The healing properties of schungite

The healing properties of schungite


  • How to identify a shungite fake
  • Use of shungite stone at home
  • Properties of shungite for water purification
  • Shungite stone in cosmetology
  • Shungite treatment of various diseases

Shungite is a black mineral-like mineral. The rock containing it is the result of an intermediate state during the transition of amphora carbon to graphite. Shungite more than 90% consists of carbon, hydrogen compounds, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur. The impurities of molybdenum of nickel, tungsten, selenium are not excluded. The name of the mineral is formed from the name of the village Shunga, which is in Karelia on the shore of Onega Lake. Useful properties of shungite are due, above all, to its high ability to absorb harmful substances from the environment, which makes it possible to use it as a remarkable water filter. A useful stone has a bactericidal effect, easily forms compounds with other substances. It is shown to be used for protection against harmful influence of electromagnetic fields of household appliances, including mobile phones, as well as when visiting geopathic zones.

How to identify a fake shungite

It’s no secret that instead of mining, giving it a marketable look and then offering it to customers, it’s much easier to sell a fake. Especially if the buyer has never seen schungite. Of course, there are no useful properties for such an acquisition. How to determine whether a real or fake shungite stone?

It’s very simple. It is enough to use the property of a real stone to conduct an electric current. If you attach one of the poles of the battery to the present shungite, and to the other pole a light from the pocket flashlight, and then connect the end of the lamp cap to the mineral, the bulb should light up. If it is a fake or schungite shale, in which the content of the therapeutic mineral is small, the bulb will light up.

Using shungite stone at home

The healing properties of schungite

Using the properties of a stone to heal from various diseases, it prepares shungite water. It helps to get rid of:

  • gastritis;
  • dyspepsia;
  • otitis;
  • allergies of different kinds;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • diabetes;
  • cholecystitis;
  • gallstone disease and gallbladder disease;
  • anemia and circulatory diseases;

  • liver and kidney disease;
  • pancreatitis and pancreatic disease;
  • weakened immunity;
  • heart disease and blood vessels;
  • diseases of the nervous, musculoskeletal and genitourinary systems;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome.

Shungite water is drunk, food is prepared on it, used for cosmetic purposes, inhalations, compresses and baths are made. It is useful to water flowers and give to animals, its medicinal properties help to remove hangover syndrome. For the purpose of prevention, it is useful to drink 3 cups of mineral water every day.

shungite properties for water purification

The healing properties of schungite

shungite stone has the property of removing impurities from water, harmful organics, odors and taste, clear it from various impurities and suspensions.

кам Before preparing shungite water, the stones are thoroughly cleaned, preferably with a brush. It is necessary 300-500 g of stones. They are placed in a three-liter jar and filled with cold water from the tap. In just half an hour, cleansing begins. Even in such a short period of time, the number of streptococci decreases a hundredfold.

After three days, carefully pour the contents into a clean container. It is best to use for three days. After boiling, the main healing properties are preserved.

residue – approximately half a liter – drain recommended because there are many contaminants. Stones must be washed and put on a new portion.

that the advantageous properties of large stones remain effective, every six months they cleaned surfaces are recommended to fine sandpaper, and then thoroughly washed.If small pebbles are used for infusion, they should be replaced by new ones in six months.

When shungite water is not recommended

Although useful liquid does not irritate mucous membranes and is non-toxic, it is worthwhile to refrain from using it in cases of neoplasms, with exacerbations of cardiovascular diseases, various inflammations and propensity to form blood clots.

Shungite stone in cosmetology

When washing, the beneficial properties of shungite water make the skin elastic, smooth, small wrinkles disappear, acne and acne. Hair becomes thicker and darker, dandruff disappears, gray hair may go away.

To improve your well-being, relieve stress and fatigue, improve blood circulation, quickly tighten cracks and wounds on the body, get rid of a copy or fungus is useful to take shungit baths. Treatment procedures are performed 10-20 minutes every other day.

For the preparation of a bath, it is necessary to lower the bag with 300 g of small pebbles of the mineral for 10 minutes.

Shungit treatment for various diseases

  • In case of a cold, throat, rhinitis, inflammation in the mouth, it is helpful to rinse with warm shungite water.
  • Adults can do steam inhalations (for children, steam inhalations are contraindicated because of the risk of burns). Shungite water to bring almost to a boil and breathe a few minutes in pairs.
  • The healing properties of compresses from the water infused on the beneficial stone accelerate the healing of wounds, reduce calluses, and help to quickly burn out burns.

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