Useful properties of celery

Useful properties of celery


  • What is useful in celery
  • Useful properties of celery juice
  • Celery use for weight loss
  • Celery use in the treatment of various diseases
  • Celery use to eliminate anxiety
  • Celery treatment of salt deposits in joints
  • Celery recipe for lowering glucose level in diabetes
  • Benefit in treating kidneys
  • Varieties of vegetable culture
  • How to preserve the useful properties of celery in winter
  • Celery in recipes of popular dishes
  • Contraindications and possible harm to celery

It is difficult to imagine a healthy diet without including in the daily ration of vegetables. Celery is useful property to raise the tone, increase mental and physical performance. Vegetable culture normalizes appetite, anesthetizes, has a diuretic property. In nutrition and for the treatment of leaves, stems, roots, as well as seeds and juice are used.

What is useful in celery

Useful properties of celery

достато In the green mass and tubers a sufficient number of dietary fiber, and in tubers, they are almost twice as large. Fiber normalizes metabolic processes, eliminates excess cholesterol in the blood, tying and excluding it from the liver-intestine cycle. Vegetable fibers normalize the activity of the intestine, creating optimal conditions for the life of microflora.

Celery is useful property to adjust digestion, create a rush of physical and intellectual strength, reducing the need for a long night’s rest.

Regularly cleared by dietary fiber, the body is more effective in resisting diseases, it is remarkable for its viability.

Using 100 g of leaves or stems per day, it is possible to get almost half of the daily requirement for vitamin C, 90% of the daily norm of beta-carotene , 80% of the norm of vitamin A.

Celery is useful for its constituent vitamins E, B1, B2 , В3, В5, В6, В9, and in the greenery there are more vitamins В2 and В9, and in root crops В3, В6. In addition, the roots contain vitamin B5.

Microelements are represented by potassium , calcium , and iron , sodium , phosphorus , magnesium , they are more in green.

Useful properties of celery juice

Useful properties of celery

Men, women, children need to drink diluted celery juice, useful fortifying properties. It is diluted with boiled water at the rate of 1 part juice for 10 parts water, take a week for 1/4 cup an hour before meals 3 times a day. If necessary, after a 2-3 day break, repeat the course.

  • For normalization of sleep fresh juice take 1 p.s. one hour before meals.
  • In the case of osteochondrosis benefits celery juice, consumed by 1 h. 3 times a day.
  • As an effective analgesic during female days, take 1/3 cup of juice morning and evening 1 hour before meals.
  • With nephritis , an inflammatory disease of the kidneys, the celery juice is taken 1 tsp. 3 times a day for an hour before meals.

From a long time a strong man’s strength and health drink is being prepared, helping to cope with impotence. Therapeutic recipes from celery:

  • Mix a few freshly prepared juices: 4 pieces of celery, 2 pieces of pear, 1 part of apples. Take two hours before bedtime for several days.
  • In the case of prostate adenoma fresh celery juice mixed in equal parts with honey, stored in the refrigerator. Treated, taking 2 tsp. 3 times a day for an hour before meals.
  • <<<<< Поль Поль Поль Поль Поль Поль Поль Поль Поль Поль Поль Поль Поль Поль Поль putrefaction and self-poisoning, which immediately affects the overall well-being.

    Celery juice is also useful in case of obesity, it is taken up to half a glass during the day.It can be combined with other vegetable juices – apple, carrot. To dull the feeling of hunger, juice can be consumed with a small amount of honey. During losing weight, you should give up the habit of adding salt to your food.

    Having a useful property to facilitate the speedy evacuation of liquid from the body, celery is used not only for weight loss, but also for normalization of high blood pressure values.

    Celery salad recipe for weight loss

    To cope with excess weight and lose weight, it is useful to prepare a salad of fresh vegetables .

    The recipe is simple: celery any variety, carrot , turnip , dill or parsley , vegetable oil cold pressed. You can add a little lemon juice .

    Vegetables are finely chopped, carrots and turnips are best grated.

    The benefits of celery in the treatment of various diseases

    Useful properties of celery

    Regular consumption of vegetables in fresh or cooked form helps reduce the effects of nervous overloads, stress, cure many diseases. This is a natural source of wonderful mood, which you can and should share with others.

    Celery is useful property to provide therapeutic effect, it serves as a remarkable prevention atherosclerosis , lowers cholesterol , normalizes blood pressure , works heart muscle , prevents constipation .

    Recipes using celery are useful property cleanse the blood , liver , kidney , reduce the glucose level in the blood with diabetes.

    The use of celery to eliminate anxiety

    The composition of the vegetable is magnesium . As you know, this microelement has the ability to remove and prevent irritability, stress, anxiety.

    In case of magnesium deficiency, fatigue occurs more quickly, night convulsions may begin. Intensively hair falls out, nails become brittle, it is more often necessary to treat tooth decay. Cholesterol levels increase in the blood, attention is weakened, memory worsens.

    Sufficient intake of magnesium prevents heart and vascular disease, thyroid gland, diabetes mellitus, stomach ulcer.

    Celery treatment of salt deposits in joints

    Useful properties of celery

    Thanks to the sodium celery contained in , it is useful to cope with inflexibility of joints, often caused by sodium deficiency and excess in the body of calcium.

    Sodium deficiency manifests itself as a characteristic creaking in the knees, lack of flexibility. Curing joints, tissues signals the predominance of calcium intake.

    Prescription for the removal of articular deposits . Wash 1 kg of celeriac greens along with the tubers, grind into a meat grinder. Also, through the meat grinder, 3 lemons washed together with the peel. Stir well, insist a week in a dark place. Finished product squeeze, add 0.3 kg of honey. Keep refrigerated. Take 1 tsp. one hour before meals.

    As a rule, joints get better after two courses of celery treatment.

    Recipe for celery to reduce glucose in diabetes

    Brew 20 g of fresh herbs with a glass of boiling water, simmer for 15 minutes in a water bath.

    Take 2-3 p.s. 3 times a day for an hour before meals.

    Benefits for treating kidneys

    Celery seeds are useful for dissolving kidney stones . For the treatment of 1 tsp. seeds are brewed with a glass of boiling water, pressed on a water bath for 30 minutes. Take 3c. in the morning and in the evening.

    Another recipe for curing kidneys: 1ch.L. Celery seeds are brewed with a glass of boiling water, boiled peas and honey are added, mixed. Take 2c. one hour before meals 3 times a day.

    Before taking on an independent treatment of the kidneys, it is worth consulting with a doctor. As a result of improper self-healing, a stone of considerable size often suffers, causing acute pain during movement. Urgent surgical intervention may be required.

    Varieties of vegetable culture

    Depending on the celery variety selected, certain parts of the plant are harvested as a crop. Distinguish the following varieties of popular vegetables:

    • leaf ;
    • petiolate , grown for the stem of the leaf;
    • root .

    Of course, growing a root variety, leaves and stalks of celery are also useful for eating. But this will affect the size of the tubers, they will grow much smaller.

    Leaf varieties

    Useful properties of celery

    Leaf varieties quickly ripen, some are eaten in a couple of months.

    • Cheerfulness Resistant to weather change, well tolerates cold, lack of moisture.
    • Samurai has a long petiole, leaves of medium size. Aromatic greens of celery is more useful to use fresh, but you can dry it for the winter.
    • Zakhar ripens about three months, as a crop yields a significant amount of green mass, which is quickly restored.
    • Kartuli unpretentious to weather conditions, maturity comes two months later. Fragrant leaves can be cut several times a season, eating fresh or drying them for the winter.

    Cilia (cauliflower) species

    Useful properties of celery

    Despite the doubtless useful properties, celery of this variety for various reasons in our country is not popular. Nevertheless, the following varieties are distinguished by a significant length of the stem and an early harvest:

    • Malachite , reaching maturity after 2.5 months. The green mass consists mainly of petioles of considerable diameter, very juicy.
    • Pascal gives a harvest in three months. It is distinguished by long stems of rich green color. Resistant to cooling, gives a high yield.

    Root Crop Varieties

    Useful properties of celery

    Some are convinced that the useful properties of celery crops are comparable to the therapeutic effect of ginseng. Nevertheless, in our country, root crops are grown on garden and dacha sites relatively rarely, preference is given to species that give a significant amount of greenery.

    As a rule, the medium-early varieties reach ripeness after 120-150 days after emergence, then they are excavated. Some common varieties:

    • Apple gives high yields, long stored.
    • Gribovsky is fragrant, it can be dried during harvesting for the winter.
    • The Prague giant highlights a light flesh, a pleasant aroma and a significant amount of root crops.

    The ripening period of root crops in so-called middle varieties comes in 160-180 days:

    • Giant gives large roots in weight up to 600-700 g, they have a characteristic aroma and sweet taste.
    • Strength gives the tubers considerable weight, the mass of each reaches 400g.
    • Egor sweet taste, aromatic, contains a significant amount of vitamin C.
    • Albin protrudes above the surface, gives roots 10-12 cm in diameter, there are no voids in them.

    Late grades reach ripeness in 180 days:

    • Maxim stands out with a significant weight of tubers up to 0.5 kg, they are remarkably kept in the winter.
    • Anita gives a high yield, the mass of root crops reaches 400 g. Harvest is also well preserved in winter.

    How to preserve the useful properties of celery in winter

    Useful properties of celery

    The plant grows well in the middle band. When leaving, you need to remember that it likes frequent watering.

    Seeds are planted at the end of January. In mid-May, if weather permits, seedlings are transferred to open ground. The air should warm up to +18 .. + 20C. Young seedlings can withstand freezing up to -5 ° C.

    The first greens are cut off when it grows by 20-30 cm. To cuttings become tender and light, they are hilled in the second half of the summer, 2-3 weeks before harvesting. In the autumn, before the onset of frost, the remaining greens are cut and used in household preparations.

    For the winter leaf or cuttings celery dried, preparing the home seasoning. The green mass is cut and laid on a baking sheet, dried at room temperature. When the grass is completely dry, fold it into a glass jar or a paper bag. In winter add to various dishes.

    Another popular method of harvesting, when salt is added to finely chopped leaves or stems, during storage can cause the formation of nitrosamines , carcinogenic substances. As a rule, harmful substances are formed during the reaction, in which nitrates contained in the harvested green matter are involved.

    The root variety is excavated in October, and it is better to use a fork instead of a shovel. On the tub leave 2-3 cm of greenery and put in a cellar, in wooden boxes, the crop can be poured with sand. Storage temperature +2 .. + 5C. The root is better to excavate in the first year, the next year it becomes woody.

    Other ways of storage:

    • tubers peeled, cut into strips and dried. Store in a glass container.
    • finely chop tubers, grate, put together in a bag and store in a freezer. During the winter add to various dishes without defrosting.

    Celery in recipes of popular dishes

    Useful properties of celery

    Caloric value of green mass is 13 kcal per 100 g. The energy value of the tubers is somewhat higher, 34 kcal. This should be taken into account when compiling a daily menu in weight loss programs.

    The plant is fragrant, gives any dish a unique flavor. Of course, you need to observe the measure so that the vegetable does not “interrupt” the remaining components.

    • Typically, leaf variety is added to salads, it is used for home canning, in meat recipes.
    • Stem varieties cut into salads, stew with vegetables, they can be boiled.
    • Fresh root vegetables crumb in salads, they go well with meat dishes, add to soups. From the tubers cook cutlets. A simple recipe for a dish of celery – fry slices and add them to peas, tomatoes, put out with fish or poultry. Contra-indications and possible harm of celery

      Vegetables should not be used in case of gastritis with high acidity, it contains a significant amount of vitamin C irritating mucous.

      In addition, dietary fiber enhances peristalsis, actively affecting the walls of the stomach and intestines.

      Pregnant and nursing should also not include a vegetable in the diet.

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