On the way to the heart of a man – what does the stomach have?

On the way to the heart of a man - what does the stomach have? From time immemorial, a legend is walking among women that the way to the heart of any man lies solely through the stomach. Is the legend true?

Undoubtedly, there is a certain amount of truth in this “axiom”, but is it really possible to actually defeat a man on the spot (and “up to the grave board”) with only culinary talents?

The content of the article:

  • We pave the way to the heart of a man – how and what to feed?
  • How to not turn the way to the heart in the way of the stomach

We pave the way to the heart of a man – how and what to feed the lover?

No one will argue with the fact that all men like to eat deliciously. And with the fact that a well and deliciously fed man is a man from which you can “twist the ropes” (the second statement does not apply to all princes).

And most importantly, the fact that a beloved man must fly home from work on the wings, knowing that his half is waiting for him with another masterpiece of cooking. And do not go to the dining room, to friends or to the pub.

The essence is simple: if a man at home is good, then after work he will go home , and not anywhere else.

Of course, one delicious dinner is not enough. If the wife is a super-cook, but – a bitch with a shattered nervous system, then no fricasse, goulash and cakes of her from the divorce will not save. Therefore, it is important that everything is “bundled”.

What to feed your beloved husband to justify the status of “queen of the kitchen”?

On the way to the heart of a man - what does the stomach have?

To start with – a bit of theory:

  • Learn more about all his preferences (from his friends or parents).
  • Remember – what he categorically does not tolerate , and exclude these dishes from the menu forever.
  • Make yourself a list of his favorite dishes by category. For example, “will drive mad”, “live without it can not”, “likes”, “does not refuse”, “can eat for want of another”, “does not take it into your mouth”. So it will be easier for you to keep in the culinary “tone”. Today and tomorrow we cook from the category of “loves”, on Wednesday (for example) we suddenly rejoice with his masterpiece from the series “will drive us crazy”.
  • Do not forget about the satiety. Broccoli and green salad with spinach are left to ourselves, and a man should not get up because of your table hungry.
  • Remember the details. Just a dish is just half the battle. It is important to properly decorate and serve it. Let your man feel your concern for him.
  • Semi-finished products from the store “give to the enemy.” Man feed only tasty, healthy and fresh food. However, nobody canceled their own blanks (they will even help you to keep your hand on the pulse).
  • Do not abuse fat, spicy and smoked . Remember that you need a man to eat a tasty meal, and not tasty to kill. Try to cook such dishes, after which he will not be sealed on a sofa with pills from heaviness in the stomach, heartburn – and, God forbid, diarrhea. Choose competently recipes and count calories, consider its activity and load, the balance of nutrition – you need a healthy and slender man.
  • Pamper your soul mate! At least once a week, prepare something new – fight it again and again. You have already won your man, now you need to consolidate your success.
  • You do not need to jump out of the skin every day , rummaging around the web in search of a super-original recipe. Even fried eggs for breakfast can be made so that the man will remain satisfied. Learn to turn ordinary dishes into new ones.
  • Be always ready for the fact that guests may come to you. In order not to hit the dirt in front of your husband’s friends (relatives), stock up on products from which you can quickly figure out something “out of the ordinary” in case of force majeure.

And now – about dishes that men usually never refuse:

  • Steak .Reflecting – what to cook a man – in almost 99% of cases you can start with the words “take a piece of meat …”. And the steak usually breaks records for popularity among men. The main thing is not to overdry, not to burn, not to overdo it, etc. That is, the steak should be perfect. Train while the husband is not at home. And do not forget the sauce! Sauce is very important.
  • Home burger . Men are like children. They do not stop snacking burgers even after they start earning so much that every night they have dinner in a cafe or restaurant. Learn how to cook burgers at home, and snack your half will be exclusively in your kitchen.
  • Home Shawarma. Background is the same as in the previous paragraph. Home shawarma, prepared with the caring hands of a loving wife is always a masterpiece. An important point is a delicious sauce. The dish should be juicy, hot, in crispy pita bread and with fried pork (in extreme cases, chicken).
  • Plov. Of course, men cook themselves better than all pilaf. But since it is not a woman’s heart and stomach, it is necessary to learn how to cook it. The secret of good pilaf is in properly selected meat and rice, in special spices, in strict adherence to the “instructions” for cooking. How to store spices in the kitchen?
  • Home pizza. Option in case you need to quickly feed the spouse, who ran for half an hour home to eat. Prepare the dough (thin!) In advance and put it in the freezer. You will only have to get hold of the dough, lay out the delicious ingredients and put it in the oven.
  • Lamb leg baked in the oven. Dish in case of surprise and surprise on the spot. Lamb must be extremely fresh, and it can not be suppressed – the meat should be juicy! Do not forget about garlic and spices, you can add thyme or rosemary. And necessarily a side dish! Not pasta, of course – better baked vegetables or a couple of delicious salads.

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On the way to the heart of a man - what does the stomach have?

As a way to a man’s heart is not turned into the path of the stomach – psychological advice

Prikarmlivaya your soul mate, do not forget that there is a risk to turn the road to the heart in the way of the stomach.

You do not want to become just a cook for a spouse? Do not answer, no one will want to!

So – remember what you need and what not to do, even if the man is already eating from your hands and asking for supplements:

  • Do not overdo it! You do not need to please your wife with masterpieces every day. They need to be amused and sometimes please. Better suddenly, when a man relaxes and begins to forget that you are real gold. Husband accustomed to the constant delights that you will grow out of it such a gourmet, who once even your super goulash “will throw into the abyss,” because “has been and fed up with demand newcomer, surprised me.”
  • Sometimes it is useful to just get a couple of cans of canned food and say that you are too tired today.
  • “In a man everything should be fine …”. Well, not for nothing that said. Look for harmony in everything. One plate is small, you must be the queen in everything – in the kitchen, at work, in bed, everywhere and always.
  • man will not care about all your culinary talents, if you – unkempt , the house constantly mess, and your nervous system is cracked.
  • Dinner after work – it’s not just a crackle of pasta with gravy and fall asleep. You can consider yourself a genius if your tired and exhausted husband relaxes at dinner in your company without any TVs. The husband should rest at home with his soul and body. He must hurry home, as a holiday.
  • Most modern men eat on the run. Therefore, it is more important for them how they are met (and in what) than what dishes are on the table.
  • Do not feed a man so that after eating he immediately wants to side. Still, at least a little bit of energy on you should remain with him. Do not forget about different oriental tricks (there are a lot of herbs and products that evoke not only normal, but also sexual appetite) – combine business with pleasure. “Erotic cooking” will appeal to both of you.

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On the way to the heart of a man - what does the stomach have?

Well, on the croz …

If a man a week after the meeting left you in a literal sense to live, because you “struck” his brand borscht and pirozhki with cabbage, and he is ready from morning till night to nail you shelves, repair cranes and take out garbage, just to have the good fortune to eat your borsch – chase him in the neck . Most likely, he simply has nowhere to live. Or he only from the army.

And in general – do not need to invite a man to borscht immediately . Borscht is an intimate affair.

To feed a man you need to start only when your relationship has already passed the candy-bouquet period and went to the stage of “a purku would not be na.” That is, take your time and break the sequence of development of relations.

All in good time!

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