Protein diet for weight loss

Protein diet for weight loss


  • Why does the body need proteins
  • Protein varieties
  • Daily protein requirement
  • The essence of the protein diet
  • Protein diet for a week
  • Menu of the protein diet on 14 days
  • Harm to the protein diet

Proteins (proteins) are essential for metabolism. The body does not know how to accumulate them, so proteins must come with food. Protein diet for weight loss allows you to reduce body weight due to the relatively low caloric content of products: oxidation of 1g of proteins liberates 4kal.

Why does the body have proteins?

Protein diet for weight loss

The body uses proteins to build cells, in the production of various compounds by the immune system, vitamins, minerals.

To maximize the benefits of a protein diet, it is important to limit the consumption of starchy foods (potatoes, cereals, bakery products) in order to avoid the consumption of energy from the incoming proteins for the breakdown of carbohydrates.

It turns out that in the old age, proteins are still necessary. Until recently, it was believed that with age, the need for proteins is reduced.

Protein diet is used to lose weight, reduce the amount of fatty deposits – a common cause of atherosclerosis, liver disease, kidney.

To maximize the effect of a high protein diet, it is important to ensure that the amino acid methionine , the choline источника source, is provided sufficient to promote fat metabolism in the liver and protects its cells from damage. A significant amount of this lipotropic substance is contained in the egg yolk, brain, heart muscle, liver, kidneys.

Prolonged fasting can cause a decrease in sexual desire. Therefore, the protein diet is useful not only for weight loss, but also for the optimal functioning of the gonads. Men especially need an amino acid arginine , which enhances spermatogenesis. Its content is especially high in chicken eggs, peanuts.

Protein varieties

Protein diet for weight loss

When selecting the products of a protein diet for weight loss, it is important to consider not only the amount of protein, but also its biological value. For example, according to this indicator, fish meat is inferior to meat of animals. A vegetable protein of cereals, nuts, beans is more difficult to digest.

Enzymes of gastric juice, pancreas break down protein foods into amino acids, from which the body then builds its own tissues.

Amino acids methionine , tryptophan , isoleucine , leucine , lysine , valine , threonine , phenylalanine – irreplaceable and therefore must come with food. The remaining 12 varieties of amino acids the body is able to synthesize.

In order to maximize the protein diet, helped to lose weight, it is necessary to ensure the receipt of a balanced amount of amino acids. Lack of a certain amino acid may make it difficult to use others when the body synthesizes its own protein.

In addition to the balanced composition of amino acids, the food used in a protein diet should be quickly digested and easily digested. Such foods include proteins of dairy products, eggs, fish, meat.

Dairy products are digested the fastest. They are inferior to fish meat, beef, pork, lamb.

The vegetable protein is poor in individual essential amino acids. For example, in bread there is not enough lysine . In croups, as a rule, the content of lysine and threonine пони is lowered.

In addition, vegetable proteins are harder for the body to digest. Especially resistant to the action of digestive enzymes, legumes, cereals, mushrooms. Therefore, out of the total amount of plant food consumed, the body receives only 80% of amino acids. In products of animal origin, this indicator is higher and is 90%.

The effect of high temperature, the crushing of foods during cooking speeds up the digestion and assimilation of protein foods. On the other hand, heating affects the amino acids, which reduces the biological value of the protein diet. Therefore, if you include in the menu for a week for slimming cereals, it is better to pre-soak them in cold water to reduce the time of cooking porridge.

It is useful to combine vegetable and animal protein to improve the total balance of amino acid intake. For example, it is allowed to combine dairy products with pasta, cereals or bread. Potatoes can be combined with vegetables and meat, bakery products – with meat, cottage cheese, fish.

Daily protein requirement

Protein diet for weight loss

The need of adults in the protein is 90 g per day, with 55-60% of the protein food of animal origin.

When preparing the optimal protein diet for a healthy organism, it is worthwhile to focus on the recommended daily intake of tryptophan (1g), methionine (3g) and lysine (5g).

Typically, 20-30 years old enough 50-70g protein, closer to 40 years it takes 80g, at an older age – up to 90g per day.

In any case, do not include in the menu diet for weight loss more than 140 grams of protein per day.

The need for protein foods increases after recovery from infectious diseases, injuries, surgeries, chronic diseases of the digestive system (chronic enterocolitis and pancreatitis), kidney disease, significant blood loss, and intake of corticosteroid and anabolic hormones.

Violation of the balance in the direction of lack of protein happens with prolonged use of food, in which there are few essential amino acids. If the body does not receive enough calories, it is forced to expend protein to cover energy costs.

Often the deficit is observed when following some diets for weight loss – long-term use of a certain variety of plant foods, starvation.

Digestion and assimilation of protein foods disrupt various diseases of the digestive system.

Protein deficiency worsens the function of the liver, pancreas, endocrine system. Incomplete digestible nutrients coming from food, why, for example, can develop hypovitaminosis . The resistance to infections decreases, healing of wounds and recovery after operations slows down.

On the other hand, even if the health is OK, overly long-term follow-up of a high protein diet causes overstrain of the liver and kidneys. Growing putrefactive processes in the intestine, the body is acidified by the products of nitrogen metabolism.

The essence of the protein diet

Protein diet for weight loss

With the traditional balanced menu, the body receives energy mainly from fats and carbohydrates, proteins cover energy costs by only 10..15%.

The essence of the protein diet is in reducing the proportion of fats and carbohydrates and increasing the proportion of foods rich in protein. As a rule, in this diet there are a lot of vitamins, microelements, it quickly causes a feeling of satiety.

Followers of this method of losing weight claim that their weight decreases faster than when they follow other diets with a similar calorie content.

Opponents of protein diets are convinced that the decrease in body weight occurs not as a result of burning fat, but because the body loses water, especially in the early days.

The diet excludes or substantially limits flour and bakery products, sweets, butter, fats. The body is forced to spend first supplies of carbohydrates, then fats.

Protein express diet for a week

Protein diet for weight loss

This method of nutrition is suitable for those who need to lose weight by 2-4 kg. It is unlikely that in 7 days it will be possible to achieve the final result. But, by practicing this method of nutrition once a month, most can reduce body weight without changing the habitual way of life.

If you include high-protein foods in the menu, the body starts cleaning programs. To purify more intensively, it is useful to perform physical exercises for the muscles of the abdomen, legs, buttocks. Muscle contractions help to break up fatty deposits.

It is desirable that physical education is accompanied by a profuse sweating. With then the body gets rid of harmful substances – the source of education of all kinds of problem areas.

When following a weekly diet, it is worth to abandon protein foods high in fat: ice cream , condensed milk , cheese , sour cream , butter .

Sample menu:

  • First breakfast . 250g of buckwheat porridge, a glass of milk.
  • Second breakfast . A glass of curdled milk or an apple.
  • Lunch . For the first soup of turkey or low-fat beef with 50 g of boiled meat. On the second 100g of rice, oatmeal or millet porridge, a small piece of boiled mackerel, horse mackerel, hake. Salad from beets, carrots or cabbage. A glass of yogurt.
  • Snack . Fruit juice with pulp.
  • Dinner . A glass of curdled milk, a couple of cookies.

This protein menu for weight loss can include eggs, meat, fish, fat-free cottage cheese, raw or boiled vegetables without spices and seasonings (beets, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots), unsweetened fruits. Exclude sweets, potatoes, bakery and flour products.

The diet is easily tolerated and does not cause discomfort.

Menu of the protein diet for 14 days

Protein diet for weight loss

The diet includes lean meat, fish, eggs, salads, vegetables, unsweetened fruits. The feeling of hunger does not arise, but the body begins to lack a carbohydrate.

Sample menu:

Monday .

  • Breakfast . Black tea and coffee.
  • Lunch . Salad from boiled cabbage, a couple of eggs, hard boiled. A glass of tomato juice.
  • Dinner . Boiled fish

Tuesday .

  • Breakfast . A cup of black coffee.
  • Lunch . Boiled fish, carrot salad with vegetable oil.
  • Dinner . 150 g boiled lean beef, a glass of curdled milk.

Wednesday .

  • Breakfast . Tea with a pair of croutons.
  • Lunch . Fried pieces of zucchini, fruit.
  • Dinner . Two eggs, 200g boiled turkey meat, a beet salad.

Thursday .

  • Breakfast . Coffee with the addition of low-fat milk.
  • Lunch . 100g boiled chicken, fresh carrot salad.
  • Dinner . 2-3 apples.

Friday .

  • Breakfast . Carrot salad.
  • Lunch . 2-3 slices of fried fish, a glass of juice.
  • Dinner . 150g of vinaigrette

Saturday .

  • Breakfast . Black tea with biscuits.
  • Lunch . Boiled chicken, fresh cabbage salad.
  • Dinner . Carrot salad with vegetable oil, two hard-boiled eggs.

Sunday .

  • Breakfast . Tea.
  • Lunch . Boiled chicken with vegetables.
  • Dinner . 150g. boiled fish, 100g. vinaigrette

Next week, in the reverse order, repeat the menu of the first week (on Monday, eat as on Sunday, on Tuesday as on Saturday, etc.)

During the day, drink at least 1 liter of clean water.

Harm to the protein diet

Protein diet for weight loss

The disadvantage of a diet high in protein is its poor balance due to a limited list of allowed products.

The menu is monotonous, rather expensive, the weight comes back after a while.Do not follow the protein diet for more than two weeks once a year.

As a rule, obesity is accompanied not only by excess weight, but also by high blood pressure, which can cause a stroke. In addition, because of obesity, atherosclerosis of the vessels, polyarthritis, acute pancreatitis develops.

When following a full-fat protein diet in the tissues is the mass of protein products – urea, uric acid, which eventually cause psoriasis, neurodermatitis, migraine.

In addition, the accumulation of a significant amount of nitrogen in the body with the abuse of diets with a high protein content makes it difficult to conceive a child.

Protein diet is contraindicated in acute nephritis, atherosclerosis, kidney failure, liver, gout, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis.

When following this diet, the body has to expend a lot of calcium, which is especially dangerous in mature and old age.

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