The causes of edema under the eyes

The causes of edema under the eyes


  • Physiological causes of edema under the eyes
  • What causes swelling under the eyes?
  • Causes of swelling under the eyes of a child
  • If swelling swells under the eyes in the morning
  • How to quickly remove swelling under the lower eyelids
  • Folk remedies for swelling under the eyes

How pleasant it is when the skin under the lower eyelids is flat and white! Otherwise, the face seems tired and painful. Well, if the causes of edema under the eyes are obvious and therefore there are no questions how to get rid of them. If, for example, the case of fatigue or regular lack of sleep, you need to find time to properly rest.

In more complex cases it will be necessary to understand the causes of the phenomenon more thoroughly. Even though the health is OK and so far, it seems, does not bother. It should be understood that the edema on the lower eyelids is not only an aesthetic problem. Its appearance may be a sign of some diseases.

Physiological causes of swelling under the eyes

The causes of edema under the eyes

To make the eye move smoothly and gently, it is surrounded by a layer of special adipose tissue. From the skin of the lower eyelid, it is separated by a membrane of connective tissue. Not so long ago, even plastic surgeons were convinced that it was the membrane that did not allow the fatty layer to bulge and form edema.

It was believed that if the membrane for various reasons stretches and can not perform its function, it forms something like a leather bag resembling a hernia. Therefore, to prevent sagging, the membrane was strengthened in one way or another, so that in the future there would not swell.

It was relatively recently discovered that a membrane from the connective tissue, if relevant to the appearance of edema, is by no means always their main cause. Since the main culprit for swelling was an increase in the amount of fat tissue surrounding the eye. If it becomes too much and the membrane can not compensate for the increased pressure on it, the fat layer extends outward.

Thus, the reason for swelling under the eyes may be an increase in the volume of adipose tissue. And this can be caused by both edema and its proliferation.

  • In case of swelling, it is especially noticeable after sleeping. But after the vertical position of the trunk and motor activity rise, the liquid gradually goes down. By the evening the cosmetic defect is complete.
  • If the edema during the day is constant, its probable cause is the proliferation of adipose tissue. Such a swelling does not pass even by evening.

What causes swelling under the eyes?

The causes of edema under the eyes

Puffiness can be associated with a hereditary predisposition. So if grandmothers, grandfathers, or parents have swelling in the lower eyelids, and you have them in adolescence, it is likely that there is a hereditary factor.

What are some other reasons for swelling under the eyes?

  • The most obvious reason for the increase in fat tissue – a stormy evening or night, lack of sleep. Under the eyes is a lot of moisture and so the next morning is such a terrible sight.
  • Eye overexertion from sitting for a long time in front of the TV or in front of the computer monitor.
  • Swelling causes excessive consumption of salty foods. Salt has the ability to make it difficult for the body to separate the liquid, with water accumulating in adipose tissue, including near the eyes.
  • Diseases of the kidneys, conjunctivitis, inflammation of the nasal sinuses can cause accumulation of fat in the adipose tissue. This is also the reason why it swells under the eyes.
  • In women, the appearance of edema can be associated with a periodic change in the hormonal background.
  • In a number of cases, the swelling of adipose tissue and the appearance of edema cause an excess of ultraviolet radiation. In the lower eyelid, a characteristic blue semicircle appears.
  • The fatty layer near the eyes often grows over the years, which makes it seem that it is swollen.

Causes of edema under the eyes of a child

The causes of edema under the eyes

First you need to find out whether it is edema or not. For this you need to squeeze it slightly. If he immediately returns to his former position, like a dry sponge, it is not the accumulation of moisture. If everything happens much more slowly, you need to show the child to a specialist, so that he determines the cause of accumulation in the child’s body of excess fluid.

  • If this is an unimportant job of the kidneys, liver, heart, inflammation of the genitourinary system, edema can appear in other parts of the body.
  • The cause of swelling under the lower eyelids of the child may be an allergy. In this case it is necessary to seem to the allergist.
  • Another specialist, which should be consulted in case of detection of edema in the child is a neurologist. The fact is that puffiness may be a manifestation of increased intracranial pressure.

Long hours before TV, computer, prolonged crying also cause the appearance of swelling under the eyes of children. Therefore, parents should show firmness and ensure an optimal children’s daily routine, in which children will receive the necessary amount of night rest.

If the morning under the eyes swells

The causes of edema under the eyes

  • Morning swelling under the eyes can be removed with a bag of tea. It can be a tea asleep, specially left from supper. Or freshly brewed, which can be refrigerated for a few minutes for quick cooling. The tea is superimposed for 10 minutes. Puffiness quickly passes.
  • If the morning under the lower eyelids is swollen, you can cope with unwanted swelling with a silver spoon. She needs to stroke every lower eyelid. It is desirable that the spoon was cold. To do this, you can put it in the refrigerator from the evening or hold it for a while under a tap with cold water.
  • Ice cubes are effective in the mornings. To ice does not cut the delicate skin, the ice cube needs to be held under warm water for a while, so that the edges become smooth.
  • You can buy a special adhesive plaster “Extraplast” (“Extraplast”) from the circles under the eyes in the pharmacy. They relieve swelling and bleach the skin. It is recommended to use it before going to bed, but in case of emergency and in the mornings, before applying make-up.
  • In order to not worry about how to remove swelling in the morning, it is necessary to stop using liquid from the evening. Salted or spicy food will definitely appear on the face in the morning. The best medicine is a full rest, enough sleep and a moderate balanced diet.
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    . Of course, ice should be prepared in advance;

  • a tablespoon of cornflowers brew a glass of boiling water, insist 15-20 minutes, drain. Moistened with infusion tampons apply for 15 minutes.
  • Boil potatoes in a uniform, cool. Cut in half and in the form of heat, attach for half an hour to the eyes.
  • Black tea helps cope with swelling. A teaspoon of tea is brewed by a quarter of a glass of boiling water, is infused and filtered. The compress is superimposed for 10 minutes. After two minutes, the tampons are moistened in warm tea and again applied to the eyelids. After the end, rinse the tea with cool water and apply a nourishing cream.

Folk remedies for swelling under the eyes

The causes of edema under the eyes

To help your eyes better manage fatigue and look much more attractive at the same time, you can use the folk remedies for swelling:

  • solution of honey in warm water. First a little pyschiplet, but the next morning the eyes will be bright and shiny, full of energy.
  • To help get rid of edema, a mask of finely chopped parsley leaves will help. Shredded leaves should be applied for 10-15 minutes to the eyelids and covered with a warm damp cloth.
  • You can mix parsley with sour cream, 2 tsp sour cream and 1 tsp. finely chopped parsley.The mixture is applied for half an hour, after it is washed off with warm water. Then the cream is applied.
  • The sage compress also helps to cope with swelling under the lower eyelids. For the preparation of infusion 1 tsp. Herbs brew in half a glass of boiling water and insist half an hour. Then filter. The broth is divided into two parts, one is cooled. By the turn of the century, tampons moisturized in warm and cooled nastoi are applied. The procedure is performed before bedtime, duration of application is a month.

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