Treatment of lymph nodes in the neck

Treatment of lymph nodes in the neck


  • What in the body lymph nodes
  • Increase and swollen lymph nodes in the neck of the child
  • inflammation of cervical lymph nodes
  • Prevention increasing lymph nodes
  • People’s treatment of enlarged lymph nodes

The anxiety and anxiety are clear when the cervical lymph nodes are enlarged. It turns out that in some cases this condition does not threaten health, especially in children. But if the lymph nodes on the neck are inflamed, it is painful to touch them, for proper treatment it is worthwhile to see a doctor, give a general blood test.

What are the lymph nodes in the body

Treatment of lymph nodes in the neck

lymphatic system form tonsils, bone marrow, spleen, thymus, gut lymphoid formations, as well as the lymph nodes, connected by canals. It is necessary to maintain the purity of the body, is part of the immune system.

Lymph circulates through the ducts, a kind of intercellular fluid. In Latin, lympha means “pure water, moisture”. It consists of blood cells erythrocytes (they are few), a significant number of lymphocytes . In an adult human body, 1-2 liters of this fluid.

Movement of lymph through the vessels is provided by the natural activity of internal organs, muscle contractions, negative pressure in the veins.

The lymph from the tissues freely penetrates through the walls into small lymphatic vessels located in the immediate vicinity of the arteries and veins. It removes from the cells elements of metabolism, dead leukocytes, phagocytes, microbes, viruses, toxins, supplies cells with nutrients.

Lymphatic vessels connect to the neck, in other parts of the body and form lymph nodes . They are oval in shape, their size is 0.2-1cm. Included in the lymphocytes detoxify harmful substances brought by the lymph, prevent them from getting into the blood.

Vascular outlet from the lymph nodes is connected to the left and right subclavian veins .

Increased and swollen lymph nodes in the neck of the child

Treatment of lymph nodes in the neck

As a rule, healthy lymph nodes were invisible. Inflammation can signal a disease of the area of ​​the body with which this node is associated.

Many parents, having noticed an increase in the lymph node at the neck of the child, begin to look for the cause, as well as a way of treating a real or imaginary disease. It turns out that children need to carefully distinguish between enlarged and inflamed lymph nodes. As a rule, on the neck they are enlarged, but not inflamed.

Signs of inflammation of the lymph node are pain at touch, swelling, a characteristic change in color and skin type.

An enlarged lymph node on the child’s neck is a common reaction to the inflammatory process or infection in the nasopharynx, oral cavity. In most cases this is not dangerous. As a rule, it is enough to donate blood for a general analysis. If the indices are normal, there is nothing to worry about, treatment is not required.

Inflammation of the cervical lymph nodes

Treatment of lymph nodes in the neck

When lymphadenitis inflamed one or more nodes. They increase in size, are painful. The skin above the focus of inflammation is red and hot. The temperature may rise, appetite may disappear. Increases fatigue and irritability.

Inflammation develops as a result of a common infection in the body, with the flu, ARI. Pathogens or their toxins with lymph flow into the nearest node. For example, the lymph nodes under the jaw, near the neck, are often inflamed with pharyngitis, herpes.

Bacteria, viruses, fungus, streptococci, pathogenic microorganisms sometimes penetrate through the skin, damaged mucous, with blood. Often, the microflora at the site of inflammation is mixed.

Inflamed lymph nodes in the neck and other areas are treated with antibiotics. After consultation with your doctor, warm compresses are used to reduce pain. As the underlying disease is cured, the nodes assume their usual dimensions. Sometimes they remain firm, but do not cause painful sensations.

Lymphadenitis can signal both a cold and an oncological disease. Of particular concern are lymph nodes that have been inflamed for more than two weeks.

Prophylaxis of enlarged lymph nodes

Treatment of lymph nodes in the neck

To avoid having to treat certain serious diseases, it is useful to periodically cleanse the lymph nodes. When they are clogged with starches, proteins, fats, the lymph flow is slowed down, the protective and purifying functions of the body are reduced. Also slowed down the rate of metabolic processes, which affects the tissue cells.

Excessive contamination of lymph can be signaled not only by inflamed lymph nodes. The chronic rhinitis disturbs, adenoids, tonsils increase. Often you have to treat sore throat, joints become inflamed, swelling is formed on the hands and feet.

If you do not take measures to cleanse the lymphatic system, in some cases lymphogranulomatosis , malignant disease of lymphoid tissue can develop.

Before attempting to cleanse the lymph nodes, it is worth cleaning the intestines and liver.

  • To prevent the increase and inflammation of the lymph nodes it is useful to drink orange and lemon juices. They clear lymph, increase immunity.
  • To cleanse the lymphatic system, it is useful to take hot baths with baking soda . When exposed to hot water and alkali, the pores are opened, a profuse sweating begins, and harmful substances are released from the body.

It is especially useful to periodically clean lymph with suffering from arthrosis, osteochondrosis of the spine, coronary heart disease, paranasal sinuses, otitis, diseases of the genitourinary system and respiratory tract.

Purification of lymph strengthens immunity, increases energy and work capacity.

Folk treatment of enlarged lymph nodes

Treatment of lymph nodes in the neck

Decoction of pine needles .

  • Pour in 0.5 liter of cold boiled water 1 p.s. young pine needles , cook for about 20 minutes to get 1.5 cups of broth.

Take hot 1/2 cup three times a day for 1-3 months.

Beet and beet juice . Hippocrates, Paracelsus and other well-known doctors of antiquity recommended taking beets for treatment of anemia, diseases of lymphatic vessels.

Grated fresh beet, applied to ulcers and tumors, helps their healing. Red beet effectively inhibits malignant tumor cells. Already after one month of treatment, there is an improvement in the condition, an increase in weight, a decrease in temperature.

Important condition – the beet should not contain pink veins. Dark brown root crops are preferred.

Freshly prepared juice must be kept in an open dish for 2-4 hours before use. It does not fit well with yeast products, sour juices. Slightly warmed, it is better to drink on an empty stomach.

It is better to reject beetroot treatment for osteoporosis, gastritis with high acidity, diabetes, urolithiasis.

When treating Tuberculosis of lymph nodes helps the intake of leaf infusion : Black currant :

  • Brew 3 tsp. leaves with two glasses of boiling water, insist, drain.

Take 1/3 cup 3-4 times a day for a long time.

Also effective sage meadow :

  • Brew 2 tsp. a glass of boiling water, insist 5 minutes, simmer for 2 minutes, allow to cool, drain.

Take internally 1-2 tsp, do lotion.

Treatment with lymphatic tuberculosis sulphate is contraindicated in hypothyroidism of the thyroid gland, inflammation of the kidneys, hypotension, during pregnancy, during lactation. After three months of treatment, you need to take breaks.

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