The use of onions

The use of onions


  • Composition of a useful plant
  • Use of onions for colds, coughs, runny nose and flu
  • Treatment of sore throat
  • Help onions with bronchitis
  • Use of onions for the treatment of diseases oral cavity
  • Onion treatment of ENT organs
  • Atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, improvement of vision
  • Treatment of diseases of the gallbladder, liver
  • Use of onions during body cleansing
  • Treatment of kidney stones, urolithiasis, increased potency, relief from hemorrhoids
  • Headache, migraine, me eochuvstvitelnost and fatigue
  • Benefits of onions to get rid of calluses, cracks, eczema
  • Onion facials
  • Masks from the bow hair
  • Contraindications

onions or green onions – Traditional seasoning for various dishes. In addition, the plant has a mass of medicinal properties. Onion, onion husks and juice are useful in the prevention and cure of various diseases, are used as part of cosmetic masks for skin and hair care.

Composition of a useful plant

The use of onions

The calorie content of 100 g of onions is 41 kcal, which roughly corresponds to the caloric content of apples. A useful product is high in carbohydrates. Proteins and dietary fiber in it less.

Vitamins C, E predominate, as well as vitamins of group B:

  • B1 (thiamin);
  • B2 (riboflavin);
  • B3 (nicotinic acid);
  • B5 (pantothenic acid);
  • B6 (pyridoxine);
  • B7 (biotin);
  • B9 (folic acid).

Green onions (pen) is useful for high content of beta-carotene, which helps to strengthen cell membranes, normalize metabolic processes in cells, increase immunity, accelerate growth and regenerate tissues.

In green onions, as compared to the bulbous variety, the content of vitamin C is 3 times higher.

From the macroelements, the highest content is potassium , sulfur , phosphorus , calcium , chlorine . The composition also includes magnesium , sodium , zinc , iron , manganese , copper , fluorine , iodine , chromium .

Fluoride is necessary for the synthesis of collagen. In combination with calcium, the element strengthens the bone, dental tissue, enamel of the teeth. Suppresses the activity of bacteria in the mouth and digestive system.

Sufficient intake of sulfur is important for optimal supply of brain cells with oxygen.

Onions phytoncides destroy or suppress the activity of bacteria, fungi, protozoa.

Flavonoids also have an antimicrobial effect. In addition, they reduce the permeability and fragility of capillary walls, prevent the formation of harmful substances that promote blood clotting.

Thanks to this composition, onions benefit from lowering cholesterol, reducing the risk of developing atherosclerosis, and vein diseases.

The bactericidal properties of the plant help prevent the formation of peptic ulcer. In order to prevent it, it is useful to eat regularly on a fresh onion or 2-3 cloves of garlic. A characteristic onion smell from the mouth is eliminated if you chew the root of parsley or aura of marsh .

Fresh onion juice stimulates appetite, produces gastric juice, improves digestion, suppresses the processes of putrefaction and fermentation in the intestine.

The greatest benefit is onions for several months after harvest. With long-term storage, the medicinal properties are reduced.

Mass of health benefits in onion peel . Infusion of the husk has an expectorant, laxative effect, eliminates spasm of smooth muscles, reduces inflammation, increases the strength of heartbeats, prevents the development of tumors. It is used for gargling, purging of purulent wounds, strengthening hair, eliminating dandruff. Constant in water onion husks – a useful vitamin drink.

Benefits of onions for colds, coughs, runny nose and flu

The use of onions

Prescription for colds . Clear the onion, rub, add 1 tsp. honey . The composition is useful in the treatment of colds and flu. Take 1с.л 5-6 times a day.

An easy way to cope with the common cold . Put a piece of onion into the cheesecloth and insert it into the ear canal.

Recipe for a cold with a cough and runny nose . Wipe clean bulb , add 1 tsp. honey , 1с.л. lemon juice , 2 p.s. juice black radish . Take 5-6 times a day.

Recipes from cough :

  • Mix in equal parts grated onion with apple , add honey. Take a therapeutic mixture of 1 tsp. several times a day.
  • Rub bulb , add 1 tsp. syrup dogrose , 1с.л. honey , 1с.л. sugar , brew a glass of boiling water, simmer in a water bath for 1 hour. Take 1 tsp. several times a day.

Recipe for a strong cough . Brew husk 10 bulbs with a liter of boiling water. Simmer over low heat until the volume is halved. Take with honey 3 times a day for half a cup.

Onion recipe from the common cold . Finely chop onion , 3 p.s. gruel brew with a glass of boiling water, add 1с.л. honey , mix thoroughly, insist half an hour. The resulting composition in a warm form to wash the nasal cavity or dig in 2-3 drops in each nostril 4-5 times a day.

Recipe with onions and garlic from the cold . Heat on a water bath 50ml vegetable oil , soak for half an hour, allow to cool. Add a quarter of the chopped bulb and 3-4 dice garlic . Insist 2 hours, strain. Lubricate the nasal mucosa several times a day.

Onions benefit in case of allergic rhinitis . Grate a couple of onions on a grater, separate with juice gauze. Cut lemon in half, squeeze the juice. In the mixture of juices, add 1 tsp. honey , mix. Take for the night 1 p.s.

Influenza treatment . Brew with two cups boiling milk peeled bulb , insist 20-30 minutes. Take a glass in the morning and evening.

Treatment of sore throat

When acute tonsillitis palatine tonsils are located on both sides of the entrance to the pharynx. It is important to understand that it is possible to cure the sore throat caused by streptococcus , and also to avoid serious complications by taking antibiotics only.

Recipe with onion juice . Clear the bulb , pass through the meat grinder to get the juice. Take fresh onion juice to fight against angina at 1 hour. 3-4 times a day.

Recipe with onion and lemon juice . Lemon with peel and peeled bulb to pass through the meat grinder. A mixture of juices to use to eliminate sore throats for 4-5 days to 1 / 2ch. up to six times a day. After taking an hour, do not drink or eat.

Inhalation with onion . Grate a couple of peeled on a fine grater . Squeeze the gruel after 2-3 layers of gauze, having received juice. Brew the juice in 20 parts of boiling water, breathe onion volatile fats 3-5 minutes. After 2-3 days on the tonsils the raid disappears, the temperature normalizes.

Help onions with bronchitis

The use of onions

To get rid of acute bronchitis в at home, it is useful to use various folk medicine from onions.

Recipe 1 . Grind a pound of onion onion , add 50g honey , to 300g sugar , brew with a liter of boiling water. To simmer on a water bath for 3 hours. Store in a refrigerator in a dark glass container. Take 1 tsp. for half an hour before meals.

Recipe 2 . Rub onion (1 part), apple (2 parts), honey (2 parts), mix thoroughly. Means in a warm form it is useful to take on 1с.л from a cough at a bronchitis.

Recipes for bronchial asthma :

  • Clear a couple bulbs , pass through the meat grinder. Add half a glass of juice aloe , as much honey , 350g butter , up to 300g sugar , mix thoroughly. Place in enameled dishes for three hours in a preheated oven. When the product has cooled down, take 1 tsp.for half an hour before meals.
  • Clean the onion onion , make a small hole, where to pour 1 second. flaxseed oil . Place in a preheated oven for 20 minutes. Bake a bulb with a fork, through the cheesecloth to separate the oily juice, drink juice in one step.
  • Clear the bulb and the horseradish root , grate. In the gruel add 2 cups honey , 4 p.s. Butter . Take 1 tsp. one hour before meals in the morning and evening for two months.

Benefits of onions for the treatment of diseases of the mouth

The use of onions

The compositions prepared from onions are useful for caries , stomatitis , gum bleeding , are used for prevention and disposal from periodontal disease .

In the case of caries brew 1.h.l. seeds of onion onions with two glasses of boiling water, insist. After 7-8 hours strain. Rinse your mouth 3-4 times a day.

Recipes for stomatitis :

  • Add 1 cup of warm water to a glass of warm water. onion juice . Rinse the mouth several times a day.
  • Mix in a glass bowl. onion juice , 2 p.s. water, 1 ч.л. honey . Obtain the ointment applied to the affected areas of the mucosa several times a day.
  • Onion peel is used to treat stomatitis. Brew 4 tablespoons. husks with a couple of glasses of boiling water, insist 9-10 hours, drain. Rinse your mouth 5 times a day.

Cope with gum bleeding helps the mixture of aloe and onion juices taken in equal frequent. After moistening the tampon, apply it to the bleeding sites.

In case of periodontal disease , mix 1 / 2c. juice Kalanchoe and onion , add up to 2 p.s. water. With the mixture, rinse your mouth.

Bow treatment of ENT organs

The use of onions

Otitis , ear inflammation, often happens as a complication influenza , measles , angina . In the ears it rustles, it hurts, hearing worsens. For the treatment of various methods of traditional medicine:

  • Put in each ear soaked onion juice cotton swabs for 2-3 hours, after the swab change.
  • Bury 3-4 drops of onion juice in your ears, you can dilute with water. As a rule, immediately comes relief.

The use of onion juice also benefits with tinnitus .

Elimination of hearing loss . In a large bulb cut off the upper part, make a groove, pour 1 ч.л. cumin seeds , close the cut top, attaching it with a thread. Put in the oven for half an hour. Stretch the onion with a fork, squeeze through the cheesecloth or sieve juice. Bury at night in each ear 2 drops.

With sinusitis, inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, breathing becomes difficult, there is abundant discharge from the nose, the head hurts.

To wash the nose, dissolve in 1/2 cup hot water 1 / 2hl. honey , add juice from one bulb . Insist 5-6 hours, drain. Cooked onion composition to wash your nose several times a day.

In case of sinusitis , maxillary sinusitis, mix in equal parts medical alcohol , finely grated dark laundry soap , milk , honey , vegetable oil , onion juice . Put the mixture on a water bath, simmer until the soap is completely dissolved. The finished product should be placed in a glass container, stored in a refrigerator.

Coat cotton or gauze turundas with a prepared compound and place in the nostrils for 15 minutes. To be treated three weeks. After do a ten-day break. If the symptoms of sinusitis remain, repeat the treatment.

Atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, eye improvement

The use of onions

Onions are useful as an effective means of preventing atherosclerosis and associated high blood pressure .

  • Scroll the peeled bulb through the meat grinder, add as much honey , stir. Take 1 tsp. an hour before meals or 2 hours after eating for two months.
  • Take up to 30 drops of fresh onion juice half an hour before meals for a month.
  • Mix in equal parts onion juice and honey . If the honey thickened and boiled, melt it in a water bath. Take 1 tsp. an hour before meals for two months. Keep the remedy not longer than 2 weeks.

Treatment atherosclerosis onion syrup:

  • Large onion peel, grate on a fine grater, cover 1/2 cup of sand, insist for 24 hours. Take a syrup of 1 tsp. an hour before meals for a month.

With regular reception also benefits juice green onions (feathers). It normalizes the indices of arterial pressure, increased due to atherosclerosis.

In case of hypertension insist in 0.5 l vodka septum 30 walnuts two weeks, drain. Get juice from 3kg bulbs , immediately add to the tincture. Also dissolve in infusion 0.5kg honey , mix thoroughly. Take 1 tsp. 3 times a day.

In the initial stage of diabetes mellitus benefits the regular intake of fresh onions.

To improve visual acuity finely chop the onion, pour four parts water room temperature, a day to insist. Take 1/2 cup three times a day for a week.

Treatment of diseases of the gallbladder, liver

The use of onions

Onions benefit when treating diseases of the gallbladder and liver . As a rule, they are caused by metabolic disorders, inflammatory processes, leading to stagnation of bile. A certain role is played by a sedentary lifestyle, a hereditary predisposition.

Before treatment with folk remedies, consult a doctor to avoid complications and exclude possible contraindications.

Cholecystitis , inflammation of the gallbladder, women and the elderly are more likely to suffer. Bile stasis may be associated with the presence of stones, anatomical features, caused by rare eating habits, the abuse of diets and starvation. To exacerbate less frequently and pass with less intensity, it is useful to be treated with onions and its derivatives beyond exacerbations of the disease.

Cholecystitis syrup . Finely chop 0,5 kg onion , cover with a glass sand . Place in a heated oven until the syrup turns yellow. Take a syrup of 1 tsp. 3 times a day for several months.

Dyskinesia of the biliary tract , violation of gallbladder motility and ducts, is often associated with irregular nutrition, as well as the presence of lamblia , worm , viruses , one or the other infection .

In the treatment of the disease, a mixture of juice of onions , herb of angelica , herbs of celandine , taken by 1 hp, and 1 p.p. dandelion root . Brew a mixture of 0.5 liters of boiling water, insist 10 minutes, douse on a water bath for 5 minutes, again insist 10 minutes. Take an hour before eating 2 tsp. for 4-5 days.

Gallstone disease is diagnosed with the formation of stones in the ducts or gall bladder. In the mouth, bitterness is felt, and heaviness on the right under the ribs, especially after consuming fatty, fried, salted, smoked, pickled food. There are attacks of acute pain.

To reduce the size of the stones, mix the crushed onion , flowers violets , grass St. John’s wort hole , corn stigmas , anise fruits , grass of the mountaineer bird taken at 1hour, and also celandine grass and dandelion root , taken by 1 second. Brew 1с.л. mix with a glass of boiling water, insist 1 hour, strain. Take two times a day for 2 p.s. an hour before meals during the week.

In case of obstruction of the ducts, a gall bladder develops with a stone. The stomach hurts, the temperature rises, weakness is felt.

To ease the condition, grind 10 bulbs , pour a half cups kvass , add 4 p.s. honey , 1 / 2hl. salt. Heat the mixture until the onion is soft.Take 1 tsp. up to 5 times a day. The folk remedy will bring more benefit if you combine it with the reception of the decoction of juniper berries .

When cirrhosis hepatic tissue is replaced by a connective, causing the liver function to be disturbed. The disease is caused by the hepatitis virus, alcohol abuse.

The following folk remedy benefits from onions. Clear half a kilo of bulbs , fill it with a glass of sand, wait for the appearance of a yellowish syrup. Store the syrup in a glass jar. Take on an empty stomach for 1 p.p. during two months.

The use of onions during body cleansing

The use of onions

For restoring the balance between “good” and “bad” microorganisms, the following method benefits. Grind onion onion (4 onions), pour a glass of vodka . Infuse for 8-10 days, periodically shaking. Take 10 drops for normalization of the intestinal microflora half an hour before meals.

To eliminate the body from harmful substances , improving kidney function and heart muscle is useful onion husks. A couple of handfuls husks rinse, brew with a liter of boiling water, simmer for 5 minutes. Take 1 glass a half an hour before meals for a month.

Vaginal , worms with a filiform front part and a wider back where their internal organs are located, are introduced into the intestinal wall, feeding on tissue fluid and human blood. For the expulsion of parasites it is useful to eat 2-3 glasses of strawberries during the day, and a little herring for the night with onions , do not drink.

Recipes for getting rid of pinworms :

  • Rub rubbish onion , brew a glass of water at room temperature. Insist 10-12 hours. Take 1/2 cup an hour before meals 3-4 days.
  • Brew a crushed onion onion medium size with a glass of boiling water, insist the night in a thermos. Take an hour before eating a few days.

To destroy intestinal parasites boil a handful rice until half cooked, mix with a handful of chopped onion , garlic , raw pumpkin seeds or sunflower , taking each component in equal parts. Thoroughly chew and swallow, washed down with warm water. To be treated 2-3 days.

Treatment of kidney stones, urolithiasis, increased potency, relief from hemorrhoids

The use of onions

Benefit and improve the condition when treating nephritis , inflammatory kidney disease, manages with the help of onion husks.

  • Cook 1 tsp. husks a glass of boiling water, simmer for 5 minutes. Take 2 p.s. one hour before meals.

Recipes for reducing the size of stones in the bladder :

  • Cut onions , filling them with a half-liter jar. Pour the raw material with vodka , close the lid and insist on the sun for 10 days. Take 1 tsp. morning and evening for half an hour before meals.
  • Brew 1sp. onion seeds half cups of boiling water, simmer in a water bath for half an hour, allow to cool, drain. Take 1/3 cup for half an hour before meals.

Since ancient times it has been noticed that onions are useful for men. It stimulates the production of sperm, it has a beneficial effect on potency, especially in combination with chicken eggs. Daily use of the bulb maintains the necessary hormonal level, which makes it possible to look younger.

For the purpose of preventing impotence mix in equal frequent pounded onion seeds with honey . Take 1 hour. several times a day.

Onion juice benefits in eliminating hemorrhoids . Take 1 hour. several times a day before meals.

Also for the treatment of hemorrhoids help steam baths . In the enameled dishes, pour half a liter of milk , add a couple of peeled bulbs , boil them over low heat with the lid almost closed.

Pour the milk into a small container, fixed under the seat of the old stool, where you previously make a hole 5 cm in diameter. To be treated above the steam until the milk cools down.

Headache, migraine, meteosensitivity and fatigue

The use of onions

If head gets sick , whiskey is useful to grind finely chopped fresh onions or half a bulb.

To eliminate headache mix in equal parts onion juice and honey . Take on 1.S. one hour before meals.

If headache in the temples, neck, relief is beneficial onion oil , obtained by mixing in equal parts of the juice onion and olive oil . The finished product should not be stored in the refrigerator for more than 3 days. Saturate the bandage with oil and apply several times a day to places where it hurts.

To cope with a headache caused by migraine , tampons moistened with onion juice and placed in the auricles help.

Regular consumption of raw onion prevents seizures of epilepsy , they become less pronounced and intense.

If you are sensitive to changing weather, it is useful to include in the diet fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins E and Group B. First of all, beets , onions , carrots , cucumbers , raisins , blueberries , prunes .

On the eve of the expected change in weather benefits use 2s.l. juice of onion. In addition, to reduce meteozavisimost helps to include oatmeal porridge in the diet.

Thanks to a sufficient amount of sulfur, onions are useful and necessary for productive intellectual activity, helps to cope with overwork and fatigue. Onions dilute blood, increase the flow of oxygen into the brain. Used shortly before sleep, eliminates insomnia, helps to fall asleep quickly.

The use of onions to get rid of calluses, cracks, specimens

The use of onions The use of onions

Onions bring a lot of benefit with various external injuries: bruises, abscesses, calluses, cracks on the heels, furuncles, eczema, lichen , warts.

In case of bruise , rubbing with fresh onion juice or compresses from onion gruel helps.

The onion juice helps early healing of wounds. If you have a sore on the affected area, apply 15 minutes of crushed bulb mixed with 2 tsp. grass celandine . Then rinse the wound, apply a bandage or patch.

With boils and furuncles bake the onion, cut and attach to the affected area for 4-5 hours.

It is also useful to mix two parts of baked onion and one piece of chopped laundry soap . Change the bandage once a day. The product helps the early maturation, purification of abscesses or boils.

It is possible to get rid of calluses using the following recipes:

  • Peeled and cut in half bulb placed in table vinegar , insist in a warm place for 24 hours. Piece of onions to fix on the calluses in the morning and in the evening with the help of a plaster.
  • Insist on onion in the vinegar husk 2 weeks. Secure the husks on the corn in the evening, remove them in the morning. Repeat several times.

To eliminate cracks on the heels chop the bulb in the meat grinder, fix the resulting mush for 1 to 2 hours. After the end wash with warm water and soap, apply a special cream.

Recipe to get rid of coarsened skin on the feet. Boil a couple of bulbs in a glass milk . Then finely chop, pour 1/2 cup of red wine , bring to a boil, allow to cool slightly. Put hot onion on a problem place, tie it in a bag for 20 minutes. After rinsing your feet, remove the coarsened skin with pumice stone. Then rinse the foot and apply the cream again.

To destroy the boil finely chop the onion, mix it with 1 tsp. crushed grass celandine , add 1hour. purified kerosene . The resulting gruel is applied to the boil for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water and soap.

To fight eczema , itchy rashes in the form of vesicles, ulcers and spots, mix 1 tsp. birch tar , protein chicken egg , 100 g chopped onion .Apply onion ointment to the place affected by eczema or deprive.

Fresh onion mash, onion juice are useful for getting rid of fungal diseases, warts. Sometimes honey is added to the composition of the compress. To avoid burns, the skin around should be oiled with petroleum jelly or protected with a plaster.

Onion masks for face

Onion-based masks smooth wrinkles, rejuvenate the skin of the face. Biologically active substances of the plant have a useful regenerative effect.

To prepare anti-aging mask from onions, rub half of medium carrots , bulb , half cucumber , add 1 tsp. chopped herb St. John’s wort , mix thoroughly. The mask is applied for 20 minutes, after it is washed off with cool water.

Onion mask recipe against acne : rub peeled onion , mix gruel with 2 tsp. chopped grass celandine , soak in the preheated oven for 3 minutes, allow to cool. Apply to the skin for 15-20 minutes. At the end, rinse.

An onion mask removes or makes it less noticeable freckles , pigment spots :

  • Mix 1 tsp. onion juice , 1 p.s. vinegar , apply in the evening on a cosmetic defect, wash it off in the morning.

Hair masks

The use of onions

Onions bring a lot of benefit to the hair, strengthens the hair, helps to destroy dandruff, eliminate hair loss, improve the blood supply to the scalp.

The disadvantage of onion masks is a characteristic persistent odor, felt for several days. To eliminate the onion fragrance, after the cosmetic procedure, the hair is rinsed with warm water with the addition of vinegar . It also helps to wash the head with shampoo.

When hair loss it is useful to rub the onion juice on the scalp every day.

Recipes getting rid of dandruff :

  • Brew a handful of onion husks a glass of boiling water, insist. Add the onion broth into the water while rinsing.
  • Clean and rub bulb . Kashitsu put in several layers of gauze, rub the juice into the scalp. Wrap the hair with a film, cover with a towel. After 1-2 hours wash your hair. After several masks, the hair becomes strong, soft and elastic, the scalp ceases to itch.

The following onion masks for strengthening and hair growth are applied twice a month:

  • Rub the peeled onion , into four parts onion add one piece honey . In the case of dry or brittle hair, add a little olive or corn oil . Rub into clean scalp, cover with a foil and towel. The onion mask is washed off in half an hour.
  • от For the strengthening of hair, broth onion husk is useful. One part of the husk is brewed with ten parts of boiling water, is cooked over a slow fire or a water bath for 15 minutes, filtered, allowed to cool. Rub in the roots of hair with a cotton swab 1-2 times a week. Enough of a course of 10 procedures.

  • It is useful to mix four parts of onion juice , six parts of broth burdock roots , one part of cognac . Rub the resulting composition into the scalp.
  • Mix in equal frequent ground black pepper with salt , dilute onion juice to make a gruel. Rub the composition into the roots, wash your hair in half an hour.

For strengthening brittle hair into onion gruel add 1 p.p. almond oil , 1 ч.л. cucumber juice , 3 p.s. red wine , mix thoroughly. Rub the composition into the tips of the hair, the scalp. After 5-10 minutes, wash off the mask with warm water, soak the hair with a towel. The mask is applied once a week for two months. Before continuing the treatment, make a one-month break.

To improve fat or normal hair mix 1/4 cup onion juice , as much decoction burdock root , 1/3 cup red wine . Apply the medicinal composition twice a week shortly before washing the head.


Even in case of excellent health, it is not necessary to consume onions in large quantities so as not to disrupt the work of the kidneys. In addition, abuse can cause a headache, overtake drowsiness, make the mind unclear.

The treatment with onions can be harmful in case of exacerbation of diseases of the digestive system, liver, gall bladder.

If you use a lot of spicy seasonings – onions, garlic, peppers – cholecystitis develops. Do not use fresh onions with gastritis with high acidity, ulcer of the stomach and duodenum.

If garlic prevents the formation of gases, then onions on the contrary increase their number. Therefore, it should be excluded from the diet with flatulence.

It is also worth limiting the use of onions for cardiovascular disease.

Onion treatment can be harmful in cases of exacerbation of kidney and bladder diseases.

It is better to abstain from using onions if bronchospasm is observed – narrowing of the bronchi, when the patient has to exert considerable effort to exhale.

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