Rice diet

Rice diet


  • Useful diet on rice
  • Cleansing the body of rice
  • Rice diet for weight loss

It’s no secret that rice grains are the main food of billions of people in Asia , where the word “rice” and “food” mean the same thing. The most healthful rice diet for weight loss and body cleansing is based on the use of non-polished grains. They are brown in color, they contain a lot of vitamins and fiber. After grinding the grains, they are of little use. The intermediate variant is the so-called parboiled rice , it is light, slightly brown in color. Two dozen popular varieties also differ in the form of grains: round , medium-grained and long-grained .

How is the diet on rice useful?

Rice diet

In useful cereal up to 80% of carbohydrates important for the body of amino acids. The product has little fiber and does not contain gluten , the so-called gluten.

If in qualitative wheat flour it is enough, it produces a fragrant lavish bread, quality dough, pasta. Gluten is necessary for significant physical exertion. It needs athletes, miners, climbers. In some cases, gluten can cause an allergic reaction, so you have to eat rice dishes.

In a useful product, there are many B vitamins necessary for the proper functioning of the central nervous system. High content of lecithin , promoting intellectual activity. Microelements are mainly represented by potassium. Iron, iodine, phosphorus, calcium, zinc are much smaller.

Diet on rice helps to lose weight, because the product has a lot of useful properties:

  • in the starch a lot of starch, it envelops the gastric mucosa and is therefore useful in case of gastritis, peptic ulcer, with increased acidity of gastric juice;
  • porridge is useful for young mothers, because they promote lactation;
  • in baby food, rice porridge can be introduced already for 6 months of life of a small person;
  • different dishes from rice grains are useful for strengthening the nervous system;
  • potassium content is useful for strengthening the heart muscle, normalizing the cardiovascular system;
  • dietary dishes from rice help to lose weight, linking and removing salt from the body. Removing excess moisture positively affects the decrease in blood pressure. Improves metabolism, reduces body weight;
  • Japanese women have long performed cleansing and bleaching rice skin from stains and freckles. Used flour, all kinds of broths and gruel.

A certain lack of diet on rice is the deterioration of intestinal peristalsis, which can cause constipation.

Cleaning the body of rice

Rice diet

How to clean rice with breakfast

периодически To prevent the formation of excess weight, improve the appearance of it is useful to periodically perform morning rice cleansing. For this, a glass jar puts as many table spoons of rice as lived for years. Groats are washed and poured with boiled water at room temperature, the pot is placed in the refrigerator.

Every morning from 1 tbsp. cereals boil the porridge in water without salt for 5 minutes. The remaining rice is washed, poured with boiled water and again put the jar in the refrigerator. Breakfast should be early, preferably before 7 am. Rice preventive cleansing of the body will continue until the bank is empty.

This is especially useful, since the diet on rice has an absorbing effect. As a result of maceration, starch, which fills the fiber lattice, is washed out of the grains. A starch-free product is found in the intestine. Various harmful substances are retained in the lattice, which is inside the grains. As a result, the intestine and body become purer.

Having received a signal for self-cleaning, the body begins to remove accumulated harmful substances with feces and urine.Normalized metabolic processes, body weight, ceases to accumulate fat, products of metabolism, salt.

Three-day diet on rice to lose weight and cleanse the body

кру For cleansing the body and normalizing the body weight, the croup is washed, poured with water slightly above the rice level and briefly brewed so that the grains do not have time to lose shape. Stock is best not to do, because the finished product can be stored for a maximum of 24 hours.

Rice cleansing is performed during the day. Eat better three times, but you can and more often. There is only rice prepared in the manner described.

Breakfast before 9am, lunch at about 14, dinner at 18 o’clock, at this time the stomach is most active.

From 21 hours to 23 hours you can neither eat nor drink, because at this time the most intensive purification of the digestive system is performed. You need to slowly, thoroughly chewing every spoon of the product.

After meals, you should refrain from any drinks for 1-2 hours, because the purpose of the cleansing procedure is to remove harmful substances and excess moisture from the body.

If you have any diseases before you apply the diet on rice for weight loss and body cleansing, you should consult your doctor.

Rice diet for weight loss

Rice diet

When using a diet to lose weight on rice, fat burning is achieved, above all, by removing excess moisture from the body. Fat burns much more slowly. Especially when you consider that the calorific value of a brown variety per 100 g is 331 kcal, brown – 337 kcal, unpolished – 285 kcal.

Therefore, to achieve a better result, it is worth doing physical exercises. During slimming, eat a little, but often. Drink plenty of water or green tea.

Simple 3-day diet for weight loss on rice, apples and chicken

  • For three days every day to eat a glass of boiled rice. Salt and oil can not be added. Many complain of hunger, so this way to lose weight is not suitable for everyone. If it became completely unbearable to muffle the hunger, you can eat one or two apples. In the afternoon, drink green tea without sugar, table mineral water.
  • Some people practice the following way of losing weight. Figure 2c. for each meal is soaked for four days, the water needs to be replaced every day. Then for 3 days to eat the soaked grains in raw form. This way, the liver, kidneys are cleaned, the puffiness decreases, the course of metabolic processes is normalized.
  • Another way to lose weight – on the first day there is only boiled rice. The next day, boil the chicken breast without a leg and peel. On the third day, eat only apples.

Five-day diet on rice

  • If you lose weight in three days it seemed difficult, you can extend the wellness course to five days, combining the reception of boiled rice with compote from fresh or dried fruits. Suit dried apricots , pear , plum , apples , prunes , raisins , cherries . The use of fruits that contain a minimum of sugar, helps to avoid constipation.
  • In Japan, boiled rice is consumed with boiled or steamed fish of low-fat varieties. Suit pike perch or cod . Rice dish is used as a garnish or fish is eaten separately. During the day it is useful to drink enough green tea, you can eat an apple.

How to lose weight on a rice diet for a week

If the previous ways to reduce body weight seemed too difficult, you can apply a more gentle slimming course:

  • Combine a diet on boiled rice with various vegetables and fruits, adding vegetable oil, using salads. If you observe a certain moderation in food, even with this method of losing weight, you can reduce body weight to 3 kg per week.
  • Another method of sparing slimming involves adding to rice dishes peas or corn , lean fish or boiled chicken is suitable.
    To reduce body weight, during the day it is sufficient to consume half a kilo of boiled rice and up to 200 g of additional food. In case of attacks of hunger during a diet on rice, you can eat one or another fruit, but not more than a pound a day. Lose weight in this way is recommended no more than once every two months.

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