Treatment of tonsillitis at home

Treatment of tonsillitis at home


  • Signs of acute and chronic tonsillitis
  • How to treat tonsillitis
  • How to treat tonsillitis at home by strengthening immunity
  • Home treatment of tonsillitis with rinses

If prolonged time is felt weakness, reddened and sore throat in the tonsils, and the temperature is kept at 37.5-38C, these are the right signs of tonsillitis . Timely treatment of tonsillitis at home or in the clinic is necessary, as the result of neglecting one’s own health can be the removal of tonsils.

Signs of acute and chronic tonsillitis

Tonsils are an important part of immunity, it is they who break down with microbes. Their porous structure helps to catch microbes and viruses in the lacunae. Based on the results of the analysis of the caught “samples”, the body’s immune system is constantly improving, actively adapting to constantly changing threats from the outside.

The common cause of the disease is infection, various bacteria – staphylococci, streptococci, yeast-like fungus of the genus Candida.

If the disease turns into a chronic form, the tonsils are slightly enlarged, but the throat almost does not hurt. It can interfere with something, a little sadness. The mild pain appears only when swallowing.

Removal of the tonsils because of the impossibility of their treatment seriously reduces the body’s defenses.

How to treat tonsillitis

Treatment of tonsillitis at home

The main goal of treatment should be to restore the ability of immunity to protect the most tonsils from microbes. It is equally important to remove the infection from them in one way or another.

Often tonsillitis is caused by an infection that is difficult to treat. For example, with angina in the lagoons, microbes are actively killed. As a result, a lot of pus is formed, and in this condition they can no longer work as effectively as before. Any draft or hypothermia causes the disease. In a purulent environment, microbes begin to multiply:

    появляется a bad smell appears from the mouth;
  • infection causes various inflammatory processes – acne, cystitis, prostatitis, dysbiosis and other diseases;
  • in the body becomes more waste life microbes, why decreases working capacity, there is no mood, the temperature is low;
  • Chronic tonsillitis promotes rheumatic manifestations in the tissues of the joints, inflammatory processes in the kidneys, heart, respiratory system;
  • Immunity decreases, allergic reactions become more frequent.

At home, tonsillitis needs to be treated for a fairly long time. To achieve the results as soon as possible, you need to strengthen the immune system and at the same time get rid of the infection in the tonsils.

How to treat tonsillitis at home by strengthening immunity

Treatment of tonsillitis at home

  • To strengthen immunity, it is useful to take propolis. For example, during treatment it is useful to keep a small piece of it in your mouth. The procedure can be performed even at night, by laying propolis in the evening on the cheek.
  • Raises and strengthens the body’s defenses freshly prepared juice of onions, which must be mixed in the same proportion as honey. Treatment is carried out 3-4 times a day.
  • To treat the disease and strengthen the immune system helps aloe juice. It is necessary to cut off a leaf of a plant and to drink on an empty stomach its juice on a teaspoon per day for one and a half weeks. In a month the course can be repeated.
  • To use inside and rinse it is useful to prepare a product based on garlic. Five cloves of garlic mixed with two tablespoons of sage and poured a liter of boiling water. Composition languishes in a water bath for 15 minutes, after an hour filtered. Take a glass a day, dividing the reception into 3-4 servings. It is useful to treat the throat with rinses.

Home treatment of tonsillitis with rinses

Treatment of tonsillitis at home

  • Infection helps infuse yarrow infusion. Two st.l.Herbs brew a glass of boiling water and insist for an hour. Strain and use for rinsing several times a day.
  • To treat tonsillitis at home can be made up of honey, chamomile, oak bark and linden flowers. It also helps to eliminate the infection. Three pieces of chamomile flowers are mixed with two parts of the oak bark and one part of the linden flowers. A tablespoon of the mixture to brew a glass of boiling water, simmer over low heat for 5 minutes, drain. Rinse with warm decoction, adding to it a teaspoon of honey.
  • You can prepare rinse infusion from the St. John’s wort. Two st.l. St. John’s wort is poured 200 ml of vodka, insist in a dark cool place for two weeks, after filtering. To treat rinses in a glass of warm water add 20 drops of infusion.
  • You can treat tonsillitis at home with garlic inhalations. To do this, get the juice of garlic, dilute it with ten parts of boiling water. Breathe over the mug with your mouth, covering your nose and eyes with a soft thick towel. Treat the disease with this remedy for two weeks.

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