Therapeutic properties of plantain

Therapeutic properties of plantain


  • How and where to prepare a medicinal plant
  • Recipe for water infusion from plantain
  • Prescription for plantain juice
  • Treatment of plantain bites, wounds, bruises
  • Healing properties plantain infusion in case of coughing
  • Use of plantain in the treatment of digestive diseases
  • Plantain for skin care
  • Contra-indications

Many people do not pay attention to the plantain. A useful unpretentious plant is distinguished by a variety of species, many of which for their ability to grow and give seeds on difficult soils along roads or in wastelands are considered weeds. It grows even on the compacted soil of dirt roads, occupying a dominant position over other roadside plants, sometimes reaching a height of 50cm. Leaves, seeds and roots of plantain have different healing properties, allowing you to quickly stop bleeding, heal wounds and cuts, disinfect and remove inflammation. Infusion and juice are taken orally to cope with a cough, have a diuretic, laxative, diaphoretic, analgesic and soothing effect.

Of course, it is possible to use leaves or other fragments for medicinal purposes if the plantain is collected in an ecologically clean place, away from the slopes, industrial production, and the places where the animals are walking. The grass has the property of collecting and accumulating harmful substances from the soil and air. Also it is worth to pass by unhealthy or damaged pests plants.

Depending on the part of the plantain required for the treatment of a disease, it is better to collect and harvest the grass at a certain time, when the concentration of beneficial properties in it is maximal.

  • Plantain leaves, stems and flowers are most useful in the period after flowering and before the formation of seeds. Leaves have a characteristic pattern formed by large veins, it is better to collect them within 60 days after the beginning of flowering.
  • Seeds gain the highest healing power at the time of maturation.
  • In roots the maximum health benefit is in the fall, in September-November.

Of course, you should take into account specific local conditions, geographical location, favorable or not very weather in a particular year.

A sturdy stem or leaf base may not succumb if you try to rip them off with your hands. In order not to damage the roots by accident, it is better to use scissors or a garden pruner.

Vegetable raw materials during harvesting and harvesting should not be wet. So it’s easier to dry it in a cool dark place, which will ensure long-term storage. It is not necessary to collect vegetable raw materials by dew or during rain, since there is a danger that it will rot during drying.

Plantain is remarkably preserved in wooden boxes.

Recipe for water infusion from plantain

To prepare plantain infusion 1 tbsp. crushed plant mass brew 1 cup of boiling water, insist for an hour or half an hour to drown in a water bath, drain.

Water infusion of fresh leaves is useful to wash wounds, ulcers, fistulas, abscesses and boils.

Recipe for plantain juice

Fresh leaves are collected, washed, dried on a towel, scalded with boiling water. After scrolling through the meat grinder. The resulting cake is squeezed through the fabric.

If the juice is too thick, add as much water, boil for no longer than 3 minutes.

Plantain treatment of bites, wounds, bruises

Therapeutic properties of plantain

Fresh leaves have antimicrobial properties, so they are used to treat burns , poorly healing wounds , suppuration , sores , fistulae , boils , furuncles .In the case of insect bites, the grass helps to stop the bleeding more quickly.

  • The leaves are washed, placed on a damaged area in several layers, can be fixed with a bandage. 2-3 hours later replace the leaves.
  • Shredded vegetable raw materials can also be wrapped in cheesecloth and fixed on the site of injury, inflammation.

Before using the dried leaves outdoors, it is necessary to soak them in warm water.

Therapeutic properties of plantain infusions in the case of cough

Therapeutic properties of plantain

Infusion stimulates the activity of the epithelium of the respiratory tract, helps to secrete and remove mucus from the bronchi, has an expectorant and cough-reducing effect. Its medicinal properties are used in the case of ARI, sore throat, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis .

  • After consulting with the doctor in charge, in case of tonsillitis every hour or two with psyllium infusion can gargle.
  • For better separation of viscous sputum with bronchitis take infusion over half a cup 3-4 times a day.

  • In case of colds from the plantain juice, prepare the syrup, mixing it in equal parts with honey. Take 1 tbsp each. 4 times a day.

Use of plantain in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases

Therapeutic properties of plantain

Healing properties of a useful plant are used in case of gastritis, peptic ulcer, duodenal ulcers, bladder, hemorrhoids .

In case of a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer after consultation with a doctor, you can treat, mixing 1 tsp. dried leaves of plantain and 1 tsp. sage. Brew a mixture of 1/2 liters of boiling water, boil for 5 minutes, insist. Take 1/2 cup once a day for one and a half weeks, then increase the frequency of intake up to 3 times a day.

For home treatment of gastritis 2 tsp. seeds of plantain brew a glass of boiling water, insist 12 hours, drink at night.

Juice of plantain helps to reduce pain in the stomach, stimulates appetite, increases acidity of gastric juice, increases gastric secretion, reduces chronic inflammation of the large and small intestines. Take 1 tbsp. 3 times a day for half an hour before meals.

In the warm season with GI diseases it is useful to eat every day 10-12 fresh leaves , combining them with honey.

In the case of a difficult chair, it is useful to take an empty stomach in a small amount of powder of the dried leaves of the plant, washing down with warm water.

Plantain for skin care

Therapeutic properties of plantain

теп For warm healing of cracks and cuts on the legs warm baths are useful, where infusion of plantain is added. To rubbers and calluses it is useful to put the crushed leaves, during the night their healing properties will restore the skin.

Skin softening baths are prepared from plantain leaves, calendula, chamomile . Two tsp. mixture is brewed by a glass of boiling water, is infused and filtered. The procedure lasts 15 minutes, after which the dry hands are lubricated with a fat cream.

The healing properties of the plantain infusion are used in the care of hands, for which it is mixed with butter and honey .

по Plantain infusion is useful as a hair conditioner .

Compresses from plantain infusion moisturizes the skin of the face, the greatest benefit is the alternation of hot and cool compresses, imposed for 3-4 minutes.

Dry skin is useful to wipe with diluted juice of plantain . To enhance the healing effect, you can add starch. The mask is applied to the face for 20-30 minutes.

Oily skin of the face is wiped with infusion, frozen in the form of ice slices . After the procedure, the skin should not be lubricated with cream.


Infusion and juice of plantain should not be taken in case of high acidity of gastric juice .

Useful grass should not be treated with a tendency to thrombogenesis .

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