Treatment of sinusitis in the home

Treatment of sinusitis in the home


  • What is the difference sinusitis from sinusitis
  • Symptoms of sinusitis
  • preventive measures to avoid having to treat sinusitis
  • When you have to treat sinusitis maxillary sinuses
  • Home Remedies treating sinusitis
  • As nose wash antiseptic solution
  • treatment of sinusitis in the acute form
  • How to treat chronic sinusitis
  • sinus puncture at
  • treatment of sinusitis folk remedies

Once transferred on the legs or not fully cured colds at nev An upper limb, a fungus, a curved nasal septum, an inflammatory process may develop in the mucous membrane of the sinuses. It is necessary to start treatment of maxillary sinusitis as early as possible so that the disease does not become chronic. Independently at home, you should not make a diagnosis. It is necessary to contact an otorhinolaryngologist , ENT-doctor . With timely treatment started, it is possible to avoid puncture by taking prescribed medications and regularly washing your nose.

What is the difference sinusitis from sinusitis

If inflammation occurs in the nasal sinuses, called in Latin sinus , which is denoted by the suffix -it , this pathology is called sinusitis. With maxillary sinusitis, the inflammation is located in the sinus on the left or right side of the nose above the upper jaw.

The bottom of the maxillary sinus is located near the roots of the upper teeth. It happens that the roots are separated from the sinus by one mucosa.

With the nasal cavity, each sinus of the upper jaw is connected by the anvil , through which the continuously evolved mucus is removed, moisturizing and protecting the inner surface of the sinus from infection, as well as the mucosa of the anastomosis itself.

For various reasons, the mucosa becomes inflamed, causing partial or complete obstruction of the anastomosis. As a result, mucus begins to accumulate inside the left or right sinus, contributing to the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria and causing the need for treatment of sinusitis.

Symptoms of sinusitis

Treatment of sinusitis in the home

Signs of the inflammatory process in the sinuses are in many respects similar to the common cold. A characteristic symptom of sinusitis is a painful sensation near the eyes and nose.

Selections are transparent or with a yellowish tinge. Due to the fact that the mucous membrane swells and clogs anastomosis , communication with the nasal cavity is difficult.

Common symptoms of the maxillary sinusitis are shortness of breath, weakness, loss of appetite, and fever.

The list of common signs and symptoms of sinusitis:

  • discomfort near the nose;
  • pain in the cheek area, under the eyes;
  • decreased ability to recognize odors;
  • headache later in the evening;
  • indisposition.

Preventive measures so that you do not have to treat sinusitis

Treatment of sinusitis in the home

To reduce the likelihood of the disease, you must follow the following preventive measures:

  • strengthen immunity;
  • timely treatment of colds and SARS;
  • prevent colds;
  • timely caries;
  • if the cause of sinusitis is a curved nasal septum, you can think about eliminating this defect.

In the event of a disease, a sufficient supply of fluid is necessary to dilute sputum. Tobacco smoke is an irritant to the mucosa of the maxillary sinuses, which facilitates the penetration of the infection. Alcohol abuse contributes to edema of the mucous membranes inside the sinus.

Even at home, you can be hardened, it does not take much time. It is worthwhile to follow the sports form, regularly visit the gym or independently engage in physical education at home. Increased blood flow during exercise helps prevent the appearance of signs of sinusitis, further strengthens the immune system.

Symptoms of sinusitis will not appear if normalize the diet, get enough vitamins, micro and macronutrients, periodically cleanse the intestines from accumulated harmful substances. Useful cleaning procedure must be performed at least once every six months.

When you have to treat sinusitis maxillary sinuses

Treatment of sinusitis in the home

As a rule, the need for treatment of sinusitis caused by infection, which happened in the nasal cavity with the inhaled air, through the circulatory system, while bathing in the polluted pond, through diseased upper teeth.

Sinusitis cause influenza viruses , adenoviruses , fungal . Often, pathogens pneumococci, staphylococci for a long time live in the nasopharynx. While immunity is strong, they do not show themselves. But as soon as an ordinary cold happens, they become activated and cause inflammation of the mucosa inside the maxillary sinuses.

Symptoms of sinusitis are detected with a weakened immune system due to the presence of chronic diseases that occur in the body. Performing treatment of sinusitis occurs after colds, acute respiratory infections, colds , when the nasal mucosa becomes inflamed.

The cause of odontogenic sinusitis is the inflammation of the teeth of the upper jaw. Disease bacteria attach to the mucosa of the maxillary sinus through the diseased roots of the teeth, as well as the formation of a fistula, a narrow channel connecting the sinus and the oral cavity.

It is not uncommon for a tooth to be filled with a filling material when the root is removed from the inside of the sine when treating the teeth. Of course, this is not desirable, but it is not dangerous either. Inflammation of the mucosa develops only in some cases.

Home remedies for sinusitis

Treatment of sinusitis in the home

лекар For the treatment of various forms of the disease, the doctor prescribes vasoconstrictive medications that eliminate mucosal edema, for example Naphthysine , Nasothos, Nazivin . The dosage form can be gel, drops, spray.

Antibiotics, antiallergic drugs (for example, Claritin ) are also taken as prescribed by the doctor.

How to wash the nose with an antiseptic solution

At home, the treatment of sinusitis is supplemented by washing the sinuses with an antiseptic solution. For example, Furacilin , suppressing streptococci and staphylococci. Half the tablet Furacilin is crushed and dissolved in half a liter of warm water. Treatment can also be performed with saline at a rate of 1 tsp. salt on a glass of warm water.

Leaning over the sink and turning your head slightly until one nostril is higher, pour the liquid with a syringe into the upper nostril so that it flows out of the lower nostril. Half a liter of antiseptic solution on each side is enough.

You can pour a little solution into the palm, clamp the upper nostril, and draw the contents of the palm with the bottom. The inclination of the head should not be too large. Then press the lower nostril with your finger and tilt the head in the opposite direction. The antiseptic solution must flow independently from the other nostril.

After washing the nose, it is impossible to lie on the right or left side, since bacteria can penetrate with the remnants of the liquid, causing otitis media, inflammation of the middle ear.

Treatment of acute sinusitis in an acute form

Treatment of sinusitis in the home

As a rule, treatment of sinusitis is performed at home. Recovery comes about a month later. The disease is often manifested in the fall or spring, when the street is damp and much more common colds and SARS.

Nasal congestion and other signs of inflammation of the maxillary sinuses are eliminated with the help of vasoconstrictive drugs. Also, the otorhinolaryngologist prescribes antibiotics, which allows to achieve improvement in a few days. Passes characteristic pain in sinusitis, inflammation decreases.

Depending on the severity and neglect of the case, the home treatment of sinusitis lasts several weeks to completely restore the mucosa inside the sinus.

If there are selections, the nose is washed. As a rule, at first the secretions are transparent, in advanced cases become purulent, with an unpleasant odor, acquire a yellow and greenish-yellow color, sometimes with the inclusion of blood veins.

Treatment of maxillary sinusitis in an acute form proceeds relatively easily. It is enough to wash your nose to remove mucus, take medicines prescribed by your doctor.

How to treat chronic sinusitis

Treatment of sinusitis in the home

In the case of chronic sinusitis of the left or right maxillary sinus, the source of the disease remains in the body, causing increased work of the immune system, causing it to weaken. When supercooling or penetrating the infection, the disease goes into the phase of exacerbation.

Often in a chronic form, the disease passes because of premature suspension of treatment, when there is a significant relief of the disease state. It seems to the patient that he has completely recovered, although in fact it is not.

Typically, the characteristic symptoms of sinusitis in this form are less pronounced. Constantly stuffy nose, deteriorating ability to recognize odors. The main danger is a chronic inflammatory process, located in the immediate vicinity of the brain.

Homemade antimicrobial treatment in chronic form is performed with antibiotics, taking them according to the purpose of the ENT doctor.

Puncture with maxillary sinusitis

Treatment of sinusitis in the home

As a rule, in case of chronic form during exacerbations, it is not always possible to get rid of purulent discharge by rinsing. We have to go to the puncture to carefully remove the pus, to deliver antibiotics to the site of inflammation. Of course, this kind of treatment of genyantritis at home is not performed, you need an appeal to the ENT doctor.

For a while deep into the nostril a fleece impregnated with Lidocaine is inserted. Then puncture (puncture) is performed, a strong needle is inserted through the sinus wall. The bone between the nasal septum and the maxillary cavity is pierced, because in this place it is the thinnest.

The procedure is completely painless, a certain psychological discomfort is associated with a characteristic crunchy sound when the needle passes through the bone.

When the puncture is completed, a syringe is attached to the needle to remove the purulent discharge. Then the sinus is thoroughly rinsed with an antiseptic solution using a syringe. You have to tilt your head forward a little so that the solution flows through the nostril.

At the end, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs are administered. The patient’s condition almost immediately improves.

Thus, the treatment of maxillary sinusitis without a puncture is probably not always, much depends on the form and severity of the disease. As a rule, with the appearance of the first signs of maxillary sinusitis and timely treatment, it is possible to do without this type of surgical intervention.

Treatment of sinusitis with folk remedies

Treatment of sinusitis in the home

Before home treatment of sinusitis folk remedies must necessarily consult with your doctor.

Wrong self-treatment causes the development of an inflammatory process, as a result of which brain tissue may be affected. You will have to make a puncture or perform a deeper surgical intervention, and in neglected cases, treatment may prove ineffective.

In addition, in the immediate vicinity of the maxillary sinus are the eyes and ears, so improperly performed treatment of sinusitis at home can cause visual impairment or otitis.

The formation of a significant amount of toxins in the inflammatory process loads the organs of the excretory system. First of all, the liver and kidneys, which can not cope with the increased load.Pathogens appear in the tissues of the heart, causing arrhythmia and other cardiac diseases.

Folk way of treatment of maxillary maxillary sinusitis with inhalations

  • Inhalation boiled potatoes in a uniform. Drain and breathe potato steam.
  • In the hot water add honey . Breathe through your nose, covering your face with a towel, until the water completely cools.
  • Inhalation alcoholic tincture of propolis. Boil a liter of water, add half a teaspoon of propolis infusion. Breathe, protecting the face folded in several layers of towel to the bridge of the nose, necessarily covering his eyes.

Beet treats sinusitis

The nasal cavity in the case of secretions is useful to rinse with freshly squeezed beet juice. The composition is digested into each nostril 5 drops several times a day. You can use a juicer to make juice. If the juicer is not there, grate the beets and squeeze the juice with a spoon through the folded gauze.

You can bury the juice of the boiled beet . In this case, let the root vegetable pass through the meat grinder, dissolve the juice in equal parts, squeeze it through the gauze.

Treatment of inflammation of the maxillary sinuses with the root of horseradish

Horseradish root is a wonderful remedy for home treatment of chronic sinusitis, although it will take a long time to heal. Thoroughly rinse the root and grate. Then 1/3 cup of obtained raw materials mixed with freshly squeezed juice 2-3 lemons. The resulting thick composition is taken by 1/2 tsp. in the morning half an hour before meals for 3-4 months. After a half-month break, the next course is necessary. As a rule, seizures stop worrying in two years.

St. John’s wort will cure sinusitis

In the folk way to treat sinusitis, St. John’s wort for the preparation of infusion 1 hour. dry grass pour a glass of boiling water, insist. Strain and rinse the nose. The method is especially effective in the case of a chronic form, when there is no purulent discharge.

Folk treatment of St. John’s wort is also performed by ingestion. To do this, 20g of grass is poured a glass of boiling water, it is infused for 15-20 minutes. Take 150g in hot form 3 times a day for one and a half to two weeks.

Prescription for treatment with bay leaf

Chronic form of sinusitis is treated with folk remedy, a compress made from broth of bay leaf . Leave the leaves with cold water, bring to a boil. Moisten the napkin with a hot broth and put it on the forehead and nose, cover your face with a towel. Repeat several times. Compresses from laurel leaves should be applied in the evening, before bedtime.

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