Pros and cons of the profession of a makeup artist – how to become a make-up artist from scratch and find a good job?

Pros and cons of the profession of a makeup artist - how to become a make-up artist from scratch and find a good job? One of the most interesting and striking professions in the beauty industry is, of course, a make-up artist. This specialist is responsible for creating an image using various make-up techniques and cosmetic “tools”. Appearing back in the 16th century, the “make-up” masters turned to successful make-up artists, earning quite often very serious money.

content of the article:

  1. conditions and features of the make-up artist
  2. Pros and cons of the profession make-up artist
  3. Professional skills and quality
  4. Salary makeup artist and career
  5. Where to study for a make-up artist?
  6. Searches for a make-up artist from scratch

Conditions and features of the make-up artist’s work

What is the profession?

Make-up artist is not only a specialist who is well versed in the properties of the skin, creams and cosmetics. This is an artist who professionally draws his “pictures” on his faces.

Professional easy to “eliminate” the pimples and freckles on her face, emphasize all the advantages, will turn an ugly duckling into a beauty with glossy cover and make the customer believe that he is irresistible. Therefore, the make-up artist is also a psychologist.

Depending on the duties performed, this profession is divided into separate areas:

  • Master make-up. This specialist deals exclusively with “Make Up”: it puts on cosmetics, hides flaws, emphasizes “charisma”. Often such make-up artists are invited to weddings and photo sessions, various holidays and other events where professional bright make-up is required.
  • Stylist-make-up artist. Here we are talking not only about cosmetics, but about creating the image as a whole. The specialist forms the client’s image and then (as a rule) supports it.
  • Make-up artist-cosmetologist. But this specialist will not only find the most profitable image for the client, but also select the most effective means for skin care. Of course, such a master will not be able to work with only one “crust” of courses on visage – the certificate of a cosmetologist is mandatory. How to choose a good cosmetologist clients?

The main task of the makeup artist is to make customers happy and beautiful. Moreover, in our time, there are practically no restrictions at work – absolutely anyone can be made beautiful.

Only by applying cosmetics make-up is unlimited: it includes skin care, eyelashes, lips, as well as painting and building up, permanent make-up, etc.

Working conditions: what is it like working as a make-up artist?

Most often, representatives of the profession work indoors – standing or sitting – so the work is considered quite heavy, with a serious burden on the musculoskeletal system.

Work is very active , it requires constant communication with people, mobility, the ability to apply skills in any situation and with any customers.

Contraindications to the work of a make-up artist:

  1. Problems with the musculoskeletal system.
  2. Diabetes mellitus.
  3. Varicose veins.
  4. Dependence on alcohol, drugs.
  5. Decreased visual acuity.
  6. Dermatological and chronic infectious diseases.
  7. Allergy.

Pros and cons of the profession of a makeup artist - how to become a make-up artist from scratch and find a good job?

Pros and cons of the profession make-up artist

Due to the advantages of the profession are the following:

  • substantial fee (note – the professionals.).
  • Constant communication with people, new connections, the opportunity to work with celebrities.
  • Creative activity.
  • Ability to travel around the country and the world. What professions are allowed to travel?
  • Demand for the profession.

Shortcomings in the profession, of course, also available:

  • Work on the legs and, as a consequence, varicose veins, the load on the spine.
  • High competition. Make-up artists today are many, and it’s quite difficult to get to the “stars”.
  • It will not be possible to gain a foothold in the profession, if the novice master is unattractive externally, untidy, unable to find an approach to the client, is allergic to cosmetic products.
  • Working with a non-standard schedule. It’s one thing if you work in a beauty salon on schedule, and it’s completely different if you’re skating with a film crew around the country. Professional skills and quality

    The basic requirements regarding the personal qualities of the make-up artist include:

    1. The ability to focus on a long time.
    2. Creative thinking, rich imagination.
    3. Accuracy of the eye, an excellent memory and a sense of harmony.
    4. Cleanliness.
    5. Neatness, patience and initiative.
    6. Tactfulness and benevolence.

    Among the qualities of professional can be distinguished:

    • Sociability, the ability to quickly locate a client.
    • Artistic abilities.
    • Color perception.
    • Presence of imaginative memory and thinking.
    • Feeling of symmetry, accuracy, harmony.

    Also, the make-up artist should know …

    1. Basics of makeup techniques and hair creation.
    2. The color scheme and combination of styles.
    3. Assortment of cosmetic products, their texture and purpose, indications and contraindications.
    4. All innovations in the beauty industry.
    5. Psychology of the client.
    6. Assortment of working tools and preparations, their combination.
    7. Fundamentals of fine arts.

    Pros and cons of the profession of a makeup artist - how to become a make-up artist from scratch and find a good job?

    Wages of the make-up artist and career

    мало For successful activity and rapid lifting through the career ladder, only one technique of make-up is small.

    You have to be an extremely communicative and creative person with an attractive appearance – well-groomed, accurate, benevolent.


    The most solid earnings usually begin with spring and until the middle of autumn.

    However, in beauty salons and the show business sphere, good masters are in demand year-round.


    Career ladder, in the literal sense of the word, in this profession there (except in a very large corporation). Everything depends on the talent and professionalism of the master. The more customers, the louder the “word of mouth”, the higher the income.

    The top of the career is recognition, your “name” in the stellar environment, your own school or beauty salon.

    In general, the steps of the “career” are work at home, the gradual expansion of the circle of clients, work in the salon, work on TV, in the theater or in the film industry, work in show business, master classes of international level.


    The average wizard in a megapolis does not have a salary more than 40,000-50000 rub / month, in regions it is 10-15 thousand rubles.

    As for the “star” make-up, for every “session” the make-up artist, on average, receives 300-1000 American “Washington”.

    Where to study for a make-up artist?

    The main knowledge future masters receive at courses and in vocational education institutions, as well as in schools and beauty studios, in special training centers.

    Upon admission, the following specialties are selected:

    1. Basics of make-up.
    2. Hairdressing.
    3. Stylist, make-up artist.
    4. Theater and decorative art.

    Where can I go to study?

    The most prestigious are:

    • State Technological University in Penza.
    • Social and Pedagogical Institute in the capital.
    • State University. H.M. Berbekova in Kabardino-Balkaria.
    • Ural Architectural and Art Academy.
    • College LOCON in St. Petersburg.
    • State University of Technology and Design in St. Petersburg.

    And also the school of make-up artists:

    • MOSMAKE.
    • Vladimir Kalinchev Make-up Studio.

    Pros and cons of the profession of a makeup artist - how to become a make-up artist from scratch and find a good job?

    Searches for a make-up artist from scratch

    Where to look for a job?

    If you have already trained on family and friends, you have got your own base of loyal customers, and you are regularly called to your talent for various activities, then you can start by looking for work in …

    1. Hairdressing salons and beauty salons.
    2. In theaters and cinema / television studios.
    3. In fashion agencies (or in model).
    4. In beauty corners.
    5. In image creation companies.
    6. And also you can start your own business “at home”.

    True, work experience is required from the first year, examples of work are required, and the chance for an interview is only one. And they meet there on clothes!

    What do you need to remember when starting a job search?

    • We start with the portfolio. Ideally, if you have your own website with your own works, articles and tips. Photos with your work should be embedded in the scheme “before and after” of your magic hands.
    • The ideal launching area is a beauty salon. Here the client “floats” to you in hands. It remains only competent promotion and advertising of their services. An important point: the client should be able to contact you at any time, not just by appointment.
    • Do not disdain TFP projects. This is a good experience and a chance to expand business ties.
    • Do not forget about the newspaper! Yes, yes, and there too many give (or search for) the numbers of masters. Better to advertise immediately in a large digest – well-formed, credible. And, of course, regularly!
    • The Internet is also used to the maximum : your business card site, specialized forums, message boards, “beauty” sites, etc.

    Important recommendations:

    • Master the related services. For example, eyelash extensions, shaping eyebrows, permanent make-up, etc. The more you know, the wider your possibilities and the higher the demand for you.
    • Make contacts with good photographers, with employees of wedding salons, with models, florists, etc. First, they will be useful to you, and secondly, they can advertise you to their customers. Establish business contacts, advertise yourself, increase the chances of success by any available tools.
    • Do not be afraid of experiments , do not sit still, stuff your hand – always move forward. One of the options – freelancing (work under the order and with the departure to the client). It is at regular departures (weddings, graduation, photo sessions) that the accuracy and subtlety of movements, technicality are worked out, that the most important experience is acquired.
    • Look for an opportunity for learning from famous masters.
    • Always take charge for work. Even if it’s your girlfriend. Even if it is 15 rubles, but any work must be paid for. Starting to work already with clients, in an adult way, immediately set the price for the work. Not too high, but not cheap. Analyze the prices in this segment and find your golden mean.
    • Stock up with patience. Glory does not come at once, you have to work hard.
    • And stock up on tools. Be prepared to shell out for quality tools and make-up directly.

    Improve, get experience daily and never give up. Success comes only to those who do not give up.

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