Treatment of decubitus in the home

Treatment of decubitus in the home


  • What is pressure sores
  • Measures to prevent pressure ulcers
  • Home treatment for decubitus with a solution of potassium permanganate
  • How to perform bedsore treatment at home

If the patient is in a long time beds, with time on the body formed bedsores. The reason is clear: for a long time there is a constant effect on certain parts of the body. As a result, their blood supply deteriorates. To treatment bedsores in the home is not turned into a problem, you need to take timely measures to prevent them.

What is pressure sores

This is a specific form of damage to the skin and tissues. Under the influence of body weight, small vessels are squeezed. If the patient’s posture remains constant for a long time, the blood on the capillaries simply does not reach the peripheral parts of the body. As a result, tissues, without being able to receive oxygen and nutrients, die off.

The situation is exacerbated by unimportant heart function and low blood pressure in the capillaries, as well as diabetes and vascular disease. As a result, the probability of decubitus formation increases. They are more likely to come from employees of enterprises involved in the production of products harmful to health technology. Particularly severe detrimental effects are on workers employed in the chemical and radioactive industries.

On the body ulcers are formed, which adhere to a considerable depth and at the same time fester. Treatment of such ulcers is often ineffective. But at the same time, there is practically no inconvenience, since bedsores do not hurt and do not cause discomfort in their treatment.

Prophylactic prophylaxis measures

Treatment of decubitus in the home

In order not to have to treat pressure sores, it is necessary to observe at home and carry out the following activities:

  • timely replacement of bed linen;
  • change to fresh pajamas and underwear;
  • do not starch bed linens;
  • Do not use a sheet sewn from several pieces or repeatedly repaired, because its seams contribute to the formation of dead tissue;
  • carefully remove the remains of food from the bed;
  • carefully remove any suds from the skin of the patient after washing;
  • correctly move the patient in bed;
  • patient should not stay in a hard chair for a long time.

Not so long ago it was thought that it was not necessary to treat decubitus, for their prevention it is necessary to conduct regular home massage procedures of the corresponding parts of the body. It turns out that this is a delusion. Because this measure does not always give an effect and can even harm with sensitive skin.

Preventive measures should be directed, first of all, to maintaining proper hygiene and reducing pressure on certain areas. After washing or other hygienic procedures, it is useful to lubricate the skin with a protective cream.

It is necessary to distribute the load evenly over the body, changing the position every three hours. If the patient is shown immobility, it is recommended to purchase a special mattress, which creates optimal conditions, having less impact on the most prone areas.

Home treatment of pressure sores with solution of potassium permanganate

Treatment of decubitus in the home

In some cases, it is recommended to treat formulations with cauterization of a dense solution of potassium permanganate. Although manganese does not destroy spores and cysts of microorganisms. The place is quickly covered with a solid black crust of necrotic tissue, under which the infection continues to develop. Suppuration extends deeper, and if nothing is done to treat it, it is opened when the process reaches the bone. From the wound disgustingly smells of rot, can begin a common infection of blood.

Often at home, pressure sores are treated with various folk remedies, for example, cabbage leaves. In this case, it is better not to use them, since only a surgeon can help. He will remove the top crust from the dead tissue.Then the wound needs to be treated further – for example, it is necessary to treat with various ointments to remove necrotic tissues.

How to treat bed sores at home

Treatment of decubitus in the home

Despite the fact that this process is not fast, it is still necessary to treat them. Because if you do not do it, it will get worse.

For treatment on a damaged area, it is recommended to apply a bandage. This is the way to protect against germs, and a way to protect the ointment from soaking in bed linens. Gauze bandage of a rectangular shape is attached to the skin with a hypoallergenic patch along the contour, holding on to undamaged skin areas. It is better to apply the ointment in the center of the bandage, and not on ulcers. If everything is done correctly, after two or three weeks, the lesion is healed.

At home, to treat decubitus in case of reddening of the skin and the appearance of the first blisters, zinc ointment or emulsion “Tsindol” is necessary. You can also use Menalind cream. It should include zinc oxide. After applying the ointment or cream, the place is closed with a gauze bandage. As a rule, development stops.

If there is no skin on the affected area and a rather deep wound is formed to 2 cm deep, but there is no yellow, green, purple or black-red plaque and there is no pus, it can be treated with the following remedy.

Take a container and rub it with alcohol. Add one part of a 1% solution of dioxidine to three volume parts of the balsamic linen in Vishnevsky,, mix thoroughly – these substances do not mix well. For treatment, apply the prepared composition to the wound for two days. If the healing began after two days, the bandage should be changed after three days, each time preparing a fresh composition. If you change the bandage once a day, the effect of treatment may not be observed.

Ointment “Levomikol” for various reasons gives a much smaller therapeutic effect, so it is not necessary to hope that it will help. You can also treat bedsores at home with Panthenone or methyluracil ointment , but their effect is weaker.

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