Than to treat a nail fungus on legs or foots

Than to treat a nail fungus on legs or foots


  • Prevention of infection with nail fungus
  • Symptoms of infection
  • Types of nail fungus
  • Medication
  • ASD-3 fraction
  • Treatment of nail fungus with propolis
  • Treatment nail vinegar
  • Folk and home remedies for nail fungus

A modern resident is exposed to the risk of fungal infection every day. The diseases they cause are called mycosis . In the case of onychomycosis treat the nail fungus on the legs or hands. You can get infected from a piece of the affected nail plate, a piece of skin. The first signs of the disease do not appear soon, so it is difficult to determine the source.

Preventing infection with the nail fungus

Than to treat a nail fungus on legs or foots

The causative agents of onychomycosis are extremely tenacious. Fungal spores do not die at temperatures up to + 100С and withstand frost to -60С. Often they survive when exposed to various household chemical preparations for disinfection.

You can get infected with a fungus in the locker room of the fitness club or the pool, in the dressing room, in the manicure salon, on the beach.

In about a third of cases, infection occurs from relatives suffering from onychomycosis through common household items – shoes, towels, loofah, etc.

Compliance with simple rules prevent infection with nail fungus:

  • on the beach to walk only in slippers;
  • in the pool and in the dressing room to put on your feet closed slippers;
  • use only your shoes;
  • dry the damp shoes thoroughly;
  • Do not put on shoes that have moisture left;
  • do not use in the bathroom porous rugs – they can become a source of infection with a fungus;
  • every day put on fresh socks;
  • carefully wipe the feet after water procedures, especially between the toes, for the treatment of them with an antifungal cream or powder;
  • timely heal abrasions and scrapes, the cause of which is sweating or, conversely, dry skin;
  • use individual pedicure accessories – saws, scissors, etc .;
  • strengthen immunity.

If one of the members of the family suffers from onychomycosis, it is necessary to treat the walls of the bathroom with a mixture of bleach powder or chloramine with washing powder in equal parts. The composition is applied and aged for half an hour, after it is washed off. You can use only chlorine lime or chloramine.

It is better to use a separate washcloth for affected fungal disease. After soaking the loofah for an hour or longer in a 5% solution of chloramine.

Socks, pantyhose and other laundry should be boiled for 2 minutes in a 2% soap-soda solution, ironed at a high temperature. Manicure scissors after use rub with alcohol and hold over the flame.

Symptoms of infection

Than to treat a nail fungus on legs or foots

After infection, the fungus needs to take a while to get accustomed. First, the disease affects the big toes. Within a year or longer the fungus destroys the nail plate, its damage is manifested by the following symptoms:

  • color change;
  • thickening;
  • crumbling edge.

Color change . A healthy, unaffected nail is semi-transparent, translucent capillaries give it a pinkish hue. When infected, the color changes to yellow, brown, black. Under the nail plate, a gap is formed, where the microbes and other pathogens are found.

Thickening . The nail plate becomes lean due to increased keratinization, which in advanced cases prevents the treatment of the nail fungus on the legs.

Crumbling . In the absence or incomplete treatment, the fungus penetrates the entire thickness of the nail plate, it collapses, is discolored.

If you do not treat the nail fungus on your legs, the onychomycosis becomes chronic. Once in the body, it weakens immunity, causes allergic reactions, affects internal organs.

Types of nail fungus

Than to treat a nail fungus on legs or foots

Mold. More often affects the weakened by a long illness of the body. The nail plate becomes yellow, greenish, bluish, may blacken. Sometimes onychomycosis is manifested only by specks. Complete cure of this variety of nail fungus on the feet occurs in a month or two.

Dermatophytes . On the nails of the toes, yellow spots or stripes appear, the shade is lighter in the hands. The yellowed edge may go away. As the infection progresses, the yellowness advances towards the middle. If you do not treat the nail fungus, the plate completely turns yellow.

Yeast fungi . The nail is uneven, consists of waves and furrows, turns yellow or turns brown, then lags behind. In the beginning, the lesions of the nail ridges become thicker.


Than to treat a nail fungus on legs or foots

Treatment of nail fungus on the legs should be done under the supervision of a specialist. The physician can prescribe effective remedies for external use: Terbinafine, Micoderil, Clotrimazole – they are inexpensive for simple cases and applications in the advanced stage.

If the nail plates are infected and the local external treatment does not work, prescribe medications for internal use: Flukostat, Rumikoz, Nizoral, Atifin, Itraconazole, Griseofulvin .

Antifungal preparations for internal use penetrate into the cells under the nail and deprive the fungus of the ability to germinate deep into the interior. This type of treatment of the nail fungus lasts a year or longer.

ASD-3 faction

Than to treat a nail fungus on legs or foots

In the late 1940s, the government commissioned several laboratories in the USSR to develop an inexpensive, In 1947 the candidate of sciences Dorogov AV in the laboratory of the All-Union Institute of Experimental Veterinary Medicine (VIEV) created Dorogov antiseptic stimulant (SDA-fraction).

In the first versions of the preparation, frog tissues were used. Then, as a source of raw materials, Dorogov began using meat-and-bone flour exposed to high temperatures.

The preparation ASD-3 (sold in veterinary clinics) is used only externally, it has antiseptic, stimulating, wound-healing effect. To certain drawbacks can be attributed a characteristic unpleasant odor.

In the case of nail fungus and skin, wash the affected area with warm water and soap, treat the undiluted ASD-3 legs with a fraction 2-3 times a day.

Treatment of nail fungus with propolis

Than to treat a nail fungus on legs or foots

Propolis contains the secret of salivary glands of bees, vitamins, trace elements, tannins, has a characteristic pleasant aroma.

Propolis ointment . Cool propolis , chop and add to warmed up to 60 ° vegetable oil . Stir for 10 minutes, allow to cool, drain. Store in a glass container.

Apply to affected areas in the morning and in the evening, close several layers of gauze, fix with adhesive plaster.

Propolis tincture . Dissolve propolis particles in 90% alcohol to get the consistency of the ointment.

Apply a thin layer, cover the toenails with wax paper. To be treated two weeks.

Treatment of nails with vinegar

Than to treat a nail fungus on legs or foots

Recipe 1 . Mix the alcohol tincture of iodine and apple cider vinegar in equal proportions.

The resulting means to lubricate the nail-infected plate on the legs twice a day for six months.

Recipe 2 . Add in 2с.л. apple cider vinegar 10 drops tea tree oil , chopped clove garlic , mix thoroughly.

Apply the product to the areas affected by the fungus 2-3 times a day.

Recipe 3 . Put in hot water soap , salt , baking soda , steaming feet. Cut the nail to the healthy part with the manicure scissors (the process is painless). Apply a compress – gauze, impregnated with apple vinegar , secure with a bandage or adhesive plaster.

The treatment should be repeated until a clean and healthy nail grows.

To prevent repeated self-infection, it is necessary to disinfect shoes – wipe from the inside with vinegar or a weak solution of bleach.

Recipe 4 . Place fresh chicken egg in 150 ml of acetic essence . When the egg dissolves, add 100g butter , beat into a paste. Apply ointment for the night.

Recipe 5 . After three days soar the feet for half an hour in the bath, where to add 1/2 cup vinegar . To be treated to recovery.

Folk and home remedies for nail fungus

Than to treat a nail fungus on legs or foots

Hypericum . Lubricate the affected area twice a day with fresh plant juice, and also make baths with infusion or decoction.

Cleanness . Lubricate the nail plates with fresh plant juice.

Ginger Juice . Apply to the area affected by the nail fungus, juice or a thin plate of ginger. Run several applications at intervals of 5-10 minutes, without flushing the juice with water.

Tea tree oil . Lubricate several times a day with tea tree oil or mix it with sweet almond butter .

Iodinol . Moisten with cotton wool and fasten with adhesive plaster. Every day, change the bandage. Then, for a few days, fasten the gauze soaked with vegetable oil . After some time, the affected nail will come off painlessly.

Rancid Butter . Place a little natural butter on the window sill . After two weeks, the remedy for the treatment of nail fungus on legs is ready. Apply overnight, cover nail plates with polyethylene.

Ground coffee . Boil strong coffee, allow to cool. Immerse to treat the affected nails without shaking up the sediment.

Iodine . Lubricate every day in the morning and evening nails alcohol tincture of iodine . Course – 20 days.

Tea mushroom . To fix the tea mushroom plate for the night on a nail affected by a fungus, wrap it with polyethylene, and bandage it. In the morning rinse and lubricate with iodine. After several procedures, a healthy nail begins to grow.

To cure the nail fungus, the application of homebaths :

  • Dissolve in 1 liter of warm water 3g table salt , 5g baking soda . Put the feet in the bath for 20 minutes, after the rinse.
  • Brew 3 tablespoons. crust of oak , 2 p.s. leaves eucalyptus in 1 liter of boiling water, insist, drain. Add to warm water, take a bath for 20 minutes.

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