Rating of nutritious face creams after 35 years – 10 best nutritious creams for mature skin

Rating of nutritious face creams after 35 years - 10 best nutritious creams for mature skin Every woman wants to look beautiful and well-groomed, despite the age. Cosmetic products for the face after 35 years are intended for nutrition, vitaminization, restoration and rejuvenation of the skin.

We will tell you how to choose a face cream after the age of 35, and also determine what means are considered the best according to popular reviews.

Rating of the best nourishing face cream after 35

The rules for choosing a good nourishing face cream after 35 years

There are some secrets to choosing the right cosmetic product – a nourishing cream.

We’ll tell you what to look for:

  1. Choose a cream, focusing on your skin type. Of course, a nourishing cream can solve many problems, for example: remove dryness, tightness, smooth out wrinkles, give a healthy color to the skin and restore the condition of the epidermis. It is necessary to understand that there is still a moisturizer. Its difference from the nutrient in the additional moisturizing. Not every type of skin is suitable for such a remedy.
  2. Choose day and night means from one ruler. As a rule, day creams protect the skin, and nightly nourishes.
  3. In the nourishing cream for the face skin after 35 years, there must be an SPF filter , even the smallest. It is known that the skin under the influence of sunlight loses moisture, which contributes to the renewal of cells. The use of a nutritious cream with SPF-protection will help maintain skin tone. Usually the remedy starts to act faster than a normal cream without protection.
  4. Always pay attention to the manufacturer. The best, in the opinion of the reviews and recommendations of women, we point out in our article below. Can address to the cosmetician for the help. A specialist should not only pick up a remedy, but also determine what skin problems you have.
  5. Choose a product by looking at its composition. It is impossible to name, what means will suit you, as each person has its own intolerance of components.
  6. Quality nourishing cream will contain less chemicals, and more – natural ingredients. Usually lists the components on the list in the predominant quantity – from the largest to the smaller. So natural ingredients should stand in front.
  7. In a proper and effective nutrient will be mandatory in the composition of hyaluronic acid. The skin of the face at this age stops producing the required amount, so you should use the cream with it, so that the skin regenerates more quickly.
  8. Another important component, without which the cream will be ineffective, is collagen and coenzyme Q10. They help keep the skin toned, resilient and taut.
  9. It is better to choose a remedy in which there will not be Vaseline or paraffin. They do not bring anything good to the skin.
  10. When buying, ask for a sample of the remedy to look at the color of the cream. The yellow tint of the product will tell you that it was manufactured using the old technologies or it has passed the expiry date. A blue tint means that it contains a lot of chemicals. The correct cream should be thick as sour cream, only white.
  11. Shelf life – be sure to pay attention to it!
  12. Cost. Of course, everyone picks up the money also at a price. But remember that an effective cream will not always be expensive. You can find a cream of average cost, which will differ high quality and efficiency.

The recommendations listed above will help you choose the right and the right nourishing cream.

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Ingredients of a nourishing cream for mature skin of the face – on which components to pay attention?

Of course, when choosing a cosmetic product, it is worth paying attention, first of all, to its composition. There is a whole list of desirable ingredients that will benefit the mature skin of the face.

Let’s talk about them:

  • Hyaluronic acid. Undoubtedly, a nourishing cream without this substance will not be effective. The acid is able to renew the cellular metabolism, restore the epidermis, saturating it with collagen.
  • Collagen. Of course, this component is also important. It helps to restore the level of collagen, which is poorly produced after 35 years, and also smoothes out fine wrinkles, making your skin supple and elastic.
  • Vitamin A. An optional element, but its availability will help cope with the skin with regeneration and cell renewal.
  • Vitamin E is also optional. However, it has a protective effect and protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation. His face will not have pigmentation spots from him. Vitamin C. Many cosmeticians say that it is useless. But still, without this vitamin, normal collagen synthesis is impossible.
  • Fruit acids. It is these ingredients that help cope with peeling, softening of the skin. On the basis of citrus fruits and other fruits unique creams with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect are created. The result from the products with fruit acids will be noticeable immediately after the first application.
  • SPF filters. They will help protect the face from exposure to sunlight. The minimum level of protection that cosmetologists recommend is 20. Protecting the skin from ultraviolet, you prolong its youth.

The composition of creams may also include harmful or useless components, although cosmeticians assure us that in modern cosmetics there is nothing wrong.

If you notice the following substances in the nutrient cream, it is better to refuse it:

  • Silicones, silicates, mineral oils. Basically, these are chemicals created from artificial decay products. They clog the skin, do not flush. As a result, the skin ceases to “breathe”, it begins to lack moisture.
  • Ethylene and propylene glycols. These ingredients can cause allergies.
  • Parabens. They are also allergenic and unsafe. The only exception is methylparaben.
  • Vaseline, glycerin, humectants. These substances draw moisture out of the skin, make it dry. This can result in more wrinkles. From these substances, the skin begins to age faster.
  • Sulfates. If there are sulphates in the cream, then it can harm your face – just dry it. From sulphates may appear irritation, the skin will peel off. In addition, there may be any skin diseases.
  • Flavors. Any fragrance can cause allergies. It is better to choose a cream with herbs.

Now, knowing which components of nutritious creams are useful and harmful, you can choose a quality and safe cosmetic.

Rating of the best nourishing face creams after 35 years

Here is a list of the best nutritious creams that are suitable for mature skin after 35 years, which are especially important to women in the cold period of time.

  1. Nourishing cream Fibrogène from Darphin with a smoothing effect

The product is based on natural ingredients and oligopeptides. I’m glad that the ingredients are included vitamins and jojoba oil. After several applications, the appearance of the skin noticeably improves, it softens and becomes smooth.

The cream does not leave a greasy shine, the agent is absorbed instantly.

  1. NUTRITIC INTENSE RICHE Nourishing cream for deep recovery

The product is intended for dry and very dry skin . Excellent cope with peeling, dryness, irritation and sensitivity.

Rating of nutritious face creams after 35 years - 10 best nutritious creams for mature skin

The cream based on MP lipids, normalizing the cellular exchange of the epidermis, thermal water, karite oil and vitamins.

The product can be used at any time of the day and even applying under make-up.

  1. Nourishing cream “Cosmetic sour cream” from NNPTSTO

The product not only moisturizes the skin without leaving a shine, but also rejuvenates, restores the work of the sebaceous glands, normalizes the lipid , protein and carbohydrate metabolism.

Rating of nutritious face creams after 35 years - 10 best nutritious creams for mature skin

And the cream protects from the effects of the environment.

In its composition – whey with useful vitamins and trace elements, hyaluronic xylitol, allantoin, olive, almond oil, panthenol. It is this combination that gives a good effect.

  1. Nutrilogie 1 cream from Vichy

Also marked as the best. It contains useful substances and ingredients: thermal water, apricot oils, coriander, jojoba, macadamia nuts, PCA arginine and vitamin E.

Rating of nutritious face creams after 35 years - 10 best nutritious creams for mature skin

The combination of components allows the skin to become renewed, elastic, soft. The cream perfectly copes with age changes, smoothes wrinkles.

  1. Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Cream

The product is perfect for dry, mature skin that does not tolerate cold temperatures. The cream moisturizes the skin, narrows the pores, softens it and prevents the formation of wrinkles.

Rating of nutritious face creams after 35 years - 10 best nutritious creams for mature skin

In its composition – natural, herbal ingredients and useful substances: aloe extract, antioxidant – vitania, extract of pterocarpus and Centella Asiatic.

The tool costs cheaply – from 150-200 rubles, but of excellent quality.

  1. “Gerontol” cream with olive oil and trace elements

An excellent cosmetic product that nourishes the skin of the face. Many women noted such properties of the cream: rejuvenates, smooths the facial wrinkles, increases the elasticity of the skin, retains moisture, normalizes the production of hyaluronic acid, lipid exchange of the skin.

Rating of nutritious face creams after 35 years - 10 best nutritious creams for mature skin

This is the best tool from the low-cost line. But, as we see, the low price did not spoil the effectiveness and effectiveness of the cream.

It contains acids, antioxidants and beneficial microelements.

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  1. Garnier Cream “Life-giving moisturizing” from the series “Nutrition and hydration”

The main element that is included in the composition is camellia oil. Thanks to him, the cream perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin of the face, removes stiffness and dryness, helps normalize the water intracellular balance.

Rating of nutritious face creams after 35 years - 10 best nutritious creams for mature skin

This cosmetic product is suitable for dry, very dry and sensitive skin.

In addition, the product is hypoallergenic.

  1. “Clinique” dry skin care product

This nourishing cream belongs to luxury cosmetics.

Rating of nutritious face creams after 35 years - 10 best nutritious creams for mature skin

It is based on mineral oil, stearyl alcohol, oils, urea, sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, vegetable preservatives, fruit antioxidants.

The product perfectly copes with the moisturizing of mature skin, the restoration of the hydrolipid skin barrier.

It removes rashes, gives skin lightness and tenderness, does not cause allergies.

  1. Cream Eisenberg Soin Anti-Stress

Nourishing cream consists of a unique complex, which includes various oils: shea, karite, chamomile, liquorice.

Rating of nutritious face creams after 35 years - 10 best nutritious creams for mature skin

The product perfectly moisturizes the skin, has antiseptic, rejuvenating, soothing and relaxing effects.In addition, the cream can immediately after the first application level the tone of the face, remove the rashes, pigment spots and cope with stress.

This cosmetics is also luxury, so the cost is high, compared to other prices for funds. However, this cream is really good and does not even cause allergies.

  1. Daytime Active Hydrating Cream from Olay

This cosmetic product is suitable for very dry or very sensitive skin. It is able to quickly moisten the face, restore the hydrobalance at the cellular level, will make the skin soft and smooth.

Rating of nutritious face creams after 35 years - 10 best nutritious creams for mature skin

Can become a perfect foundation for make-up.

The product contains natural oils, urea and glycerin. It is possible to classify the remedy as “medium”, since there are no powerful moisturizers in it, but it copes with the moistening process, like other creams.

We listed the best means, according to popular opinion. If you find a better food, leave your comments, share your opinion below on our website.

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