Treatment of the thyroid gland in hypothyroidism

Treatment of the thyroid gland in hypothyroidism


  • Endocrine gland functions
  • Treatment of hypothyroidism of the thyroid gland requires the intake of hormones
  • How to prevent hypothyroidism of the thyroid gland
  • Increased consumption of iodine during pregnancy
  • Symptoms of Graves’ disease
  • Folk remedies for thyroid gland

If you have to notice a significant change in body weight – weight loss or fatness, increased irritability, frequent and rapid fatigue, you often have no reason to freeze, but at the same time time often goes hot and sometimes the heart beats, shortness of breath, in the front of the neck feel something, it is impossible to sleep at night, but the next day drowsiness – it may be necessary to treat the thyroid gland. The sooner you pay attention to the symptoms of the disease, the more effective will be the treatment. Of course, it should be carried out under the supervision of an endocrinologist , always consulting before using any folk remedies.

Functions of the endocrine gland

Treatment of the thyroid gland in hypothyroidism

The endocrine system is located on the front of the neck and resembles a butterfly. The weight is small, up to 40g, but its effect on various processes in the body is great.

The gland consists of many small vesicles (follicles) in which iodine, supplied with food and water, accumulates. Another one of its name is thyroid gland . The name is derived from two Greek words: tireos – “shield” and idos – “view”.

It is only necessary to happen to this or that failure in her work, as a well-known person changes much even externally. He can lose weight, become nervous, irritable. Or vice versa, gain weight and turn into a phlegmatic, who does not care about anything.

Thyroid hormones produced affect almost all metabolic processes. Their functions are the regulation of the optimal temperature regime, they are necessary for normal growth and development.

Hormones are directly injected into the blood, which is typical of endocrine glands. First of all, it is triiodothyronine , 3 iodine atoms (T3), and thyroxine , 4 iodine atoms (T4).

As a rule, in the blood of the order of 5% T3, about 95% of the T4 species. These substances are produced in the gland follicles from accumulated iodine with tyrosine , an indispensable amino acid.

The need to treat the thyroid gland may appear, primarily in the case of iodine deficiency. The daily requirement for this element is 200-220 micrograms. If the micronutrient is less than normal for a long time, the amount of T3 and T4 is reduced in the blood. There is an increase in the size of the gland and is diagnosed with hypothyroidism .

Treatment of hypothyroidism of the thyroid gland requires the intake of hormones

Treatment of the thyroid gland in hypothyroidism

The reasons for the increase in the gland can be explained simply. Due to a lack of intake of iodine from food, it tries to capture the meager amount that appears in the blood after digesting food. And since it is not enough there, there is an increase in size and a goiter is formed.

If you still do not pay attention to this symptom, the weight of the gland can reach several kilograms. In it nodes are formed. The nodes do not produce hormones, therefore, despite the large size of goiter, T3 and T4 deficiency are still observed. It is no longer possible to eliminate it by starting to take iodine. The release of hormones into the blood can occur unevenly, resulting in a periodic increase in heart rate.

In the chronic form of this disability, one has to cure the thyroid gland for a lifetime from hypothyroidism, taking appropriate hormonal preparations at a certain time.

How to prevent hypothyroidism of the thyroid gland

Treatment of the thyroid gland in hypothyroidism

  • Prevention measures are simple: adequate use of iodine. To do this, it is useful to salt food, who salt it, iodized salt . And also include in the diet of seafood – kelp , sea fish , feijoa , persimmon , Bulgarian pepper .It shows the intake of various herbal preparations sold in the pharmacy and eliminating iodine deficiency.
  • It is important that the digestion of iodine requires animal protein, vegetable protein does not allow it to linger in the body. Therefore, meat is needed. With iodine deficiency, the intellect decreases, in children and adolescents there is a delay in physical development.
  • To avoid having to treat the thyroid gland, stress should be avoided. And the disease is not only the daily clarification of relations at work. His appearance is promoted by a long work in a cold climate, tense preparation for entering a university, a nervous unsuccessful situation at home, for example, related to illness of close people. All this will cause an overload of the gland.
  • The cause of iodine deficiency can become contamination of the work of the gastrointestinal tract. As a result, even if enough of the iodine is supplied, it is not completely absorbed into the blood and hypothyroidism develops. In this case, the treatment of the thyroid gland should begin with the cleansing of the intestine from harmful substances.

Increase in iodine intake during pregnancy

Treatment of the thyroid gland in hypothyroidism

In pregnancy, the need for iodine increases for understandable reasons – the hormones produced are required not for one but for two organisms.

A future mother should receive it at least 300 mg a day. Otherwise, miscarriage may occur or irreversible changes in the infant’s brain may occur.

If a child is born with congenital hypothyroidism, he will have to take hormone preparations for life. Otherwise, there is a risk of developing cretinism and mental retardation.

Symptoms of Graves’ disease

Treatment of the thyroid gland in hypothyroidism

The so-called diffuse toxic goiter ( Graves disease ) is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • eyes bulging;
  • sweating;
  • excitement;
  • irritability;
  • increased sizes of “thyroid”,
  • feeling of heat and intolerance to high temperatures;
  • anxiety and insomnia.

Despite a good appetite, suffering from this disease quickly loses weight. In this case, changes affect the entire tissue of the gland. In the case of nodal or multinodal goiter, the changes are of a local nature.

The cause of the disease – too intensive production of hormones as a result of increased function of the endocrine system. Their excessive amount causes poisoning thyrotoxicosis .

For the treatment of goiter in this case, the administration of drugs that prevent excessive production of hormones. From food should be excluded products containing iodine. Often this disease is transmitted through the female line, often treatment is required after reaching 30-40 years.

Treating the thyroid gland in a Graves’ disease can be collected from dried sea kale , leaves primrose , grass motherwort . Take 1 part of each component, add 2 parts ashberry blackberry , dogrose , leaves nettle . Two tablespoons of the resulting mixture to brew 1/2 liters of boiling water. Take half a glass an hour before meals. Treatment is carried out by courses for 1-2 months, per year to take 3-4 courses.

Folk remedies for the thyroid gland

Treatment of the thyroid gland in hypothyroidism

  • In the case of hypothyroidism, the processes in the body are slowed down. The skin in the places farthest from the heart, is flaky due to rarer heartbeats. Often on the feet and palms, cracks form. Hair and eyebrows become less common. To prevent hair loss, it is useful to rub into the scalp burdock oil .
  • достато Adequate intake of vitamins A and B is necessary, since with hypothyroidism they are absorbed much more slowly.

  • In case of puffiness of the face it is useful to brew cranberry leaves , the infusion has a diuretic effect. A teaspoon of leaves is brewed in a glass of boiling water, boiled for 10 minutes, insisted. It is taken half a cup an hour before meals.
  • черно Chokeberry is useful for increasing iodine intake.It also contains vitamins A and B.

  • To eliminate iodine deficiency and normalize metabolism in the season, every day to eat a kilogram of fresh cucumbers.
  • Treatment of the thyroid gland from hypothyroidism can be performed by infusion of nettle. Two tablespoons nettle nettle brew 300ml of boiling water, insist. Strain and take a quarter of a glass an hour before eating. The infusion should not be stored in the refrigerator for more than two days.
  • Treatment-prophylactic: peel of one lemon , 1с.л. spoon flaxseed seeds and 1с.л. spoon honey pour a liter of cold water, boil for 10 minutes in a water bath or over low heat. Strain the resulting composition, take for treatment of the thyroid gland during the day.

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