Treatment of joints with folk remedies

Treatment of joints with folk remedies


  • Why joints hurt
  • What you need to take to avoid joint treatment
  • Treatment of joints with folk remedies for arthrosis and arthritis
  • Treatment of joints with folk remedies in case gout

With the situation, when for some reason the joints begin to hurt, almost half of the population of the Earth is facing. This can be the result of trauma or stretching, as well as a symptom of various diseases – for example, influenza. In any case, the treatment of joints with folk remedies or with the help of official medicine can begin only after the establishment of an exact cause. Timely treatment is especially necessary if there is a crunching or beginning to hurt, because neglected cases can cause complete immobility.

The causes of the diseases can be different. Often they are caused by deposits of salts, softening of bone tissue, various inflammations. The diagnosis is made based on the results of a medical examination and laboratory tests, only then treatment is prescribed.

Why joints hurt

Treatment of joints with folk remedies

As a rule, with age, the joints become less mobile, they accumulate salt deposits. A great value on the health of bone tissue and cartilage is nutrition. First of all, you need a sufficient supply of calcium and magnesium. If a shortage of these trace elements is experienced for a long time, with increased discomfort, for example, when knee pain occurs during flexion, it is necessary to find some way to treat joints with folk remedies for the purpose of prevention.

With age, the results of injuries sustained throughout life begin to affect, especially if you previously had to intensively engage in sports that give a significant load to the bones and cartilage: gymnastics, barbells, football. In addition, the cause of joint pain can be an infection.

A common cause of joint pain is the following:

  • Osteoarthritis : the cartilage wears out, becomes thin, loses the property of serving as a shock absorber between the bones.
  • Arthritis : inflammation, pain caused by the activity of bacteria or degenerative changes. The temperature can rise, the tumor develops and redness develops, there is a strong pain. If many salts are formed, the body begins to produce an excessive amount of lubricant to neutralize the painful roughness, causing the tumor to grow.
  • Gout is caused by a metabolic disorder. The body accumulates salts of uric acid, which causes severe pain. As a rule, the attack happens at night. Gout is often associated with hypothermia, stress, and malnutrition.
  • Rheumatism develops gradually and affects the connective tissue that is distributed throughout the body, and the heart and blood vessels also suffer. This is due to the activity of streptococci, causing angina, pharyngitis or scarlet fever. If the immunity is weak, these diseases can cause rheumatic fever.
  • Deforming osteoarthritis most often observed in old age and often leads to immobility. The cartilage changes, ceases to perform its functions. In the joints there is a crunch, in the morning they begin to ache, eventually deform and lose mobility.

What should I do to avoid joint treatment?

Treatment of joints with folk remedies

As a rule, the treatment of joints is a long process and does not always end in recovery. In some cases, the measures taken can only slow down or suspend the course of the disease. Therefore, it is much more important to eliminate its possible causes in advance, than after not always doing effective treatment.

All kinds of joint diseases affect not only old age.At any age, so that someday no treatment is required, to maintain them in a healthy mobile state it is necessary: ​​

  • to eat right;
  • give the body enough movement;
  • take care of sufficient blood supply to bones, ligaments and cartilage;
  • maintain optimal body weight.

As you know, in the bones the mass of microelements. First of all, there is a lot of calcium. They also contain potassium, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, zinc. If the diet is not enough of these trace elements or their costs are not periodically replenished, eventually the bones become thin and fragile. Sooner or later, treatment is needed.

It’s no secret that the activity associated with regular nervous overexertion requires high calcium costs. That’s why the representatives of the “nervous” professions have bad teeth. The appropriate nutrition and mineral complexes, replenishing in the home micro-nutrient loss, is an effective prevention and treatment of painful sensations in joints with frequent nervous overstrain.

Micronutrient deficiency is supplemented by the use of appropriate products:

  • Calcium is found in dairy products, cheese, canned fish, parsley, cabbage, almonds.
  • Potassium is found in dairy products, cocoa, tomatoes, potatoes, parsley, raisins, apricots, prunes, black currants.
  • Many zinc in oysters, onions, oat flakes, egg yolk.
  • Manganese in sufficient quantities is contained in beans, peas, raspberries, rye bread.
  • Deficiency magnesium can be eliminated by the use of lentils, nuts, pumpkin seeds, rice, buckwheat, beans, peas.

For the prevention of crunching in the joints, it is better to completely abandon the use of table salt.

Revitalizes bones and cartilage movement. It is during the movement that they receive a sufficient amount of the necessary lubricant, the speed of the exchange processes increases in them. Motor activity serves to prevent the formation of salt deposits, the joints crunch only if they are unwell.

In the case of a lack or excessive monotony of motor activity, the blood supply to the joints is impaired, stagnation occurs in them. If the necessary nutrition is not enough, the bones and cartilage begin to weaken and collapse. Cartilage tissue is deprived of the opportunity to regularly update, why it becomes thinner and soon it is necessary to treat joints with folk remedies, and in difficult cases – to consult a specialist.

Obviously, overweight can also cause pain in the knees. Excess weight creates a significant load on the pelvis, knees, feet, which can cause their deformation or thinning of the cartilaginous tissue. Therefore, especially if the legs hurt, it is necessary to balance the diet. And if you add sufficient motor activity – another effective means of prevention – weight quickly normalizes without debilitating diets.

To avoid pain in the knees and joints, you need a sufficient supply of water – it is water that is the basis of the produced lubricant. Water can be mineral, replenishing the loss of important trace elements, but necessarily non-carbonated.

A fairly effective folk remedy for joint pain is the use of a cold. The fact is that when preparing this dish in the broth is collagen, which is necessary to increase the strength of bone tissue, cartilage, tendons. In addition, gelatin is formed from the collagen during the preparation of the cold. Gelatine reduces the chance of gluing together platelets, improves memory and has a beneficial effect on the gastric mucosa. As a result, bones and cartilage are treated, as their strength and elasticity increases, and the blood circulation necessary for their health improves.

Treatment of joints with folk remedies for arthrosis and arthritis

Treatment of joints with folk remedies

As already mentioned, before the treatment of joints, folk remedies require accurate diagnosis.Osteoarthritis of the knee, as well as other places of articulation of bones, is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • crunching in the knees;
  • knees hurt in the depth, the sensations can be amplified by bending during squats, while descending the stairs – any increase in physical activity;
  • the amplitude of movements in the joints is limited, movements are difficult, especially in the mornings;
  • in advanced cases, bone tissue is deformed.

As a rule, knees hurt after physical exertion, then the condition is normalized.

  • With arthrosis for treatment it is useful to take a decoction prepared from bark of willow, birch leaves, nettle and calendula flowers. All components are mixed in equal parts, 1 tsp. mixture is brewed a glass of boiling water and infused for 12 hours. Decoction take half a cup for an hour before meals 3 times a day for two months.
  • Treatment of pain in the knee joint in the case of arthritis can be performed with another means – bay leaf. To do this, half a pack of bay leaves should be poured in 300 ml of boiling water and simmer for 5 minutes. After removing from heat, close the lid, wrap and insist for 3 hours. Ready to boil the broth and drink an hour before bedtime. The next day, you must again prepare a fresh broth, drink it at night. On the third day, take the decoction again, then make a one-week break. After a week, repeat the three-day treatment of arthritis. A year later you can retake this course.

Treatment of joints with folk remedies in the case of gout

Treatment of joints with folk remedies

If the legs began to hurt, this may be a sign of gout. In Greek, gout means “trap”. Causes of the disease can be hereditary, associated with malnutrition or with kidney malnutrition. With the use of smoked products, hot sauce, sprat, sardine, beer, purines turned into the body become uric acid. If the kidneys are okay, uric acid is safely excreted. Otherwise, the acid forms characteristic elongated crystals in the joints, causing the need for treatment. Pain with gout is very strong, the slightest touch is unbearable.

  • To treat joints with folk remedies in case of gout it is possible at home, having prepared an infusion of cranberry leaves. To do this, 3 teaspoons brewed a glass of boiling water and infused for half an hour. Take 1 tbsp. several times during the day.
  • Gout is treated with the juice of nettle dioecious. Juice take 1 tsp. three times a day.
  • A special ointment for gout is prepared from iodized salt. Half a kilogram of salt should be filled with water and boiled to allow the water to evaporate. Then add 200 g of medical Vaseline or chicken fat, mix. Treatment with the obtained composition is carried out by compresses overnight through a woolen cloth, it is possible to fix the compresses with a bandage.
  • You need to start taking linden decoction. For its preparation at home, you need to brew in a glass of boiling water 1 tablespoon. flowers, insist 20 minutes, then strain. At treatment broth is accepted for the night on 1-2 glasses.

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