Treating cracks on the heels

Treating cracks on the heels


  • Causes of cracks on the heels
  • Treatment of cracked heels with proper nutrition
  • Cracks on the heels and kidney disease
  • How to get rid of calcaneal cracks with laundry soap
  • Treatment with potato cleaning
  • How to get rid of cracks with honey or propolis
  • Oil treatment
  • Treating heel cracks with onions
  • Treating cracks on the heels with hydrogen peroxide
  • Treating the heels with celandine
  • Home ways to get rid of cracks
  • Flaxseed and mint baths
  • Ma zh from the roots of the tinfoil
  • Treatment of heel cracks with urine

As a rule, signs of skin cracking on the heels appear after 40 years. The rough surface looks unattractive, tears up the stockings of women, and makes them uncomfortable when walking. The need for cracks treatment on the heels is caused by wearing tight uncomfortable shoes, age-related changes, kidney diseases, digestive organs.

Causes of cracks on the heels

Treating cracks on the heels

To a large extent, the cosmetic defect is caused by an increase in dryness, slowing down the regeneration rate of skin and metabolic processes in the cells. The cause of cracking can be hormonal changes, a lack of intake of vitamins and minerals.

Yellow horny skin with thickening signals of poor digestion, gastritis, abnormalities of the stomach, metabolism.

Cracks on the heels can also be formed for the following reasons:

  • thyroid dysfunction;
  • diabetes;
  • deficiency of intake of vitamins A and E;
  • wearing socks or stockings of synthetics;
  • wrong foot care.

специалисты For the prevention of avitaminosis, experts recommend that in the spring and autumn they take complexes with vitamins A, E, they are especially necessary for the health of the skin.

To exclude skin diseases (mycosis), it is worth contacting a dermatologist. Only after you can begin to treat cracks on the heels at home.

The treatment of cracked heels with proper nutrition

Treating cracks on the heels

For the healing and early healing of heels, it is necessary to increase the intake of foods rich in vitamins A and E. Vitamin A rich in red, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, herbs, it is abundant in the liver and milk.

  • Vitamin E contain vegetable oils, especially olive, sesame, almond. It should be included in the diet more nuts, cereals, fatty fish.
  • Salads should be filled with olive or sesame oil.

    Sesame oil improves the condition of the skin, hair, complexion, it is necessary for the prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Cracks on the heels and kidney disease

    Cosmetic defect, stiffness of the heels can be associated with kidney disease. In some cases, kidneys are cleansed according to the folk medicine prescription:

    • Fill the ripe fir with a 1/3 liter jar, top up with water, simmer in a water bath for 1 hour, strain.

    Take a decoction before meals for 50ml.

    How to get rid of heel cracks with household soap

    Treating cracks on the heels

    • Apply to the skin laundry soap , after 5-10 minutes rub pumice, rinse, apply a greasy cream.

    The treatment procedure is performed every other day.

    Another recipe – baths with laundry soap and soda:

    • In 2L of almost hot water, dissolve 1 tsp. soap , 1 ч.л. soda .

    Take a bath every day for 20-30 minutes, afterwards rinse your feet with warm water.

    In a bath put soap on the heels, pound with pumice, apply vegetable oil for a few minutes. Then rinse with warm water or infusion from a broom.

    When the skin dries, rub a special cream from cracks on the heels or a cream with vitamin A, put on cotton socks.

    Treatment with potato peelings

    Treating cracks on the heels

    In the simple case, to get rid of cracks on the heels of boil potato peeling , take the bath for 20-30 minutes.After the treatment, rinse your feet, grease with greasy cream or castor oil.

    To prepare the product using flax seed wash the potatoes well, fold potato peelings into a saucepan, add water, add a handful of flaxseed , boil until a thick porridge is formed.

    Keep feet in a warm medical composition for 15-20 minutes. After termination, carefully remove the skin around the cracks, treat with iodine. Lubricate the heels with a fat cream until it is completely absorbed.

    How to get rid of cracks with honey or propolis

    Treating cracks on the heels

    Lubricate the heels with honey , close parchment or paper for compresses, put on socks, leave overnight. In the morning wash off the composition, apply the cream.

    Another recipe: apply honey на on the heated heel, cover the cracks with fresh cabbage leaf , fix with a bandage.

    Recipe with propolis: Heat a glass of almond oil on a water bath , add 10 g propolis , 30 g bees wax , 1 ч.л. honey , wait until all components are dissolved. When the ointment has cooled, apply on the steamed cracks on the heels, leave for the night.

    Oil treatment

    To get rid of cracks on the heels at night, put a compress of castor , almond , sea-buckthorn , olive oil , wheat germ oil .

    To enhance the therapeutic effect of 1 tsp. base oil add 3 drops of oil chamomile , geranium , cloves , thyme , lavender , juniper .

    Dampen a soft cotton cloth in the oil, place on the heel where the cracks formed, wrap it with polyethylene, and put on a sock. Half an hour later, wash your feet.

    Healing of heel cracks with a bow

    Treating cracks on the heels

    Recipe 1 . Put the heels with raw onions for 2-3 hours, wash your feet with warm water, apply cream.

    Recipe 2 . Sunflower oil insist on fresh hunters : place the grass in a glass dish, pour oil and two weeks in the sun to ruby ​​color, the final composition to filter.

    To dip it through a meat grinder, apply a slurry on the heels for 2 hours, wash your feet, apply oil, infused with St. John’s wort.

    Recipe 3 . Get the gruel from the green feathers of onion , put on a napkin, fix with a bandage on the heel cracks for the night.

    Recipe 4 . Fill with 1 liter. Calendula flowers with a little water, boil for 5 minutes, allow to cool, drain. Add a small bulb , mashed into a gruel, 1 p.s. crushed leaves of Kalanchoe .

    Mix all ingredients, put on the heels for 2-3 hours. Treatment for cracks should be performed within 2-3 weeks.

    Recipe 5 . Onion ointment: a glass of finely chopped onions put out in one glass olive oil , allow to cool, strain oil. Put onion oil on a steam bath, add 30 g beeswax to wax melted.

    Apply overnight ointment after the foot baths.

    Healing cracks on heels with hydrogen peroxide

    Healing tray : add 5 liters of clean hot water. 3% hydrogen peroxide .

    During the procedure, periodically remove the softened cornified skin with a scrub and a stiff washcloth. The use of pumice makes the skin excessively thin, causing it to crack quickly.

    To get rid of cracks on the heels, it is useful to make baths with hydrogen peroxide after 2-3 days.

    Healing of heels with celandine

    1. Brew 1 tbsp. grass celandine 50ml of boiling water, insist 2 hours in a sealed container, drain.
    2. Mix 30 ml of flower honey and of the Kalanchoe juice , add 1 tsp. obtained decoction of celandine .

    Place the mass on the affected area for 1-2 hours. After the end, remove the horny part of the skin, grease with a thick cream.

    Home ways to get rid of cracks

    Treating cracks on the heels

    Method using diluted vodka : Dilute vodka in half with water, soak cloth, apply on the affected area, cover with polyethylene, fix with a bandage. The next morning the skin will be clean.

    Method using glycerine and petrolatum : stir in equal parts vodka , ammonia , glycerin , petroleum jelly . Apply on heel cracks, put on cotton socks.

    In case of deep cracks, exclude ammonia, replace vodka with castor oil . Impregnate the fabric, apply on the skin, lay with polyethylene and put on socks.

    Flaxseed and mint baths

    • Brew 50g flax seeds with a glass of boiling water, simmer for 10 minutes, insist 40 minutes, allow to cool, drain. Add 2 cups infusion of peppermint , 3 liters of hot water.

    Take the bath for 15 minutes. At the end, rinse your feet, lubricate the feet with a fat cream.

    Ointment from the roots of tinfoil

    • To prepare the medicinal composition 5 g finely chopped roots plants boil 5 minutes in a glass milk , in a warm form, strain until the ointment has acquired a gelatinous consistency.

    Lubricate the ointment with cracks on the heels.

    This compound has no contraindications, does not cause side effects, allergic reactions.

    Treating urinary cracks

    Some cracks on the heels of compresses from fresh urine , they put on the night. During the home treatment, you can put several compresses from a three-day urine.

    It is believed that if the skin at the back of the foot began to itch, the treatment helped and the cracks soon become overgrown.

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