Scenario New Year’s matinee for children 5-6 years old senior kindergarten group – In the magic forest for the New Year

Scenario New Year's matinee for children 5-6 years old senior kindergarten group - In the magic forest for the New Year The main thing in any children’s holiday is the expectation of a miracle, unexpected surprises. Whatever New Year scenario you choose – a fairy tale with adventures, a New Year carnival or a bright concert, it is important that the whole kindergarten with a pre-holiday mood be prepared for its conduct and a New Year’s miracle would happen! So, gifts are purchased, a festive table is laid, Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden is ready, the script is learned. Enthusiastic karapuzy in bright suits are ready to meet Santa Claus and the New Year.

And then, finally, the long-awaited matinee comes.

Competitions and merry poems for the New Year party in the kindergarten – how to make the New Year for a child 3-6 years old not boring?

script Christmas party “in the magic forest for the New Year” for children 5-6 years older group of kindergarten


  • Leading
  • Chanterelle
  • Hare
  • Squirrel
  • wise Owl
  • Snowman
  • Baba witch
  • Red cat
  • The old boletus
  • Santa Claus
  • Snow Maiden

New Year’s morning begins with the sound of a New Year’s song, performed by the kids.

выходит The Leader enters the center of the room.

Host : Hello, dear friends! I’m very glad to see you all on our New Year’s holiday! What you are all beautiful and smart today, guys! And not only smart, but also fun. So, you are ready for contests, surprises, games, adventures and a fabulous trip to the Magic Forest. Today was a wonderful day: the frost and the sun! So let’s have fun! Get up in a circle, start to dance and sing a song for our beautiful Christmas tree!

Children lead a dance and sing the song “Little Christmas tree cold in winter …”. After that, the kids sit down in their places.
Ли Chanterelles, Zaychonok and Belchonok run into the hall.

Chanterelle: Hello, guys! Did you recognize me? I’m a fox!

Leverage: Hello! And I’m a Bunny!
Belle: Hello, friends! I’m Belchonok!

Chanterelle: So, winter winter came to us. Very soon, the most wonderful holiday of the year – the New Year!

Hare: Grandpa Frost and his granddaughter, Snegurochka, hurry to visit us. And to every obedient and kind child they will bring gifts!

do not bother them with a blizzard, no blizzards ….

Hare: He’s in a hurry to you, dear children! To congratulate you all on the New Year and to give you magic gifts!

Chanterelle (looking at the tree): Oh, children! What a beautiful little tree you have! That’s how Santa Claus will be pleased! He likes beautiful and elegant New Year trees!

Hare: And I know the poem about the Christmas tree! (He turns to the kids.) Want to tell you? (Tells a verse about the New Year tree.)

On shaggy paws
The Christmas tree brings smell to the house:
The smell of needles warmed up,
The smell of freshness and wind,
And the snowy forest,
And the faintest smell of summer.

Со Owl appears in the hall.

Owl: Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Is everything ready for the New Year holiday? Are all ready to meet with Grandfather Frost and the Snow Maiden?

Children: Yes!

Owl : Then everything is fine! Grandfather Frost is hurrying to you! He is on his way and will be here soon! Only trouble with him happened along the way!

Hare, Belchonok and Chanterelle (in chorus): What ?!

Owl : He made his way through an impenetrable thicket, and his bag burst, and all the toys fell out. Only Grandfather Frost so hurried to you on a holiday that he did not notice how he lost his toys … He had to go back. And he told you to come to me and the Snowman. And so I first came to you, and Snowman a little behind in the way …

Snowman comes in.

Chanterelle (surprised): And who are you ?! I’ve never seen you …

Snowman : How ?! Do not you recognize me ?! Guys, did you recognize me?

Children : Yes!

Snowman : Tell me, who am I?

Children : Snowman!

Snowman : That’s right! I’m a Snowman! I brought you a letter from Santa Claus. Now I’ll read it to you. “On the way, my bag burst, and all the gifts fell into the snow. I have to find them! And you meet while my granddaughter the Snow Maiden! Do not worry about me! I will be soon! Your Grandfather Frost. ”

Chanterelle : I wonder how long we’ll have to wait for Grandfather Frost.

Bunny : Something we got bored …

Bellecock : Then let’s play!

Chanterelle : No, we will not play! I thought about this … Santa Claus is now collecting gifts, he wants to please us, give presents. And what will we give him?

Leverage : Let’s Grandfather Frost, also give a sweet gift!

Bellecock : Come on! (He takes a basket and puts candies and cookies into it.) So, a gift for Santa Claus is ready. But where is he ?! When will he come ?!

At this time, there is a noise outside the door.

Chanterelle: What’s that noise?

Bellecock : Maybe it’s Grandpa Frost coming?

The room includes the Baba-yaga, dressed in the Snow Maiden costume, and the Red Cat, decorated with paper snowflakes.

Bunny (scared): And who are you?

Baba Yaga : That’s it! Do not you recognize me? I’m Snegurka, granddaughter favorite Santa Claus … And this (showing the Red Cat), my girlfriend – Snowflake.

Chanterelle (suspiciously): Something you do not look very much like Snegurochka …

Baba-yaga (waving her hands and accidentally drops the mask and hat of Snegurochka): How unlike ?! Very much even it is similar! Look narrowly closely.

Bellecock: If you take a closer look, then it hurts you like … Guys, tell me, who is this? (Pointing to Babu Yaga.)

Children : Baba Yaga!

Chanterelle (addressing Baba Yaga): You could not deceive us, Baba-yaga! Zaichonok: What are you wicked and cunning, Baba-yaga! Decided to spoil our holiday, right?

Baba Yaga : You have outdated information! I have long been no cunning and evil, but a good Baba-yaga! Now I’m not making any evil! Only good deeds I will! I’m tired of doing evil. No one likes me for it! And for good deeds everyone loves and praises!

Red Cat : It’s all true! I’m a red cat! I know everything about everyone! Honestly, honestly! And in general, I always tell the truth! Believe me: Baba-yaga good!

Chanterelle (suspiciously): Something I can not believe that Baba-yaga has become softer …

Hare Bunny : And I do not believe it!

Belchonok (addressing the Baba Yaga): We will not believe you for anything!

Chanterelle : Why did you suddenly decide to become sober? Everybody knows about you for a long time: you are a cunning, evil and evil!

Snowman : And everyone knows the Red Cat: a famous liar!

Baba-yaga : Here you are as I do with you! Well, I’ll remember everything! I’ll … I’ll … I’ll spoil your holiday!

Red cat (hisses, shows claws): Sh-sh-sh! Will not you be friends with us? Well, it is not necessary! You’ll find out, we’ll show you!

Chanterelle : Here you are, what really happened!

Hare lapel : And they said that they got shrewd and became honest!

Belchonok : Get out of here for good!

Chanterelle : Go away!

Bellecock : Go away!

Snowman : Go, go! Oh, you liars! They wanted to spoil our holiday!

Baba Yaga and Red Cat go. The leader appears.

Host : While Grandpa Frost is coming to us, let’s play a game. It’s called “Frozen.”

Kids stand in a circle and stretch their arms forward. Two drivers leading the signal run inside the circle in different directions and try to slap the players in the palms of their hands. If players managed to hide their hands, then they continue to participate in the game. And those who managed to touch, are considered frozen and drop out of the game.The player who has remained the last wins.

Host : Well done, guys!

зай Bunny enter the room.

Host : Oh, the bunnies came to visit us! Guys, meet!

Children in bunny costumes perform a dance.

Host : These are the funny little rabbits who came to us on the matinee! Guys, let’s congratulate them on the New Year and give gifts! And what do hares like? Children, do you know what bunnies love most?

Children : Carrots!

Lead : That’s right, carrots! Now I will give each bunny a sweet carrot! Come, bunnies here! (Looks into the bag.) Oh, and the sack is empty! There is no carrot in it! Probably someone stole it … What should I do? Have to re-type carrots … Guys, help to collect carrots for rabbits!

The presenter conducts the game “Pick a carrot”. Kids stand in a circle. In a circle lay a carrot, the number of which is one less than the number of players. While music is playing, the children are walking in a circle. As soon as the music stops, everyone must grab one carrot. From the game, one who has not had time to take a carrot leaves.

Со Owl enters the room.

Owl (excitement): Uh-huh! Uh-huh! For help! There was a misfortune! Evil Baba Yaga decided to spoil our holiday! She wants to spell the Snow Maiden!

The Snow Maiden and the Old Borovik appear in the hall.

Old Borovik : I brought you the Snow Maiden. She was sitting in a snowdrift in a dense forest and did not know where to go. The Snow Maiden does not recognize anyone for some reason.

Host : Sorry for our Snow Maiden! And you, grandfather, who is this? Mushroom?

Old Borovik : I’m not a mushroom, I’m a lumberjack, the owner of the forest.

Host : Thank you, kind old man, that he did not leave our Snow Maiden in the forest! But when will Grandfather Frost come? Only he can spoil the Snow Maiden!

Old Borovik : While we are waiting for Grandfather Frost, I will amuse the children. (Turning to the guys.) I will puzzle you, and you try to solve them.

The old Borovik makes riddles about the forest and animals.

Old Borovik : What you guys, guys. All my riddles were riddled!

Host : Grandfather Old Boar! In your forest, it’s probably a lot of snow now? This blizzard brought millions of snowflakes to the forest! (The presenter looks at the Snowflakes running into the hall.) And here they are!

Snowflakes perform a dance.
Then Father Frost enters the room.

Santa Claus : Hello children, adults and animals! So I came! A little got! How many guests for the feast have gathered! And the children, how smart! I congratulate you all on the New Year! .. Oh, and I’m tired! I’d like to sit down and rest from the road. I became a star for long journeys. Tired …

Lead (pulls Santa Claus chair): Here you are, a chair, Santa Claus. Sit down, rest! We have prepared a gift for you! (Gives Santa Claus a package with gifts.)

Chanterelle : Grandfather Frost! We have a misfortune!

Bunny : Only you can help us out!

Santa Claus : What is the trouble with you happened?

Belchonok (leads to Santa Claus Snow Maiden): Your granddaughter, Snegurochka, evil Baba-yaga bewitched!

Santa Claus : This is a fixable thing! Look! I now touch the Snow Maiden with my magic staff, it will come to life! (He touches Snegurochka.)

Snow Maiden : Thank you, Father Frost, that he saved me! Thank you, guys and animals, that they did not leave me in trouble! I want to wish you all a Happy New Year! Oh, Grandfather Frost, and our Christmas tree still does not burn!

Santa Claus : Now we are all together and light it! Come on, children, let’s shout out loud: “One, two, three, Christmas tree, burn!”

Children : One, two, three, Christmas tree, burn!

The lights on the tree are lit. Sound of applause.

Chanterelle : Aye, we have a Christmas tree! Beauty!

Bellecock : And smart!

Bunny : Just look how many colorful balls and toys there are!

Host : Guys, and who knows verses about the New Year tree?

Children tell poems about the tree.

ELKA (O. Grigoriev)
Father decorate the tree,
Mom helps Dad.
I try not to interfere,
I help to help.

ELKA (A. Shibaev)
Chosen herringbone
Most fluffy.
The most fluffy,
The most fragrant …
The Christmas tree smells so –
Mom immediately gasps!

OUR ELKA (E. Ilyina)
Look at the door click –
You will see our Christmas tree.
Our Christmas tree is high,
It reaches the ceiling.
And on it hang toys –
From the stand to the crown.

ELKA (V. Petrova)
Santa Claus sent us a Christmas tree,
Lights on it lit.
And the needles glitter on it,
And on the twigs – snowball!

ELKA (Yu. Shcherbakov)
Mama adorned the Christmas tree,
Anya helped Mama;
Gave her toys:
Stars, balls, crackers.
And then invited the guests
And danced the Christmas tree!

ELKA (A. Usachev)
Christmas tree is dressed up
The holiday is approaching.
New Year at the gate,
The Christmas tree is waiting for the children.

Santa Claus: And now, guys, let’s sing a song for our New Year tree. Children, get up in a dance!

The guys are singing the song “A fir-tree was born in the forest …”.
Ба Baba-yaga and the Red Cat appear in the hall.

Baba-yaga (turning to the Red Cat, and pulling him along): Come on, let’s go! Ask us to forgive and leave us at the party! (Referring to Santa Claus.) Santa Claus, forgive us! (He turns to the children.) Guys, forgive us! We will not cheat and deceive anymore! Take us to the party!

Red Cat : Forgive us! We will not do it again! Allow us to stay on the matinee! We will be good and will behave! We promise!

Baba Yaga and Red Cat (in chorus): Forgive us!

Santa Claus (addressing the children): Well, children? Forgive Babu Yaga and Red Cat?

Children : Yes!

Santa Claus (referring to the Baba Yaga and the Red Cat): Well, stay! Meet us with a holiday! Rejoice with all your heart! Just forget about evil deeds and pranks!

Baba Yaga: We promise not to create evil! We will play with you, sing and dance songs!

Santa Claus : And it’s really time to play. Guys, let’s have a “New Year’s Relay”.

Santa Claus holds the baton “Who is the first?”. Players are divided into two teams. From the start line, they in turn need to reach the finish line, holding a ball between the legs or a bottle of water. The winners are the participants who managed to reach the finish line first. Upon its completion, Santa Claus awards winners with prizes.

Santa Claus: Guys, do you know poems about winter? Storytellers, go ahead!

Children tell poems about winter.

Athanasius Fet
Mom! look out of the window –
Know, yesterday, not without reason, the cat
Wash your nose:
There is no dirt, the whole yard was covered,
It was dawning, it turned white –
It’s evident there is frost.

Nikolay Nekrasov
Snowball flutters, whirls,
The street is white.
And puddles turned
Into the cold glass.

L. Voronkova
Our windows with a white brush
Santa Claus painted.
He put a pole on the pole, за He planted a snow garden.

A. Brodsky
Snow everywhere, in the snow at home –
Brought him winter.
She hurried to us as soon as possible,
She brought us bullfinches.

Santa Claus: Well done, kids! Wonderful poems told! And now it’s time for me to give you all the presents. Look how big my gift bag is! Come to me, guys, and get presents!

Santa Claus gives presents together with the Snow Maiden.

Santa Claus: Well, guys, it’s time for us to say goodbye! I need to leave and please other people’s gifts. We will definitely meet with you next year.See you, friends! Bye! Happy New Year!

Snow Maiden : Happy New Year! Health to you and happiness in the New Year! Snowman: Happy New Year, dear friends! Let misfortunes pass you by!

Baba Yaga: I, and I want to congratulate children on the New Year! Happy New Year, guys! Be kind, honest and smart! Straight as we are with the Red Cat! Oh, no, not like us, but as Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden!

Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden : Goodbye, friends! Until next time!

A similar scenario of a children’s matinee can be continued with a “sweet table”.

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