Treatment of colds

Treatment of colds


  • What is ORL, ARVI, flu and cold
  • What are the symptoms and treatment of colds from ARI, ARVI, influenza
  • Cold prevention
  • Proper treatment of colds and the flu
  • How not to treat a cold
  • Treatment of a cold at home

When the temperature rises, shivering, a cough appears and lays the nose, most people are rather careless about this condition. Treatment of the common cold is reduced to eliminating these symptoms. And as it became easier – again to labor exploits, building a career and gaining material wealth. Even realizing that this is not entirely true of your own health. As you know, it is not boundless and sooner or later the resource will run out.

According to statistics, colds suffer 1-2 times a year every 6-7 Russians. This is a broken state, a headache, a breakdown. If there was a flu, the consequences can be even more severe, although they are not immediately noticeable. The virus causes an intoxication of the body, adversely affects the cardiovascular system.

And even if there is no treatment for a cold at first glance, it is necessary to wait for a lot of dangers. With a severe form of the disease, the nervous system, respiratory organs, heart and blood vessels are affected. ARVI is often accompanied by pneumonia and tracheobronchitis .

What is ARI, acute respiratory infections, flu and cold

Treatment of colds

Cold, acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory infections, influenza – the data seemingly similar diseases have a number of differences.

ARI – acute respiratory disease is the common name for acute respiratory diseases. If it is proved that the virus is the cause of the disease, then it is not simply ORZ that is put, but a more accurate diagnosis of acute respiratory viral infection acute respiratory viral infection . Influenza is an even more accurate diagnosis, because it is a type of ARVI.

It is important to understand that if ARVI is relatively easily tolerated and causes irrelevant harm to health, then every year 2 million people die from influenza in the world. human. The virus is called Myxovirus influenzae , it belongs to the family orthomixoviruses , which are transmitted by airborne droplets.

Such a disease as a common cold is a common form of ARI. Rhinitis is caused by rhinovirus – a wide class of similar infections.

What are the symptoms and treatment of colds from ARI, acute respiratory viral infection, influenza? Characteristic symptoms of ARVI : sore throat, cough, sneezing, stuffy nose and runny nose. The temperature can rise, but not much. About a week or earlier the cold passes, although the cough goes later – after about two weeks. Discharge from the nose of yellow or green color indicates a good resistance to immunity to the virus.

In the case of a cold, there is pain in the frontal part of the head, in the nose begins to “scrape”. Mucous membranes become inflamed and swell, it becomes difficult to breathe, especially when lying down.

Symptoms of the flu : it starts to fever, the temperature rises, I want to lie down. There is a dry cough, begins to shiver, muscle and body aches. Treatment of ARI is much easier than the flu.

Nasal mucus, despite the discomfort associated with nasal congestion, is necessary, because in this way the body gets rid of toxins. If you start using vasoconstrictive aerosols, soon the nasal mucosa is dried and the ability to distinguish smells disappears. These funds must be used only as a last resort.

It turns out, in a well-known joke about the fact that if you cure a cold, it will go away in two weeks, and if you do not heal, then after fourteen days, there is some truth. The fact is that the cold-causing viruses are active for two weeks. Namely, the virus intensively multiplies the first few days, then comes the peak of its activity, after which the recession begins.

Jokes are jokes, but this means that you do not need to stop treatment in a week, when the symptoms of a cold will disappear, and continue to perform until the end, the next seven days.

Prevention of the common cold

Treatment of colds

It is easiest to get infected from a carrier of a viral infection, which has a cold within 3-5 days. Therefore it is necessary: ​​

  • to wash hands thoroughly, especially when sitting down at the table;
  • for the prevention of colds should not be touched with unwashed hands in the area of ​​the nose, mouth and eyes;
  • for snoring it is better to buy disposable napkins – a wonderful way to avoid possible self-infection through a reusable handkerchief;
  • during epidemics, you should not shake hands with each other;
  • should avoid visits to places of large crowds – public transport, cinemas and supermarkets.
  • cold does not tolerate fresh cold air, but adores drafts and dampness, so for prevention, you need to ventilate the room as often as possible.
  • <<<< also to compensate for the loss of moisture with excessive perspiration;

  • adults are useful to make steam inhalation (to treat a cold in children with inhalation is acceptable when using water at a temperature of no higher than 30-40C to avoid burns of the mucosa). In the water, you can add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil or brew dry plant leaves;
  • As already noted, treatment with vasoconstrictive drugs for a runny nose should be performed as a last resort. You can drip one drop into each nostril of eucalyptus or fir oil, as they have a bactericidal effect, resulting in reduced mucus formation in the nose;
  • at home, it is useful to rinse your throat with a warm solution of soda or salt.

Cold cure for antibiotics is only necessary for the doctor’s prescription. The fact that antibiotics depress the immune system, destroy the beneficial microflora of the intestine, so only a specialist can decide whether the expected benefit from the use of antibiotics is harmful. In addition, antibiotics destroy bacteria, not viruses. So in the case of ARVI and flu, they are useless. And the expectation of a quick cure for antibiotics is imaginary.

The task of the patient during treatment is to help the body fight infection, weakening the symptoms of acute respiratory viral infection and strengthening immunity:

  • if a damp cough appeared during cold, it is not necessary to perform its treatment. With the help of a cough, the bronchi are cleared of the mucus accumulated in them. It is recommended to take specially expectorants based on licorice root or plantain;
  • in case of severe nasal congestion and coughing it is important during the night rest to place the head higher, that is, to sleep in the semi-sitting position. With this position of the body, mucus from the nose and coughing cause much less;
  • if the appetite is gone when you catch a cold, do not force yourself through force, but plenty of drinking is compulsory. It is useful to drink chicken broth – it is tasty and nutritious, it softens the throat well.
  • <<


  • It is important to know that children under 18 should not be given aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) because of the risk of causing Rhine syndrome . This appointment can only be done by a doctor;
  • in the treatment without the recommendations of a specialist, it is hardly possible to take into account the interaction of medications with each other, as well as possible side effects;
  • If a seven-day cycle of virus spread is missed and the temperature rises, do not immediately “knock down” it. At least because at a high temperature the viruses perish. Begin to reduce the temperature should be after the mark 38C in adults and 38.5C in children.

Cold treatment at home

Treatment of colds

Vitamin C is widely used in the treatment of folk remedies. Therefore, citrus fruits – lemons, mandarins, oranges – are not welcome if they are not allergic to them. A lot of vitamin C in vegetable salads from fresh cabbage. You can prepare fresh cabbage juice and take it every day.

  • A lot of vitamin C in the hips. To do this, you need to crush seven hips, put them in a thermos for the night, fill with a liter of boiling water. Take a glass every 2-3 hours during the day. You can drink the infusion obtained with honey, and after rinse your mouth of excess acid, so that the acid does not eat up tooth enamel.
  • At the first symptoms for treatment it is useful to prepare carrot juice and stir in it mush 3-5 cloves of garlic. Take the medicine half a cup 3-4 times a day for an hour before meals for five days.
  • In the beginning of the disease, you can treat colds with honey. To do this, you need to prepare a simple remedy, mixing garlic clove and honey in equal quantities. Take at night on a tablespoon, washing with warm water. For the prevention of colds, it is useful to dissolve propolis (1-2 peas). Propolis can be put on the cheek for the whole night.
  • If there are signs of a cold, you need to dissolve in a half liter of boiled water a tablespoon of large salt, juice of one lemon, 1 g of ascorbic acid. If you drink this compound during the evening, not having dinner, in the morning you can wake up healthy.
  • If there is no temperature, you can warm your feet with warm water and mustard for healing.
  • In case of a cough for cold, you can use an effective folk remedy – drip 2-3 drops of fir oil on the root of the tongue in the morning and evening, one hour before a meal.
  • When a cough helps compress from grated horseradish. You can cut radish into thin slices and sprinkle with sugar. Soon the radish will start to allocate juice. Prepared juice to be treated, taking a tablespoon every hour.
  • You can carry out treatment, twice a day, washing your nose with saline. To prepare a solution, half a teaspoon of salt should be dissolved in a glass of boiled water. Nasal passages are washed with a small enema, tilting the head over the sink and not tipping it back so that the saline solution freely poured out of the nose.

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