To whom eyebrows – 12 effective recipes for the growth of perezhchipannyh eyebrows at home

To whom eyebrows - 12 effective recipes for the growth of perezhchipannyh eyebrows at home Beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows are always “in trend.” Unfortunately, in the race for fashion, many of the fair sex “pereschipali” their eyebrows, and faced a serious problem – the eyebrows just stopped growing. And you have to draw them yourself or paint in the nearest hair salon.

What to do, and how to restore the former beauty?

Correcting the “mistakes of youth”! The contents of the article:

  • Which eyebrows are beautiful?
  • 12 folk, pharmacy and cosmetic products for the eyebrows
  • Eyebrow care rules when growing

How to look your ideal eyebrows after growing – the rules of beautiful eyebrows

The problem of wide eyebrows corrected with help a good master by giving them the right shape.

The issue of ugly plucked eyebrows is also solved – the eyebrows grow again and then, again, they are looking for a good master.

And even the question of illiterate tattooing is solved: after eliminating this error with a laser, eyebrows grow and look for a new method of care.

And what about the pinched eyebrows? Draw to the very old age? Or is there still a solution?

Eyebrow correction at home – how to regain eyebrows?

The main thing – do not panic! Even pereshchipannye eyebrows can be brought back to life in most cases. Of course, it will take a lot of time and effort, but if all recommendations are followed, the effect will definitely be there.

And look your new eyebrows (after grooving and correcting) should be as follows:

  • No black color when staining! The colors during the procedure are mixed, and the master searches for the shades you need.
  • Even color eyebrows – a sign of bad taste! Only the bend and the tip of the eyebrow remain dark, and closer to the beginning of the arc, the color should lighten. The effect of tattooing should also not be.
  • Follow the outline! It must be exceptionally smooth and correct, and not “as it will”. That is, the value has width, shape and “place”, both the beginning and the tip, and the bend of the eyebrow. Naturally, everything is individual, and the work of the master must correspond specifically to your face.

To whom eyebrows - 12 effective recipes for the growth of perezhchipannyh eyebrows at home

It should also be remembered that …

  • The shape of the eyebrows each has its own – can not the same shape fit all individuals at once.
  • Eyebrow correction is not done in the “lying” position (muscle tone in the “standing” position is completely different, and symmetry, respectively, too).
  • The master must be not just a hairdresser who wants to work as a brow. Look for a qualified make-up artist or a brow-eye with a baggage of specific knowledge on the topic.
  • Do not pursue fashion! Look for the wrong version, that today is “in a trend”, but the one that goes to you.
  • Keep the natural shape of the eyebrows, do not abuse plucking. Eyebrows only correct, but not “shaved”. How to choose the shape of the eyebrows correctly?
  • The outer edge of the eyebrow should not fall below the inner , otherwise your face will always be “sad.” A too small gap (note – on the bridge of the nose) between the eyebrows visually adds to you a few extra years.
  • Color eyebrow pencil choose one tone (maximum 2) darker your primary color.

12 folk, pharmacy and cosmetics for rapid eyebrow growth at home

Tired of drawing?

That’s right! Their “native” eyebrows are always better than those drawn.

And do not worry – fixing the mistake is not so difficult if you have the patience for systematic eyebrow care. You can use special cosmetic products, or you can use folk methods. However, all means are good if they are of use.

  • Castor oil. This method is the most popular.You can use it, both for the eyebrows, and for too short and thin cilia. Unless, of course, there is an allergy. The essence of the method is simple: the oil should be applied to the growth line with an ordinary cotton bud and rubbed into the skin for about 1-1.5 minutes. Time for “masochku” – 1 hour. Then remove the remains of the oil with a cotton disc. It is recommended to perform the procedure before bedtime. After 2 weeks you will be able to evaluate the first results. The main advantage is the minimum of investment and the simplicity of the method. Note: Castor oil can be replaced, if desired, a darker shade of eyebrows, peach seed oil.
  • Almond oil. Provides elasticity and shine of eyebrows, will prolong their “life cycle”. A pleasant remedy without a pungent odor. The scheme of use is the same.
  • Burdock oil. This “product” has everything you need for healthy hair. Ideal, but hard to rinse and with a very specific flavor.
  • Jojoba oil. The effect of this multifaceted agent is nutrition, moisturizing and a fairly rapid restoration of the structure of eyebrows.
  • Grape seed oil. Usually, it is advised to use it after staining the eyebrows when they are weakened. It absorbs the product quickly, but the smell will not like everyone.
  • Avocado oil. Also an excellent remedy, which cosmetologists often recommend for the return of eyebrows to life. The product strengthens the growth of hairs, strengthens them and promotes further recovery.
  • Carrot juice. In this case, the mask is made from freshly squeezed juice. We need 2 st / l fluid and a couple drops (not more!) Of retinol (that is, pharmacy vitamin A). Mix the components, wet the liquid with 2 cotton discs and apply on the eyebrows for 25 minutes. The remaining juice is removed with the usual lotion. Repeat every 2 days.
  • Advanced Lash. An excellent German tool (ready-made), allowing you to return the eyebrows density and darken them. Future mothers and young virgins are forbidden (18+).
  • Italian product Foltene. This tool can be used up to 18 years. It is applied over ordinary decorative cosmetics, and provides a rapid improvement in the overall condition of the hairs.
  • Safe and hypoallergenic drug Adonia BrowRevive (note – America). It is applied twice a day, the course is 20 days. Balm for hair and massage. Every time we wash our heads, we put our usual conditioner on the eyebrows, wait a minute and wash it off. Facial massage should also be regular.
  • Pharmacy (ready-made) calendula tincture. You can do it yourself, if you have the time. Compresses are done twice a week for 20 minutes, after which we wash off and finish the stroke with a nourishing cream. Note: the tincture is made on alcohol, so the drops from the compress should not drain, and the fat cream after the procedure is mandatory!

Ways to return eyebrows to life, of course, much more. The main thing – do not overdo it (be careful of contraindications and follow the instructions clearly).

It is recommended that you consult a specialist for advice before proceeding with folk methods.
To whom eyebrows - 12 effective recipes for the growth of perezhchipannyh eyebrows at home

The rules of eyebrow care in the process of their growing – what is important?

Eyebrow care today is as natural as brushing your teeth in the morning.

But to make eyebrows grow thick and healthy (and generally grow), you need to follow certain rules:

  • Correction. If you do not have experience – contact a specialist. Random “random” plucking of eyebrows with trembling hands leads to their loss. Refer to the master and after professional correction keep the created form, regularly removing extra grown hairs.
  • After each hair removal procedure, always grease redness with a thick cream.
  • Regularly make masks for the eyebrows. once a week, warm the mixture of oils in a water bath (note – olive, vegetable + castor) and apply compresses for 10 minutes.
  • Do not touch the hairs that grow below the main line of eyebrow growth , so they do not grow, or the line of eyebrows does not fall.
  • нано Apply castor oil every day before going to bed and massage for 3-5 minutes with a soft brush. You can use a baby toothbrush or a laundered brush from under the old carcass.
  • Massage with your fingers should also be done every evening : first with point movements, then with light pinching and then vibrating.
  • The combing of the eyebrows should always take place exclusively along the growth line – only from the nose towards the temples, and nothing else.
  • Do not use cheap cosmetics and products whose expiration date has expired. “It’s a pity to throw out” then it will not be reflected on the face in the best way.
  • Flushing cosmetics before going to bed, do not forget about the eyebrows! During washing, you can gently scrub them together with the skin of the face.
  • After the mask, always remove residual oil. Otherwise, the pores will be clogged, and the growth of the eyebrows – to slow down.

Already after 3-4 weeks full-time eyebrow care you can see the result.

Remember the golden rule “do no harm” and do not forget to give time to yourself, beloved.

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