The back hurts, what to do or make?

The back hurts, what to do or make?


  • Common causes that can hurt in the back
  • To which specialist to deal with back pain
  • Simple homework exercise to achieve perfect posture
  • What do at home, if the back hurts

Back is a relatively inactive part of the body. If the hands and feet can be trained relatively easily in a natural way, often practicing walking or jogging, and carrying heavy bags from the store, it is much more difficult to give proper training to the spinal muscles. A famous joke states that a cold, even if it is not treated, goes through two weeks. The back can be treated for years, and unsuccessfully. It turns out that complaints about back pain are treated almost as often as in the case of ARVI. What if my back hurts?

Common causes that can cause backache

Painful sensations are just a symptom of a spinal cord disease or other organs. To make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment, various studies are required.

Pain may be traumatic, either in the back or in the back. It can “give” to the chest, stomach, legs.

  • The cause of back pain can be not only neuralgic diseases, but also associated with the endocrine system. For example, osteoporosis flows imperceptibly and often complaints about a sick back are the only symptom.
  • Back pains are observed in the case of pleurisy , the presence of an acute or chronic process in the lungs. It hurts in the chest, there is cough and shortness of breath, the temperature rises. .
  • The cause of back pain may be kidney disease. For example, urolithiasis or pyelonephritis .
  • In some cases, pain can cause cancer metastases in the spine.
  • In osteochondrosis dystrophic disorders in articular cartilage are observed. The disease is treated with a massage, as well as reflexology. For example, acupuncture is used.
  • In case of hernia of intervertebral discs pain is acute. In order to dull it, Novocaine blockades are put.

To which specialist should be used for pain in the back

The back hurts, what to do or make?

If the pain is more and more frequent, it is necessary to undergo a survey. I can not pinpoint the exact diagnosis or on the Internet. Despite this, most patients, instead of going to a specialist, are looking for an answer on the Net or asking “some ointment” in the pharmacy.

A timely and correctly diagnosed diagnosis is the key to further successful treatment. If you “start” some processes, the consequences can be the saddest. Up to disability and serious surgical interventions.

First you need to make an appointment with a therapist. He will help determine which specialists should be contacted, which tests to take. Only after this, we can talk about the formulation of an accurate diagnosis. Probably, it is necessary to seem to the urologist , to the traumatologist , to descend on a roentgen, to pass or take place US-inspection.

A simple homework exercise to achieve perfect posture

The back hurts, what to do or make?

In case of incorrect posture, an excessive load is created on the spine, which in the end results in various pathologies. To increase the undesirable load contribute to staying in an uncomfortable position for many hours, a sedentary lifestyle. If a weakly trained individual suddenly undertakes to help transfer this or that weight, in order to “train”, the sick lower back or spine is practically secured.

It turns out that if every day for half an hour to stand at the level wall so that it touches the back of the head, shoulders, buttocks and calves, a simple exercise will develop an ideal posture and will serve as a good prevention of maintaining the correct position of the trunk.

Generally, it is the dorsal muscles that support the even position of the trunk during the day, so they must be well trained.

What to do at home if the back hurts

The back hurts, what to do or make?

Prescribe treatment for a patient with a back should a doctor, self-medication is dangerous for many reasons.

  • At home, the procedure for “stretching” the spine helps to alleviate the condition. You need to lie down on the bed and put a pillow under your stomach. To lie in this position for an hour.
  • If the back pain is not strong, you can still cope with it at home. It will take a small horizontal bar. You need to hang on it, completely relaxing your spine. In this case, imagine how the spinal cord stretches, how each muscle relaxes.
  • If it hurts hard, take a warm shower. After relaxing the muscles of the shower gently rub the sore spot with ointment Diclofenac , Ketonal , Xefokam , Movalis . These ointments reduce pain and eliminate inflammation.

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