Treatment of bronchitis with folk remedies

Treatment of bronchitis with folk remedies


  • Types of bronchitis
  • Symptoms of bronchitis
  • Traditional treatment of bronchitis with inhalations
  • Treatment of acute bronchitis with folk remedies
  • Folk treatment of chronic bronchitis
  • How to treat bronchitis with adults

When treating bronchitis with traditional or traditional medicine, it is important to understand that the cause of the disease can be an infection that has penetrated into the body from the outside or brought blood, lymph from the nasopharynx, sinuses of the nose, from unhealthy teeth. Inflammation can also occur as a result of allergies to flowers, tobacco, and other irritating mucous substances.

Types of bronchitis

Treatment of bronchitis with folk remedies

When inhaling, air first appears in the nose. There, cleansed of large particles of dust and warmed, it passes through the larynx and trachea, located in front of the esophagus. In the chest, the trachea divides into two bronchial tubes, left and right, each connected to the corresponding lung. There, the tubes of the bronchi become smaller and form a so-called bronchial tree, the number of terminal branches of which is about 25 million. Their mucous membranes from the inside are sticky and moist to effectively retain street dust and dirt.

Only pulmonologist can be qualified in the types of disease. But even for the layman it is not out of place to know the basic forms that millions in the world are sick of.

Acute form

Discharge from the bronchitis occurs by the forces of the body. This form affects adults and children. As a rule, the diagnosis is made in the presence of a cough, observed no longer than three weeks. It is important to exclude the symptoms of pneumonia and other chronic diseases, also accompanied by a cough.

After treatment with medicines at home or in the hospital, the lung function is completely restored.

Acute obstructive form

This form of pulmonary disease is also treatable. It is characterized by spasm, squeezing, constriction of the bronchi, because of which mucus can not go outside. In the airways, edema is formed, making the lungs ventilate much worse, it becomes difficult for the patient to breathe. It is more common in children under three years old.

Recurrent form

Cases of the disease occur at least three times a year. As a rule, it is required to re-treat bronchitis with traditional or traditional medicine.

Chronic form

As a rule, the causes of the disease are associated with prolonged exposure to external factors irritating the bronchial mucosa (dust, tobacco smoke). Or it is the result of repeated illnesses.

The need to treat a chronic form is associated not only with inflammation of the mucosa, but a change in the bronchi itself. They narrow and deform.

Usually, the patient has three or more months during the year, there is a cough that is repeated for at least two years. Cough intensifies in the morning, at this time it is deep and deaf. The temperature hardly rises.

This type of bronchitis is treated with traditional or traditional medicine, but the healing is slow.

Symptoms of bronchitis

Treatment of bronchitis with folk remedies

Symptoms of acute form

At the initial stage, the disease can easily be confused with a cold. But then in the bronchi a lot of mucus is formed, which makes the ventilation of the lungs worse. There is a need to cough.

At first, the cough is quite dry, because it is caused by the inflammatory process in the airways. Then, light yellow sputum begins to separate. During a cough, it can start to hurt especially in the upper part of the lungs, often the temperature rises.

Symptoms of obstructive bronchitis

Characterized by prolonged exhalation accompanied by whistling, dry wheezes and the need to use auxiliary muscles during breathing. Periodically, an intense cough gives way to a weak cough. Body temperature values ​​may fluctuate.

Symptoms of chronic form

Cough appears with sputum secretion. This happens every year, and every year more intensively.The amount of sputum produced is much greater than in the acute form. It is sputum that causes the need to cough.

If the bronchi continue to be under the influence of irritants, they constantly occur processes of scarring and inflammation. With time, it becomes more difficult to breathe.

Traditional treatment of bronchitis with inhalations

Treatment of bronchitis with folk remedies

Among the various physiotherapy methods – mustard plasters , wraps and electroprocedure – at home inhalations are shown. This is an inexpensive and, in addition, an effective home remedy for treating bronchitis. Inhalations are used in case of exacerbations or for prophylaxis.

Use inhalation with caution. The procedure is contraindicated in heart diseases, pneumonia, increased blood pressure.

Domestic inhalations can be carried out over steam or water. For children, steam inhalations are contraindicated, especially the smallest ones, since they can have a mucous burn. Children are allowed to breathe only over the composition, heated to 30-40C.

Inhalation with bronchitis is carried out with the addition of mucolytics , diluting sputum, and expectorants . You can breathe over heated alkaline water , aniseed or eucalyptus oil . The duration of inhalation is 3-5 minutes, the treatment procedure is performed several times a day.

More effective inhalation can be done with nebulizer . Its use makes it possible to penetrate the expectorant and liquefying substances into the lower respiratory tract, which enhances the therapeutic effect.

In a number of models, the inhaled substance is negatively charged so that it penetrates better into the lower part of the lungs. Some models are equipped with a special mask, allowing you to breathe wet heat, not only sitting, but also lying down.

Treatment of acute bronchitis with folk remedies

Treatment of bronchitis with folk remedies

Despite the temptation of self-employment of certain folk remedies, it is first of all worth seeing the doctor.

While the bronchi are enlarged, the formulations that include thyme or its essential oils are useful. Thymus is especially effective in the case of bronchial obstruction , it anesthetizes and soothes. It becomes easier for the patient to expectorate, making the bronchi intensively freed from mucus. It is also important that the plant has bactericidal activity.

Folk recipes for the treatment of bronchitis in acute form

  • In the case of an acute form, a decoction of coltsfoot (not to be confused with the clout of a European , which is similar to mother-and-stepmother, but poisonous) is used. Mother-and-stepmother is an effective expectorant, possessing antipyretic effect. Brew 1с.л. leaves in 1 st. boiling water, on a water bath for 15 minutes. Close the lid, insist 45 minutes, strain. Bring the amount of infusion to the glass. Keep no more than two days, after cooking fresh. Take a warm 1/3 cup 2-3 times a day for half an hour before meals.
  • Bronchitis heals root elecampane . It is used as an effective expectorant. For the preparation of the present 1ch.L. dried and crushed root pour 1 st. boiling water, soak in a water bath for 10 minutes. Let it brew, drain. Take 1/4 cup 3-4 times a day for an hour before meals.
  • Grass grass treats bronchitis, relieves inflammation. It is used as an expectorant. For the preparation of infusion 1 t.l. Dried crushed grass pour 1 st. boiling water, pour 5-10 minutes on a water bath, insist for an hour or two, drain. Take infusion of 1 second. 3-4 times a day.

Traditional treatment of chronic bronchitis

Treatment of bronchitis with folk remedies

Chronic form is treated with a popular prescription: insist for one to two weeks on vodka yarrow at the rate of 30 g of grass per 100 g of vodka. Take 30-40 drops 3-4 times a day.

How to treat chronic bronchitis with proper nutrition

  • Potatoes in a uniform are cooked, crumpled, 3 tsp is added to the mash. baking soda.Put the mashed potatoes in a towel and place on the chest or between the shoulder blades. Wrap up and keep on the body until it cools.
  • Prescription for bronchitis using lamb fat. Grate the back and chest for the night with melted fat. To enhance the healing effect and not to stain the bed, the body is covered with a plastic wrap. As a rule, the recipe helps with the first time.
  • Add 1 tsp to the boiled milk. badgerfat and 1с.л. honey. Take in a warm form a glass every morning.

How to treat adult bronchitis

Treatment of bronchitis with folk remedies

One of the causes of the disease is smoking. Therefore, to start the fight against the disease is to abandon the bad habit. In addition, the reception of various vitamins is indicated.

Treatment with vitamins

  • Bronchitis in folk medicine is treated with decoctions and infusions containing vitamin C. Especially useful is the infusion of dog rose. Fruits are better to brew in the thermos with hot water temperatures of no higher than 70C, so that more nutrients remain in the infusion.
  • If an adult suffers from allergic bronchitis, to get rid of the disease it is necessary to apply to vitamin B3 (nicotinic acid). It is useful to include in the diet beef liver , pork , fish , chicken . Vitamin is also found in potatoes , carrots , germinated wheat . There are many in burdock roots , rose hips , chamomile , mint , nettle , parsley , oat . Of course, it is necessary to eliminate the effect of the allergen.

Than to treat a bronchitis for the prompt convalescence

  • To cope with a phlegm helps plantain . It is prepared in a water bath at a rate of 2 p.s. to a glass of water. It is taken by 1/2 cup per hour before bedtime for one to two weeks.
  • In folk medicine, bronchitis is treated with garlic , Hypericum in the form of tea, honey , these substances are natural antibiotics. And also prepared on a water bath decoction bark willow .

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