Separate diet for weight loss

Separate diet for weight loss


  • Why is it important to eat properly so you do not have to lose weight
  • The benefits of proper nutrition
  • The principles of separate nutrition for healing and losing weight
  • How to combine foods with separate meals
  • Table of product compatibility
  • Why separate food helps to lose weight
  • Possible harm of separate food

Nobody likes rules and restrictions, especially in nutrition. According to statistics, 90% of those who started to follow one or another diet sooner or later refuses it to be on the original level. Separate diet for weight loss differs from diets in that it practically does not need to change itself, overcome every day by will by artificial self-restraint. There is no psychological discomfort, the metabolism is normalized, one of the most common causes of overweight. The menu of a separate power supply differs a variety and does not become boring. So, this way of eating right can be turned into a constant and never again get on a diet.

Why it is important to eat properly so you do not have to lose weight

As a rule, the word diet means some restriction of the usual diet, although in Greek this word means “diet” , that is, certain rules for eating.

If you follow a diet that restricts the flow of necessary substances, severe self-restraints will sooner or later cause the body to malfunction due to changes in the functioning of organs and systems.

It is important to understand that no diet can cope with completeness. Slimming is required for weight loss throughout the body. To achieve a positive result helps to follow the principles of separate nutrition. They are easy to adhere to throughout life.

Excess body weight is often due to the lack of habits of proper nutrition, acquired from childhood. The use in significant quantities of products manufactured with the use of modern technologies, unfavorable ecology create a lot of prerequisites for changes inside the body, cause various diseases and genetic mutations inherited.

The accumulation of excess kilograms is affected by a violation of the rate of metabolic processes, a way of life. It’s no secret that many modern residents lack physical activity, physical overwork at work does not count. The accumulation of excess kilograms causes a habit in case of bad mood or depression to remove stress by eating.

The human body is designed in such a way that, with a significant restriction of diet during the diet, fat cells are consumed extremely economically. Women have enough stored fat for 9 months, so it’s harder for them to normalize their body weight.

In addition, during a “strict” diet, enzymes that promote fat accumulation are produced. Therefore, after its termination, even with a low-calorie diet, the body continues to create reserves in the event of another “famine”.

Following the principles of separate nutrition, one can naturally lose weight without resorting to various ways to artificially normalize the body weight.

The benefits of proper nutrition

Separate diet for weight loss

The idea of ​​a separate power supply is not new, but it is the most carefully considered and analyzed Herbert Shelton in the book “The right combination of foods”, published in 1971. The author, the doctor of medicine, pediatrics, philosophy, philology and other sciences, owns about 40 scientific works.

In 1928, in the clinic, “Dr. Shelton’s Health School” he cured a variety of severe diseases use the correct products, starvation, and physical activity, exposure to fresh air, sunshine, clean water, proper rest, sleep, hygiene and control of emotions. G. Shelton died at the age of 100 years.

The principles of separate nutrition apply not only to the compatibility or incompatibility of individual dishes, but also to the philosophy of eating. It turns out that the benefits of eating the right food will not be great if you eat it in an uneasy state, with this or that disease.

Food rules are not strict. The author, rather, offers a certain approach to the use of certain products according to the compatibility table. The arguments are reasoned and rely on the observations of physiologists, nutritionists, other specialists.

The principles of separate nutrition for health and weight loss

Separate diet for weight loss

When you eat according to the traditional menu in the stomach, there is a mixture of food. Each of its species requires its processing and assimilation. Often, these processes compete among themselves, mutually interfere and interfere with each other to process the intended variety of food, create an increased burden on the digestive system.

Chemicals necessary for the breakdown of carbohydrates do not affect proteins, and vice versa. To digest starch, the most common carbohydrate, requires a slightly alkaline environment. In an acidic environment carbohydrates cause fermentation, the formation of gases. In turn, the protein is digested by the acidic environment of the stomach.

When you use a single product, for example, bread containing carbohydrates and protein, the body is able to adjust, selecting for the digestion of carbohydrates almost neutral gastric juice. After the due time, the acidity of the juice will increase to split the protein contained in the bread.

If carbohydrates and proteins come with different foods (meat and potatoes), the body emits sour juice that does not allow carbohydrates to digest.

As is known, saliva gives an alkaline reaction and therefore the breakdown of carbohydrates begins in the mouth. But alkali neutralized even by a weak acid. Therefore, it is correct to eat meat first and then carbohydrates.

The separate power menu assumes eating dishes from carbohydrates and proteins in a few hours between meals.

How to combine products with separate food

Separate diet for weight loss

Each product contains a certain combination of carbohydrates, proteins, fats. In a separate feed, they are usually attributed to one group or another:

  • Protein rich meat products , fish , cheese , cereals , legumes , nuts .
  • In the form of starch, carbohydrates are contained in rye , wheat , potatoes . Starch is also rich green peas , zucchini , pumpkin . Less starch in beet , cabbage , carrot . Very few green vegetables: celery , cabbage , leaf beet , turnips , pumpkin , cucumbers , parsley , garlic , eggplants , green peas , radishes .
  • carbohydrates in the form of sugar a lot in honey , granulated sugar , syrups , sweet fruit – bananas , raisins , Phenicia , prune , persimmon , pear .
  • Olive , sunflower , corn , butter , walnut oil rich in fats . There are also many in fat , meat fatty varieties, fatty fish , nuts .
  • Acidic fruits presented oranges , apples , lemons , grapes , plums sour varieties, as well as vegetable sauerkraut .
  • semi-acid fruit considered sweet apples , peaches , pear , apricots , plum , blueberries .

When compiling a separate diet for weight loss, it is necessary to take into account the incompatibility of some varieties of protein.You can eat several varieties of nuts at the same time, but do not mix protein from different foods. For example, a protein contained in meat requires an acid medium at the beginning of digestion, and a protein of cheese – at its end.

Do not “help” the assimilation of protein, eating meat with lemon juice, vinegar, sour fruits. Acid reduces the secretion of gastric juice, why the digestion of meat slows down. Cheeses or nuts because of the high content of fats inhibit the secretion of juice in the stomach, which allows them to avoid decay and sooner or later to be digested.

Protein products are compatible with greenery, green vegetables, where there is practically no starch: fresh green beans, tender varieties of zucchini and pumpkin, celery, cucumbers, radish, parsley, salad.

Fatty meals slow down the secretion of gastric juice, so do not eat protein with fatty foods. Otherwise, the protein will not be digested completely. The action of fat is eliminated by the use of greenery, green vegetables. Salads should not be filled with vegetable oil.

As a rule, with separate meals, any oil becomes unnecessary, which is important for losing weight. Oil is not food, it’s seasoning. If this or that dish does not feel like eating without oil, the body does not need this dish.

Sugars are not compatible with protein foods because they are absorbed in the intestines. Retained in the stomach, where it is warm and moist, the sugars cause fermentation and the formation of gases.

Sweet foods are also not worth eating with carbohydrates. It is permissible to combine butter and bread, but without jam or jam. Do not combine honey and cakes at the same time.

Mammals, unlike adults, consume milk only in childhood. In the stomach it turns off and becomes cottage cheese, enveloping other food and thereby preventing its digestion. Milk is better to drink separately, by itself. Even in combination with porridges, the benefits of it are not great.

It is necessary to avoid desserts, and this rule is important not only for losing weight. With separate food as an independent dish cakes, sweet fruit is well digested. In combination with other products, digestion is significantly impaired.

You should eat fruits, especially watermelons and melons, separately from other foods, use them as an independent dish and consider it a “real” meal. Fruits do not mix well with carbohydrates, proteins, because they are digested in the intestine. The presence of other products causes them to be delayed in the stomach and rapid fermentation.

Separate diet helps to lose weight, because it prevents the formation of rotting protein on the walls of the colon. It is believed that this phenomenon is inherent in a civilized person and with it the body has learned to cope successfully enough.

In reality, rotting products – carbon dioxide , acetic acid , alcohol – appear in the blood, cause arteriosclerosis of the vessels , wear out and prematurely age the body.

The body is forced to expend energy to neutralize them, instead of fighting the fat mass, to improve oneself.

Product compatibility table

Separate diet for weight loss

When creating a separate diet for slimming, a special table will help you choose compatible products. Each product is assigned numbers. For example, cheese is assigned number 14, this number is indicated in the corresponding rows and columns.

Obviously, when checking the compatibility of cheese (14) with sweet fruit (9) it does not matter in which order to perform the check: cheese with sweet fruit or, conversely, sweet fruit with cheese. The result in both cases will be the same.

To avoid duplication of data, the table shows the result of the compatibility of any one combination of products. This explains its “triangular” appearance.

For example, it is required to check the compatibility of sweet fruit (9) and cheese (14). Look for in the table row number 9, corresponding to sweet fruit.But it ends on column 8, and in column # 14, corresponding to cheese, there is nothing! How to be?

So, you need to check the compatibility of the reverse combination, that is cheese (14) and sweet fruit (9). In line 14 corresponding to the cheese, there is a column cell 9 corresponding to the sweet fruit.

This cell is red. Hence, cheese and sweet fruit with separate food are not compatible and therefore these products should not be consumed at the same time.

Why Separate Food Helps Lose Weight

Separate diet for weight loss

The principles of this kind of proper nutrition can hardly be called a diet. Rather, it is a somewhat different, “separate” approach to the use of products, based on taking into account the peculiarities of the processes of the breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates.

The separate way of eating is practiced in the animal kingdom. But only a person was trained to expose natural products to heat treatment, began to cook, fry, bake. To get original flavors, mix in different combinations, make sophisticated menus, and then complain of fatness, shortness of breath, the need to lose weight, high blood pressure and unimportant well-being.

Some of the mixed foods are not digested, decay, decomposition products are found in adipose tissue. As a result, you have to look for one way or another method of losing weight, although it is much easier not to mix non-combining products, using them separately.

The size of a portion in the menu for weight loss can be arbitrary. The main criterion is your own feelings. If you get up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger, which after fifteen minutes passes, it means that the size of the portion is chosen correctly. If you still want it, you need to increase the portion size by about 10-15 percent in the next step.

Quite soon it will be possible to understand the actual needs of the organism. Understand what exactly, in what quantities and with what periodicity you need to eat, so as not to experience discomfort and lose weight at the same time.

It is not necessary to eat at a certain hour, it is much more important to wait for the sensation that the organism is hungry. Then the food will be assimilated more fully and with pleasure. Some will want to switch to two meals a day. If for some reason you could not eat or simply did not have an appetite, you should not worry. The body will still take its next day, this is a sure sign of recovery.

Gradually, the idea of ​​the taste of products imposed by the modern information matrix will go away. It is worth giving up tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, all kinds of artificial juices, confectionery, canned products. This will help restore the body’s ability to enjoy the taste and aroma of natural foods.

Forces for self-healing will appear, and the digestive system will be normalized. The food will be absorbed more fully and with less power, generate more intestinal microflora essential vitamins, strengthen the work of the immune system, normal weight, eliminate rot in the colon.

Proper nutrition allows you not only to lose weight, but also to become healthy, overcome depression and stress.

Possible harm of separate power supply

Separate diet for weight loss

Separate food has found not only supporters. The main argument of the opponents of this system of proper nutrition is products that are different in composition but used simultaneously, while digesting complement each other, which contributes to their better digestibility. As a result, food is quickly absorbed, and its remnants soon leave the body.

Other arguments of the opponents of a separate food:

  • meat protein consumed in the absence of bread or vegetables, digested worse as the carbohydrates stimulate the pancreas to digest the protein substances in the intestine. With separate food, its residues will rot.
  • Dairy products in the form of cereals, used with bread, are useful, because this combination increases the nutritional value of the diet.
  • The combination of acidic foods and cereals helps the body absorb iron from the grains.
  • Fiber of vegetables helps to remove parasites entering the body with fish. Fish oil helps to assimilate fat-soluble vitamins from vegetables.
  • Pies with a potato filling in terms of separate food are harmful, although the important amino acids of these products complement each other’s action and therefore this food is right.
  • In a vegetable salad of fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, cucumber enzymes destroy the vitamin C contained in tomatoes.
  • Dishes of separate food are not tasty and therefore they do not feel like eating. As a result, the size of portions becomes smaller, which causes a lack of intake of nutrients, a deterioration in well-being, although it is possible to lose weight.

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