be remembered?

Beauty rules for expectant mothers in the New Year

As for the New Year’s image, expectant moms are waiting for their rules restrictions. Beauty and originality has not been canceled (as a pregnant woman should be even more charming), but to create a way of approach is reasonable:

  • Question – haircut or not – depends entirely on your desire (of superstitions will not say). Doctors do not forbid haircuts during pregnancy.
  • Decided to update the bored hair color? Of course, it would be better to wait until the birth of the child. But if you really, really want to and do not do without it at all, then use only natural dyes, bezammia paints and, preferably, at home.
  • From the chemical wave will have to refuse – doctors categorically do not recommend (its chemical composition for the benefit of the child does not go).
  • Make-up, cosmetics. No “thick thick” layers of makeup.The skin must breathe. Choose light and high-quality products (better for sensitive skin), powder instead of foundation, light shades.
  • Perfume. The fragrance should be light, not irritating. From cheap spirits immediately refuse to avoid allergies.
  • Attire. Of course, you must be irresistible. But comfort is more important. It should not be squeezed anywhere, rubbed and too tight. Dishes and drinks for the New Year for pregnant women

    A festive meal for expectant mothers has its own rules:

    • Overeating is not good. We eat in moderation.
    • With pickled pickles, spicy / fried and canned – as carefully as possible.
    • Choose fruit desserts instead of flour.
    • Tasting overseas exotic and new “original” dishes we put on “after birth …”.
    • Favorite carcinogenic crust on the chicken is given to the spouse , we lean on vegetables and greens.
    • It’s better to give up alcohol altogether. But if you really want to clink glasses in an adult way, you can splash a little red wine into the glass. And in general – remember that for a future mother there is no safe dose of alcohol! Read also: What can and can not be drunk to pregnant women?

    And the main New Year rule of the future mother – remember that it is forbidden, but the main emphasis is on what is allowed . With a creative approach, of course.

    Wherever and whenever you meet the New Year, you have a double holiday – the New Year and the expectation of the birth of your baby.

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