The healing properties of oats

The healing properties of oats


  • Useful properties of oats
  • How to brew oats
  • Recipe for classic oatmeal
  • Recipe for kvass from oats
  • Use of juice from green oats
  • Alcohol tincture of green oats
  • Treatment of sprouted oats
  • Benefits of oats for general strengthening of the body
  • Cleansing with oats
  • Cleaning oats liver
  • Treatment of ovine kidneys
  • Treatment of oats diseases of the heart, blood vessels
  • Treatment of hypothyroidism
  • Harm and contraindications

Oats have been used for centuries for treatment of various diseases, weight loss, body cleansing, liver recovery. In folk medicine, the medicinal properties of decoction, infusion, kvass oats are used in overwork, insomnia, to improve the general condition of the body.

Useful properties of oats

The healing properties of oats

The plant contains vitamin B, up to 18% protein, up to 6.5% fat, up to 40% starch, dietary fiber. Microelements are represented by potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc.

For the treatment, grains are used ( avenae fructus ), grass ( avenae herba ), green oats ( avenae herba recens ), oat straw ( avenae stramentum ).

Groats are easily digested, so oatmeal is indicated for the speedy recovery of a weakened organism.

Oat broth, kissel cover the mucosa in gastrointestinal diseases.

High fiber content reduces the risk of intestinal diseases, reduces cholesterol.

Infusion of green parts of plants has antipyretic, diaphoretic and diuretic action, reduces the level of uric acid, helps with rheumatism and gout. Green oats improve cardiac activity, blood circulation.

When there is enough cereal in the body, heat is felt, as the circulation becomes more intense.

Porridge, broth, jelly from oats have an antisclerotic effect, prevent the formation of thrombi.

Oat broth is used for gastrointestinal diseases, chronic cholecystitis, edema caused by kidney disease. It is useful in the treatment of osteochondrosis, colds, bronchitis, to improve the work of the heart, strengthen immunity, as a choleretic and diuretic.

Alcohol tincture of oat grains helps to cope with insomnia, benefits in case of overwork, stimulates appetite, tones up the nervous system, sexual function.

If you regularly cook oats, include it in the diet, digestion is normal, the liver is cleared. Loses weight, as digestion of fats, peristalsis of intestines improves.

The use of oats is beneficial for the skin, as the capillary circulation is restored, the skin acquires a natural pink hue.

Vessels become more elastic and strong, which is especially important for hypertension, for the prevention of stroke.

The greatest effect of oats treatment is on its use in one form or another in the morning on an empty stomach.

How to brew oats

The healing properties of oats

The healing properties of oats decoction will intensify, if before cooking it, the seeds are pre-soaked in water at room temperature for several hours.

Recipe 1 . Pour over night a glass of oatmeal with cold boiled water. In the morning cook for 10-15 minutes until thick mucus forms.

Take during the day with insomnia and loss of strength.

Recipe 2 . Pour a glass of washed seeds with a liter of water at room temperature. Cook in enameled dishes, until half of the moisture boils out to make a thick jelly. In hot form strain through a sieve, add 4 ml. honey, heat and soak, so that the broth has a uniform consistency.

Take in a warm form for insomnia, loss of strength, slimming.

Recipe 3 . Prepare the broth:

  • Broth №1 .Rinse a glass of grains several times, add 0.5 liters of water and cook over low heat until half of the moisture boils away. Add 2sp. honey, to torment a few minutes.
  • Broth №2 . Pour a glass of washed grains with a liter of boiled water, cook until the jelly is formed. Add milk (as much as the broth obtained), bring to a boil, allow to cool.

Mix the broth №1 and broth №2, add 3с.л. honey.

Take in a warm form for a glass as a general restorative 2-3 times a day.

Recipe 4 . In case of peptic ulcer, chronic gastritis of any acidity, chronic hepatitis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis:

  • rinse a glass of oats, pour 1 liter of boiled water at room temperature, infuse for 10-12 hours, bring to a boil, simmer in a closed bowl for half an hour. Tightly wrap, insist 12 hours, strain. Top up the warm boiled water to the volume became 1L.

Take half an hour before meals for 100ml during the month for weight loss and recovery.

Recipes :

    настоя Pour 1 part of the grains with 10 parts of water at room temperature, a day to insist, drain. Take half or a glass for half an hour before a meal when you lose strength, to lose weight.
  • Wash grain, dry in a frying pan, grind in a coffee grinder. In the evening brew in a thermos 3s.l. powder 500-700ml of boiling water. In the morning, drain. Take half an hour before meals during the day. You can add honey, jam.

The recipe for classic oatmeal

The healing properties of oats

The healing properties of a healthy product are caused by a high fiber content. Oats cleans the small and large intestines. As a result, the activity of the gastrointestinal tract is restored, it is possible to lose weight.

  1. Kissel is made from grains or cereal. Oats are not brewed, but poured the same amount of warm water, add a little yeast, a slice of rye bread, cover well, leave to wander in a warm place for 12 hours or 24 hours.
  2. Carefully pour the infusion, bring to a boil.

In hot form, they are used with vegetable oil, milk, jam. The cooled kissel becomes dense, it can be cut with a knife.

Oat kvass recipe

The healing properties of oats

Oat kvass is used to cleanse the liver, intestines, slimming, digestive disorders, as a remedy for pancreatic disease:

  • Stretch 0 , 5 kg of grains, pour 5 liters of water, cook for an hour, insist 2-3 hours. Decoction to filter, add 50 g of honey, 10 g of raisins.
  • Infuse in a warm place for 2-3 days. When a persistent foam appears, drain the liquid.
  • Pour through gauze into bottles, add a few raisins in each, close tightly and leave in a dark place for a day. Keep refrigerated.

Another <recipe of kvass from oats :

  • Rinse a half-liter jar of seeds, pour water at room temperature. Insist 24 hours, changing water several times. Grain put in a three-liter jar, pour boiled water at room temperature, add 4-5 p.s. sugar, cover with gauze, keep in a warm place for 2-3 days. Grain can be used for repeated preparation of oat kvass up to four times.

The drink invigorates, gives strength, helps to lose weight.

Benefits of juice from green oats

The healing properties of oats

Juice intake helps in the treatment of arrhythmias, diabetes, chronic cholecystitis, vascular disease, the nervous system, to improve metabolism.

  • For the treatment of oat juice, the green parts of the plant are washed, passed through a juicer or meat grinder, and get juice.

Take diluted in half a glass 2-3 times daily before meals for 2-3 weeks.

Alcoholic tincture of green oats

The healing properties of oats

The tops of oats with immature grains help with overfatigue, insomnia, with prostatitis, improve potency:

  • Pour 200g of grass and immature oat grains in the flowering stage 0,5 liters of vodka.Infuse for two weeks in a dark cool place, drain.

Take 1 hour. 3 times a day.

Treatment with sprouted oats

The healing properties of oats

Sprouted cereals are not difficult to prepare at home.

Grains for germination must be bought in specialized stores. Used for sowing are processed by pesticides and are not suitable for treatment.

  • To germinate the oats, rinse the grains, place in a saucer and pour water to cover the grain completely, cover with a paper napkin, place in a warm place. Within 24-48 hours, the shoots reach 1-1.5 mm. The grains are washed first with warm, then with cool water, so that the water becomes completely transparent.

Germinated grains can be stored in the fridge for 3-4 days, for better preservation by mixing them with a little honey or with lemon juice.

The healing properties of the broth and infusion of germinated oat grains are useful for strengthening immunity, for insomnia. They are used instead of tea, take a glass 2-3 times a day for half an hour before meals.

  • Hot way . Spread the germinated grains through a meat grinder, put in an enamel pot, add water at room temperature, close the lid, simmer in a water bath for 15 minutes. Allow the infusion to cool for 40 minutes, drain, add water.
  • Cold way . Pour 1 part of the germinated oat seeds with 10 parts of water at room temperature, insist 4-10 hours, strain.

To prepare the broth germinated seeds pour 10 parts of water at room temperature, simmer for 15 minutes, allow to cool, drain, add water.

Benefits of oats for general strengthening of the body

The healing properties of oats

For quick recovery, general strengthening of the body, soothing effect, treating cold, oats are brewed according to the following recipe:

  • Rinse the glass several times , add five glasses of water, boil over low heat until the volume is reduced by half, drain. Add the same amount of milk, bring the mixture to a boil. Add 2sp. honey and raisins.

Eat 1/3 cup one hour before meals.

Oats Cleansing

The healing properties of oats

Decoction and infusion of oats increase the absorption capacity of the gastrointestinal tract, stimulate the defenses of the body, which are largely determined by the proper operation of the intestine. They have an enveloping effect, soothe the mucous membranes, they are quickly absorbed and absorbed.

For purification and slimming cook and take the infusion of oats:

  • Pour a glass of grains 0,5 l boiled water at room temperature, insist 12-16 hours, strain.

Drink half an hour before meals half the glass

Another recipe :

    очи :
    • Pour half a glass of well-washed oat grains with three glasses of water, on low heat in enameled dishes. After boiling, remove the foam three times. Then, 2,5 hours to simmer in a water bath, allow to cool, strain through a fine sieve, so that no lumps remain.

    Take oatmeal jelly in a warm form for half a glass 30 minutes before eating.

    Cleaning oats liver

    The healing properties of oats

    Recipe how to brew oats for liver repair :

    • Rinse the glass of grains several times , put them in a clean three-liter jar (preferably sterilized), boil to the top with boiling water, cover with paper, then with a kapron cap, cover with a warm blanket and insist for 24 hours. When the temperature drops to 60C, add 150ml of honey and mix thoroughly. Prepared infusion of oats stored in the refrigerator.

    To take in a warm form a glass after eating for 1-3 months

    To treat, cleansing the liver with oats, use a thick broth, it is prepared according to the following recipe:

    • Rinse several cups of brown oats several times, place in enameled dishes , add 3 liters of water, simmer over low heat until the volume is halved, strain through several layers of gauze.

    Take half a glass half an hour before meals for three months.

    Prepare the oats infusion in the thermos bottle (the recipe is given above). Take a glass of infusion for half an hour before eating.

    Recipe: Cholagogue :

    • Rinse a glass of oats, add 1 liter of water, boil until evaporating 1/4 of the liquid.

    Take 100 ml 3-4 times a day. Depending on the condition, the dose can be increased to a glass.

    In case of disorders of the bile duct system ( dyskinesia of the biliary tract ):

    • insist oat flakes in hot water until cooling. Take 1/2 cup for half an hour before breakfast and dinner.

    Recipe for the treatment of the pancreas ( pancreatitis ):

    • Rinse the glass of the washed oats in a meat grinder, brew with five cups of boiling water, boil for 10 minutes, insist in a sealed container one hour, drain.

    Take 1 / 4-1 / 2 cup for half an hour before meals.

    The healing properties of oats, after a while after taking, cause positive changes in the functioning of the liver, gall bladder, pancreas.

    Kidney Ovarian Treatment

    The healing properties of oats

    A simple oat broth recipe will help to clean the kidneys , gently dissolve and remove sand and stones. The method is slow and gradual. Therefore, the least dangerous.

    • Rinse oats without peeling it from the husks, boil it in boiling water and insist 10-12 hours. The resulting mass is wiped through a sieve and consumed for breakfast without the addition of salt and sugar.
    • During the day, eat only fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, natural freshly prepared juices, herbal infusions, you can eat a spoonful of honey.

    Treat oat kidneys one day a week for the first month (only four times in the first month), then one day two weeks later for the second month (only twice in the second month), one day during the third month ( only once in the third month). Then, for prevention, you can carry out a cleansing day once every three months.

    Oats are useful in case of urethritic system infection ( pyelonephritis ):

    • Rinse well a glass of oats, pour 1l of milk, boil until the milk volume becomes 0, 5l.

    Cooked milk oatmeal jelly take 1/3 cup for half an hour before meals. Grains can be brewed repeatedly. Kissel can be cooked on the water.

    Oats treatment of heart disease, blood vessels, blood

    The healing properties of oats

    Ischemic heart disease . Brew 0.5 cups of grains of 1 liter of water, boil for 10 minutes. Take a glass 3-4 times a day.

    To restore after a heart attack drink 1/2 cup of infusion (recipe above) throughout the day, taking several tablespoons at a time.

    Hypertensive disease . Within a month and a half each day, eat a bowl of oatmeal in the morning, take half a glass of fresh beet juice, which should be allowed to settle for 2 hours.

    Atherosclerosis . Grind the grain or flakes of “Hercules” into the flour with a coffee grinder. A quarter of a glass of oat flour obtained is diluted with water at room temperature, stirring constantly.Add the resulting mass in small portions in 0.5 liters of boiling water, also constantly stirring. Cook porridge over low heat for 10 minutes.

    Improve blood composition . Rinse the unpeeled grains with two parts of milk, you can add a little ginger root. Boil over low heat for 20 minutes, drain. Take a decoction during the day.

    Treatment of hypothyroidism

    The healing properties of oats

    The healing properties of oats are used for of the thyroid gland when it produces insufficient hormones:

    1. Wash a glass of grains in the husk, pour in three cups of enameled pot and boil until the broth turns brown, drain.
    2. Pour the remaining oats with water and boil again until the grain breaks – a white strip appears on them. Strain the broth, take it inside.
    3. Again pour the oats with water and boil until a white broth, drain, and take inside.

    After the grain is unsuitable for treatment, the preparation scheme should be repeated.

    Drink broth for a week.

    During treatment with the oatmeal of the thyroid gland, it is allowed to take 1 cup of tea or milk during the day, and exclude other drinks. It is useful to expand the diet of seafood, fish.

    Harm and contraindications

    The healing properties of oats

    In rare cases, infusions and otters can cause individual intolerance. An overdose can cause headache.

    Oats do not contain important microelements, which must necessarily enter the body. A prolonged oat diet can cause their deficiency.

    Oats in some cases have a bad effect on teeth.

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