Useful properties of pine nuts

Useful properties of pine nuts


  • How to clean and store nuts of cedar
  • Calorie
  • Ingredients of nuts
  • Treatment of pine nuts
  • Useful properties of cream and milk from pine nuts
  • Use of shells pine nuts
  • Useful properties of pine nut oil
  • Cosmetic properties of cedar nuts

In Russia cedar is called Siberian pine , evergreen coniferous tree up to 40 m high. Seeds ripen in cones, the largest give up to 150 cedar nuts, which have a lot of useful and medicinal properties. The healing properties of seeds of cedar, which grows north, are valued higher. Siberian pine is a long-liver, lives up to two hundred years. From 50-100 years, growth is practically slowing down. Cones mature at the age of 45-50 years.

How to clean and store the nuts of cedar

Useful properties of pine nuts

From the cones, the seeds are extracted with a cone crusher , a special mechanical device. From the shell at home get rid of the traditional forceps.

Pine nuts retain their useful properties for a year at room temperature and low humidity. After removing the shell, the nuclei are stored only in the cold for a short time.

Calorie content

Pine nut is a useful product with a high calorie content of 673 kcal per 100 g. For comparison, caloric content of fat is 840kcal per 100g.

It is established that 100 g of cedar nuts completely cover the daily requirement of the organism in amino acids, many vitamins and microelements. Excellent nutritional properties, high digestibility, superior to bread, meat and vegetables, are of great benefit to health.

The bitter taste after eating nuts soon passes. Otherwise, the cause of bitterness is the use of purified seeds, stored for too long in the warmth. To avoid food poisoning, you should consult a doctor.

Ingredients of nuts

Useful properties of pine nuts

The kernel is 70% vegetable fat, approximately 15% protein and carbohydrates. In the composition of fat a significant amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially linoleic.

Pine nut is useful for almost completely digestible, it is similar to human protein. Its composition includes irreplaceable and conditionally indispensable amino acids: tryptophan , valine , arginine , tyrosine , glutamic and aspartic acids , cystine , threonine , glycine and others.

Adequate intake of vitamin B1 ( thiamine ) is necessary for optimal use of carbohydrates by the body, normalization of cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, nervous systems.

Useful properties of vitamin B2 ( riboflavin ), contained in pine nuts, promote the production of energy from proteins, fats, carbohydrates, it is important for visual acuity.

Sufficient content in the diet vitamin B3 ( niacin ) normalizes appetite, it is necessary for cellular respiration, cholesterol metabolism.

Healing properties of pine nuts eliminate the deficit of vitamin E ( tocopherol ). It normalizes the function of the endocrine and sex glands, restores male strength, helps maintain fat balance. Tocopherol is necessary for the formation of milk, prevention of atherosclerosis.

Pine nuts are useful high in micro and macro elements.

Manganese . Increases the protective properties of the body to eliminate free radicals. Strengthens cartilage, is necessary for obesity, to improve the activity of the heart and blood vessels.

Copper . It should be done with vitiligo, anemia, it is necessary for the fastest fusion of bones and tendons, normalization of the cardiovascular system.

Magnesium . It increases intellectual and physical performance, relieves gallbladder spasm, normalizes intracranial pressure, is necessary for obesity.

Potassium . In the composition of pine nuts is useful property to maintain acid-base balance, regulate blood pressure indicators, the endocrine system.

Phosphorus . Important for the formation of bone and dental tissue.

Zinc . It is necessary for poor growth of hair and nails, lowering of male potency, for normalization of intestinal microflora.

Iron . It is part of hemoglobin, which delivers oxygen to various organs.

Healing properties of pine nuts are especially useful when it is required to restore strength after illness or exhaustion, quickly gain weight. Seeds of cedar bring unquestionable benefit with increased intellectual and physical loads.

Treatment of pine nuts

Useful properties of pine nuts

Seeds of Siberian pine are most useful in fresh form.

For the treatment of metabolic disorders prepare tincture on vodka:

  • Nuts to wash, dry on a towel, mash along with the shell, pour vodka 4-5 cm Insist for a week in a dark cool place, drain. Take for two months to 1 c.p. three times a day.

From stone disease , stones in the gallbladder and liver, to purify the blood of the core of pine nuts insist in low-alcohol grape wine. To increase the useful properties of the tincture, add a little honey.

Useful properties of pine nuts help to cure bronchitis .

  • A glass of cedar nucleoli mixed with a glass of sand, pour 0.5 liters of vodka. Put in a dark place for two weeks, every day shake the tincture. Take from bronchitis to 1ch.L. three times a day.

Pine nuts are useful in the case of gout :

  • To dissolve salt deposits, prepare from cedar nuts tincture, as for the treatment of metabolic disorders. Take 1 tsp. in a day.

Recipe for treatment arthritis :

  • Clear 30 g of cedar nucleoli, pour 0.5 liters of vodka, insist 40 days. Begin taking five drops a day, increasing the dose every day by 5 drops. After five days continue the reception, but start dosing in grams. Take for a month every day for 10, 15, 20, etc. gram, bringing the daily intake to 35g.

Useful properties of cream and milk from pine nuts

Useful properties of pine nuts

In Siberia, the so-called vegetable cream is made from nuts of cedar. Seeds of Siberian pine are slightly dried, they remove the shell. The nucleoli are dried again, the films are removed, rubbing in the palms of the hands. Toss in a wooden mortar, adding hot water. Clay pot with the resulting gruel is brought to a boil in a stove or oven. Vegetable cream is ready. Diluting them with hot water, get lean (cedar) milk .

Fat content of cedar cream exceeds cow’s milk and meat. Milk and cream from cedar nuts are useful in the treatment of nervous disorders, atherosclerosis, in case of increased acidity of gastric juice, gastritis, stomach and duodenal ulcers, kidney and bladder diseases.

Nut cream and milk increase the separation of milk during breastfeeding. Pine nuts bring benefits to pregnant women, must necessarily enter the diet of children and adolescents.

Cedar nuts are useful property to strengthen the immunity of children and adults, positively influence the intellectual and physical development of the child, are necessary when changing dairy teeth.

Use of Pine Nut Shell

Useful properties of pine nuts

In the shell, the mass of tannins. For medicinal purposes prepare water infusion, decoction or infusion at the rate of 2-3 c..l. shredded shell on a glass of water or vodka.


from the shell has an astringent, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, is shown in disorders of the stomach or intestines, exacerbation of cholecystitis. Rinse helps to cope with diseases of the oral cavity, decoction rubs the skin in the case of deprivation, eczema, suppuration.

The tincture of pine nut shells on vodka is useful for tonicity and strength. Normalizes the functioning of the gallbladder, the digestive system, helps to get rid of hearing loss.

Recipe for treatment gout :

  • Glass of ground shell pour 0.5 liters of vodka, insist two weeks, drain. Take every day, starting with five drops. Daily increase the dose by one drop. Having reached 25 drops, reduce the dose by one drop, returning to five drops.

Treatment of cedar tincture <style :

  • Get half a glass of pounded shell, add 0.5 liters of vodka. Insist a month, drain. Take an empty stomach at 30ml an hour before meals.

Useful properties of pine nut oil

Useful properties of pine nuts

Cedar oil, obtained from nucleoli, is remarkably assimilated. In folk medicine is used in the treatment of various diseases.

Oil does not have contraindications, except for pregnancy, it does not cause allergies. For the purpose of prevention, the useful properties of cedar nut oil are used to provide a general restorative effect. It helps to quickly cope with fatigue and overwork, increases efficiency, eliminates violations of fat metabolism, reduces intoxication of the body.

Cedar oil helps prevent and restore male power. In case of a cold, a cold, ORZ, a useful product is buried in the nose.

Cedar oil is useful in the treatment of gastritis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, hypertension, atherosclerosis, lowers cholesterol.

In case of diseases of internal organs, oil is taken for 1 hour. one hour before meals.

Pine nuts are useful for varicose veins. The oil is applied by gentle massage movements along the veins twice a day.

Cosmetic properties of cedar nuts

Useful properties of pine nuts

For a long time, the chewed kernels of pine nuts were applied to abscesses for early healing. Nuts cedar useful to use in the treatment of skin diseases, eczema, boils. Outer regularly handle with oil, take it inside.

Cedar oil lubricates places of burns, frostbite, excessively dry skin. It is used for dermatitis, diathesis, urticaria, for the treatment of pressure sores, erosions, trophic ulcers.

Properties of cedar oil, used by 1 hour. per day, are useful for preventing baldness, eliminating the increased fragility of hair and nails.

Massage procedures with cedar nut oil benefit the skin. It is saturated with vitamins and microelements, restores elasticity and velvety. Improves blood circulation and muscle tone, eliminates venous congestion in the limbs.

Pine nuts and oil saturate tissues with oxygen, rejuvenate the body.

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