Treatment of polyps in the nose

Treatment of polyps in the nose


  • What are nasal polyps
  • Reasons for the formation of nasal polyps
  • Treatment of nasal polyps at home
  • Treatment of polyps in the nose by surgery
  • Rinsing with saline removes polyps
  • Treatment of polyps in the nose without surgery by folk remedies
  • Non-surgical treatment of polyps “Todikampom”

If nasal congestion accompanied by abundant discharge, nose almost does not smell, often the head hurts, fatigue quickly comes, it is necessary to make an appointment with otol to the ringologist. Inflammation and growths of the mucous doctor diagnose with a probe. As a rule, medical treatment of polyps in the nose requires surgery.

What are nasal polyps

Treatment of polyps in the nose

Nasal polyp is called benign neoplasm in the nasal cavity, protruding above the mucosa. It has a smooth surface, a gelatinous consistency.

Timely surgical removal of polyps or treatment without surgery by folk remedies avoids a significant increase in the size of the neoplasm when it completely fills the nasopharynx, hanging behind the soft palate.

Increased mucous deteriorates the permeability of the air, which forces you to breathe mainly with your mouth. Over time, chronic infectious diseases develop, mucus is constantly released from the nose.

Reasons for the formation of nasal polyps

The formation of polyps in the nose often leads to malnutrition, causing the production of mucus mass, which creates favorable conditions for the multiplication of various infections.

Infection, on the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, leads to a subsequent proliferation of the polyp.

A common cause of mucosal enlargement is inflammation of the paranasal sinuses.

Treatment of nasal polyps at home

To eliminate the reasons for the formation of polyps, it is worth changing the diet. Exclude products that cause mucus formation – especially milk. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

It is necessary to diversify the diet with whole-grain porridges from whole grains, vegetable side dishes. More often to drink herbal teas, to prepare compotes of dried fruits.

Liquid should be consumed half an hour before meals. After eating, drink tea, compote no sooner than an hour or two.

Otherwise, the liquid will dilute the secreted gastric juice, which will disrupt digestion. Poorly digested food causes mucus to form in the nose.

It is worth cleaning the intestines from parasites with a triple Ivanchenko , in its composition tansy, wormwood, carnations.

At home treatment of nasal polyps in a child, in some cases avoiding the removal of polyps helps instill in the nose of fresh baby urine.

The polyp is removed surgically – cut, cauterized by a laser.

The operation is performed under local anesthesia, surgical manipulations on the paranasal sinuses require accuracy, since they are associated with a risk of injury to the orbital tissue.

Without correcting the true causes of the disease in about 70% of cases, after a while, the neoplasm re-grows.

Rinsing the nose with salt solution removes polyps

Treatment of polyps in the nose

The easiest way to prevent formation, stop growth, reduce the size of the polyp is to wash your nose with warm water with the addition of sea salt .

The rinse solution is prepared at a rate of 1 h. (with top) of sea salt for 600-700 ml of slightly warm boiled water.

You can use ordinary table salt with a small amount of soda and add 1-2 drops iodine . Before use, the prepared solution should be filtered through a folded several times gauze.

Draw the salt solution from your palm with your nostrils, after spitting.For washing, a rubber can fit. You can bury the solution in the supine position on the back, throwing back his head.

It is most convenient to wash the nasal passages with a special watering can. It is sold in pharmacies, usually together with a set of bags of sea salt.

The procedure is not difficult even for children. The spout of the watering can is inserted into one nostril, the head is tilted so that the saline solution begins to flow through the lower nostril. During the procedure and at the end of the procedure, it is necessary to carefully mark off to remove the discharge.

Washing with saline solution removes the nose from dust, dirt, infection, restores the natural function of the mucosa, effectively removing foreign particles.

Treatment of polyps in the nose without surgery folk remedies

Treatment of polyps in the nose

Infusion celandine. Brew 1ch.L. flowers or grass 150ml boiling water, insist an hour, drain. Bury in each nostril for 1-2 drops during the week. After making a 7-day break. To treat polyps in the nose with celandine a month or two.

Water-alcohol solution of calendula. In a glass of warm water, dilute a few drops of spirituous tincture of calendula. Bury in the nose to remove polyps. The solution can be used for washing.

Chamomile pharmacy. Prepare the infusion of chamomile from the calculation of 1ch.L. for a glass of boiling water. Rinse your nose with polyps several times a day.

Beet juice. Lying on your back, bury the juice of raw beetroot in your nose or perform washing with beet broth.

Grass horsetail field . Brew 1с.л. a glass of boiling water, insist 20 minutes, drain. Pull into each nostril or use a spray gun. Treated up to 10 times a day.

  • Mix 30 g of flowers calendulae and sage , 20 g grass St. John’s wort , 10 g grass celandine , grass horsetail field , grass spring primrose .
    Brew a glass of boiling water 1с.л. mix, simmer for a minute, insist 2 hours, drain.

Bury in the nose or wash 3-4 times a day. For the night enter in the nasal passages of turunda, moistened with infusion.

  • Mix 4 tablespoons. flowers calendula and herbs St. John’s Wort , 3 p.s. flowers chamomile pharmacy , 2 p.s. root mother-and-stepmother , 1с.л. grass celandine , pour 0,5 l olive oil .
    Insist in a glass container for a month, periodically shaking, strain.

Bury 3-4 drops in each nostril 3 times a day.


  • Boil water, add a little table vinegar , inhale through the nose of a pair to remove polyps.
  • Carefully inhale fumes of fresh grated horseradish 2 times a day.

For the prevention of malignant degeneration of the polyp it is worth taking every day a mixture of 1 part of the juice of the viburnum and 2 parts honey in 1/4 cup half an hour before meals.

Non-surgical treatment of polyps “Todikampom”

Treatment of polyps in the nose

“Todikamp” – tincture of green walnuts on peeled kerosene. The remedy was developed by the folk healer from Moldova, Mikhail Petrovich Todik, back in Soviet times. Nowadays it is produced in the form of bioadditives, applied either inside or outside.

The therapeutic properties of the immunomodulator “Todikamp” increase the adhesion between cells, which makes it difficult to form tumors and metastasis. It strengthens the walls of blood vessels, prevents hemorrhages. When rubbed into the scalp, hair loss stops.

For the treatment of polyps, “Todikamp” is buried in the nose 2 times a day for 1-2 days. The drug helps cure sinusitis with external lubrication of cheekbones, forehead during the week.

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