Treatment of herpes on the lips

Treatment of herpes on the lips


  • Types of the herpes virus
  • The danger and consequences of herpesviruses
  • How the disease is transmitted
  • What to pass the analysis
  • Causes of recurrences of herpes
  • How simple is herpes simplex on the lip during pregnancy
  • Herpes treatment at home
  • Treatment of herpes on the face and lips with medicinal preparations
  • How to treat herpes on the face with folk remedies

The formation of watery pimples on the lips often signals the need for treatment of herpes . Although at the current stage of medical knowledge development one can count only on eliminating external manifestations, it is impossible to completely get rid of the virus. It is built into the genetic apparatus of nerve cells, after which the immune system must constantly produce the appropriate antibodies. With a weakening of immunity due to a lack of vitamins, with hypothermia or stress on the lips, a characteristic cold appears.

Types of herpes virus

Herpesviruses are common among people, 8 types of viruses are now identified. Some of them:

  • Herpes simplex virus type 1. It appears on the lips, mucous membranes, skin, eyes, rarely on the genitals;
  • The second type of viral disease causes eruptions on the genitals ;
  • The third type causes chicken pox and the so-called shingles , in which characteristic vesicles are located around the trunk along the nerves, for example, between the ribs.

Manifestations of a viral disease are determined by the state of immunity, the type of the virus, its prevalence.

As a rule, it is more difficult to treat after primary infection, because in this case there are no antibodies in the body. Recovery is hampered by the weakened immunity of the patient, the immature immune system of the affected 3-4 year old child.

Most often it is necessary to treat herpes, a characteristic cold on the lips caused by a virus of the first type. This is a common form of the disease, antibodies to this variety are found in 90% of people over 40 years old.

The condition of infection with the second form of a viral disease, as a rule, is the onset of sexual activity. Antibodies to this species have been detected in a fifth of the US population. In Russia, cases of the disease are not recorded, so the exact figure is unknown.

This form of the disease is the third most common among STDs. It is believed that 6-10% of the adult population of developed countries are affected by herpes genitalia.

Dangers and consequences of herpesviruses

Treatment of herpes on the lips

The main danger of the disease, regardless of the type, is its incurability. Once in the body, the virus remains there forever, creating an additional burden on the immune system.

Immunity weakening causes periodic relapses of the disease, because of what the body’s resources may not be enough to adequately counteract all possible pathogenic microflora ( E. coli, staphylococcus ). Ultimately, this can provoke the development of prostatitis , vesiculitis , other diseases.

It is necessary to properly cure the simple herpes that appeared on the lips, as well as the virus of the second type. Otherwise, a generalized herpic infection may develop, in which the central nervous system, skin, mucous, gastrointestinal tract, liver, respiratory organs are affected. In case of complications of the genital form of the disease, cervical cancer , prostate cancer develops.

A rare form of herpes, a virus of the 4th type Epstein-Barra , causes cancer of the lymph nodes.

The fifth type of herpesvirus is also relatively rare, it is especially dangerous for pregnant women, because it can cause cytomegalovirus infection , which is manifested by low intelligence, hearing and motor impairment of the child.The method of transmission is unknown, but it is believed that the source of infection can be breast milk, saliva, urine, semen.

As transmitted disease

Treatment of herpes on the lips

Infection herpes simplex occurs by direct contact, through household items, by droplets, if located next to coughing or sneezing by an infected person, and during a conversation. Often, infection occurs from carriers who do not have external symptoms of the disease.

Viral infection with genital herpes possibly through mucous membranes during a kiss, through saliva, by sexual intercourse. As a rule, the disease must occur in the acute stage, in this case there is only one contact. The second form of the disease is not transmitted when visiting swimming pools and baths, using a general toilet seat, towels and common utensils.

How to pass the analysis

In order to determine the presence of the virus in the body and to know its type, you can give an enzyme immunoassay ( ELISA ).

After infection with the virus, immunoglobulins IgM оказыва appear in the blood, after the relapse there are detected IgG . ELISA analysis can determine the presence of IgM and IgG, the type of virus, as well as the amount ( titer ) of these immunoglobulins for an approximate assessment of the state of immunity.

To determine the type of disease also allows polymerase chain reaction ( PCR ), while the test material is taken from the sites of rashes. This method can detect the virus at the time of relapse, determine its type. The disadvantage of the method is the specific requirements for sterility and maintenance of the required temperature during the study. If these conditions are not met, the results of this method may not be useful for proper diagnosis.

Causes of recurrences of herpes

Treatment of herpes on the lips

The need to treat exacerbation of labial herpes, rashes on the genitals can be caused by various causes:

  • hypothermia;
  • stress;
  • physical, mental overstrain or overwork;
  • female days;
  • pregnancy;
  • intense sunburn;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • taking certain medications.

Often the temperature rises, weakness, malaise, lymph nodes become larger, they become painful. The muscles and joints ache.

The virus manifests by burning, tingling, itching in the area of ​​the lips. Appears red, then watery pimples. After a while, their contents become clouded, they are opened and turned into sores, which is especially unpleasant on the face.

Then they dry up, forming crusts. In no case need to pick water bubbles, scrape off the crusts. During treatment, it is important to wash your hands more often, get an individual towel.

As a rule, external manifestations pass through a week and a half or earlier. Do not zealous and treat the herpes virus on the lips for more than a month. So you can seriously weaken the immunity, increase the risk of tumors of different nature. If the measures taken provide minor improvements, it is worthwhile to repeatedly contact a doctor and take the necessary tests.


Much more dangerous if the primary infection occurs during pregnancy. In this case, the virus can penetrate the placenta. This is fraught with miscarriage, various malformations of the fetus, up to the birth of a dead child, because a violent reaction of the body manifests itself only in the case of primary infection, exacerbations are much easier.

In case of exacerbation of type 2 herpes, cesarean section is often used. If the decision is made to give birth in a natural way to avoid infection of the child, the virus is neutralized with one or another medicated drug.

Tools treat herpes at home

Treatment of herpes on the lips

It is understood that holding treat external manifestations of the disease on the lips or genitals, get rid of the virus will not succeed, because it is embedded in the genetic apparatus of nerve cells . It is impossible to cure completely, the illness will periodically remind you of itself.

To avoid infection, in addition to avoiding contact with the carrier of the virus, it is more useful to be out in the open air, exercise, stay in a positive frame of mind.

In case of infection, it is necessary to help the work of the immune system, take vitamin complexes from time to time, strengthen the body’s defenses in any way, by providing timely treatment for the rashes that have appeared.

During the treatment of herpes and during the period of remission , the absence of symptoms, it is necessary to abandon bad habits, alcohol abuse, limit the sweet. It is useful to eat more beef, chicken, fish, dairy products, citrus fruits, black currants, peaches, apples, bananas.

It is necessary to diversify the food with products containing zinc , because this microelement promotes rapid healing of wounds. The source of a useful microelement is brewer’s yeast , mushrooms, pumpkin seeds, blueberries, nuts, oysters .

Treatment of herpes on the face and lips medical drugs

Treatment of herpes on the lips

As a rule, after the examination and diagnosis of the specific way to treat cold sores on the lips, prescribed by a doctor. To eliminate the itching, burning, various means are used. Treatment is performed with creams, gels, ointments and tablets:

  • cream Acyclovir ( Zovirax );
  • cream Valaciclovir ( Valtrex );
  • gel Allomedin ;
  • gel Infagel ;
  • Oxoline ointment ;
  • gel or ointment Viru-Merz serol ;
  • ointment or tablets Gerpevir ;
  • tablets Remantadine ;
  • tablets Minaker ( Menaker ).

Treatment of the lips with antiviral drugs before the onset of rash, but in the presence of burning, helps to avoid external manifestations. If the rash has already formed, the time of their healing is shortened.

How to treat cold sores on the face of folk remedies

Treatment of herpes on the lips

eliminating the symptoms on the lips, at first useful to lubricate the healthy skin around the lesion only then. This will help avoid its spread to healthy areas.

Lubricate sores with this or that remedy with a cotton swab. Treatment is also best to start with the appearance of characteristic symptoms, without waiting for a rash. If you have time to apply a suitable medicine, the cold on the lip will pass much faster.

  • External manifestations of the viral disease are quickly eliminated Valocordinum . Some manage to remove herpes on the lips in a couple of days.
  • Quickly cure lips helps alcohol propolis tincture , sold at the pharmacy. She every 2 hours cauterized pimples, after 5-10 minutes, a nourishing fat cream is applied.
  • Calanchoe juice , aloe or lemon cures external manifestations of herpes near the lips. A small piece of juice is squeezed out a few drops of juice and applied on the cotton wool to the affected area.
  • Corvalol is an effective remedy for a viral disease. Applying a few drops on the cotton wool, it needs to be held for a short time in the affected area. In some cases, the visible effect is achieved in 3-4 days.
  • A simple home remedy for herpes is table salt . A small amount of it is applied near the lips. You can also lubricate the rashes with saline.
  • Quite an effective cure for herpes is the essential oil of tea tree, rosemary, eucalyptus .
  • When using fir oil , a burning sensation appears, which quickly passes. Lubricate the affected area every two hours. Similarly, sea buckthorn or almond oil , sea buckthorn promotes the rapid healing of skin.
  • Calendula ointment helps with herpes.
  • To quickly cure the area affected by the herpes virus, it is useful to apply near the lips a cotton wool moisturized with herbal infusion St. John’s wort, chamomile , calendula .

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