The choice of a transport company and movers for moving – how not to stay without things?

The choice of a transport company and movers for moving - how not to stay without things? It is not often necessary to move about with all the things that have been acquired for many years. Usually such global relocations happen less often than major repairs in an apartment. Therefore, not every one can boast of serious experience in traveling.

Moving is always stress, a blow to the wallet and the nervous system.

But – not for those who know the rules of literate moving!

The content of the article:

  1. What, how and where to add?
  2. Choosing a transport company for moving
  3. Choosing movers – how not to stay without things?
  4. We get used to and put things in a new place.

    To get things to your new home safe and sound, we take into account all the nuances of their packaging!

    Preparing for the move – what should you do, buy and how to collect things to move without problems?

    • склады We put the heaviest things (books and so on) into suitcases on wheels. We do not stuff heavy boxes, which then will be inconvenient to lower to the car. If there are no suitcases, pack oversized weights in small boxes – no more than 10-18 kg each “on the way out”.
    • You do not have to put box linens in cabinets – you can leave them there, and wrap the boxes yourself with air-bubble wrap. Thus, you will save time on collecting things before moving and on unpacking them after.
    • Do not forget to sign boxes! Marking – a guarantee of safety of your nerves after moving. For those who do not trust the loaders, it is not recommended to glue the lists of items on boxes, and also mark them with inscriptions like “mother’s diamonds” and “family silver”.
    • All valuables and documents take with you and carry in person, and not in the lorry.
    • To ensure that fragile things and dishes do not have to be poured into the trash can после after the move, take care of their safety in advance. Before you put them in boxes, wrap them with towels and other soft things. Also use newspapers, air-bubble wrap and so on.
    • Fittings and other small parts immediately stack on individual packages , and mark each package with the appropriate inscription.
    • All packages with condiments, bottles from the kitchen and other food stuffs can be packed directly into the pots. In the same, with a large diameter, you can pack plates, rearranged cloth napkins.
    • If you are afraid that you will forget where and how to stick wires – paste on them stickers with the name of the device and the socket device.
    • . Ideal option, if there were “native” boxes from the technology with protection from polystyrene foam.
    • Use the principle of “nesting dolls” when packing things. Do not load all things as they are – put tiny boxes into larger boxes, those into even larger ones, and so on.
    • Do not transport flowers in bags or bags. The best way to transport your favorite houseplants is in boxes.
    • If you still have products that require storage in the refrigerator , and you did not have time to buy the refrigerator bag, then use the traditional lifhak: freeze the day before the water bottle and put the products in the box, then wrap it up foil and film.

    The choice of a transport company and movers for moving - how not to stay without things?

    We choose the transport company to move correctly – the instruction

    Not everyone is lucky with the carrier company when moving. Most of the stories, unfortunately, are negative.


    As a rule, the owners do not have time to find an adequate carrier, they want to save money on moving or just too lazy to spend their energy on these searches.

    And in vain! If you take care of this in advance, you can save yourself and the strength, nerves, and things that fight – or mysteriously disappear when moving.

    Specialists of a good transport company will provide you with an easy assembly and disassembly of your bulky furniture, relieve the excitement of spoiling things by carrying through narrow apertures, will assemble the most complex kitchen – and even things will be packed if you do not have time.

    So, what to look for when choosing a TC for moving?

    • A good TC necessarily has a good website with a user-friendly interface. Usually companies do not spare money for either advertising or the website.
    • Study the feedback on the network and ask the знако friends who have already experienced the move.
    • Serious companies have all the prices for services presented on the site. Absolutely everything, including the prices for packing things and unloading furniture.
    • Ask – are all the specialists that you need, will participate at your move. If you are promised a comprehensive approach, but to collect furniture in a new place refuse, then immediately look for another artist.
    • Guarantee. Each solid company gives a guarantee on the safety of your things.
    • Contract. If company employees refuse to sign a contract, look for another TC without thinking. The right company itself will propose a contract in which all the nuances of the move will be prescribed – the time frame, the price for the work, and the responsibility of the company itself.
    • In a good company you will never be naughty, and will answer all the questions in detail. Drunken movers and ill-mannered dispatchers in respectable companies do not hold.
    • Own fleet. He has every solid TC. And, in it usually not a pair of old cars “gazelle”, but quite a lot of cars of different carrying capacity.
    • Plus ordering services in a serious company – professional stevedores. How many nerve cells could save people who hired carriers to advertise in the newspaper for economy, if they knew about it. Dents on the fridge, a scratched expensive cupboard, a cracked TV, an armchair that had been wiped off all the stairs in the entrance, while they were carrying – nothing will happen if the work is done by specially trained people and professionals.
    • Specify in advance the amount, methods and terms of payment. You should accurately name the amount that should not be changed after moving. The amount should include services and loaders.
    • Your order should be processed as quickly as possible. If you sent the application, and you did not get a call back not that within an hour, but during the day – look for another option.

    The choice of a transport company and movers for moving - how not to stay without things?

    How to choose movers for moving – and not to stay without things?

    When moving, you need to be prepared for everything! Well, if your loaders are “pro”, and if – no?

    Your attention – a few important recommendations that will help you to save things and nerve cells:

    • First of all, the car is loaded with dimensional things. The most stable and heavy – always down. From above – only light small things that will not be able to break or break. All glass and mirrors, as well as furniture that can break, must be fixed.
    • The truck must comply with the proposed service: the cargo must be properly and securely secured, and the transport itself must be strictly special, and not re-equipped hastily for “moving”.
    • The best time to move is the morning of the weekend , when the roads are not overloaded with transport, and you have a whole day ahead to unpack things in a new place.
    • Do not rush to say goodbye to the porters after the last box is added to the new dwelling. First make sure that all the marked boxes are in place and things are not damaged. Only then you can sign the acceptance certificate.

    How to relocate – and quickly forget about moving: secrets of unloading things and arranging them in new housing

    All things are finally transported – but “suddenly” it turns out that there is nowhere to put the boxes, because new housing is crammed with trash former residents, and cleaning in the apartment can drag on for a month.

    How to facilitate your move and avoid problems in a new place?

    We will tell you how to move correctly – and not get stuck in boxes for a long time. Even with an emergency purchase and sale of an apartment, there remains a day or two in reserve, in time to put things in order and finish all the necessary business. And in most cases, the keys to a new apartment for people appear much earlier than there is a need to move out of their homes. Therefore, a week before the move, you should visit your new home and put things in order there: throw out the old rubbish (you can choose one of the companies that deal with the export of old furniture, etc.), clean up, make room for things in advance, determine – where and what to put when moving.

  5. Measure the doorways – their length and width, so that later it was not a surprise that your old armchairs do not pass into the new doors. If such a problem exists, remove in advance the doorposts and doors in the new housing, and, if possible, disassemble your furniture.
  6. Repair all that needs repair in a new apartment : replace the light bulbs, dripping taps, broken sockets and so on. After moving, you will not have the strength to do this.
  7. In advance, lay down the bed linens with blankets and pillows in separate boxes , so that you can easily get it in a new place.
  8. If you are planning to move or already have such experience – share your advice with our readers!

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