Permanently removes facial hair

Permanently removes facial hair


  • Reasons for the appearance of hair on the female face
  • Medical remedies for the removal of facial hair forever
  • Mechanical methods of permanently removing facial hair
  • Formulations for decolouring undesirable vegetation
  • Folk remedies to remove vegetation on the female face

Those women who have vegetation on their face, try not to advertise the problem. And because they try to find a reliable way to remove hair on your face forever. Of course, cosmetic elephants offer a variety of ways to remove unwanted vegetation. But this is only the elimination of the consequences. Because the causes of this cosmetic defect are very different.

Causes of appearance of hair on the female face

The main reason for the appearance of vegetation is the production of excessive amounts of male sex hormones. The need to remove hair follicles can be caused by:

  • Menopause . When the ovaries suspend their activity, the production of androgen, the male sex hormone, begins. It is he that causes hair.
  • Sexual maturation . During puberty in the female body, various changes occur, and an excessive amount of androgen is produced.
  • Hirsutism . This is an excessive growth of dark hard hairs on the chin, in the sternum, at the top of the back and abdomen. This phenomenon is also associated with excessive production of male sex hormones. As a rule, if you do not take measures, the situation becomes worse with age.
  • Heredity . If the female line has unwanted vegetation, most likely, this feature will be inherited.
  • Dysfunction of the ovary . Polycystic ovary syndrome (Stein-Leventhal syndrome), when ovulation is absent or irregular, and an excessive amount of androgens and estrogens, insulin is produced, can provoke male-type hair in women.

It’s clear, before removing facial hair, you need to identify the exact cause of their appearance, perform the appropriate treatment. Only then to resort to this or that cosmetic means.

Medical remedies for permanent facial hair

Permanently removes facial hair

Necessarily after consulting a doctor, it is possible to permanently remove facial hair with some birth control pills. Spironolactone (Aldakton) or Ketoconazole reduce the production of male sex hormones in the female body. And also interfere with the action of androgens on the hair follicles.

Of course, specialist advice is required. Because these drugs have an effect on the hormonal background of the whole organism. The self-administration of such medications can seriously disrupt its well-established work.

Mechanical methods of permanently removing facial hair

Permanently removes facial hair

How to remove shaving or plucking with tweezers

Obviously, regular shaving is a temporary solution to the problem, they do not remove hair permanently. Plucking with tweezers is painful and painstaking.

Depilation with wax or sugar

These methods give a longer lasting effect than the removal by regular shaving or plucking. But for the effective implementation of the procedure will have to wait until they are enough to grow. That is, some time will have to walk unshaven. 🙂

How to remove hair by electroepilation

As a result of the course of cosmetic procedures performed in the beauty salon, the hair follicle is destroyed by the action of an electric current. In the place where the hair grows, the scars can remain. The procedure for removal is not always painless.

How to remove unwanted hair by laser

The cosmetic procedure as a result of exposure to a strong light beam of the hair follicle heats up and collapses. The skin around is practically not injured.In addition, modern equipment for photoepilation allows you to cope even with thin and light hairs (until recently, the laser was removed only by black).

But make the defect less noticeable, discolored. Although in some cases, discoloration causes skin irritation.

Discoloration is carried out with hydrogen peroxide. To do this, in 100 ml of 3% liquid hydrogen peroxide, two tablets of hydroperite must be dissolved. Then, in a separate glass container, pour three teaspoons of the peroxide obtained, add half a teaspoon of ammonia and shaving cream. The resulting composition is applied to the facial hairs. On drying the procedure is repeated. The composition should be applied 2-3 times. Then rinse with warm water.

In some cases, this method manages to get rid of hair on the face forever. After the procedure, the hairiness becomes brittle, colorless, it is practically invisible.

Using depilatory cream

The substances contained in the depilation cream destroy the hair proteins, causing it to fall off. So it’s almost like shaving a face. Hair follicles continue to function and soon undesirable vegetation will appear again. Cream can cause irritation to sensitive skin. In addition, new hair can be more dense and darker.

Folk remedies to remove vegetation on the female face

Permanently removes facial hair

Alcohol composition

It is necessary to mix 35 g of medical alcohol and 5 g of ammonia, add 2 g of iodine and 5 g of castor oil. The mixture must be applied to the scalp twice a day. After a while, hair will fall out.

Removing the nettle seed tincture

You need to take 40 g of nettle seed, dab them, and pour a glass of vegetable oil. After two weeks of infusion in a cool dark place in a bottle of dark glass, the composition is applied to the seats of hair.

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