Treatment of vascular asterisks on the legs

Treatment of vascular asterisks on the legs


  • The causes of the appearance of vascular asterisks
  • Vascular asterisks – a symptom of varicose veins
  • Home prophylaxis of vasodilation on the legs
  • Folk remedies for vascular asterisks on the legs
  • Exercises for legs with vascular sprouts

In most cases, the appearance of vascular asterisks on the legs does not lead to complications, so they should be considered as a cosmetic defect, special treatment is not required. It is enough to normalize the mode of work and rest, take care of preventive measures, perform exercises for the tone of the leg muscles and improve blood circulation.

The causes of the appearance of vascular asterisks

Treatment of vascular asterisks on the legs

The steady expansion of the vessels inside the skin in medicine is called telangiectasia . Depending on the form distinguish simple, tree-like, arachnid, spotted vascular asterisks.

This cosmetic defect is more common in women. It does not cause discomfort, but in some cases it signals about deviations of health, which are worth paying attention to.

The causes of the appearance of vascular asterisks are not fully established. Their formation can cause insufficient blood supply to this or that organ, leading to hypoxia , a lowered oxygen content.

First of all, the feet suffer from insufficient intake of oxygen. There may develop such diseases as varicose veins , thrombophlebitis , atherosclerosis . A certain role is played by heredity, sedentary lifestyle, metabolic disorders in the body, prolonged stay in standing position.

Feet is felt in the legs, fatigue, shins and feet swell, there are convulsions of the lower limbs, on the skin appear vascular asterisks. If you do not start treatment, after some time under the skin become visible nodes of large veins.

The appearance of vascular asterisks may signal the need for treatment of impaired functions of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, liver, pancreas. Various failures in the work of these organs lead to intoxication, which is manifested by deterioration of the skin.

Cosmetic defect is formed on the skin with hepatitis , liver cirrhosis , inflammation gall bladder , alcohol abuse, hypovitaminosis, hormonal failure.

Imbalance of female sex hormones, pregnancy and childbirth contribute to the expansion of the vessels inside the skin of the legs. The appearance of vascular asterisks can be caused by prolonged intake of hormonal contraceptives.

Vascular asterisks – a symptom of varicose veins

Treatment of vascular asterisks on the legs

With this disease, the walls of the vessels lose elasticity, swell, expand and stretch. Most often, the veins of the lower extremities, rectum are affected. As a rule, the disease develops in elderly women.

The main cause of varicose veins are disorders in the circulatory system, inflammation of the veins, hormonal imbalance, damage to the venous valves. At the beginning of the disease on the legs appear vascular asterisks.

In the elderly, the disease develops due to hormonal imbalance and loss of elasticity of the walls of blood vessels. During pregnancy, the fetus squeezes the veins of the abdominal cavity, reduces blood flow, and thus contributes to the development of varicose veins.

The risk of developing pathology is most affected by representatives of professions associated with long stay on their feet: hairdressers, waiters, salesmen, teachers.

регуляр To eliminate the causes of the formation of spider veins, regular half-hour walks are useful, giving the necessary load to the muscles of the legs.

When excess weight appears, fat deposits squeeze veins, develops varicose veins, and spider veins form. In addition, obese people are usually inactive, which further complicates blood circulation.

To avoid having to treat vascular sprouts on the legs, you need to get rid of constipation. The filled large intestine compresses the veins, which contributes to the development of varicose veins. For the normalization of the stool it is useful to include in the diet low-fat foods rich in fiber: bread with bran, fruits, vegetables.

Home prophylaxis of vasodilation on the legs

Treatment of vascular asterisks on the legs

To avoid having to treat vascular asterisks on the legs, it is useful to take freshly prepared parsley juice . This remedy prevents the formation of new defects, relieves spasm.

In the case of hereditary or other predisposition to the formation of vascular asterisks on the legs, it is necessary to include in the diet cheeses of different varieties. It is believed that the most benefit from brynza .

In order not to treat asterisks on the legs and hips, to prevent varicose veins, the body should receive a sufficient amount of salt .

In addition, salt is needed for the production of energy in cells, cleansing the airways and nasal sinuses, getting rid of muscle cramps, maintaining the necessary level of self-confidence and self-reliance, maintaining sexual desire.

The most useful is the unrefined sea salt .

Folk remedies for the treatment of vascular asterisks on the legs

Treatment of vascular asterisks on the legs

Hazelnut (common hazel) . To make a glass of boiled water 1с.л. bark , insist an hour, boil 10 minutes, allow to cool, drain. Take a ready-made broth for 24 hours to treat vascular asterisks, varicose veins, prevent thrombosis. The course of treatment is 30 days.

Another recipe. Fill with 1 liter. crushed leaves and bark hazel 0.5L vodka , insist. Take after eating 1 tsp.

A rhubarb medicinal. For the treatment of vascular asterisks, an infusion of rhizomes or crushed roots is used. Collection is carried out in summer in 3-4 summer plants.

To make infusion, brew a glass of boiling water 2 tsp. crushed rhizome , insist 6 hours, strain. Lubricate the place of defects or apply for 15 minutes of napkins, moistened with infusion until the disappearance of the stars on the legs.

Infusion of cucumber skin. Grind 200 g of peel, pour a liter of boiled water at room temperature. After a week, apply for rubbing or compresses 1-2 times a day.

свежи Fresh cucumber juice is useful for getting rid of vascular sprouts. It is enough to place a piece of fresh cucumber on the problem area.

Almond oil . Apply to the places of cosmetic defects in the morning and at night. The drug normalizes the tone of the vessels, helps the resorption of microthrombi, which form a characteristic stellate pattern on the skin of the legs. To be treated before the onset of a positive effect.

Wormwood. To stop the formation of new vascular asterisks, remove the existing ones, use the following remedy:

  • Wash fresh leaves wormwood , finely chop, add to the gruel curdled milk . Secure the product to the foot for 30 minutes.

Lilac. To improve the circulation of the legs in the places of formation of the vascular asterisks, fix the leaves of the lilac , in half an hour, remove. Lilac removes inflammation, stimulates blood circulation.

Gladiolus. To eliminate the asterisks on the legs, chop the corms. The resulting mass is applied to the damaged area for half an hour, then rinse with water. Apply before disappearing cosmetic defect.Raw materials should be prepared in October

Legs for Vascular Sprouts

Treatment of vascular asterisks on the legs

To prevent the formation of sprockets, to eliminate the causes of varicose veins, it is necessary to ensure sufficient blood circulation, to learn to relieve tension in the muscles of the legs.

  1. Sit in an armchair, place your straightened legs on a soft stand above the seat. To relax for 20 minutes.
  2. Lie on your back, straighten your legs and rotate them like when riding a bike.
  3. Spread small items on the floor and try to collect them only with the help of feet and toes.
  4. Sitting on a chair, straighten his legs, lean on their heels. Stretch your toes to yourself, take the starting position (5-7 times).
  5. The starting position is the same. Alternately bend and unbend fingers (5-7 times).
  6. The original position is the same. Tear off the heels from the floor and cross the straightened legs (5-7 times).
  7. In the standing position on inhalation, raise arms up through the sides, while standing on the socks. On exhalation, sink to the heels, bend your knees slightly and lower your arms. Repeat 10-20 times.
  8. Jump through the rope for 10 minutes.
  9. Lying on your back, raise your straightened legs perpendicular to the floor. In turn, bend and unbend legs in the knees. Repeat 5-7 times.
  10. Lie on your back, press your shoulders and elbows to the floor. Helping the palms to hold the raised hips, perform rotational movements with the legs, without lifting the feet from the floor.

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