Symptoms and Treatment of Migraine

Symptoms and Treatment of Migraine


  • Symptoms of migraine
  • Migraine in women
  • Headache and migraine in men
  • Features of infantile migraine
  • Causes of migraine
  • Day regimen, eating habits treatment of migraine
  • Medication for migraines
  • Treatment of migraine and headache with folk remedies

Attacks of painful headache affecting the half of the head, temporal or occipital region – a characteristic symptom of migraine . Treatment is aimed at eliminating and preventing seizures caused by excessive stretching of the vessel walls. The disease is not associated with stroke, brain tumor, fluctuations in arterial or intracranial pressure. A severe headache prevents you from fully studying, working, doing household chores.

The symptoms of migraine

About half an hour before the attack appears pale, numb limbs, cramps happen muscles of the back, the nape of the neck. Increases sweating, I want to go to the toilet, speech is broken, muscle control.

In a quarter of cases, a migraine attack is preceded by a so-called aura . Vision is disturbed and upset, eyes are flickering, flashes and zigzags of light, the geometry of surrounding objects is disturbed. The sensitivity of the limbs is lost, odors or sounds are felt, although the world is perceived cheerfully, brighter and more fun.

Then the clarity of perception is violated, the reality seems to be retreating. Inside the skull, behind the eyes and nose, there is a headache, it moves to a specific area of ​​the head until the end of the attack.

It is believed that the painful symptoms cause constriction of the vessels, which causes the brain to stop sucking oxygen. After a while, the vessels, on the contrary, excessively expand. Excess of blood causes stagnation and pain.

attacks occur several times a month, going from 4 to 72 hours and are characterized by the following features:

  • severe throbbing pain in a certain part of the head, and sometimes a headache entirely;
  • nausea or vomiting;

  • photophobia, it is difficult to look even at moderate light;
  • the desire for silence, I want to avoid any sounds, even ticking the clock;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • increased discomfort in physical activity, especially associated with slopes.

After relieving a migraine attack, the pain decreases and becomes less severe. There are signs of exhaustion: drowsiness, lethargy, heaviness in the head, it is painful to touch.

Diagnosis is made if at least 5 attacks occur.

Migraine attacks shake the nervous system. In addition, the agonizing expectation of pain, periodic falling out of the habitual life rhythm lowers immunity, which often causes colds and infectious diseases.

A certain symptom of migraine is an excessive susceptibility to all kinds of negative events that occur or can occur. Patients are more likely to fall into depression, their behavior is emotionally unstable. In general, they are less satisfied with life, which is not observed in other serious diseases.

Migraine in women

Symptoms and Treatment of Migraine

If symptoms are found, migraine treatment is required for women, men, children. According to statistics, women suffer from the disease three times more often than men.

Migraine attacks become more frequent in case of hormonal changes, gynecological diseases. Symptoms are often amplified in the treatment of hormonal drugs, oral contraceptives.

Strengthen or weaken the intensity of migraine attacks can pregnancy and related hormonal restructuring of the female body.

The appearance of migraine symptoms provokes a toxicosis.

Headache and migraine in men

Symptoms and Treatment of Migraine

Men more often than women are exposed to emotional and nervous stress. Accumulated stress is removed by smoking, drinking alcohol, less health.

A migraine attack in men often happens at night, when day consciousness ceases to control and displace the causes of stress or psychological trauma.

Often, headache and migraine occur when responsible decisions are made.

Features of infantile migraine

Symptoms and Treatment of Migraine

The disease affects not only adults but also children. As a rule, in children the head hurts less intensively. The most pronounced migraine symptoms are nausea, light intolerance, fever, and the cause of a painful condition is considered to be a digestive system disorder.

Watching how much attention a migraine sufferer receives from a family, a small child can begin to imitate a headache, which is why the present disease develops.

Typically, children who are migraine sufferers are strong in character, but suffer from stress. A lot of experience is brought to them by the results of studies, the change of the collective and friends in case of moving, the desire to keep the word at any cost.

At an early age, the head often hurts boys. As you grow older, the predisposition to disease decreases in men and increases in women.

Causes of migraine

Symptoms and Treatment of Migraine

It is proved that the disease is inherited, and twice as often from the mother as from the father.

The exact cause of migraine is unknown. Migraine attacks are affected by responsible people with excellent self-discipline, striving for the goal, self-critical, restrained and demanding of themselves, pedantic, conservative, possessing high intelligence.

Symptoms of the disease cause a mismatch of these qualities with uncertainty in their abilities, timidity, predilection for anxiety and depression, anxiety, reluctance to overcome difficulties, needs for attention and help from others.

Common causes of headaches with migraine:

  • head trauma, concussion;
  • incorrect vision correction, which creates an increased load on the visual analyzer of the brain;
  • regular visual fatigue when working at the computer, especially in low light conditions;
  • abuse of beer, wine, chocolate, coffee can cause a migraine attack;
  • hard cheese varieties, nuts contain tyramine , narrowing blood vessels, why blood pressure rises and a throbbing headache occurs;
  • the disease provokes starvation;
  • migraine symptoms appear with the use of certain medications ( Nitroglycerin , Dipyridamole );
  • manifestations of the disease causes bright light, loud sound, other irritants;
  • symptoms appear after a dramatic change in the daily regimen;
  • the cause of migraine may be overwork and lack of sleep;
  • symptoms appear when there is a sudden change in weather or atmospheric pressure.

Day regimen, eating habits for the treatment of migraine

Symptoms and Treatment of Migraine

The frequency and intensity of seizures are reduced by the optimal .

It is important to arrange the daily routine, get the rule to go to bed and wake up at the same hour. To regulate watching TV, working time at the computer. Carefully plan the workload in accordance with the principles of time management. So it will be possible to save energy, less tired.

To normalize blood circulation, to do home exercise. Often go out in the fresh air, go for a walk.

Completely abandon bad habits, quit smoking, stop drinking alcohol. Choose a hobby or hobby that delivers real pleasure.

In the treatment of migraine, massage, contrast shower, strengthening the cardiovascular system is useful.

It is important to observe Food rules :

  • limit or completely abandon the use of salt, common cause of an attack;
  • is at a certain time, so that the brain vessels are not excessively tapered or expanded due to the irregular intake of carbohydrates that affect the level of glucose in the blood;
  • give up canned meat food. It contains nitrates , dilating the vessels, which causes a headache;
  • use caution in foods containing tyramine: nuts, hard cheese, mustard.

It is also necessary to have sufficient intake of vitamin C, B vitamins, selenium, which protect against stress and head pain.

Drug treatment of migraine

Symptoms and Treatment of Migraine

due to individual causes and course of the disease treatment should be prescribed by a doctor.

Immediately before the attack it is useful to eat something sweet, drink a cup of sweet tea. Timely delivery of glucose helps to cope with oxygen starvation of the brain.

The technique of deep breathing helps to reduce the lack of oxygen supply. To prevent an attack, take a few deep breaths and slowly exhale. If possible, retire in a dark quiet room and try to fall asleep.

    врач For the prevention of migraine attacks, the doctor appoints Amitriptyline , Anaprilin .
  • For the first symptoms of migraine, Aspirin , Paracetamol принима is taken.
  • During an attack Ergotamine , Caffeine , Copethamine .

Analgesics, tranquilizers, and

sumatriptan and other triptans are used to treat migraines, although they are quickly eliminated from the body.

Treatment of migraine and headache with folk remedies

Symptoms and Treatment of Migraine

To reduce the intensity or prevent seizures, various folk remedies are used:

  • Put a tampon drenched in juice of red beet or в in the ear bow .
  • To get rid of a migraine, drink a cup of strong green tea . It prevents an attack, helps to cope with the pain of the head.
  • Inhale mixture of camphor and ammonia alcohol in equal parts.
  • In case of migraine attack, take peppermint infusion . Brew 1ch.L. dry grass with a glass of boiling water, douse on a water bath for 10 minutes, cool, drain. Drink a glass during the day, divided into equal portions.
  • Grind 20g of valerian root , pour for 6-8 hours with cold water, drain. Take 1 tsp. three times a day.
  • People’s recipe to get rid of migraines: break the egg into a glass , brew boiling milk, stir and drink in small sips. After a few days of treatment, the disease goes away.
  • Brew 1sp. herbs St. John’s wort a glass of boiling water, insist 15 minutes, strain. Take a quarter cup 3-4 times a day.
  • Insist week one part of the leaves of lemon balm in three parts vodka . Dilute 1 tbsp. tincture in 1/3 cup water, take three times a day.

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