Useful properties of dogrose

Useful properties of dogrose


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  • Treatment with rose hip medicines
  • How to brew rose hips independently
  • Brew tea tea brewing
  • Body improvement
  • Useful hips properties
  • treatment of colds and flu treatment angina
  • Useful properties of rosehip in diseases of the oral cavity
  • treatment of sinusitis
  • therapeutic use in essential hypertension hips
  • Recipes rosehip hypotension, reduced pressure
  • Ozd orovlenie heart and blood vessels
  • funds from the hips at diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver
  • Troubleshooting rosehip nervous disorders, depression, insomnia
  • Improving men’s health
  • Grades rosehip
  • How to grow rosehips
  • Harvesting, preparation for winter
  • Contraindications and harm of dog rose

Rosehip treat various diseases. For the first time his useful properties described in the 4th century BC. Ancient Greek naturalist, “father of botany” Theophrastus . Since then, infusion, decoction, tincture, rosehip oil enhance mental and physical ability, strengthen immunity. The plant helps to cope with colds, diseases of the mouth, sinusitis, normalizes blood pressure, heals the cardiovascular system, helps with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous disorders. The most pronounced curative properties are cinnamon (May), and wrinkled . Other varieties are also applicable for healing, but it is necessary to increase the amount of plant material.

Healing composition of dogrose

The flesh of the dog rose fruits contains up to 14% of vitamin C (ascorbic acid), which is an order of magnitude greater than in the currant. Vitamin C is also a part of the leaves of the plant. Its highest content is in mature fruits growing in the middle belt and in the north.

Fruits contain vitamins of group B:

  • B1 (thiamin) , which determines the processes of growth and development, supporting the optimal work of the heart, nervous, digestive system;
  • B2 (riboflavin) , important for the synthesis of erythrocytes, antibodies, growth, reproductive functions, optimal thyroid function, health of hair, skin, nails, oral cavity;
  • B9 (folic acid) . The intake of this vitamin is necessary for the production of a sufficient number of spermatozoa. Deficiency causes anemia, disorders of the circulatory and immune systems of the body.

The group of vitamins P form flavonoids , in combination with ascorbic acid they reduce the permeability and fragility of capillaries, activate redox processes, are used to treat diseases of the liver and kidneys. In the composition of dogrose are useful property to promote the normalization of blood pressure indicators, to prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

Rosehip seeds contain vitamin E , important for reproductive function, enhancing the body’s defenses. Especially a lot of vitamin E in rosehip seeds and oil.

Rosehip fruits contain vitamin K , necessary for the assimilation and interaction of calcium with vitamin D. It plays an important role in the metabolic processes of bone and connective tissue, optimal kidney function, and blood coagulation.

There are a lot of beta-carotene , vitamin A is formed from the body, which increases the resistance. Biloba infusions are useful for the prevention of niktalopia , twilight vision disorders. Carotenoids are also found in rosehip oil.

Rosehip is useful for high tannins , tannins. They have the property of causing a partial coagulation of proteins, resulting in a protective film on the mucosa or skin. They are used in the treatment of inflammation of the oral cavity, burns, various skin diseases. They are many in fruits, flowers and plant roots.

Microelements are represented by potassium , calcium , magnesium , phosphorus , iron , manganese , zinc , copper .

Fruit pectin , water-soluble fiber contributes to the removal of harmful substances from the intestine, normalizes the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

Organic acids are represented by apple and lemon variety.

Treatment pharmacy drugs hips

Useful properties of dogrose

In industrial processing plant raw material obtained from Dog rose fruit preparations of ascorbic acid, vitamin P, carotenoid preparations in the form of tocopherols seed oil.

Before buying any kind of rosehip preparations in the pharmacy, which have a number of useful and medicinal properties, you should consult a doctor.

Rose hips

Increase the body’s overall resistance, hormone production, stimulate regeneration processes, and have anti-inflammatory properties. They are used for the prevention and treatment of deficiency of vitamins C and P. Contraindicated in cholelithiasis.

Rosehip oil

Accepted as a general restorative, enhances tissue regeneration, reduces vascular permeability, increases sexual potency. It heals the mucosa of the upper parts of the digestive tract.

External applied to the treatment of cracks in the skin , ulcers , burns , dermatoses , pressure sores , trophic ulcers .

Rosehip extract liquid “Holosas”

It has a general strengthening, anti-inflammatory and choleretic effect due to organic acids and flavonoids. It is taken half an hour before a meal with chronic non-calculous cholecystitis , chronic hepatitis . Bashing in the abdomen is eliminated with tincture cumin , coriander , dill .

Vegetable collection “Brusnivere”

Contains cranberry leaves , herbs St. John’s wort and turns , fruits hips . Has anti-inflammatory and diuretic action, destroys staphylococcus, intestinal and pseudomonas aeruginosa. The medicine is used inside and outside in the treatment of diseases urology , gynecology and proctology .

Elixir “Gerboton”

As part of the fruit of the hawthorn , rosehip , cranberry , blackcurrant , rhizomes Eleutherococcus, Echinacea herb . Tones up, increases the overall resistance of the body. Contraindicated in childhood , with pregnancy and lactation , arterial hypertension , insomnia , increased excitability , chronic liver disease .

“Demidov syrup”

Common restorative means, useful properties are due to the included hips , blueberry , hawthorn , coriander , bark oak , grass St. John’s Wort , yarrow , oregano , roots or rhizomes calamus , Potentilla, licorice, Bergenia, ginseng , birch buds , seeds of Siberian stone pine , peppermint leaves , camomile flowers .

Has a general restorative and choleretic effect, stimulates the motility of the gastrointestinal tract. It is used in the case of dyskinesia of the gallbladder and of the large intestine , as well as noncalculous cholecystitis , gastritis with secretory deficiency in chronic form.

Contraindicated in pregnancy , lactation , sleep disorders , diabetes mellitus , arterial hypertension , pancreatitis , hepatitis , exacerbations stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers .

Collection “Travohal”

Normalizes metabolism, has choleretic effect, has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antispasmodic properties, suppresses the ability to reproduce in Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus faesalis, Escherichia coli, stimulates the detoxification function of the liver.

As part of the fruits of wild rose , blackcurrant , bird cherry, flowers immortelle sandy and tansy, Leaves of nettle , mint peppermint , licorice roots .

Contraindicated in pregnancy and during lactation , acute hepatitis and liver dystrophy .

Vegetable collection “Arfazetin-E”

The composition includes rosehip fruits , herbs St. John’s wort and horsetail field , flowers chamomile , shoots blueberries , fruit leaves beans ordinary , rhizomes eleutherococcus .

The collection helps to reduce blood glucose, is indicated for type 2 diabetes mellitus (non-insulin-dependent).

Contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation , insomnia , arterial hypertension , stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer , nephritis .

How to brew wild rose berry yourself

Useful properties of dogrose

Any sort of dog rose benefits. But it is believed that with the vertical arrangement of sepals at the top of the fetus, there are more vitamins in it than when sepals are lowered and pressed against the walls.

At home preparation of medicinal forms it is better to use not metal, and enameled, glass, porcelain utensils.

Preparation of medicinal boar infusion

Wash and shred the fruit shell, leaving the corns intact. Pour 6-10 parts of boiling water, simmer on a slow fire or a water bath for 10 minutes. Close the lid, wrap it around, so that the infusion has cooled down in 2-3 hours.

обязательно Before consumption, strain through a folded several times the gauze, so that the hairs of the fruit stay in it. In some cases, they can injure the mucous membrane of the mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestines.

This method of making wild boar infusions gives the maximum content of ascorbic acid, which enhances the therapeutic effect of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, and also destroys in a useful product different microorganisms.

You can use a thermos bottle to brew the dog-rose, and it is better to use a glass bulb. To extract a maximum of vitamin C from the crushed fruits it is possible in 6-9 hours of infusion. Whole fruits are brewed longer, about one and a half days.

When using a thermos with a stainless bulb, the peak content of vitamin C is lower by 30-40%. Therefore, it makes sense to put inside a glass bottle of a suitable size with infusion to avoid direct contact with the metal walls.

Decoctions of flowers, leaves, roots

  • Brew, like tea, in a glass 2-3 ts.l. fresh or dried flower hips , insist half an hour.
  • Brew 1sp. leaves a glass of boiling water, boil 1 minute in a water bath, insist.
  • Wash and grind 2 tsp. roots , brew a glass of boiling water, simmer on a water bath for 15-20 minutes. It is good to wrap, drain.

The decoction of the branches is prepared in the same way as the decoction of the roots.

How to make rose hip oil at home

Method 1 . Grind 100 g of dried fruit , pour 0.5 liter of boiled vegetable oil. Infuse in a warm place for 2 weeks, shaking the contents in the morning and evening. Strain, store in a dark cool place.

Method 2 . Collect fresh flower petals , cover them with a layer of olive oil, put them in the sun. When they become white, squeeze and replace with fresh ones. Repeat 5-7 times.

Oil from petals of dog rose is useful property to eliminate insomnia, it weakens, promotes healing of stomach and duodenal ulcers, relieves inflammation of the stomach.

When applied externally, it effectively heals damage to the skin, various inflammations.

Brewing tea with rosehip

Rosehip tea is useful for increasing the body’s resistance to unfavorable environmental factors. It excellently tones up, reduces susceptibility to nervous overloads. In addition, it effectively removes fatigue, fatigue, stimulates intellectual performance, eliminates headache and prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

Recipe 1 . Half a cup of fruit to wash, brew with a liter of boiling water, simmer in a water bath or a slow fire for 7-10 minutes, insist 10-12 hours in a thermos.

Prepare the finished tea through several layers of gauze before use. Use with honey.

Recipe 2 . Soak 1-2 seconds. fruit in a glass of water at room temperature. After a few hours bring to a boil, immediately remove from heat, strain.

Recipe 3 . Wash the dried fruits, allow them to dry, grind in a coffee grinder. Brew 1с.л. ground raw material with a glass of boiling water, simmer in a water bath or on a slow fire for 7-10 minutes. After wrapping, insist 2-3 hours, drain.

Improvement of the body

Useful properties of dogrose

The use of various therapeutic compositions on the basis of dogrose in the elimination of beriberi, restoration of strength with regular physical or mental fatigue, chronic fatigue. They help to get rid of a headache at increased pressure, insomnia, lack of appetite on the nerves.

Getting rid of weakness and exhaustion, increase efficiency

Brew a glass of hot dog-bitten infusion 1s.l. grass St. John’s Wort , insist half an hour. Take courses lasting a month and a half and a half a cup an hour after eating.

Half a cup of grated rose hips mixed with 1/4 cup St. John’s wort , ¼ cup yarrow . Melt 250-300g butter , add 500-600g honey and vegetable ingredients, mix thoroughly. Take 1 tsp. every hour or two.

Mix 2 parts peeled from seeds and ground rose hips with 1 part honey . Keep refrigerated. Take 1 tsp. spoon several times a day.

Strengthening of the immune system, elimination of vitamin deficiency

Brew 1 tbsp. dry chopped herbs echinacea a glass of hot dog-brewer , insist 2-3 hours, strain. Take a week in small portions on a glass during the day one hour before a meal. In a fortnight, repeat the course.

Mix briar fruity and смо currant berries in equal parts. Brew 2 tablespoons. mix 0.5 liter of boiling water, insist 1-2 hours, drain. Take half a cup an hour after eating for 2-3 weeks.

Useful properties of dogrose for treating colds <

Useful properties of dogrose

. Mix 2 parts of dried berries raspberries , 2 parts of hips fruit, 1 part of currant leaves . Brew 1с.л. mix with a glass of boiling water, insist 15-20 minutes, drain.

Take in the evening just before sleep.

Rinse the glass rose hips , add 300 g sugar , 300 ml water room temperature. To expose for 5 days in the sun. Add a glass of vodka , insist in a dark cool place for 5 more days. Strain, squeezed the fruit well.

Take the first signs of malaise by 1 second. an hour after meals in the morning and evening.

Antipyretics . Mix 1/4 cup of wild rose fruit and berries of the viburnum, brew with a glass of boiling water, insist in a thermos or wrapped well, drain.

Take half a cup every hour or two.

Treatment of ARVI . Mix 2 parts hips and roots , 2 parts mint , 1 part oregano , 1 part coltsfoot .Brew 3 tbsp. mixture with a glass of boiling water, insist in a thermos or wrapped well, drain.

Take 1/2 cup 3 times a day for an hour before meals.

Treatment of a common cold . Rosehip oil Bury 2-3 drops in each nostril.

A mixture of dogrose , sea-buckthorn oils with aloe со juice, taken in equal parts, is also used. In each nostril, 3-5 drops are dripped several times a day.

Treatment of sore throat and flu

Useful properties of dogrose

<style . Brew a glass of hot dog-bitten infusion 2s.l. dried grass celandine , insist 2-3 hours, drain.

Take small meals throughout the day.

Throat rinse aid . Mix in equal parts celandine grass and chamomile flowers , 1с.л. blend 1.5 cups of hot dog-rose infusion . Insist half an hour, drain.

Rinse throat every 2 hours to help cope with sore throat.

Recipe of the sweatshop infusion . Brew 1-2 hours. dog rose petals , 2с.л. linden flowers in a glass of boiling water, boil for 7-10 minutes over low heat, drain.

Take 1-2 glasses hot.

Antipyretic infusion for influenza . Brew for 1 p.p. rose hips and dried berries raspberries a glass of boiling water, boil for 10 minutes on low heat, insist for 24 hours, drain.

Take half a cup one hour before meals in the morning and evening.

Useful properties of dogrose in diseases of the oral cavity

Useful properties of dogrose

<Rinse with halitosis, bad breath . Brew 5g of leaves peppermint a glass of hot dog-brewer , insist 20 minutes, strain. Use in a warm form for rinsing the mouth.

Rinses with stomatitis . Brew 2 tablespoons. sage glass insoluble hips , insist half an hour, strain. Rinse your mouth for 5 minutes in the morning and in the evening.

It is useful to rinse your mouth with dog-piercing infusion , adding 1 hour to the glass. lemon juice , horseradish juice .

Bleeding gums . Pour 2 p.s. oak bark and 1с.л. linden flowers hot briar infusion . Insist an hour, drain. Rinse your mouth every hour.

Inflammation of the gums . In case of chronic inflammation of the gums around the teeth, rinsing with dog rose is useful.

To strengthen the healing effect, grind in a coffee grinder rhizome aira , 1 ч.л. powder brew 2 glasses of hot infusion of rose hips , insist 2-3 hours, drain. Rinse your mouth several times a day.

Treatment of periodontitis, periodontal disease . Mix 30g of oak bark , sage , chopped pulp walnut . Pour a glass of infusion dogrose , insist 6-8 hours. Bring to a boil, drain. Apply to mouth rinses, gum massage.

Mix in equal parts rose hips , nettle , elecampane , celandine , mint , chamomile , celery . Brew 2 tablespoons. mixture of a glass of hot wild rose , boil over low heat for 3-5 minutes, drain.

Rinse the mouth, take inside 1/3 cup in the morning and evening for half an hour before meals for a month.

Treatment of sinusitis

Useful properties of dogrose

Healing properties of dog rose are useful in the treatment of sinusitis .

Flushing .Add in a warm infusion of fruit dogrose 2-3 grains potassium permanganate , 7-10 drops tincture iodine , rinse the sinuses.

Drops of rose hips for the treatment of sinusitis . Brew with a glass of hot dog-bitten infusion 1s.l. flowers St. John’s wort , insist 2-3 hours, boil 1 minute. In a warm form, dig in 2-3 drops in each nostril several times a day.

Inhalation with dog rose infusion . Boil the infusion, add a few drops of tincture propolis . Breathe 15-20 minutes, periodically adding hot infusion.

For the prompt removal of inflammation in the sinuses infusion of the fruit dogrose brew peppermint and wormwood bitter, taken in equal parts. Take inside 1 hour after eating until the foul odor in the nose disappears completely.

Healing application of dogrose in hypertension

Useful properties of dogrose

Rosehip brings health benefits, reducing blood pressure, restoring the elasticity of blood vessels, stimulating the function of hematopoiesis, cardiovascular activity.

Spirituous rose hips raise the pressure, therefore it is necessary to be treated with infusions or decoctions.

  • Prepare barite infusion at the rate of 2 p.s. on a glass of water. Take 1/2 cup after an hour after eating.
  • Hot fruit infusion dogrose brew 2 tsp. berries hawthorn , insist half an hour, strain. Take 1 glass shortly before sleep.
  • Mix rose hips – 2h, hawthorn berries – 2h, cranberries – 1h, berries chokeberry chokeberry – 1h. Brew 3 tbsp. mix with a glass of boiling water, insist half an hour, drain. Take 15-20 minutes before eating 1/3 cup.

In case of heart diseases, increased pressure, prepare from the rosehip a composition that has a number of healing properties:

  • Rub lemon together with the peel, mix it with 1 tsp. fresh cranberries and 1с.л. fresh crushed rosehip fruit , add a glass honey . Take 1 tsp. twice a day.

Recipes from rosehips with hypotension, low blood pressure

Suffering from low blood pressure should be treated with alcoholic rose hips.

  1. Grind 100 g of fruit in a coffee grinder, pour 0.5 l of vodka . Insist in a dark cool place for a week. Take 25 drops a half an hour before meals.
  2. Scroll through the meat grinder 5 lemons with a peel, pour 0,5 l dog-brew infusion room temperature, place in a glass container with a tight lid. Infuse in the refrigerator for up to a day and a half, after a few hours shaking the contents. Add half a kilo of honey , mix thoroughly, put again in the refrigerator for 36 hours, periodically mixing the medicinal composition. Take 2-3 tablespoons. for half an hour before meals.
  3. A glass of hot hops brew 1 tsp. sage , insist half an hour, strain. Take 1 hour. In 2 hours.

Healing of the heart and blood vessels

Useful properties of dogrose

Useful properties of dogrose are used to treat cardiovascular diseases.

For normalization of cardiac activity pour 50g herb St. John’s Wort 1l infusion of fruits, douse on a water bath or a slow fire 10 minutes, half an hour to insist, drain. In the warm composition add 100g honey . Take 1/4 cup for half an hour before meals.

Ascorbic acid of dogrose slows the development of atherosclerosis . It lowers the level of cholesterol and, consequently, the amount of its deposits on the walls of the vessels.

In case of atherosclerosis , tachycardia pour 1 second. hawthorn flowers a glass of hot hipshopper , wrap it well and insist for 2 hours, strain. Take 3-4 days for 1/4 cup for half an hour before meals.

For tachycardia brew in a glass dog-bitten infusion 1-2s.l. herb wort St. John’s wort . Boil for 5 minutes, insist for an hour, drain. Take 1 tsp. 5-6 times a day.

Brew 1-2 hours. calendula flowers a glass of hot dog-rose infusion , insist 1-2 hours, strain. Consume 1 tsp. 3-4 times a day.

Treatment of arrhythmia by dog ​​rose

Mix Valerian roots , Motherwort grass , Hawthorn flowers , 1hour. mixture pour a glass of hot dog-rose infusion , insist for half an hour, simmer for 1 minute. Quickly cool the infusion, pouring it into a container, put in ice water, drain.

Take 2 p.s. for half an hour before meals.

Rosehip against stenocardia (angina pectoris)

Infusion of rose hips benefits in the treatment of chronic ischemic disease .

Fill with 1 l. hawthorn flowers glass infusion , soak in a thermos day, drain. Take a glass for half an hour before eating.

Brew 1-2 hours. valerian glass dog-brewer , insist hour, strain. Take 1 tsp. 4 times a day.

, and also as a diuretic .

After consultation with a doctor, in case of heartburn, gastritis with low acidity pour 1 second. peppermint glass dog-brewer infusion , bring to a boil, boil for 2 minutes. Insist half an hour, drain. Drink a glass for a day for two weeks.

In the treatment of hepatitis, liver inflammation, bile duct diseases beneficial properties of the hips (1/2 cup) are used in combination with apple juice (1 / 2 cups) and 1 tsp. honey . Take an hour before meals

The composition of currant juice , wild rose infusion and honey is also useful. Mixing the components in equal parts, take the folk remedy by 1 tsp. half an hour before meals for 60-90 days.

Before treatment of the gallbladder, make sure that there are no large stones in it. When moving, they can block the bile duct.

In case of inflammation of the bile duct brew 1 tsp. grass St. John’s wort hole glass of infusion rose hips , soak in a water bath for 10 minutes, drain. Take 2-3 tablespoons. an hour after eating.

Brew 1 tbsp. flowers calendula officinalis glass rose hips infusion , insist for an hour, strain. Take half a cup an hour after eating.

For gradual dissolving stones in the gallbladder take a mixture of beet juice and wild rose hairs at room temperature. Achieve a positive result with long-term treatment.

A mixture of wild rose , juice lemon , juice black radish , olive oil , taken in equal parts, is also used to treat cholelithiasis. The product is taken by 1 second. in the mornings on an empty stomach for 1-2 months.

Elimination by the dog rose of nervous disorders, depression, insomnia

Useful properties of dogrose

In the case of strong experiences strengthen nerves will help the beneficial properties of the infusion rose hips. A glass of hot infusion is brewed. herbs of St. John’s wort.

This treatment also helps to cope with the sensitivity to weather change.

So that loneliness does not feel too strong, especially in old age, add balm and fruits hawthorn to the prepared infusion.

To eliminate the consequences of negative experiences, depression pour for 5-6 hours with a liter of cold water fruits dogrose , hawthorn and linden buds taken by 3 p.s. Boil for half an hour, insist 2-3 hours, drain. Keep refrigerated.

Take 1 tsp. warm infusion for half an hour before eating. Gradually bring the dose to 1/2 cup.

Another recipe. Brew 3 tbsp. mixture of leaves peppermint and hawthorn flowers , taken in equal parts, a glass of brier . Insist half an hour, drain. Take half a cup an hour after eating.

Rose hips infusion benefits when insomnia .

  • Cook 1 tsp. cones of hops with a glass of infusion, insist 3-4 hours, strain. Take a little before sleep.
  • Fill 1 hour. flowers chamomile hot dogrose infusion , drink at night.

Improving masculine health

Useful properties of dogrose

Hawthorn combined with rosehip is useful for improving the activity of the heart, blood vessels, increasing male strength.

Hawthorn flowers per 1s.l. to a glass infusion to pour for 15-20 minutes in a water bath, let it brew for an hour, drain. To drink during the day 1 glass in equal portions, taking the remedy for an hour before eating.

In case of prostate adenoma prepare infusion of leaves or roots burdock large , brewing 2 tsp. in a liter of rose hips . Droplet in a water bath for 10 minutes, insist 2-3 hours, drain. To be treated by monthly courses, taking 1-2 sec. for half an hour before meals.

Get rid of prostatitis is also helped by an infusion of peeled hips . They are brewed at a rate of 1 second. a glass of boiling water, insist half an hour.

Briar varieties

Currently, there is a wide choice of hips, which have significant vitamin properties and high yield.

Vitamin VNIVI

Large fruits are high in vitamin C , carotene , group vitamins P . Gives up to 2.5 kg of harvest from the bush, and there are practically no thorns near the fruits. For pollination requires the presence of a nearby bush of another variety. For example, “Vorontsovsky-1.”


Gives up to 2kg of fruit from the bush, a healthy high content of ascorbic acid , a group of vitamins P , and vitamin B9 (folic acid).

Large-fruited VNIVI

This variety of dog rose has a useful property to repeatedly bloom during the season. The fruits are large, but contain less vitamin C. The plant is distinguished by a large number of thorns, but it is winter-hardy, yielding, less susceptible to pests and diseases.


Differs high yield up to 2.5 kg from a bush, high in vitamin C. The bush is compact, winter-hardy, resistant to diseases. Almost does not creep around the site with rhizome offspring.


Wintery, gives up to 2.5kg of harvest from each bush. It is distinguished by large spherical fruits with a high content of ascorbic acid.


A powerful bush is almost not susceptible to disease, it looks great on the site. Gives large fruits, growing in the range of 3-5 pieces.


Not nice and short, but it gives very large fruits, its yield is not inferior to the cultivars of “Titan”.


Recommended for cultivation in the Volga region. It is resistant to diseases, it is useful for high content in medium-sized fruits of vitamin C.

Ural Champion

Zimostok, suitable for cultivation in all regions. Gives a high yield, large fruits with a significant content of ascorbic acid.

Other varieties

Varieties “Mayak”, “Merry”, “Firstborn”, “Vasily Ivanovich” also contain a lot of ascorbic acid in fruits, are distinguished by high yield, winter hardiness, resistance to diseases and pests.

How to grow a dogrose

Shrub prefer a light, sheltered from the wind place. Soil should not be boggy, saline, acidic.

It is better to multiply by offspring and dividing the bush , although seeds , layers , root and stem cuttings также are also used.

Offsprings are taken from healthy shrubs in late autumn or early spring. The rhizome of the offspring is left 12-17 cm long, the above-ground one is cut to 5 cm. When dividing the bush , strong plants are also selected, the shoots are cut to 7-10 cm. The roots should be immersed in a clay bolt.

A hole is pulled out with a width and a depth of up to 50 cm, where the manure or repellent manure is brought in. After planting, water the plant abundantly.

Rosehip does not require special care, it should be regularly watered, weeded.

Fruiting starts in 2-3 years, the most abundant crops happen in 3-5 years.

Harvesting, harvesting for the winter

The maximum of useful properties of rose hips reaches from August to October, when the fruits turn red or orange, but remain firm. It is important to have time to harvest before frost, because thawed rosehips lose some of the vitamins.

Drying fruit

Usually, rose hips are dried in the oven with a door slightly open for ventilation at a temperature of +70 .. + 75C for 3-4 hours. Dry fruits retain almost the same color. Change in color to maroon or brown is considered a sign of significant destruction of beneficial vitamins.

“Unclean” (whole) and “peeled” fruits are dried for the winter. To obtain “purified” fruits, they are cut fresh, nuts and hairs are removed, and dried.

Blanket preparation

The collected leaves are dried under a canopy, on a weak draft. Then cut into tea leaves and lightly fry on a baking sheet to get a darker infusion.

How to harvest flowers

Flowers are harvested shortly before they begin to fall off. Dry in a shaded ventilated place, often turning over.

Harvesting of roots

Roots are excavated in autumn. Rinse thoroughly, cut and dry in a shady draft.

The dried hips harvest is well preserved in a dark cool place, but not in the refrigerator. As a container, you can use paper bags, cloth bags, wooden or cardboard boxes.

How to make wild boar jam

  • Rub 2 parts of fresh rose hips with 3 parts of sugar. Jam is remarkably preserved at a temperature of + 15C and does not lose useful properties. With increasing storage temperature, it can start to wander, which stops with a drop in temperature.
  • If you grind 1 part of the fruit with 2 parts of sugar, the jam is stored for up to 3 years.
  • To release 1kg of fruit from seeds, rinse, bring to a boil in a small amount of water, discarded in a colander. Prepare sugar syrup from 1 liter of water and 1.5 kg of sugar. Pour the boiled fruits with syrup, add 300 g of cranberries, cook until ready. Contra-indications and harm of wild rose

    Useful properties of dogrose

    Despite a number of useful properties of dogrose and its popularity at home treatment, before taking folk remedies it is necessary to consult a doctor.

    High content of vitamin C can cause harm in case of gastritis with high acidity , gastric ulcer and duodenum . For the same reason, the use of large quantities of fruit hips in pregnancy can lead to miscarriage.

    Because of the high content of ascorbic acid, infusions should be drunk through a straw, so that the tooth enamel is thinner. After taking infusion thoroughly rinse your mouth.

    Hips are contraindicated in thrombophlebitis , endocarditis and dystrophic stage heart failure because of vitamin K, which increases the coagulability of the blood.

    Excessive intake of dog-rose infusion can cause stagnation in the liver, its inflammation.

    Decoction of rose hips causes constipation, reduces the separation of bile, the production of insulin by the pancreas.

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