The Benefits of Poppy

The Benefits of Poppy


  • “Poppy” addictions of the gods of the Greek Pantheon
  • Useful properties of poppy
  • Use of beneficial properties of poppy seeds by Slavs
  • Modern poppy application

Some the word “poppy” there are certain associations that have nothing to do with the benefits to the body. Rather, on the contrary. Scientists believe that the ancient plant was grown in the Neolithic Age. Seeds were used as a seasoning. The ancient Greeks used various plant components for anesthesia and as an effective sedative. And even for the undoubted benefit of health, one of the Greek cities Mekone – “poppy city” was named.

“Poppy” addictions of the gods of the Greek Pantheon

  • The capsule of corn was an indispensable attribute of the god of sleep Hypnosis.
  • They were worn with the god of dreams Morpheus and, symbolically, the god of the kingdom of the dead Thanatos .
  • They were at the fertility goddess Hera . That’s why the custom is still alive, when poppy seeds are poured into the bride’s shoes, so that the young family turns out to be large.
  • Without the poppy stems, the goddess of harvest Tsertsera не did not do. Temples erected in her honor were decorated with wreaths, in which the stems of a useful plant were interwoven.

Useful properties of poppy seeds

The Benefits of Poppy

The grains contain potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, and vitamins A, C, D and E. Half of them consist of vegetable oil, part of proteins and carbohydrates.

The plant has a beneficial effect on the digestion of food. But if overdone, excessive use can cause constipation.

Poppy oil is very useful, it is one of the best quality vegetable oils, it is part of paints for painting, natural cosmetics.

  • a decoction of roots has long been cured migraine and sciatica nerve inflammation;
  • a decoction of seeds is successfully used to improve the digestion of food;
  • they do not taste intestinal parasites;
  • from the plant, juice was prepared, which was used as an anesthetic or for improving sleep.

Use of healthy properties of poppy seeds by Slavs

The Benefits of Poppy

Food with the addition of poppy was prepared on special occasions. For example, it must have been added to the kutya or wedding cake.

On the Maccabean holiday , which dates next to the pagan summer wires, the seeds are necessarily added to various dishes: lean pies macaña , rolls, buns, honey cakes.

On the holiday baked pancakes and ate them with poppy milk, mixing the seeds with honey.

Special dishes were used to prepare dishes from poppies. The seeds were ground in maketra, a special stupa. It was believed that after the maketra, their useful properties increased.

They were used to fight the evil forces. For this, on the day of the Maccabees they were collected and scattered around the dwelling.

Modern use of poppy seeds

Poppy seeds are used in confectionery, they are used for cooking vegetables.

They are used in the manufacture of various medications:

  • painkillers;
  • antitussive;
  • sleeping pills.

As a result, you can:

  • reduce sweating;
  • cope with dysentery and diarrhea;
  • reduce inflammation of the bladder.

The plant is healthy and combines with almost any product, it is well absorbed in its natural form and after cooking. Seeds can be consumed in writing whole or triturated into gruel, they are stored for a long time and retain useful properties.

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