Treatment of kidney stones with folk remedies

Treatment of kidney stones with folk remedies


  • Reasons for the appearance of kidney crystals
  • Types of kidney stones
  • Prevention of urolithiasis and nephrolithiasis
  • Symptoms of urolyte and nephrolitic
  • Diagnosis of urolithiasis and nephrolitic
  • How to eat, so that the kidney stones are not treated with folk remedies
  • Folk treatment of kidney stones

The most common cause of kidney stone disease is called metabolic disorder. Although the exact cause is still unknown. First, small formations appear, up to 3 mm, often called sand. If you do not take measures for timely diagnosis and prevention, after a certain time, treatment of kidney stones with folk remedies or with the help of traditional medicine is required. If they are formed in the organs of the genitourinary system, urolithiasis is called urolythiasis . If directly in the kidneys, then talk about nephrolithiasis – nephrolithiasis .

Most often, extraneous inclusions occur on the right side, this is due to the anatomical features of the body. But cases of their appearance on both sides are not so rare. Education is detected in about 3% of the working population, they suffer from newborns and the elderly.

Reasons for the appearance of kidney crystals

Treatment of kidney stones with folk remedies

Salts in a healthy body should be completely excreted in the urine. If there is a failure – for example, associated with metabolic disorders – its crystals begin to stick together with each other, taking on bizarre shapes and sizes. Large are considered from 5mm and more.

As a rule, the existing disease, its causes and the need for treatment are not considered as long as the crystal remains stationary. When he comes into motion, there is a sharp pain.

The most likely reasons for the appearance of renal formations include:

  • vitamin balance disorders, lack of ultraviolet light, malnutrition.
  • deviations in the work of parotid glands causing a violation of calcium metabolism;
  • geographical factor – hot climate, insufficient water intake or too hard water;
  • various pathologies of the genitourinary system, congenital anomalies, causing a narrowing of the urinary tract, because of which the outflow of urine is difficult;
  • various diseases – pyelonephritis, hydronephrosis, kidney depression, inflammation of the bladder, prostate adenoma, prostatitis;
  • sedentary work.

Often, kidney stones have different nature, but more than half the time their composition is mixed. They often find themselves in the bladder or ureter. Much is determined by the nature of nutrition and the age factor.

Types of Kidney Crystals

Treatment of kidney stones with folk remedies

The most common and at the same time the most durable stones are calcium. They are formed in the vast majority of cases and are oxalate and phosphate .

Oxalate calcium stones

– black or dark gray, while moving inside the body cause severe pain due to a spiked surface. Mucous is damaged and this causes blood in the urine. Typically, you have to perform their removal by an operation. Other methods of treatment can be eliminated only from oxalate sand.

The common cause of the formation is the excessive intake of oxalic acid from the food. Regular consumption of juices, carrots, beets, vitamin C in large quantities causes their formation and growth.

Phosphate calcium stones

– gray and much softer than oxalates. Their surface is smooth or slightly rough. The reason for the appearance is a shift in the metabolic processes to the alkaline side. As a rule, loose flakes appear in the urine.

If you treat kidney stones with folk remedies, you need to drink sour juices, cranberry or cowberry. Or to agree to a crushing performed in a medical institution.

Uranium stones

are not detected by X-ray, they are detected only by urine analysis. They consist of uric acid, their surface is smooth. A common cause of their appearance is gout or regular dehydration of the body. Therefore, to treat kidney stones with folk remedies in this case is not very much required. It is enough to drink more water, and also to sit on a diet, so that the urine becomes more alkaline.

Struvite stones

are the result of the activity of bacteria that process urea. In the urine, crystals of a characteristic shape resembling a coffin lid and containing magnesium are found. They are more common in women. Since it is not effective to treat kidney stones with folk remedies or with the help of medications, you have to go for ultrasound crushing or a “real” operation if the formation is large enough.

Cystine (protein) stones

– appear in the case of a hereditary anomaly of metabolic processes, while in the urine consistently high levels of cystine. They are smooth, flat and soft, are rare. After determining the cause of sand – crystals of hexagonal shape – medication or surgery is prescribed.

Prevention of urolithiasis and nephrolithiasis

Treatment of kidney stones with folk remedies

Proper nutrition and drinking is necessary: ​​

  • you need to drink enough pure water. Not juices – teas – compotes – soda, and clean water, especially in summer, when the heat in the street;
  • it is better to exclude salt from the diet;
  • limit the consumption of spicy, sour and fatty foods;
  • not eat dry food;
  • food should become more frequent, but smaller portions;
  • prevention implies a mandatory increase in motor activity.

Symptoms of urolyte and nephrolysis

Treatment of kidney stones with folk remedies

Symptoms can not be detected until the crystals begin to move. If they have sharp protrusions, they begin to irritate the mucosa and cause its inflammation. Often identified during routine medical examinations with the help of ultrasound. Or when there is an attack of urolithiasis.

The attack is preceded by various symptoms. As a rule, the lower back begins to worry, the back hurts, the pain can give to the legs and even cause a short limp. There is a feeling of heaviness, it seems that you constantly have to carry something with you.

Painful symptoms can increase with physical activity or a rapid change in body position. To fall asleep, you have to pull your legs to your stomach. When you straighten your legs at night you have to wake up from painful sensations.

Symptom of kidney disease is frequent visits to the toilet. Emptying the bladder is painful and is accompanied by a feeling that there is something left in it. In the urine, blood may appear if the mucous membrane is injured.

An indication of urolithiasis is a change in the composition and color of urine. Urine can become darker not only because of the presence of blood clots in it. Often it becomes turbid and changes its color due to a change in the chemical composition.

Diagnosis of urolithiasis and nephrolysis

Treatment of kidney stones with folk remedies

Before treatment, an accurate diagnosis of kidney disease is required. It begins with laboratory tests of blood and urine. Generally, a general urine test is mandatory. It is in the analyzes that more salts of one type or another are found. This allows you to diagnose the type of crystal.

Another popular method of diagnosis is ultrasound of the kidneys. The method does not require special preparation of the patient and allows finding out the location of the solid formation.

If ultrasound in the kidneys could not find anything, but there are suspicions of the presence of stones, an overview radiography is assigned before treatment. The method requires the preparation of the intestine – removal of toxins, the introduction of a cleansing enema. This method of diagnosis can detect stones from calcium, although they are almost impossible to identify if they are from cystine.

Excretory urography is also used, with the patient entering the bloodstream with a special formulation that penetrates the kidneys and “manifests” their structure. Then the composition is completely eliminated from the body. During the examination, the size and shape of the lesions become clearly visible.

How to eat so that kidney stones are not treated with folk remedies

Treatment of kidney stones with folk remedies

The nutritional system for kidney disease is determined by the chemical composition of the identified sand or stones. To avoid amplification of the signs of the disease, it is necessary to help the body in every possible way, using products that contribute to an early cure. Obviously, the diet should not cause an increase in the size and number of formations. On the contrary, it should promote their gradual dissolution and removal from the body.

Diet in the case of oxalate stones

If you find oxalates , you should stop eating foods that are high in oxalic acid. Even if kidney treatment is not required, but these products constitute a significant part of the daily diet, you should limit their use. Oxalic acid is found in parsley, spinach, strawberries, chocolate, wheat bran, nuts, beets, tea and other products.

Diet in the detection of phosphate stones

should be aimed at acidifying urine. For this it is useful to drink more cranberry or cowberry juice. The treatment of formations in the kidneys of this variety is promoted by the meat diet, the intake of enough fish and meat protein into the body. This should become the basis of nutrition. Greens, vegetables, milk and sour-milk products should be excluded.

Proper nutrition and urate stones

The diet should be aimed at limiting the consumption of meat, as well as by-products: liver, kidneys, brains, tongue, etc., various meat and fish broths, smoked products, mushrooms, coffee, cocoa, chocolate .

It is useful to eat more fruits and vegetables: watermelons, melons, turnips, black currants. Showed grape juice, strawberry, strawberry, dog rose, lemon.

Folk treatment of kidney stones

Since it is possible to remove stones from the kidneys by accurately determining their chemical composition and location with the help of this or that diagnosis, it is not necessary to consult a specialist to self-medicate. A popular remedy chosen from general considerations can harm, causing an exacerbation of urolithiasis. In especially dangerous health cases, improper self-treatment may result in an emergency operation.

Treatment of oxalate kidney stones with folk remedies

Treatment of kidney stones with folk remedies

  • Many people in the treatment are helped by a watermelon diet. Within a week or two, you need to eat watermelons and a little black bread. Best sand is excreted in the evening from 17 to 21 hours, when the daily peak activity of the urinary system occurs. To facilitate the release of sand it is useful to take a warm bath. Water removes muscle spasm and dilates the urinary tract, which makes the procedure much easier.
  • Since getting rid of small ossecal stones is possible with intensive work of the kidneys, it is useful to drink as much liquid as possible during the day. They can be removed with the help of grapes, young branches and mustache plants. For treatment, chop 1 tsp. grape branches collected in the spring, pour a glass of boiling water. To soak in a water bath or a slow fire for 2-3 minutes, insist and strain. Take a quarter cup four times a day.

Folk treatment of phosphate stones in the kidneys

Treatment of kidney stones with folk remedies

  • Coping with phosphate stones helps infusions from the roots of plants growing on stony soils. It can be dogrose , grapes , sporish , barberry , heather quarry . (2 parts), birch leaves (2 parts), juniper berries (1 part), snake mountaineer root (1 part), burdock root (1 part), root of the stalker (1 part). One with.l mixture of herbs is brewed in a glass of boiling water and cooked for another 15 minutes. Infusion is taken one glass three times a day.
  • The three-color violet, the St. John’s wort, the birdwalker, the briskness, the roots of the dandelion help the phosphate stones. Herbs are mixed in equal proportions. Five tablespoons of the mixture is brewed with a liter of boiling water, insists. Treatment is performed three times a day with a glass of infusion.

How to treat urate stones with oats and herbs

Treatment of kidney stones with folk remedies

  • When forming urate stones it is useful to be treated with oats. Namely, every day to take the next folk remedy. Oat seeds are taken in the husk, washed, poured into a thermos bottle and poured with boiling water. After 10-12 hours, the oats need to be wiped through a fine sieve. The resulting gruel is for breakfast, it is better not to add salt and sugar.
  • To treat kidney stones with folk remedies in case of excess uric acid, you can use a mixture of herrings (1 part), currant leaves (2 parts), strawberry leaves (2 parts). Herbs are mixed, one tablespoon of the mixture is brewed with a glass of boiling water. After the infusion is filtered. Take 2 p.s. an hour before meals 3-4 times a day.

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