Useful properties of beets

Useful properties of beets


  • Ingredients and caloric content of beets
  • Use of beets for weight loss and weight loss
  • How to cook beets
  • Recipes for strengthening immunity
  • Benefits of beets for colds, runny nose , angina
  • Useful properties of beets for men
  • Benefit of beets in the treatment of hypertension and migraine
  • Prescription for the treatment of hypothyroidism
  • Use of beets for the intestines, pancreas, liver
  • How to cook beet kvass
  • Recipes from beets useful to the heart and blood vessels
  • Useful properties of beets for external use
  • Contra-indications and harm of treatment with beets

From the popular vegetable prepare the first and second dishes, salads, light snacks. Thanks to the rich vitamin and mineral composition properties of beets are especially useful for maintaining vitality, overcoming high nervous and physical loads. The healing properties of the vegetable were also used by the ancient Romans. For the prevention of various diseases they used root crops and leaves soaked in wine. Vegetables are eaten in raw, boiled, baked form. But most of all medicinal properties in fresh root crops or beet juice.

Composition and caloric content of beet

The popular root vegetable is low in calories, 100g of useful product contain 42kal.

The benefits of beets in a rich vitamin composition. In the vegetable is a lot of vitamins C, group B, including B9 (folic acid), especially necessary in pregnancy.

Root crops contain malic, citric, oxalic, tartaric, lactic acids, which promote digestion of food, the allocation of a sufficient amount of juice in the stomach.

The biological active element betaine helps the digestion and assimilation of proteins with the subsequent formation of choline , which promotes fat metabolism in the liver and protects its cells from damage.

In 100g of root vegetables, a third of the daily requirement for manganese , the necessary element of cellular metabolism, is contained. A sufficient supply of a microelement increases immunity, it is recommended for osteoporosis, for strengthening the nervous system, for preventing heart disease, for vessels, for infertility in women and men, and for metabolic disorders, for obesity, diabetes, for preventing visual acuity or hearing loss .

The highest content of the following trace elements:

  • magnesium , reducing nervous excitability, blood pressure;
  • copper , necessary for the synthesis of the thyroid hormone thyroxine, hematopoiesis, the production of female sex hormones;
  • potassium , preventing arrhythmia, regulating blood pressure indicators;
  • zinc , increasing the immunity required for the prevention of male infertility and impotence;
  • iron , transporting oxygen to various organs with the help of red blood cells;
  • iodine , necessary thyroid work.

In addition, the root crops contain enough insoluble fiber and pectins, cleansing the intestinal walls from harmful substances.

Maximum of useful properties in fresh beets. If the raw vegetable is not to taste, it can be boiled. But it is more useful to prepare beet juice.

Beet juice before use should be kept in an open bowl for at least two hours, preferably in a cool place. At the beginning of treatment it is worth taking a mixture of beet and carrot juice in equal parts. Gradually reduce the proportion of carrot juice. Cucumber, cabbage, and potato juices are also used to prepare the medicinal mixture.

Any vegetable juice or a mixture of them is more useful to take two hours before eating.

The use of beets for weight loss and weight loss

Useful properties of beets

Disordered metabolism is one of the causes of overweight. To restore the exchange reactions, it is useful to take 1-2 ml. Beet juice 4-5 times a day.

The remaining cake after cooking juice is low in calories, rich in fiber.Significantly increasing in volume under the influence of moisture, fiber fiber quickly fill the stomach, creating a feeling of satiety. Cake can be filled with low-fat sour cream, it is so tastier and easier to swallow.

Regular inclusion in the diet of plant fibers allows you to get rid of waste that has accumulated on the walls of the intestine, normalize metabolic processes. In addition, by binding and evacuating cholesterol from the intestine, the dietary fiber contributes to the elimination of its excess in the blood.

Obese people also benefit from the diuretic properties of fresh beets and juice.

How to cook beets

  • Before cooking, the roots are thoroughly washed, but not peeled. The tail is not necessary to cut.
  • Pour water, cook after boiling for 40 minutes.
  • Place root in cold water.
  • Clean and consume by itself or as part of other dishes.

There are more useful properties in a fresh vegetable, but it is worse absorbed by the body.

Recipes for strengthening immunity

Useful properties of beets

The healing properties of beets are useful for increasing the defenses of the body, eliminating beriberi.

Recipe 1 . Stir 250g of rubbed root , 150ml lemon juice , 200g honey , 100ml vodka or alcohol. Insist in a sealed container 3 days, drain. Take 20-30ml an hour after eating two months.

Recipe 2 . Pour 150g grated vegetable glass vodka , insist in a sealed container 2 weeks, drain. Take 30ml 2 times a day.

Benefits of beets for colds, runny nose, sore throat

For treatment <style , honey , vodka . After three days, take 1 tsp. tincture one hour before a meal.

When runny nose help instillations of 3-5 drops into each nostril juice of fresh beet . You can put moistened cotton swabs in your nostrils.

To cope with the common cold, mix in equal parts beet juice and honey . Take half a glass 3-4 times a day. Also, a 1/2 cup of fresh juice brings a benefit.

In case of acute tonsillitis (sore throat) rub 100 g of root vegetable , add 2 tsp. apple vinegar , insist for half an hour. Rinse your throat several times a day, 1 tsp. can be swallowed.

Useful properties of beets for men

To increase male strength, prevent deterioration of potency, in the case of prostatitis mix in equal parts beet, cucumber, carrot juice, you can add the juice of sweet pepper. Take 1/2 cup for half an hour before meals for a month.

If necessary, take a two-week break and repeat the course.

Benefits of beet in the treatment of hypertension and migraine

Useful properties of beets

Diuretic and vasodilating properties of beet juice, especially in combination with honey, are widely used in folk medicine to reduce blood pressure, eliminate headaches.

Recipes from hypertension:

  • Withdraw beet juice, prepared from fresh vegetables, for at least 2 hours in the refrigerator. Take one third of the glass throughout the day.
  • Mix in equal parts beet juice, honey . Take 1 tsp. up to 7 times a day at least half an hour before meals during the month.
  • Prepare a mixture of carrot and beet juice, taken one glass, add half a glass of flower honey and juice of one lemon . Take a medical composition for 1 second. one hour before meals.
  • Mix a glass of juice beet and carrot and a half cup of cranberry juice and vodka . Take in case of increased pressure by 1 second. three times a day.
  • Half cup of beet and carrot juice mix with 1/2 cup cranberry and honey , pour half cup alcohol . Infuse in a cool dark place for three days. Take 1 tsp. three times a day.

In the case of a headache, migraine benefits from a compress of grated raw beet, placed on the forehead or whiskey. You can apply fresh beet leaves to the forehead. A tampon moistened with onion or beet juice is placed in the ear canal.

Prescription for the treatment of hypothyroidism

For the preparation of beetroot tincture, rub the fresh root crop, getting 1/2 cup of juice. Add a glass of vodka, insist in a sealed container for two days.

Take 2 p.s. three times a day, washing down half a glass of water. Duration of treatment is two weeks, then a seven-day break and a repeat ten-day course.

Benefits of beet for the intestines, pancreas, liver

Useful properties of beets

Thanks to the high content of dietary fiber, beet is useful for suppressing the development of pathogenic microflora of the intestines, eliminate constipation, efficiently evacuate accumulated harmful substances, cholesterol.

To get rid of lamblia mix in equal parts juice beet , carrot , honey , cognac . Take half a cup of money 30 minutes before eating.

Laxative properties of beet in combination with honey are applied to eliminate constipation . In the elderly, to prevent constipation, it is useful to consume 150 grams of boiled vegetables every day. A fiber-rich root crop strengthens the intestinal peristalsis, helps restore the disturbed balance of microflora.

In a number of cases, the beetles <style style . Half a vegetable vegrut, brew with a liter of boiling water, insist half an hour. Strain, cool to room temperature. Introduce in a small amount of enema, a course of 7-10 procedures.

For low acidity gastric juice take half a cup of juice half an hour before meals.

To normalize the work <style take the beet juice. Starting with 1 hour. 2-3 times a day for half an hour before meals, gradually increase one-time intake to half a glass.

Beet decoction for liver cleansing

Useful properties of beets for soft cleansing of the liver, normalization of its functioning have long been used by folk healers.

To prepare a beet broth, a small root vegetable should be washed, put into a saucepan, fill 1 liter of water. Remember the level and add 2 liters of water. Cook over low heat for about 2 hours, so that 1 liter of water remains in the pan.

Boil the root crop, mix with the remaining water to make porridge. Cook the porridge for another 20 minutes, strain.

Beet broth is divided into four parts. After taking one part, put the heater on the liver, lie on your right side. You can attach a hot-water bottle with a shawl and do household chores. After four hours, repeat the appointment.

If the broth is taken every three or two hours, the cleansing effect will be higher. In any case, do not drink the whole decoction at a time.

The use of beets in the dissolution of stones

от In the case of cholelithiasis, boil 150-200 g of vegetable in 700-800ml of water. Cook until the root becomes soft. Decoction to filter. Take 150ml four times a day.

To dissolve the stones in the liver , take an empty stomach on a glass of raw beet juice.

Another recipe. Cut the root, cook until the lobules form a syrup. Take an incomplete glass 3-4 times a day.

How to cook beet kvass

Healing properties of kvass from beet are useful for preventing high blood pressure, various digestive disorders.

Root is cleaned, cut into small slices and poured warm boiled water to the top. The dishes are closed with several layers of gauze. After 3-5 days kvass is ready.

Fresh drink bright color, slightly stretches. The pressure is lowered especially effectively if one cup of kvass is added 1hl. honey and 1 p.s. lemon juice.

As you use, you can add boiled water until the drink becomes pink and less dense.

Another recipe. Frozen root vegetables fill a third of the can, boil to the top with boiling water. Add 200g of sugar, 50g of crusts of rye bread. Put in a warm place for fermentation. After 2-3 days kvass is ready.

Beetroot recipes useful to the heart and vessels

Useful properties of beets

Due to the mass of medicinal properties, regular consumption of vegetables and juice prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, strengthens the capillaries, and has a vasodilating action. Included in the iron contributes to the hematopoietic function, is shown with anemia (anemia).

To reduce the level of cholesterol , memory improvement is useful to take every day a glass of beet juice.

Activity of the heart muscle is normalized by the intake of a mixture of beet juice and honey taken in equal parts. Take a medical composition for 1 second. an hour before meals for two months. Juice can be replaced with grated vegetables.

The healing properties of beets are used to eliminate iron deficiency, purify blood. Mix in equal parts beet, carrot juice, radish juice. Radish can be replaced with cabbage. Add to taste honey. Take one third of the glass an hour before meals.

To improve brain activity , the purification of blood vessels is useful to include in the diet beet salads:

  • Get from half-chopped banana mash, grind with 1 second . sour cream or cream. Vegetables are rubbed and mixed with mashed potatoes.
  • Finely chop the carrots, cabbage, beets. Add 1hour. vegetable oil, honey, mix.

Useful properties of beets for external use

  • Healing vegetable is useful for removing inflammation , pain relief. Kashitsu, crushed leaves, boiled juice is fixed on the damaged area, changing the bandage once a day.
  • To eliminate cracks in the skin , they are washed with beet decoction.
  • Fresh beet juice is useful to lubricate warts.
  • In case of burns boiled leaves are applied.
  • In case of toothache hold a slice of raw beetroot in your mouth.

Contraindications and harm of treatment with beets

Useful properties of beets

Root reduces blood pressure, so it is contraindicated in hypotension.

Do not drink freshly prepared juice, as there may be a spasm of blood vessels. You must wait at least 2 hours. Juice should not be combined with yeast products, kvass.

Beets make it difficult to absorb calcium, which is harmful in case of osteoporosis.

The root crop contains oxalic acid, which is contraindicated and can cause harm with oxaluria , urolithiasis.

With a significant sucrose content, the beet is contraindicated in diabetic patients.

The use of vegetables is contraindicated in case of liquid stool.

Root crops are harmful for gastritis with high acidity, in the case of various gastrointestinal diseases due to the crude mechanical effect of plant fibers.

Beets have the ability to accumulate nitrates. Most of them near the leaves. Therefore in doubtful cases it is necessary to remove a quarter of the top of the root crop together with the tops. Of course, it is more useful to eat vegetables grown on a garden plot.

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