New Year’s Prague – a mysterious Middle Ages and a bright modernity

New Year's Prague - a mysterious Middle Ages and a bright modernity In the continuation of the theme of the New Year celebration in the magnificent city of Prague . It is not just the capital of the Czech Republic or a typical European city, Prague is the custodian of history, the destinies of different people, the city where the fairy tale lives.

It is in this city that you can recall the childhood dreams of hundreds of lanterns, a multitude of fir trees, sweet smells and a general spirit of fun.

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decorated streets and houses in Prague for New Year and Christmas

New Year's Prague - a mysterious Middle Ages and a bright modernity New Year’s Eve in Prague is a stunning and unique show, delighting the tastes of sophisticated and unsophisticated tourists, and also being the pride of the residents of the capital. Christmas trees and greeting posters on the streets and in buildings are literally everywhere, multicolored chains and lanterns are hanging between the buildings, and the silhouettes of old castles and houses are decorated with flickering and iridescent garlands.

New Year's Prague - a mysterious Middle Ages and a bright modernity Decoration of streets and buildings is performed by city services, as well as entrepreneurs, businessmen and enthusiasts from local residents. It is believed that bright illuminations and flashing decorations scare away evil forces and attract good and good luck to the house, so residents do not stint on decorating their own houses, annually surprising the guests of the capital with new and skilful stories against the architecture of buildings. Medieval architecture is very favorable backdrop for fine jewelry of the tie strings, and at dusk Prague seems a fabulous city with glowing locks, which, of course, home to beautiful fairies and wise wizards.

New Year's Prague - a mysterious Middle Ages and a bright modernity Charles Bridge becomes the main decoration of the New Year’s Prague. It also hangs garlands and lanterns, and not far from this famous building lined souvenir shops, which hold a sale of Christmas gifts and pleasant trifles.

In the Old Town Square, the main city tree is established. There are souvenir benches, Christmas markets are unfolding.

Where is the best place to stay in Prague for the New Year?

New Year's Prague - a mysterious Middle Ages and a bright modernity When planning a New Year’s holiday in Prague, you should take into account that the most interesting and lively life in the capital Czech Republic takes place before the New Year. Experienced tourists are advised to come to Prague before or after the Catholic Christmas (December 25), to enjoy the festive excitement, to have time for Christmas and New Year’s fairs, festive events, sales in stores.

As Prague is one of the most popular capitals of Europe for the New Year, tours for this time should be planned and bought in advance. Accordingly, you must first determine the choice of place of residence, given their wishes and needs.

Many tourists try to book hotels not far from the Old Town and Wenceslas Square so that on New Year’s Eve they can easily reach their apartments. New Year's Prague - a mysterious Middle Ages and a bright modernity Choosing a hotel on the outskirts of the city, you will probably save on a tour, but already in Prague you can spend a lot on urban transport on ordinary days, and by taxi at night. Choosing a hotel,

You should carefully examine each proposal, preferably – with a detailed description of the urban area in which it is located. It can happen that a cheap hotel will stand in a remote “sleeping” area of ​​Prague, and next to it you will not be able to find a single store or restaurant.

Every traveler who comes to Prague can find for himself any option of accommodation that will satisfy his taste – from chic hotels to boarding houses, hostels, private apartments.

  • Separate apartments for two people in a residential apartment building in the center of Prague will cost from 47 to 66 € per day.
  • Rooms for two people in five-star hotels in the center of Prague will cost tourists from 82 to 131 € per day.
  • The room for two people in 4 * hotel in the center and historical areas of Prague will cost from 29 to 144 € per day.
  • Room for two people in hotel 3 *; 2 * within the transport accessibility to the city center cost from 34 to 74 € per day.
  • Rooms for two people in hostels , located in different parts of Prague, will cost from 39 to 54 € per day.
  • The double room in Pension , located in the center or in other, remote areas of Prague, will cost you from 29 to 72 € for one day.

Where is the best time to celebrate the New Year in Prague?

New Year's Prague - a mysterious Middle Ages and a bright modernity Every year the hype of tourists around New Year tours to Prague is growing. The capital of the Czech Republic is glad to all guests, it is ready to offer any organization of the New Year’s Eve, performed for all tastes and the most demanding requests.

Prague becomes more elegant every year, and new bright shows, festive menus and New Year’s programs are prepared in its restaurants to surprise their guests again and again.

An inexperienced tourist is very difficult to navigate in this mass of various offers, and therefore a person planning a trip to this amazing country needs to decide at first with his own preferences, and then he will study all the proposals, choosing his own.

  • New Year's Prague - a mysterious Middle Ages and a bright modernity Acquaintance with the Czech Republic, its color, inhabitants, culture, and, of course, national cuisine, is the main goal of most tourists. The New Year’s Eve can be organized in the Czech restaurant , delighting both its gastronomic curiosity and the thirst for discoveries of a new one. The most popular and famous Czech restaurants, which are located near the Charles Bridge and the Old Town Square – “Folklore Garden” and “Michal”. On holiday, these institutions will prepare a folklore show, as well as excellent dishes of a variety of Czech cuisine. Read also: Top 10 beer restaurants and bars in Prague – where to taste Czech beer?
  • If you want to visit the most famous restaurant with international cuisine of the highest class, then your choice will probably stop at the restaurant of the five-star hotel “Hilton”. This magnificent institution annually prepares various surprises for guests, specially develops a menu with a wide range of dishes for all tastes, crowning the height of the New Year’s celebration with a professionally prepared chic show.
  • For tourists who want to celebrate the New Year in their native surroundings, their festive programs are offered by the restaurants “Vikarka”, “Hibernia”. New Year’s Eve in these institutions will be held in Russian, and traditional Russian dishes will necessarily be present on the menu.
  • New Year's Prague - a mysterious Middle Ages and a bright modernity If you want to be close to the place of the most important New Year’s celebration Old Town Square , then you can choose the wine restaurant “Monarch”, the restaurant “Old Town Square”, restaurants “Potrafena gusa”, “Prince”, ” At Weiwoda. ” A wide range of proposals will put you before the need to make a choice – you can choose for yourself the desired entourage of the New Year’s holiday, as well as the cost. For those who want to save a little, but to be in the midst of festive events, there are excellent offers – New Year’s Eve on the boat , which will sail along the Vltava River and allow you to admire the general fun of the city and festive fireworks.
  • Many restaurants in Prague are located far from the center, but they have good observation platforms , which will allow you to admire the types of festive Prague. This, in particular, restaurants “Klusterniy Pivovar”, “Monastery Brewery”, which are in great demand among tourists.
  • Romantic New Year’s Eve dinner best to plan in an atmosphere of tenderness, pleasant music and gourmet cuisine. For such an evening, the restaurants “At Three Skripochek”, “Heaven”, “At the Golden Well”, “Mlynets”, “Bellevue” are good.
  • For those wishing to plunge into the atmosphere during the New Year’s Eve and the romanticism of the Middle Ages , unique costumed shows and a menu of dishes prepared according to ancient recipes, offer restaurants of Zbiroh Castle, Detenice.
  • New Year's Prague - a mysterious Middle Ages and a bright modernity Chateau Mtsela Castle is actually a 5 * hotel, which carefully prepares a New Year’s program for guests, can impress with a very high-quality service and an excellent menu. This castle is in the woods, and most of its visitors, as a rule, are permanent guests who prefer this hotel to anyone else in the Czech Republic.
  • For fine connoisseurs of art and classical music, the Prague Opera House offers a New Year’s Eve with a performance of the operetta Bat . A festive dinner will be held in the foyer of the theater, and after the performance a magnificent ball will open on the stage. Of course, it is necessary to wear evening dresses and tuxedos for this evening.

How to entertain children in Prague on New Year’s holidays?

For the New Year in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, most often, whole families come to celebrate holidays together, to introduce children to the great and mysterious Czech Republic. Considering the festive program, do not forget to include special events for children in it so that they are not bored among adults, so that the New Year’s holiday should be as close to a fairy tale as possible for them.

  1. New Year's Prague - a mysterious Middle Ages and a bright modernity Annually from the beginning of December until mid-January, the Prague National Theater traditionally holds a musical “The Nutcracker” . This performance is included in the repertoire of the theater only once a year, at the time of Christmas and New Year, striking spectators with a magnificent performance. This musical will be understood by children of all ages. In addition, the beautiful atmosphere and decoration of the theater itself will present a real holiday for both adults and children.
  2. With young travelers in Prague, it is necessary to visit traditional adventive markets , which begin their work in early December, and close after January 3. This is the whole world of magic that your child will look at with open eyes, absorbing the holiday atmosphere. The main market is, of course, is always in the center of Prague on the Old Town Square, where a number of lining up all sorts of shops and stalls right outside roasted chestnuts and Czech sausages, are treated to tea – children, punch and mulled wine – adults. You can walk around such markets indefinitely, try the offered sweets and dishes, buy souvenirs and gifts, just admire the magnificent spectacle of the pre-holiday Prague. In the capital of the Czech Republic you can also go with the baby for a special tour of the adventive markets of Prague, visiting all the most famous of them, having visited the Old Town.
  3. New Year's Prague - a mysterious Middle Ages and a bright modernity Your child will be very interested in an excursion to Prague Castle and to Loreta (10 €), to the active men’s Strahov Monastery. Here is the most famous among tourists “Bethlehem”, which includes 43 wooden sculptures.
  4. A small sweet tooth will be to your liking. Sweet Prague Tour , which takes place through the streets of the Old Town, visiting numerous small cafes, tasting traditional Czech sweets and visiting the Museum of Chocolate.
  5. Your child will be delighted with the impressions when visiting “Black Theater” , which is only in this country. Unforgettable show with unexpected reincarnations, light show, incendiary dances, expressive pantomime and bright images against a background of dark background will make an indelible impression on children of any age.
  6. New Year's Prague - a mysterious Middle Ages and a bright modernity For small lovers of nature cordially opens its gates Prague Zoo , which entered the top ten most famous zoos in the world. Children will be able to observe different animals that are not in cages, but in spacious cages with artificially created “natural” landscape.
  7. Toy Museum will provide small guests and their parents with several exposures – from toys from the times of Ancient Greece, to toys and games of our times.This museum stores 5 thousand exhibits, which will delight all those who visit here.
  8. Children can visit the excursion to Kings City – Vyšehrad , walk along the stone corridors, admire the strict and mysterious architecture and even descend into gloomy dungeons.
  9. Children will be delighted with a New Year’s Eve dinner at the restaurant “Vytopna”, in which small trains travel from bar counters to each table along an almost real railway.
  10. New Year's Prague - a mysterious Middle Ages and a bright modernity With the kids on New Year’s holidays it’s worth to visit the Medieval show in the tavern of the village “Detenice”. The establishment created the entourage of the Middle Ages: on the floor you will see hay, on the walls – traces of soot, and on the table – simple and tasty dishes, which, however, are only hands, without cutlery. During the dinner you will be shown a medieval show with pirates, real python, gypsies and fakirs, as well as a fire show. Who spent the New Year holidays in Prague? Reviews of tourists


    We, four friends, decided to celebrate the New Year in Prague, until the unknown city to me. I must say, I did not experience much enthusiasm, I heard little about the Czech Republic and I have never been there, but I joined my friends for the company. Lived in apartments near the metro station “Andel”, their cost is 150 EURO per day. In Prague we were on the 29th of December. The first days we went on foot tours of Prague, went to Karlstejn. But the New Year’s Eve party made the four of us the biggest impression! We spent the evening drinking beer in a restaurant on Bethlehem Square, traditionally meeting the Russian New Year in Moscow. Then we went to another restaurant in Prague’s square, where we were waited by a chic dinner with traditional Czech dishes, beer, mulled wine. On the first of January in the evening we came to the center to look at the festive fireworks, and the jubilation of the crowd was exactly the same as on New Year’s Eve. On January 2, the Christmas tree and all the garlands were removed from the Old Town Square, holidays were over in the Czech Republic, and we went to study the Czech Republic – on an excursion to the magnificent Karlovy Vary, Tabor, medieval castles.


    In Prague we went with my husband to celebrate the New Year, the voucher was from December 29. Arrived, settled in the hotel “Gallery”, and on the same day went to the panoramic walking tour of Prague. We did not like the excursion, and we went to explore the city on our own. Near our hotel we found quite a decent restaurant “U Sklynika”, where, basically, the next days we had dinner and had dinner. Our hotel was not in the central area of ​​the city, but we really liked its location – not far from the metro station, in a quiet place, surrounded by residential buildings. At least, on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve we could sleep peacefully, we were not awakened by noise outside the window, as it happens in the hotels of the center. Having bought a map of Prague, we were not at all lost on its streets – city transport goes on schedule, everywhere there are plans and clear signs, tickets are sold at kiosks. Tourists in Prague should beware of pocket thieves. In restaurants, they can deceive visitors by attributing to the menu what they did not order – you should carefully read the price tags and the checks you bring. In stores you can pay for the goods of the euro, but the change in asking in kroons is the best exchange rate. On the afternoon of December 31, we went on an excursion to the palace of Rudolph, the government residence and St. Vitus Cathedral. Dined in an Italian restaurant, and the New Year was greeted on Wenceslas Square, in a crowd of people, admiring the fireworks and listening to music. On the square near the stage they sold fried sausages, beer and mulled wine. The rest of the week we visited Karlovy Vary, Vienna, went to a beer factory, independently studied Prague, walking all over the Old Town.

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