Useful properties of cranberries

Useful properties of cranberries


  • Where cranberries grow
  • Benefits of cranberry berries
  • Application of cranberry properties in the treatment of various diseases
  • Curative recipes from cranberry
  • Cranberry mask for oily skin
  • Recipes for the correct preparation and storage of cranberries at home
  • Contra-indications of cranberries

тради Berries are traditionally used for preparing cranberry jam, mors, and pie filling. At the same time, various diseases are treated with fruits and leaves. Useful properties of cranberries are used in case of cold, to increase the acidity of gastric juice, improve the skin condition.

Where the cranberry grows

From Latin, the name of the plant is translated sour berry . The shrubbery requires enough light and moisture. It forms four species and prefers to grow in the Northern Hemisphere mainly on wet soil of marshes. In Russia, grows small-fruited and marshy varieties.

The fungus lives on the roots of the plant. Cells of roots and mycelium of fungus form a symbiosis. With the help of fungal filaments, the shrub gets the necessary nutrients.

Blossoms in June, the harvest begins to be harvested from September. Sometimes berries are found in the spring, but they almost do not have vitamin C, although they taste sweeter than those collected in the fall.

Benefits of cranberry berries

Useful properties of cranberries

Cranberries are useful for enhancing the action of antibiotics, being a kind of catalyst for these medicines. In addition, the fruits contain phytoncides , antibiotics of natural origin.


Cranberries are useful in the content of bioflavonoids , an indispensable component of human nutrition. They increase the activity of enzymes necessary for the course of metabolic reactions.

Cranberry fruits are rich in anthocyanins . This variety of bioflavonoids is not synthesized and does not accumulate in the body, they must constantly and in sufficient quantities come with food. They effectively destroy bacteria and help immunity. In addition, anthocyanins contained in cranberries are useful property to strengthen the walls of capillaries, cope with swelling.

Another kind of bioflavonoids, proanthocyanides, slows down the aging process, reduces intoxication, effectively eliminates free radicals.


Acids are represented by lemon , apple , benzoic , other varieties.

Benzoic acid is used in the composition of various food additives used for preserving products. It suppresses the growth of mold, yeast. Its antimicrobial effect is manifested only in acidic products.

Presence in cranberry benzoic acid promotes long-term storage of berries in fresh form with preservation of useful properties.


In the fall of cranberries collected enough autumn vitamin C (up to 30 mg per 100 g of product), especially necessary in periods of epidemics. This equates its useful properties for this indicator to citrus.

Vitamins of group B are:

  • B1, is necessary for the processes of growth and development, maintaining the health of the heart, stomach, intestines, nervous system;
  • B2, promotes the creation of erythrocytes, antibodies, normalization of reproductive functions and the functioning of the thyroid gland. It is useful for improving the appearance of the skin and nails, normalizing the health of the hair.
  • B3 ( nicotinic acid ), a component of oxidative cell responses. Helps the body absorb and use vitamin C, enhances its healing effect.
  • B5, is important for fat and carbohydrate metabolism, the synthesis of a number of fatty acids, cholesterol, hemoglobin. Heat treatment destroys half of this vitamin. It is used in the case of hyperthyroidism, metabolic disorders, toxicosis of pregnant women, circulatory insufficiency.
  • B6, is required for the synthesis of neurotransmitters by which the electrical impulse of the nerve cell is transferred between neurons or from neurons to muscle tissues, as well as for the synthesis of hemoglobin .


From the trace elements, the content of potassium довольно is quite high, its assimilation is facilitated by the presence of vitamin B6. Sufficient intake of potassium is necessary for vessels, capillaries, muscles, heart muscle, brain cells, kidneys. This microelement is a part of various intracellular fluids.

Cranberry consumption is beneficial in case of acute neuralgia caused by a lack of this microelement. Also, various cardiac arrhythmias remain in the past.

Cranberry is contraindicated in case of small intestinal ulcers . Berries do harm not only by the presence of various acids in fruits. But also because of the fact that this pathology causes an overabundance in the body of potassium.

Cranberries are useful for a fairly high content of phosphorus , calcium , iron .


Sugar is represented by glucose , the main source of energy of various metabolic processes, and fructose , useful for strengthening immunity.

On the other hand, in the liver fructose is converted to fat, harmful to the heart. In addition, fat contributes to weight gain.


The benefits of cranberries in high content pectin , the so-called water soluble fiber , turning the liquid into a kissel. Insoluble fiber (dietary fiber) does not possess this property.

Pectins are practically not digested by the digestive system, they are used to normalize the microflora of the large intestine. Turning into it by fermentation into fatty acids, they provide energy to microorganisms, as well as cells lining the intestinal mucosa.

Sufficient supply of pectins with the use of cranberries normalizes metabolic processes , intestinal peristalsis , clearing it of accumulated harmful compounds, and also reduces cholesterol level .

In addition, it is believed that cranberry and other pectins are useful in reducing blood glucose levels.

Application of cranberry properties in the treatment of various diseases

Useful properties of cranberries

  • For colds , as well as for its prevention, it is recommended to use cranberries. Its properties are useful for rapid temperature reduction, the berry helps to release the body’s resources to fight infection.
  • Suffering heart disease the cranberry is useful in effectively cleaning the vessels of cholesterol, resulting in greatly facilitated the work of the heart.
  • In the case of hypertension the benefits of cranberries in providing a diuretic effect. In contrast to drug preparations of a similar action, in this case the organism does not lose potassium.
  • Regular use of cranberry berries or juice reduces the risk of inflammation of the urogenital system .
  • Inclusion in the daily diet of cranberries benefits the stomach, as the risk of developing gastritis , peptic ulcer , inflammation in the digestive system .

Therapeutic recipes from cranberry

Useful properties of cranberries

Recipes from sore throat

Mix in equal amounts cranberry and beet juices , honey , vodka . Infuse 3 days, stirring every day. Take 1 tsp. one hour before meals.

After consulting a doctor diluted with cranberry juice it is useful to gargle .

Recipes from cranberries with hypertension

Two glasses of berries, half a glass of sand, a glass of water is mixed, crushing fruits and mixing them with sugar and water. The mixture is brought to the boil, filtered. Add a few spoons to the hot water, using the resulting drink instead of tea.

You can grind the berries in a meat grinder, mix with the same amount of honey. Take 1 ts. Per hour before meals.

Cranberry tea and morsel

Tea recipe. Berries are put in a cup, kneaded, covered with sand and added with hot water. The acidic drink tones well, provides a reserve of strength, increases efficiency.

Morse’s recipe . Mash 2 cups of berries, merge the resulting juice into a separate bowl, strain through gauze. Pour puddings 1.5-2 liters of boiling water, add 4-5 ml. of granulated sugar. Bring to a boil, mix and leave to infuse. After 15 minutes drain, add the cranberry juice.

Cranberry mask for oily skin

If the skin is greasy, the cranberry mask of mashed berry is useful. After 15 minutes, the mask is washed off with warm water. The course of 10-15 procedures performed every other day.

When sensitive skin is applied to the face of napkins, impregnated with juice, diluted with water. To get rid of acne, the mask should be kept for a long time, up to an hour.

Recipes for the correct preparation and storage of cranberries at home

Useful properties of cranberries

It is better to harvest berries, frozen with frost, slightly frozen. To preserve their useful properties for a long time, it is necessary to prepare cranberry jam by ripping the fruits with sand or freezing them in the refrigerator.

Up to three months, the berry is well preserved in a dark cool place. If you expand it in jars and pour cold water, the shelf life is increased to six months. Water should be changed every two weeks. Permanent water is useful to drink, adding sugar to taste.

When you are cooking cranberries for home, do not heat it, so that useful properties are not lost, vitamins are not destroyed.

The recipe for the billet . Mechanically squeeze out the juice. Cook the cake, peel and pulp, adding sugar. And only after the composition has cooled, add cranberry juice.

Contraindications of cranberries

  • It is not necessary to treat cranberries in case of gastritis with high acidity , if there is stomach ulcer or duodenum .
  • Contraindicated in the use of cranberries and juice in the treatment of medical drugs, so it is always necessary to consult a doctor.
  • Cranberries can be harmful in case of urolithiasis .

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