Useful properties of chokeberry ashberry

Useful properties of chokeberry ashberry


  • Varieties of aronia
  • Planting and care, harvesting of chokeberry aronia
  • Ingredients, calories and vitamins in berries of chokeberry
  • Useful properties of chokeberry aronia
  • Black-berry rowan from pressure
  • Contra-indications and harm

Many grow in a garden or in a country house chokeberry . More precisely, the plant is called aronia, it does not have a close relationship with mountain ash . Branching shrubbery grows up to 3 meters, without requiring special care, it is unpretentious and frost-resistant. Berries have a slightly astringent taste, their properties are especially useful for lowering blood pressure.

Varieties of aronia

Shrub grows in the temperate climate of Eastern Europe and North America, aronia red and black cultivated. In natural conditions, the red variety grows to 4 meters, the black rarely exceeds 2 meters. The hybrid variety was called aronia purple .

From the violet and black variety IVMichurin, a culture was developed that was widely disseminated. At the end of the 19th century, an artificial hybrid genus sorbaronium was obtained, which includes five different plant species and is characterized by sweeter dark-cherry berries. These plants began to be called “black chokeberry”.

Currently, the preserved varieties of black barberry sorbaronium are used in the creation of hybrid varieties of aronia and mountain ash. A significant part of them, deduced in a straight line, is irretrievably lost.

Nevertheless, under the guise of chokeberry aronia it is quite possible to acquire sorbaronium. Aronia, regardless of color, is a strongly branched shrub, while sorbaronia is a small tree.

When deducing IVMichurin, the goal was to obtain a culture that was maximally adapted for growing under conditions unfavorable for most plants: short summer, frosty winter, poor soil. The shrub tolerates frosts down to -40C.

Almost all varieties of chokeberry are self-fertilized , that is pollen of the given variety, including the plant itself, is suitable for pollination.

The yield is high, about 3-8 kg per bush. Sweet and sour berries with characteristic astringent taste, occasionally giving bitterness, are useful, but not always used as a delicious dessert. As a rule, fruits, juice, jam and wine are obtained.

Different varieties can be found on sale, including imported ones:

  • Aron (Denmark);
  • Hakkia, Karhumäki, Belder, Viking (Finland);
  • Dabrowice, Egerta, Kutno, Nova Weight (Poland);
  • Nero, Erecta, Rubin, Black-eyed (mixed origin).

It is necessary to inquire the purpose of the planting material, because instead of the fruit plant, you can purchase a decorative variety.

The creation of new varieties continues, so it is better to choose them in the nearest nursery, so that the plant is maximally adapted to local climatic conditions.


A useful property of the plant is the rapid appearance of the first berries. When sowing seeds, the fruits appear already in the fourth year, with the vegetative method of reproduction with the help of offspring, with grafting, taps, cuttings – for the third year. It is better to plant several varieties, so the harvest is higher.

The landing of chokeberry aronia is best done in autumn, early October. Or in the early spring, in April.

First of all, you should pay attention to the roots of the seedling. They should be of sufficient length up to 30 cm, branched into 2-3 branches. Fresh appearance and sufficient moisture of the root system guarantee fast growth of the bush.

Depending on the size of the roots, dig a hole up to 50 cm deep. It is useful to add a humus bucket, a little ash, mix, so that the pit is filled to a third.Add the land to half the depth, water it. Then put the seedling of chokeberry, spread the roots, so that no voids are formed, fill the pit. Clamp the cervix for 1-2cm.

If there is no precipitation, the bush should be watered, preferably 2-3 weeks before harvest and a couple of weeks after.

Berries are harvested in September. They are able, without crumbling, to hang to the pits if they are not previously birded.

Ingredients, calories and vitamins in berries of black chokeberry

Useful properties of chokeberry ashberry

Caloric content is about 50 kcal per 100 g of fruit. In berries, a significant amount of dietary fiber, a useful property to bind harmful substances and effectively remove them from the body.

Rowan fruits contain sorbitol , a sugar substitute in case of diabetes.

  • Micro and macro elements are represented by potassium , which is involved in conducting nerve impulses. The element improves the supply of the brain with oxygen, which contributes to the effectiveness of intellectual activity. With it, the muscles of the skeleton are contracted.
  • Sufficient content of phosphorus requires optimal kidney function, central nervous system activity, the course of metabolic reactions in the body.
  • Calcium is necessary for the organs of sight, hearing, taste, optimal functioning of the pituitary gland, gonads, thyroid and pancreas, kidneys, it affects the coagulability of the blood.
  • Fruits contain enough magnesium , which interacts with calcium regulates the tone of the vessels, muscle contractions. Magnesium has a relaxing effect, it allows to influence the level of calcium.

ря Rowberry berries contain an extensive set of vitamins:

  • , necessary for the growth and restoration of cells of various tissues of the body, promoting the assimilation of iron;
  • E , characterized by antioxidant properties. It affects metabolic processes, improves cellular nutrition, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, promotes faster growth of muscle mass.
  • beta-carotene , protecting the body from free radicals, various harmful substances coming from the outside with air, food. The body remains young for longer, reduces the risk of heart and vascular disease.
  • B3 (niacin) , important for metabolic processes. It has a vasodilating effect, stimulates the secretion of gastric juice and bile, lowers cholesterol level by increasing blood glucose level, normalizes blood pressure indicators.
  • B6 , necessary for the assimilation of protein and fats. Normalizes the skin condition, promotes rejuvenation, reduces spasm of muscles, has a diuretic effect.
  • B2 , involved in the formation of erythrocytes, antibodies. It regulates reproductive functions, improves the condition of the skin, nails, hair, is necessary for the functioning of the thyroid gland.
  • B1 , regulating carbohydrate metabolism, involved in the transmission of nerve impulses. It is necessary to maintain healthy skin and hair.

The fruits of chokeberry aronia contain organic acids – apple , lemon , acetic . They promote the secretion of gastric juice, an appetite appears, digestive processes are stimulated, peristalsis, the growth and development of pathogenic microflora is suppressed. Cholesterol levels decrease in the blood, this property is useful for the prevention of atherosclerosis .

Fruit is an astringent taste due to the content of tannins, which strengthen the walls of the vessels.

Useful properties of chokeberry aronia

Useful properties of chokeberry ashberry

In case of frequent colds, berries increase immunity, it is better to take them together with rose hips.

A useful tea is prepared. A couple of tablespoons of dried berries pour a glass of boiling water, simmer on low heat for 10 minutes, insist for 6 hours. Use with honey, taking half a cup for an hour before eating.

Useful fruits have a vasodilating effect, lower the level of cholesterol in the blood, they are useful in reducing the fragility of capillaries.

For the prevention of atherosclerosis it is useful to consume a glass of fresh berries every day for a month and a half each day. Simultaneously, sufficient intake of vitamin C. It is possible to prepare an infusion of hips.

Fresh fruit juice helps with gastritis with low acidity, in case of hemorrhoids.

Chokeberry from pressure

To reduce blood pressure from fresh berries make juice, taking it before eating 2-3 tablespoons. To improve the taste, you can mix the juice with honey.

It is also useful to eat fresh or frozen berries. Their diuretic properties contribute to the normalization of indicators in hypertensive disease.

It is enough to consume 100 g of fresh fruits every day, the course of treatment is two weeks.

Contraindications and harm

Some properties of chokeberry may cause harm and are therefore contraindicated in the case of:

  • stomach and duodenum ulcers;
  • gastritis with high acidity;
  • chronic constipation;

  • with hypotension , underpressure.

It is believed that with increased blood coagulation, eating fruits of chokeberry choke can be harmful. Although the conducted studies have shown that the rate of blood clotting in this treatment practically does not change, the risk of thrombus formation does not increase.

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