Scenario New Year performance in the younger group of the kindergarten – Magic Snow

Scenario New Year performance in the younger group of the kindergarten - Magic Snow Kids 3-4 years old are just starting to get acquainted with the New Year traditions. In order to encourage their creative activity, the ability to read a poem, communicate, learn songs and dances, they conduct a New Year’s performance, the script of which we wrote below.

It should be borne in mind that the children of the younger group of the kindergarten are still small, so the holiday should not take half an hour or 40 minutes.

scenario a Christmas party in the older group of kindergarten “The Enchanted Forest on New Year»


  1. Leading
  2. Maiden
  3. Hedgehog
  4. Hare
  5. Santa Claus

Christmas party magic snow for children 3-4 years younger group of kindergarten

Competitions and funny poems for the Christmas party in kindergarten – how Make the New Year for a child 3-6 years old boring?

Children enter the hall under festive music.

Host : Guys, look how beautiful it is today in our hall! (the kids are considering the hall together with the host) In the street it’s winter now. And we have the best holiday – the New Year! Let’s see who came to visit us today? (Shows a Christmas tree) Let’s do our Christmas tree from all sides and look at the beautiful balls and toys (children see the Christmas tree, and shows them the leading toy and asks the kids what hangs) Guys, let’s song about Christmas trees sing.

Children sing a song “A tree was born in the forest …”
Suddenly, the leader sees a silver snowball under the Christmas tree.

Host : Guys, look, and what is it under the Christmas tree lies? Let’s see (all lean towards the tree, the host raises a snowball). Children, it’s the same magic snowball. What does he want to tell us? (brings a snowball to your ear) Snowball offers us a journey through the fairy-tale winter forest. Do you want to walk with the snowball? Then we’ll drop it and see where it takes us (the leader throws a snowball towards the hut, the kids follow the snowball). Where has the snow brought us?

Children : To the house.

Host : And who lives in the hut? (children do not know). Then we need to knock on the house (knock on the hut).

Snow Maiden : Who is there? (coming out of the hut)

Host : Hello! And who are you?

Snow Maiden : I am a Snow Maiden, the granddaughter of Grandfather Frost. And who are you?

Host : And these are the children, we brought a magic snowball to your izba.

Snow Maiden : What a fine fellow this snowball! I am very pleased with the guests. I also have a lot of snowballs, but they are not magical. Let’s dance with them (gives snowballs to kids).

Kids dance a dance with snowballs.

Snow Maiden : And my snowballs are very funny and mischievous. They like to play.

Host : Our kids also like to play snowballs.

Snow Maiden plays with the children in snowballs.

Snow Maiden : And now let’s throw a magic snowball and see where it takes us now (Snow Maiden throws a snowball towards the New Year tree, and everyone goes after him).

Snow Maiden spreads his hands. Nobody here.

The hedgehog looks out from behind the tree, he hides from the Snow Maiden, so it repeats three times. Finally the hedgehog stops hiding from the Snow Maiden, and she finds it.

Snow Maiden : Who are you?

Hedgehog : I’m a hedgehog, and not at all lucky. I’m sitting here under the Christmas tree and sad. I want to dance with children in the New Year, sing songs and play games.

Snow Maiden : Hello, hedgehog!

Hedgehog : Hello, children!

Snow Maiden : Do not grieve, hedgehog! Children learned about you a song. Do you want to sing?

Hedgehog : Of course! I will be happy.

Children sing “Song of the Hedgehog”

Hedgehog : What a glorious song, thank you guys. As a token of our friendship, I will let you pet me.

Snow Maiden : Hedgehog, how are we going to iron you? You’re all in needles and you can prick the kids.

Hedgehog : In the New Year I am very kind.And I’ve already cleaned the thorns (the children are brushing the hedgehog on the head and back).

Snow Maiden (to the children): Well, guys, shall we still throw a magic snowball?

Children : Yes.

Snow Maiden throws a snowball at a small cardboard tree, the children go there.

Snow Maiden : Who lives here? (The children see a shivering little rabbit) Hello, a little rabbit! Why are you so trembling?

Bunny : Who are you? Hunters?

Snow Maiden : No, we are not hunters, but children. We were brought to you by a magic snowball. What happened to you? Who are you so afraid of?

Bunny : I’m so lonely in a dark winter forest.

Snow Maiden : Hare, we will cheer you. At us after all too there is a bunny, and now they with you will dance.

Children in costume bunnies perform “Dance will borrow”

Lapel : Well done, kids, you made me laugh.

From the side of the door a voice is heard: “A-u-y-y! A-y-uu! “

Snow Maiden : It seems that our children are coming to Santa Claus, let’s play with him.

Children hide under a white tulle and, hiding sitting.

Santa Claus : Well, the blizzard in the forest has risen, all the paths, paths and paths have become stagnant! (He walks around the hall and sees a magic snowball) Oh! That’s who will help me! Magic Snowball, tell me, where are the kids? (Throws a snowball in the direction where the children are sitting) Then, probably, guys? (Children meow) No, they are not kids, but kittens. (Turns to the snowball) What are you, snowball? I need children, not kittens.

Santa Claus throws snow three more times. Children pretend to be dogs (bark), birds (chirp), and the last time the host himself throws the tulle and Santa Claus finds the guys.

Santa Claus: Guys, I finally found you! You go out and dance, you have to poke your legs.

Santa Claus with children leads dance “near the Christmas tree we dance»

Maiden : Santa Claus and Christmas trees ignite us, please!

Santa Claus: With great pleasure, but let the kids help me. Do you agree, kids? Let’s clap hands (the children clap, the tree does not burn), then let’s drown legs (stamp, the Christmas tree burns), but let’s then very heavily blow (blow, the tree lights up).

Snow Maiden : Grandfather Frost, on New Year’s Morning, the children are waiting for you to give gifts. You did not forget about them?

Santa Claus : Oh, granddaughter, misfortune happened: when I went to your kindergarten, I lost a bag of gifts in the forest, now I do not know where to find it.

Snow Maiden : Do not worry, Santa Claus, can we again help the magic snowball?

Snow Maiden throws a snowball at the New Year tree and says: “You roll, roll, snowball, and find a bag!”

Children with fairy-tale heroes find a bag with gifts. Under the festive music Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden give presents to the kids.

Lead (turns to the magic snowball): Thank you, the magic snowball that helped us to travel through the fabulous winter forest. Little children, let’s say Jerzy, Zaychonka, Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden thank you for such a joyful matinee and say goodbye to them!

Fairy-tale characters say goodbye to the little ones and leave.

Whatever New Year scenario you choose, you can always complete it with a traditional round dance around the bright and fluffy beauty tree. Kids, holding their breath, stand and wait, when kind Santa Claus will open the bag and get out of it a long-awaited gift.

In the end, when gifts are distributed and uncovered, somewhere in the hall you can already notice a “little rabbit” with a smeared chocolate face.

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