Oatmeal diet

Oatmeal diet


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Oatmeal is a wonderful product of dietary nutrition. Porridge is quickly prepared, easily digested, gives enough energy. Oatmeal diet helps to lose weight, cope with obesity, quickly restore strength after suffering illnesses or overwork. In folk medicine, oats are treated for colds, insomnia, diabetes, pancreatitis, liver diseases, joints, anemia, rickets.

Ingredients of oat grains

Grains are rich in so-called full or slow carbohydrates. With their help, a sufficient level of strength is maintained for a long time.

In grains 10-12% protein, up to 60% carbohydrates, 6% fat, various minerals and vitamins. In 100 g of oatmeal, 300 kcal of energy.

To increase the biological value of protein, oatmeal is more useful for eating with milk, cottage cheese, meat.

Due to lipotropic substances – choline, linoleic acid, lecithin – dietary product speeds up the processing of cholesterol supplied with food.

Oatmeal diet for body cleansing

Oatmeal diet

High fiber (non-food carbohydrates) helps to lose weight, cope with excess body weight, cleanse the body. Its fibers remarkably absorb cholesterol in the intestine, various harmful substances.

This variety of carbohydrates is not absorbed by the body and is necessary for the formation of fecal masses, stimulation of the motor activity of the intestine, gall bladder, optimal separation of bile.

Refined food, purified from fiber, quickly absorbed in the upper intestine. As a result, the stool masses become denser, which leads to frequent constipation, causing the polyps to form in the intestine over time, and inflammatory processes develop.

клет When following an oatmeal diet, cellulose helps to lose weight. Under the influence of moisture, dietary fibers swell, which allows to reduce the size of portions without causing discomfort. Relatively slowly leaving the body, cellulose for a long time retains a sense of satiety.

Morning diet on oat flakes

Oatmeal diet

A nutritious breakfast of oatmeal is cooked on water or skim milk. In the cereal is added a tablespoon of any vegetable oil. You can put a handful of raisins, dried apricots, chopped fruits.

The porridge of whole grains is most useful. When making flakes “Hercules” grinded oat groats are steamed, flattened and rolled into petals.

The fastest way to prepare breakfast is from dry mixes-flakes, they just fill half a glass of water or milk, add fresh fruit.

Morning oat diet prevents the appearance of excess weight, dulls the desire to consume fatty foods throughout the day.

Inclusion in the menu of vegetables, eating breakfast for oatmeal helps to lose weight and cleanse the body:

  • Breakfast : carrot salad, oat flakes with low-fat milk.
  • After 2-3 hours you are allowed to eat an apple or cucumber.
  • Lunch : a pair of boiled potatoes, vegetable salad with vegetable oil, a slice of rye bread.
  • After two hours to eat sweet Bulgarian pepper, a useful activity of the heart muscle.
  • Dinner : freshly prepared vegetable salad.

How to cook oatmeal

Oatmeal diet

To diversify the menu, normalize metabolic processes and lose weight, it is useful to include oatmeal in the menu.

  • Oat groats or flakes “Hercules” pour the same amount of boiled water at room temperature, add a piece of black bread . Put in a warm place for 12-24 hours for fermentation. After the end, bring to a low heat to a boil.

Adhering to a diet on oatmeal, a hearty product is consumed in a warm form.To improve the taste, add a little vegetable oil. When the jelly will cool and condense, it is cut with a knife and eaten with milk or unsweetened tea.

Dietary product is also useful with reduced acidity of gastric juice, bloating, constipation.

Ducane diet with oat flakes

Oatmeal diet

The popular diet of Pierre Ducane helps to lose weight. Oat bran is used to purify the body. The basis of the menu is protein products.

When following this diet, you can get rid of 1-4 kg of excess weight in 5 or 7 days. The amount of food eaten per day is not limited.

In the first phase only protein food – eggs, fish, meat is allowed. To clean the intestines from harmful substances, the menu includes 2c. oat bran. Unsweetened tea, coffee is allowed. It is necessary to eat up to 2 liters of clean water a day. The duration of the phase is from 2 to 10 days.

In the second phase of slimming, oat bran remains in the menu, but raw or boiled vegetables are added. The days of a “strict” protein diet alternate with the days when vegetables are allowed. The duration of the corresponding period is from one to three days.

Each lost kilogram is fixed by 10 days <style . Products of phases 1 and 2 are allowed, plus a couple of pieces of bread per day, no more than two meals a week from starch – pasta, potatoes, rice.

Occasionally, fruit can be allowed, with the exception of bananas, grapes, cherries, nuts, dried fruits. One day a week, it is recommended to eat exclusively protein food of the first phase. Still for weight loss you need to eat 2 tsp. oat bran, drink clean water.

To stabilize the achieved weight reduction, you need to adhere to the learned nutrition rules for a long time so that they become a habit. This is the essence of the fourth phase .

Every day eat up 3 p.s. oat bran, adding them to food, milk, tea. Eat vegetables, fruits, drink clean water. One day a week completely eliminate salt and eat protein food according to the rules of the first phase.

In days of diet moderate exercise is necessary. For example, walking at least half an hour a day, drinking clean water up to 1.5 liters per day.

Diets on oatmeal porridge

Oatmeal diet

Recipes of porridge from “Hercules”:

  • From evening to soak in cold water a glass flakes , in the morning add a glass water or milk . Cook for 3 minutes, you can add salt. Before use add vegetable oil.
  • Bring 1L milk to boiling , add incomplete glass flakes , cook for 10-15 minutes, stirring constantly. Add salt , oil .

Recipe for porridge from oatmeal:

  • Stirring constantly, add 100 g of oatmeal in a liter of boiling water. Brew until the porridge thickens. Reduce heat, close the pan and simmer until done. In order not to form excessive thick, to add salt after 10 minutes or later.

Porridge from oatmeal:

  • In boiling milk, add grits , cook for 20-30 minutes over low heat until thickened, add salt, oil.

If you want to quickly reduce your weight by 5 or 7 days, you should stick to mono-diet, making a menu exclusively from oatmeal from cereal or cereals. During the day, it is allowed to drink unsweetened tea, do not add any porridge. It is necessary to drink up to 1.5 liters of clean drinking water.

According to reviews, on an oat diet for a week, it is possible to lose 1-5 kg.

On the other hand, the monotonous diet quickly bothers, and it’s also not healthy. Due to the imbalance of the diet, it is not recommended to often reduce weight in this way.

The diet is easier to tolerate with the alternation of oatmeal and vegetables. Porridge is used in small portions 5-6 times a day. During the breaks, vegetable salads, steamed vegetables, are allowed.A sufficient supply of clean water is still necessary.

Fans of sweet vegetables prefer fruits. Especially apples, plums, raisins, dried apricots, prunes can be added directly to the porridge. According to reviews, this method also achieves impressive results, to reduce weight and lose weight by several kilograms in just 7 days.

Of course, it is necessary first to make sure that there are no gastrointestinal diseases, to consult a specialist.

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