Top 10 vitamin and mineral complexes in sports

Top 10 vitamin and mineral complexes in sports In our time, even with a balanced diet, a person needs additional intake of minerals and vitamins (the consequences of the urban lifestyle always make themselves felt). What can we say about athletes who simply can not achieve the desired results in the absence of the right diet and vitamins.

How to choose vitamin-mineral complexes, and which are recognized by athletes as the best?

Content of the article:

  1. Composition – what to look for when choosing?
  2. 10 best vitamins for athletes

Features of vitamin-mineral complexes for people in sports – what should be in the composition and what to look for when choosing?

Of course, modern athletes do not go to the pharmacy for “ascorbic”. Vitamin complexes are selected carefully, taking into account not only sex and age, but also the kind of sports load.

Such additives do not harm the body, if you follow the instructions and remember that excess vitamins in the body will not benefit.

That is, choose these drugs should be exclusively with a specialist and based on specific goals.

However, the demand for vitamin complexes directly in athletes is much higher than that of “mere mortals,” and deficiency of vitamins and minerals threatens not only “stagnation” in the middle of training, but also more serious problems.

How to choose a vitamin-mineral complex?

  • First of all, you should consult the trainer and the experts in the field. The trainer will tell you which supplements will be most effective at specific loads, and experts (nutritionists, immunologists, etc.) will help to find out which vitamins are most lacking, what in excess, and which drugs will be the most optimal choice given these facts and loads, age, sex, etc.
  • The spread of prices in vitamin supplements is very serious today. There are supplements from a low price category with the promise of the same effect as from expensive ones, but there are serious complexes that include almost the entire periodic table and the whole list of vitamins that even beat the wallet. But here it is worth remembering that many are far from always “good” and useful. Important and strict proportion of components, and their compatibility and digestibility, and compliance with the needs of the athlete.
  • We read the labels! In preparations of a synthetic nature, the content of vitamins is possible, covering 50-100% covering all the needs of the organism. That is, with a balanced diet, the presence of vegetables and fruits in your menu, the constant use of fermented milk products, 100% coverage of the daily amount of vitamins is simply not required. So, these drugs are needed only with an unbalanced diet.
  • Remember about lifestyle and sport. The heavier the load, the more intense the workout, the more vitamins the body needs. Do not forget about age: the older a person is, the higher his needs for certain elements.
  • Less iron! This is for women, this component in the vitamin complex will be useful, but men can cause tremors, lead to heart problems and even cause heart attacks. It is quite enough iron that “bring” in the body daily food. Conclusion: in the supplements for men, the iron content should be minimal.
  • We read the composition, recommendations and special instructions from the manufacturer very carefully! Balancing and dosage is the most important. Well, shelf life, of course.

Modern “sports” vitamins are created already taking into account the specific needs of the overloaded organism. Properly selected vitamin complex protects the body from vitamin deficiency and serious health problems, as well as inhibits the growth of muscle mass.

Now about the interaction of microelements and vitamins with each other.

Badly combined:

  • Iron with calcium. Separately from calcium, this trace element is digested much more efficiently – by 1.5 times. It is also worth noting that the assimilation of manganese in this cocktail will also be inadequate.
  • Vitamin C at its large amounts can provoke a copper deficiency. And also it is not compatible with all vitamins of group B.
  • Iron is completely incompatible with vitamin E.
  • Beta-carotene lowers the level of vitamin E.
  • A B12 in individual cases increases allergy to B1.
  • As for zinc , it should not be mixed with copper and with a “duo” of iron / calcium.

Well combined:

  • Selenium with vitamin E.
  • For interaction of magnesium, calcium and phosphorus will not be a waste of boron.
  • Vitamin A with iron (the first contributes to the digestibility of the latter).
  • Magnesium fits perfectly with B6.
  • Thanks to a bunch of vitamin K and calcium, bone tissue is strengthened, and blood coagulability is increased.
  • Calcium is well absorbed in the presence of vitamin D, which, among other things, positively affects the level of phosphorus.
  • And to better assimilate iron, it is supplemented with vitamin C and copper.

We choose bioadditives, based on the sport – which elements, and what tasks do they solve?

For muscle growth:

  • B1, A. Promote normal cell growth, are responsible for controlling protein synthesis. B1 we search in cereals, kidneys / liver and beans, and vitamin A – in fish oil, carrots and dairy products.
  • B13. This element (note – orthic acid) is needed for the rapid regeneration of tissues. We are looking for it in yeast, milk, in the liver.

To increase muscle tone:

  • C, E. Reduce the concentration of free radicals in the body. The first one is in citrus, tomato and broccoli, in melons and sweet pepper. The second – in bran and vegetable oils, as well as in nuts.
  • B3. This is the key source of nutrition for your muscles. It is necessary to transport the food to the cells, especially with serious and regular loads. It is found in tuna meat, in eggs / milk, and also in the liver.
  • H, B7. The motor of metabolism. It is present in cereals and liver, in soy and, of course, in egg yolks.
  • B9. All people know about the benefits of folic acid. It is needed to supply the muscles with oxygen and improve blood circulation. It can be found in vegetables and beans, however, its content in products is too small to provide itself with its daily rate at constant loads.

For the prevention of injuries in sports:

  • C. Promotes the harmonious formation of connect / tissue, and increases the coagulability of the blood.
  • K. Also helps in the issue of coagulation, as well as in strengthening bones. We are looking for it in bananas, avocados, lettuce leaves and kiwi.
  • D is needed for a strong bone system and for assimilating calcium with phosphorus. Available in eggs and milk.

To increase the “efficiency”:

  • B12. It is necessary to improve the conductivity of signals from the brain to the muscles through the nerve endings. We are looking for in milk, fish, meat.
  • B6. Element for regulating metabolic processes. It is present in fish and eggs, and in chicken and pork.

For the recovery of the body after intensive training:

  • B4. It is necessary to regenerate membranes to muscle cells. We are looking for soy, fish, meat.
  • And also described above E and C.

From the vitamins of group B (this should be remembered) the intensity of strength training depends to a large extent. Especially active they are usually spent with “failures.”Deficiency of these vitamins leads to a violation of the metabolism of fats and proteins, which, in turn, inhibits the growth of muscle mass.

But without vitamins C and E can not do with compensation of oxidative stress, manifested in the training process. According to the recommendations of sports pharmacologists, vitamin supplements should be chosen with microminerals containing from 50 to 100 μg of “B12”, 400-800 IU of vitamin “E”, 500-1000 mg of “C” and from 50 mg of “B1”, “B6” “.

Naturally, it is impossible to provide the entire daily intake of vitamins with only one food. Even a child has to buy vitamin complexes in addition, and even the athlete with his heavy load – and do not do without additives.

10 best vitamins for athletes – readings for intake, composition and price of complexes

The choice of supplements today is more than wide.

And, each drug has its own specific action : general strengthening, improvement of mental functions, reproductive, etc.

Therefore, do not forget to consult with specialists first.

As for the best complexes for people of sports – their rating is compiled accordingly to the responses of the athletes themselves:

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

The cost of 50 servings (150 tab.) – about 1800 rubles.

Top 10 vitamin and mineral complexes in sports

Accelerates metabolism, strengthens the immune system and the entire male body, increases efficiency, promotes regeneration of muscle tissue and rapid recovery after training.

Contains phyto-mixture, 25 minerals and vitamins, 8 exotic plants, 8 amino acids, 4 enzymes. Total – 75 components.

MuscleTech Platinum Multivitamin

The cost of 30 portions (90 tables) – about 1500 p.

Top 10 vitamin and mineral complexes in sports

Complex of premium class. Provides support and protection of the body, improves tone, supports heavy loads, promotes muscle building, protects against catabolism.

Contains enzymes and amino acids with glycine, two dozen minerals / vitamins, in particular E and C.

Vita Jym

The cost of 30 servings (60 tab.) – about 1500 p.

Top 10 vitamin and mineral complexes in sports

Designed for athletes with a low level of training and in a situation where you need to achieve solid results. Strengthens immunity, tones, supports, improves muscle growth and accelerates metabolism, etc.

Contains 25 micronutrients, B complex, K2 and E, chrome polycinate and vitamin A, bioperin.

Animal Pak Universal Nutrition

42 servings (42 pack.) – about 4000 p.

Top 10 vitamin and mineral complexes in sports

It is considered one of the most purchased and effective vitamin preparations for athletes. Strengthens health, promotes muscle growth and fat burning, improves endurance and strength, strengthens immunity, promotes protein absorption, improves concentration and focus.

Contains antioxidants and 19 amino acids, a complex of food enzymes, 22 vitamins and minerals, proteins and carbohydrates, a complex that helps increase productivity.

Controlled Labs Orange Traid

270 tablets (per serving – 6 tablets) – 2550 r.

Top 10 vitamin and mineral complexes in sports

An ideal tool for supporting immunity and digestive system, protecting muscle tissue, increasing the duration and intensity of training, rapid recovery after exercise, increasing the elasticity of connective tissue, strengthening cartilage and joints.

Contains 12 vitamins, 14 microelements, as well as complexes of natural components for immunity, ligaments and joints, digestion and against inflammation.

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women

30 servings (60 capsules) – about 800 r.

Top 10 vitamin and mineral complexes in sports

A drug for women that provides absolute support for the body in intensive sports and increases tone. General strengthening properties, acceleration of brain activity and metabolism, increased immunity, stimulation of virtually ALL the possibilities of women.

The best dietary supplements for women – Bodybuilding, beauty and health supplements

Contains 17 special ingredients (note: isoflavones, etc.), 23 minerals and vitamins, folic acid and so on. A total of about 40 elements.

Muscle Pharm Armor-V

30 servings (180 capsules) – about 3000 r.

Top 10 vitamin and mineral complexes in sports

Additive to create “armor” joints and muscles. Reliably protects from training stress, allows you to engage in maximum speed, 100% maintains immunity, speeds up the withdrawal of metabolic products, protects the heart, accelerates recovery after training.

Contains vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, omega-fats, detox-complex, immunomodulators.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Pack

30 servings (30 pack.) – more than 3500 r.

Top 10 vitamin and mineral complexes in sports

A premium product. Prolongs the duration of training, improves the state of the gastrointestinal tract, strengthens the immune system, supports joints and bones, muscle growth.

Contains more than 70 useful components: proteins and fats, vitamins and trace elements, liver complexes, for masculine strength, for joints, antioxidant mixture and fruity super-mix, fish oil, cognitive support. – Foundation Series Multivitamin

100 servings (200 capsules) – about 1100 r.

Top 10 vitamin and mineral complexes in sports

One of the best drugs that help improve the performance of all body systems at once. In addition, the supplement improves the tone and energy potential of the athlete.

Contains extracts of herbs, amino acids, vitamins and trace elements, energy mixture, AACG and BCAA mixture, etc.

Now Foods – ADAM

30 servings (90 tablets) – more than 2000 rub.

Top 10 vitamin and mineral complexes in sports

A unique drug that confidently occupies a leading position among sports vitamin supplements. Action: increase of immunity and general well-being, improvement of internal organs, reduction of inflammatory processes, strengthening of the nervous system, elimination of fatigue, restoration of metabolism.

Contains: 10 vitamins, 24 microelements, extracts of medicinal herbs.

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