Products for strengthening bones

Products for strengthening bones


  • Why you need sufficient calcium intake
  • What foods strengthen the bones

As you know, ​​calcium is the most important microelement, without which healthy teeth and optimal arterial pressure. Regular consumption of foods rich in this microelement is necessary to strengthen bones.

Why you need a sufficient intake of calcium

Calcium diet contribute to weight loss. It is established that the protein used in such a combination “burns up” much faster, and unnecessary fat is also destroyed.

The microelement is involved in the regulation of fat metabolism, affecting lipolysis – splitting fat into fatty acids under the action of lipase, as well as oxidative processes in the fat layer, increasing energy consumption and reducing appetite.

Excess calcium intake helps to get rid of excess fat and prevents its formation. On the other hand, excess micronutrient increases the risk of blood clots. With prolonged use of drugs of chemical origin in the kidneys, stones are formed.

Regular receipt of a microelement with food improves heart function, reduces the level of “bad” cholesterol and serves as a preventive measure for coronary heart disease .

In case of micronutrient deficiency, irritability, fatigue, and bones start to ache quickly. Such diseases, such as osteoporosis , arthrosis , osteochondrosis are manifested and develop. Teeth are dyed, and the nails become brittle and fragile, the hair becomes dull and thinner.

It turns out that even the thirties suffer from osteoporosis, a disease in which bone tissue becomes fragile. Often the bone stops coping with the load, deforms, frequent fractures occur. Most often, women suffer from osteoporosis, who use a lot of calcium during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What foods strengthen the bones

Products for strengthening bones

  • A lot of calcium in cow’s milk, but in this case it should be drunk a day quite a lot, up to a liter. Cottage cheese and other sour-milk products are useful.
  • High content of a microelement in celery and leaf cabbage, it is more useful than a white variety.
  • To strengthen bones, you need products such as apricots and dried apricots . Dried apricots contain magnesium, phosphorus, manganese and potassium. Potassium is important for maintaining a healthy muscle tissue involved in performing various movements. Dried apricots can be brewed at night in a thermos or simply soaked in water at room temperature to eat for breakfast.
  • Strengthen bones sardines , they are especially rich in vitamin D, polyunsaturated fatty acids. To strengthen bone tissue, tuna and salmon особенно are especially useful.
  • Beef liver also has a lot of vitamin D, necessary for absorption of calcium and phosphorus, the balance of which is important to strengthen bones. Phosphorus is found in flounder, sardine, mackerel, sturgeon, pollock, pollock, and cod. It is plentiful in shrimps, crabs and squid meat.
  • Useful pumpkin seeds and cold pressed oil, this is a wonderful source of zinc and phosphorus.
  • You need to include oatmeal and legumes in your diet.

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