This fat skinny figure skinny fet – how to recognize and correct the flaws of the figure?

This fat skinny figure skinny fet - how to recognize and correct the flaws of the figure? The term “skinny fet” is used to refer to a physique characterized by a normal body weight (or at all leanness) in the presence of solid folds of subcutaneous fat and flabbiness of the skin. “Skinny Fat”, competently covered with modern clothes – almost ideal figure, skinny fat” on the beach is a body that requires intensive training.

How to correct the shortcomings of your figure, and how to train thick hudyshkam?

Article content:

  1. Are you also a fat thin?
  2. The best workout for the skinny fet
  3. Benefits and harms of cardiovagruzki for skinny fet
  4. Nutrition and drinking regime skinny fat

Reasons for the figure skinny fat – are you also a fat thin?

The weight of a person who has the physique “skinny fat”, usually keeps within the norm or even below it.

Clothing designed to hide all the shortcomings, perfectly hides saggy skin, flabby gluteal muscles and wrinkles at the waist.

However, the waist can remain aspen, and the belly, on the contrary, is not at all appetizing, but also with folds on the sides and “ears” on the cellulite pope.

“I can eat everything and not get fat,” owners of the figure “skinny fet” proudly say.

Yes, the metabolism of such people is excellent, and excess weight is not a problem for them. But, unfortunately, consumed food does not benefit the muscles – muscle mass growth is not observed. On the contrary, the second chin grows, the shape of the buttock is lost, the belly and arms become flabby.

This fat skinny figure skinny fet - how to recognize and correct the flaws of the figure?

What is the reason?

  • Excessive enthusiasm for low-calorie diets. Such self-torture always leads to the loss of muscle mass, and, even in the case of active strength training. Muscle mass is lost if a woman begins to lose weight faster than ½% of body weight in 7 days.
  • Boomerang effect. All good and bad, as is well known, has the property of returning. So with subcutaneous fat: the stronger and faster you try to lose weight, the more active the body will restore its fat reserves.
  • Lack of strength training. As a rule, low-calorie diets of the girl are “diluted” by walking on the treadmill and easy fitness. Because there is a hunger all the time, and there is simply no power for more. It should be understood that the treadmill, while contributing to the expenditure of calories, but does not affect the preservation (and, the more so, growth) of muscle mass. But it is her absence that is a problem for the figure of “skinny fet”.
  • A sedentary lifestyle. With a long absence of physical activity and irrepressible consumption of food, it is impossible to protect the figure from the above-described shortcomings.

The best workout for correcting the shape of the skinny fet

Denote the key problems of slender bbw. First of all, it is flabbiness of the skin and muscle weakness, the effect of “riding breeches” on thin legs, decreased stamina and tummy, which even after a modest dinner has a tendency to bulge.

What in the end?

And in the end, every summer – in a loose shirt, on the beach – in pareo, in bed with your beloved – in the sheet to the chin.

Because it’s embarrassing.

To not bring yourself to a state where it’s embarrassing to walk in a swimsuit to the sea, start playing sports today – and never give up .

The only salvation for the figure of “skinny fet” is training . Therefore, we note the main problem areas, draw up a plan for work on ourselves and immediately (rather than tomorrow or a month) we proceed to its precise implementation.

The “treatment” plan is roughly the following:

  1. Increase the percentage of muscle mass.
  2. We are promoting metabolism. The metabolic rate directly depends on the percentage of your muscle tissue and the time spent on training.
  3. Reduce the percentage of subcutaneous fat. The diet should be such that there was no feeling of hunger, and the body did not want to replenish the reserves of subcutaneous fat.

Remember that you do not need to lose weight ! You are already thin. But the muscle mass you just need, like the frame of your beautiful body.

And do not try to solve the problem of “skinny fet” for a month or two. If you have reached the state of “ashamed to undress on the beach,” then work on yourself will be long and stubborn. Minimum year of work!

How to train if you are a fat thin person?

Basic recommendations:

  • More strength training, less cardio (enough 2-3 sessions per week).
  • Regularity of training: at least 3-4 times / week according to the scheme “permanently”. Intensity: 3-4 sets and 10-15 repetitions.
  • The main part of the exercises is chosen among multi-joint and strength training.
  • All muscle groups should be studied for 1 workout.
  • Exercises with consequences in the form of discomfort on the lower back should be avoided (for example, deadlift or hyperextension with weight).
  • Between stretches and at the very beginning of each workout, stretching is recommended for target muscle groups.

What to do – recommended exercises for the figure “skinny fat”

  1. Aerobics and dumbbells.
  2. The bar.
  3. Velosimulators.
  4. Exercises with weighting.
  5. Mahi kicks and squats.
  6. Falls and push-ups.
  7. Thrust on straight legs.
  8. Classic and side bar with an emphasis on 1 forearm.


If there has not been a sport in your life for a long time, give your muscles time to prepare for active training.

For example, go swimming, dancing, or even yoga.

This fat skinny figure skinny fet - how to recognize and correct the flaws of the figure?


  1. Warm-up required (20 minutes for torsion of the hoop).
  2. Next – run on a track with a slope.
  3. Then pull dumbbells with their lifting over their heads.
  4. Squat with dumbbells and press up.
  5. Perform walking with attacks.
  6. Raise dumbbells in front of you.
  7. Do the attacks on the spot, unbending the triceps from the dumbbells “hammer” behind the head.
  8. And, of course, the strap with push-ups.

Training program number 2 for the figure “skinny fet”

We are engaged 2-3 times / week for 60 minutes + 20 minutes for a common-workout warm-up.

The main emphasis is on exercises with heavy weight.

  1. 10 minutes of warm-up.
  2. Then we pull up the “gravitron” on the simulator.
  3. After – the pull of the lower block to the belt.
  4. Press the dumbbells in the prone position on the bench up and at an angle.
  5. Next pullover with dumbbells across the bench.
  6. Unbend our hands with the dumbbell behind the head from the sitting position.
  7. After – press the dumbbells up in the same position.
  8. Deep crouching against the wall.
  9. We make glutes from the fitball
  10. And in the end – a twist-bar.

Also, experts recommend:

  • Work more often with own weight and with weighting.
  • Walk through the stairs and use the stairs instead of the elevator, and also replace the hikers by riding the bus to work.
  • To load the buttocks – with mahami and leg diversion, pulling dumbbells on straight legs.
  • Work with the press with the help of strips and twists.
  • Constantly monitor your back – it should be even!

This fat skinny figure skinny fet - how to recognize and correct the flaws of the figure?

Benefits and harms of cardiovagruzki in correction of skinny fet

Do cardio-loads need to be in the figure of “skinny fet”? Most of the sites for body correction are full of tips – “yes, definitely, and more!”. The logic is simple: to burn excess fat requires aerobic exercise.

In fact, this is not the case . After all, the problem of the figure “skinny fat” is hidden not by superfluous fat, but, mainly, in deficiency of muscle mass. Therefore, the temptation to increase cardio in training should be addressed, and emphasis on doing strength exercises .

It is important to understand that aerobic loads seriously inhibit the incentives for the necessary growth of muscle mass.It seems to you that running on the path contributes to the expenditure of calories – but in fact, the body simply consumes substances that could go to muscle growth. That is, the more active you run, the more thin you will be, but with the same unappetizing figure and with the same problem areas of the body. Roughly speaking, by cardio exercises you yourself steal the energy that is needed for muscle growth.

Therefore your task:

  1. Strength training – 3-4 times a week.
  2. And cardio exercises as a warm-up for 10 minutes – either before or after classes (maximum!).

Cardio you can do (if you really can not do without them), when you reach the desired result.

How not to pump muscle in training – and what to do if pumped?

Nutrition and drinking regime in the skinny fat correction program – what is important?

Undoubtedly, without proper nutrition, success in correcting the figure will not be achieved. Even if all that you eat, “it goes somewhere itself.”

Important nutrition rules for girls “skinny fet”:

  • No fast food. Just forget about it altogether, go around the kilometer of the McDonald’s building and others. Change the route if your road from work lies through such catering establishments.
  • From sweets and smoked products, marinades and spicy dishes is also better to give up. Well, at least to limit them.
  • The emphasis is on food that is rich in protein, as well as on kashki and fruits with vegetables. You do not have to grow a tummy – you need to grow muscle!
  • Do not overeat! To eat it is necessary so that to drown out hunger, instead of to creep with the overflown paunch up to a sofa. The scheme “in the morning – tea with lemon, and in the evening – salad from pelmeni, meat in batter, cheese, chicken, cake and ice cream” – wrong.
  • Track your daily intake of protein. Note: 2 g of protein / day – for 1 kg of your weight.
  • Deficiency of calories in the figure of “skinny fat” is harmful. Therefore, strict diets – “in the furnace.”
  • The main thing in your diet is the build-up in the diet of lean meat. To subsequently move from a flat figure to an appetizingly rounded one. We are looking for proteins in eggs and beef, steaks of chum salmon, in chicken or turkey fillet, in fillets of pollock and tilapia, and also in fat-free cottage cheese.
  • Carbohydrates “take” exceptionally long-playing: buckwheat with oatmeal, grits and pyshenku, pearl barley and brown rice, as well as hard-coreers based on complex carbohydrates.
  • We necessarily pack each of our meals with vegetables – asparagus and broccoli, Brussels sprouts, as well as green beans.
  • Approximate calorie content of the diet is 350-500 kcal , of which 35% are proteins, 50% are carbohydrates, and 15% are fats.

Approximate ration for the day:

  1. 1st breakfast: 100 g curd (note: fat-free) + a couple of whole-grain toasts + 8-10 nuts almonds + half a cup milk.
  2. 2nd breakfast: 3 oatmeal cookies + geyner.
  3. Lunch: boiled chicken (100 g) + black bread + green salad + green tea.
  4. 2nd lunch: beef steak at 80-100 g + broccoli + 100 g brown rice.
  5. Dinner: fish white (80 g) + 100 g asparagus + 80 g buckwheat.
  6. Before going to bed: 1 cup kefir or varenets.

Do not tamper with your illusions that you can eat “as much as you want” – it’s not so! Your problem will become worse with time, and in the end, it will be more difficult to restore the figure.

Therefore, adhere to proper nutrition, exercise strength training and go out of hibernation – activity you need, like air!

And do not hurry. Wait for the effect after 2 months of training is meaningless, your ideal figure you will see in 1-2 years . But it will be amazing!

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