Treatment of vocal cords

Treatment of vocal cords


  • Treatment of the vocal cords in diseases of the throat
  • Treatment of the swelling of the mucous throat
  • Treatment of the vocal cords by folk remedies

Vocal cords , elastic formations of the muscular and connective tissue, stretched in front to back direction. They are located in the middle of the pharynx and form a so-called voice gap, the main mechanism of voice formation. Under the action of the exhaled from the lungs of air, they close, stretch and oscillate, creating various sounds. Another function of the vocal cords is to prevent the penetration of foreign particles into the lungs.

Treatment of the vocal cords for throat diseases

As a rule, the ligament is treated with a variety of throat diseases. For proper functioning and formation of sounds, they must be optimally stretched. If the tension is not enough, you can not pronounce the proper sound.

Ligaments of the throat are affected in case of laryngitis, larynx disease. They become inflamed, increase in size. As a result, the voice gap significantly decreases, almost or completely closes.

In difficult cases, the required amount of air ceases to flow into the lungs, causing the patient to suffocate.

Enlargement and inflammation of elastic throat formations also occur with allergies , viral infections if you had to talk a lot .

In some cases, laryngeal ligaments increase in size as a result of inhalation of various irritants .

As a rule, the treatment of the vocal cords is performed under the supervision of the doctor-otolaryngologist .

Treatment of swelling of the mucous throat

Treatment of vocal cords

In case of chronic laryngeal disease, if the patient regularly inhales tobacco smoke, and if the vocal cords regularly overexert, the mucous membrane often swells.

As a result, the tone of the voice changes, it becomes hoarse. To ensure that the edema has not passed into an oncological disease, it is necessary to observe an otolaryngologist.

If you have acute swelling, you will have to lie down in the hospital. Vocal cords are treated with appropriate medications. In some cases, surgical intervention is required.

Treatment of vocal cords with folk remedies

Treatment of vocal cords

In teachers, guides, singers, the profession is associated with an everyday intensive speech load. To prevent loss of voice it is useful to use various folk remedies for home treatment of vocal cords:

  • Dissolve 1 tsp. honey in a glass of warm milk , drink in small sips. Prophylactic means to take three times a day. It is recommended that after taking milk with honey wait about an hour before going out in cold weather.
  • Mix 2 tablespoons. dried raspberry with 2 p.s. vegetable oil , add 1 tbsp. shredded ginger . Brew the mixture in a thermos with a couple of glasses of boiling water, insist during the night. Take an hour before eating a few sips.

Throat gargles are useful for strengthening throat ligaments:

Decoction of onion skins : brew 2 tbsp. onion skins 2 cups of boiling water, simmer in a water bath for several minutes, insist for several hours, drain. Rinse every time if you feel discomfort in your throat or three times a day.

Gargle <style style : : to strengthen the laryngeal ligament gargle three times a day.

  • If the voice is broken, the mixture of honey with horseradish helps with the treatment of the vocal cords. A small root of the horseradish is rubbed, pour a third cup of boiling water, insist in a closed container for several hours. Use with honey every hour for 1 hour. during the day.
  • Honey mixed with carrot juice in equal parts, helps to restore voice. The drug is used three to four times a day.
  • In case of hoarseness, separate three yolks , whisk together with a small amount of butter . Use with food in small sips. Of course, you need confidence in the quality of eggs.
  • Preheat a glass of beer in a container of hot water, add a little milk , 1с.л. honey . Use at night, before going to bed.
  • For the treatment of vocal cords, mix one part of carrot juice with three parts milk . Take half a glass of cocktail a day.
  • If nothing is on hand, and you want to quickly restore the voice, it is useful to soften the ligaments by slowly dissolving a piece of chocolate .

Of course, in serious cases you should not self-medicate. Only a doctor can cure disturbances in the functioning of the vocal cords.

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