Skin Care

Skin Care


  • Proper facial cleansing at home
  • Home peeling for deep cleansing
  • Home face mask for face care
  • Recipes for egg moisturizing masks for dry or fading skin
  • Rejuvenating masks
  • Face care at home with creams
  • How to care for the face skin with vegetable oils
  • How to care for the skin on the face with linseed oil

Because of the high collagen content, the skin is thicker, thicker in men and therefore less prone to cal defects. This is partly due to the action of androgens , male sex hormones, as well as significant amounts of sebaceous and sweat glands. Men do not need moisturizing masks, their skin retains moisture so well, emits enough sweat. Women have to perform more thorough facial skin care: remove makeup correctly, periodically perform deep cleansing, and with healthy proper nutrition prevent the appearance of cosmetic defects. Regularly caring for the face of home masks, it is possible to cope with excessive dryness, greasiness of the skin, to prevent and smooth wrinkles, to avoid the appearance of black spots, acne and acne.

Proper cleansing of the face at home

Skin Care

During the day on the surface of the skin are dead scales, sebaceous glands, street dust. Weather conditions have a negative effect. For example, a cold wind dries, causing redness or flaking. Under the influence of sunlight, a network of wrinkles is formed. Various stresses and experiences also do not contribute to the preservation of the blossoming type of skin.

It is necessary to perform the cleansing with the correct type of cosmetic. Of course, without the use of soap, as it leaves a feeling of tightness and dryness. To care for the skin of the face you need in accordance with its type:

  • dry cosmetic cream or milk is needed;
  • normal suitable washing gel;
  • oily or combined requires foam for washing.

In order not to cause dryness or irritation, the milk is applied to a cotton pad, with light movements, cosmetics are removed along with the dust and dirt settled during the day. The gel is first applied to the palms and only then is it cleared. Before using the foam, it needs to be gently whipped.

It’s no secret that the chemical composition of the water from the tap is far from ideal. Therefore for washing it is better to use the filtered boiled water, having added in it some drops of a lemon juice. This measure helps restore the natural pH balance of water.

You can remove makeup with unrefined vegetable oil. It is better if it is a cold-pressed oil, in which there is much useful. At home care, the product is applied to the skin with a cotton swab. After a couple of minutes, it is washed off with another tampon moistened with warm water.

Home peeling for deep cleansing

Skin Care

In addition to the daily removal of cosmetics, periodically it is necessary to perform a purification procedure called peeling , which in English means “remove the crust”. These are various means that clean the formed keratinized particles.

Deep cleansing is done with scrubs . When using them, some caution is required, especially in case of dry skin, acne, the presence of “stars” and closely located vessels to the surface.

Face peeling at home while taking care of oily skin can be done once a week. In other cases, even less often, every half a month.

Home peeling from oat flakes

Grind a handful of oat flakes in a coffee grinder, mix with warm water, sour cream or yoghurt.

Light mechanical peeling is performed with gruel, it is slightly rubbed on the forehead, cheeks, chin.

Treat and cleanse the skin in this way optimally every two weeks.

How to make peeling coffee grounds

Warm coffee grounds are applied to the face, the surface of the skin should be pre-cleaned and moistened.

When the composition is a little dry, gradually remove it, performing for one or two minutes, light massaging movements. Remains to wash off.

Home facial masks

Skin Care

Face masks for moisturizing, whitening, rejuvenating, wrinkling and acne are necessary for regular sessions of 15 to 30 minutes. Masks are washed off with warm water.

Recipes for egg moisturizing masks for dry or fading skin

  • Mix egg yolk, incomplete tablespoon of sour cream, add 1 tsp to the mixture. olive or peach oil, 1 p.s. boiled water.
  • Egg yolk to grind with 1 ч.л. honey, apply the mask for 20 minutes.
  • Rinse the egg yolk with 1 tsp. honey, add 1с.л. sour cream, mix thoroughly. The mask is applied for 20 minutes.

Rejuvenating masks

  • Two pcs. honey mix with 1 p.s. strong black tea , add 2 p.s. oat flakes , a little warm water. Apply by covering with a napkin. Wash off after 20 minutes. The product is especially effective for dry skin and for smoothing wrinkles.
  • Smooth the dry skin and get rid of wrinkles can also be warm mashed potatoes . It is applied for 20 minutes, washed off with warm water.
  • A moisturizing mask based on cucumber juice is used for skin care of any type. Beat before the appearance of foam 2 tsp. cucumber juice , 1 p.s. cream , 20 drops rose water . Apply in a thick coat for 20 minutes. Remove with a soft cloth, wipe with rose water.

Skin care at home with creams

Skin Care

The cream with peptides and fruit acids

is most effective. Such a composition effectively eliminates swelling, helps to cope with dark circles under the eyes. Active substances stimulate the circulation of lymph, which allows you to quickly achieve the desired cosmetic effect. The skin receives the necessary nutrition, especially in the eye area, where often there are circles, crow’s feet, wrinkles.

In case of hypersensitivity, it is better to choose a cream for eye care with retinol and vitamin K . These components work well with dark circles.

As a rule, wrinkle cream includes retinol, it gives the necessary nutrition and simultaneously has a smoothing effect. Cream with retinol is better to choose after consulting a dermatologist, as increased concentration can cause allergies.

To properly apply the cream around the eyes or on the face, it should be slightly heated. Squeeze a small amount on the finger and wait for a while. Applied in a warm form, the cream is much better absorbed and does not cause discomfort.

How to take care of the face skin with vegetable oils

Skin Care

Olive oil has long been used for cosmetic purposes, it is especially effective in case of sensitive, dry or fading skin. Oil does not cause allergies and solves two important tasks: it moisturizes and simultaneously leaves the skin pores open. In addition, it is a wonderful care product for smoothing wrinkles around the eyes.

Facial masks with olive oil

Warm up a small amount of oil in a bowl placed in a bowl of warm water. Apply with a cotton swab. After half an hour, remove the residue with a soft, clean cloth. The agent is particularly useful in cases of peeling.

For normal skin, such procedures are an excellent prevention, make it more elastic.

A mask of olive oil for dry skin is applied twice a week.

How to care for the skin on the face with linseed oil

Flax seed oil is especially useful for dry skin. To prepare a mask 1ch.L. mix the oil with egg yolk and 1 ч.л. honey .To accelerate the preparation, place the container in warm water. After 20 minutes, remove the mask with a soft cloth, rinse off the rests.

For any type of skin, a toning mask based on linseed oil is useful. Mix 1 tsp. lemon peel , powdered, egg yolk and 1с.л. sour cream. Wait 15 minutes, add 1 hour. warm linseed oil . Apply on face, after 20 minutes remove the leftovers with a soft cloth.

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