Useful properties of sea-buckthorn

Useful properties of sea-buckthorn


  • What useful vitamins contain sea buckthorn
  • Useful trace elements in the fruits of sea-buckthorn
  • Benefits of sea-buckthorn for the intestines and vessels
  • Useful properties of sea-buckthorn for the treatment of various diseases
  • Application sea ​​buckthorn oil
  • Recipes for making sea buckthorn oil at home
  • Useful properties of sea buckthorn berries
  • Useful cosmetic masks from sea-buckthorn
  • How to grow sea buckthorn in a suburban area
  • Methods and adaptations to collect sea buckthorn
  • units and contraindications sea buckthorn berries

Fruit of the popular plants processed almost no waste. From them prepare jam, jam, marmalade, jam, stuffing of confectionery, delicious juice. Pouring, tinctures and soft drinks, in which berries are added, acquire the aroma of pineapple. In addition, the sea-buckthorn has a lot of useful properties. From the juice and oilcake they get sea buckthorn oil. The leaves of the plant are used for treatment and for cosmetic purposes.

What useful vitamins contain sea buckthorn

Useful properties of sea-buckthorn

The benefits of sea buckthorn in providing a wide therapeutic effect due to its rich vitamin composition. First of all, sea-buckthorn berries contain carotenes and carotenoids .

A-provitamins are necessary for the functioning of vision, growth processes, reproductive function, sexual development, endocrine processes, counteracting bacterial and fungal diseases, skin and mucous health. In the body, vitamin A is formed by the transformation of carotenoids .

Sea buckthorn is useful for the vitamins of the B group

  • B1 important for growth and development, heart, stomach, intestine, nervous system health;
  • B2 is necessary for the production of erythrocytes, antibodies, normalization of reproductive functions, thyroid function. His sufficient intake improves the look of the skin, nails, hair.
  • B3 ( nicotinic acid ), in addition to participating in oxidative reactions of cells promotes the absorption of vitamin C, enhancing the therapeutic effect;
  • B9 ( folic acid ) is important for the circulatory and immune systems.

Therapeutic properties of sea-buckthorn for vessels and bone tissue

Vitamin C is especially necessary in periods of epidemics, important for the functioning of connective and bone tissue, is an antioxidant.

Vitamin P is represented by flavonoids , especially by routine . Flavonoids, most effective in combination with vitamin C, reduce permeability and fragility of capillary vessels. In addition, routine reduces blood clotting, which is especially important in the case of varicose veins, with hemorrhoids.

Vitamin K is required for protein synthesis, important for metabolic processes in bone and connective tissue, preservation of kidney health.

Use of sea-buckthorn for reproductive function

Sea-buckthorn is useful for maintenance and restoration of reproductive function due to the constituent tocopherols . Their content in sea buckthorn berries exceeds almonds, so they are widely used in various programs for restoring male potency.

In addition, vitamin E is an effective immunomodulator.

Useful trace elements in sea buckthorn fruit

In sea buckthorn berries, potassium высоко is high, it is necessary for capillaries, cardiac muscle, brain cells, kidneys.

Fruits are rich in magnesium, important for metabolic reactions, muscle contraction, transmission of nerve impulses.

Enough calcium , regulating the processes of muscle contraction, the production of certain hormones.

Sea buckthorn is useful in phosphorus , iron я berries.

The use of sea buckthorn for the intestines and blood vessels

Sea-buckthorn is useful for reducing cholesterol, berries gently and effectively clean the intestines of harmful substances, restore the microflora and peristalsis due to the pectin substances , water-soluble cellulose. When the fruit ripens, its quantity decreases slightly.

Sea buckthorn is useful for vessels due to unsaturated fatty acids Omega 3-6-9. In the berry composition also includes saturated fatty acids.

In addition, the fruits of sea buckthorn are rich in sucrose , glucose , fructose .

Useful properties of sea-buckthorn in the treatment of various diseases

Useful properties of sea-buckthorn

Fruits effectively remove various inflammations, stimulate regeneration processes, including in internal organs. Seabuckthorn berries are useful for restoring liver cells after alcohol intoxication .

Inclusion in the diet of sea buckthorn fruit is useful for the prevention of atherosclerosis , lowering cholesterol in the blood.

A total of 100 grams of berries, consumed daily, allow a short time to cope with deficiency of vitamins , strengthen immunity.

With reduced acidity of gastric juice after consulting with a doctor, the beneficial properties of the sea-buckthorn can be used for treating a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer. As a rule, sea buckthorn oil or decoctions of berries are used.

Sea buckthorn is used in the manufacture of medicines for the treatment of burns and corneal defects .

In the case of sinusitis inhalations of sea buckthorn oil or berries are used.

Application of sea buckthorn oil

Useful properties of sea-buckthorn

Seabuckthorn oil is useful in healing wounds, cracks, various skin lesions. They treat bedsores, burns and frostbite.

First, the affected area is treated with an antiseptic, dried. Then apply a few drops of sea buckthorn oil, cover with a sterile napkin, wax paper and bandage.

Sea buckthorn oil is applied 1-2 times a day, in some cases, the bandage is changed every other day. To avoid irritation, it is diluted with vegetable oil, so that the composition is not too concentrated.

Sea buckthorn oil is used to treat mucous membranes. Using a cotton swab on a stick, depending on the severity of the disease, they are treated 1-2 times a day tonsils , the posterior pharyngeal wall , nasal mucosa .

Useful properties of sea buckthorn oil are used in the treatment of gingivitis , cracks in the anus , bowel diseases .

With caution, sea buckthorn oil is used in case of stomach ulcer . As a rule, it is mixed with a 2% solution of baking soda to neutralize its constituent acids. The drug is taken half an hour before a meal for 1 hour. within a month. If the treatment is successful, a single dose is increased to 1 second.

Recipe for making buckthorn oil at home

Useful properties of sea-buckthorn

To keep more useful properties in the finished product, the treatment should be as gentle as possible, without heating.

Recipe 1 . Seabuckthorn berries are washed, gently dried in the oven, so that the fruits become firm. After grinding them in a coffee grinder, get flour. Place the flour in a jar and pour with any refined vegetable oil. Mixing the contents, put the jar in a dark place on the vest. Every day it must be shaken.

At the end, strain the mixture through gauze or strainer, again to stand in a dark place so that a sediment forms on the bottom. Carefully merge the finished product into a pre-prepared container, without stirring the particles from the bottom.

Ready-made sea buckthorn oil is used inside or outside. To increase the concentration of useful properties of sea-buckthorn, it is used instead of vegetable oil with the next portion of dried berries.

Recipe 2 . Skip fresh berries through a meat grinder or juicer, drain the juice into a glass jar. After a day on the surface of the sea buckthorn oil is formed, it is collected with a wooden spoon.

Pumpkin pour vegetable oil and insist 2-3 weeks, then wring out and filter the raw material saturated with useful product. Obtained sea buckthorn oil will be lighter, it has less useful properties.

Recipe 3 . With the cake obtained in the previous recipe, you can do it differently. Place in a saucepan, pour refined vegetable oil, close the lid and stand for 2-3 days at a temperature of + 50C. Ready-made sea buckthorn oil is obtained after percolation through gauze.

Useful properties of the sea buckthorn leaves

Useful properties of sea-buckthorn

Even the ancients noticed that if the plant leaves are added to the animal feed, their wool becomes shiny and soft. Modern research has confirmed this observation. It turned out that sea buckthorn is useful for maintaining optimal metabolism in the skin. It is from this that the quality of the wool improves, the speed of its growth increases.

In the sea-buckthorn leaves, the mass of vitamin C, tannin , which has anti-diarrhea and hemostatic effect, and serotonin , regulating the tone of blood vessels involved in the process of blood clotting, intestinal peristalsis.

Pills Hyporaminum , helping to cope with influenza, ARVI are made from leaves.

Seabuckthorn berries are useful for the treatment of stomatitis and periodontitis .

In the case of joint diseases, a decoction of sea-buckthorn leaves is useful. For its preparation. chopped raw material with a glass of boiling water, simmer in a water bath for 10 minutes. Take a glass of broth throughout the day.

Useful cosmetic mask from sea-buckthorn

Useful properties of sea-buckthorn

Sea-buckthorn oil is often used during massage procedures . It penetrates well through the skin, stimulates microcirculation processes, which stops the peeling, the skin less intensively loses its moisture.

Masks of sea buckthorn oil are useful for smoothing wrinkles, they make the skin supple and elastic, making the face look younger. In addition, the visibility of freckles and age spots is reduced.

Sea buckthorn oil benefits from nail brittleness , improves hair health. It is useful to periodically apply on the scalp to strengthen the hair follicles and give the hair shine.

Brewing 1 liter of boiling water 6 tsp. shredded sea-buckthorn leaves and after soaking them for 10 minutes in a water bath, the prepared rinse can significantly reduce hair loss .

Sea-buckthorn leaves are useful for getting rid of acne . They need to be steamed so that they become soft, then lightly cool and apply to acne, covered with a towel. After 15 minutes, wipe the skin with a piece of ice.

How to grow a sea buckthorn in a suburban area

Useful properties of sea-buckthorn

The plant is cultivated and planted in various countries. It is light-hearted, well tolerates frost to -40C.

It grows on loose, relatively dry soils. If the terrain is biased, the roots strengthen the soil. The plant attracts bees, which increases the yield.

Female and male plants

The plant can be male or female. Men are necessary for the production of pollen, sea buckthorn berries do not grow on them, they are formed on female.

As a rule, when planting, a proportion is maintained when 6-8 female plants are planted by one male plant. Pollination is performed by wind, less often by insects.

Typically, the characteristic “sex signs” become discernible after 1-2 years of growth.

  1. You should pay attention to the kidneys. Men are larger, they are often triple, women are smaller and paired.
  2. Male plants are larger and more crowded than women.
  3. Leaves of the male species are turned outward, female concave and resemble a boat.
  4. The leaf plates of the male plant are gray, female – green.

Seabuckthorn reproduces by seeds or vegetatively , i.e. root shoots, cuttings.

When sea-buckthorn berries ripen

The harvest time begins in August-September, when the fruits become bright orange, elastic to the touch. One buckthorn gives up to ten kilograms of berries.

For better preservation of useful properties, sea buckthorn is best stored in the freezer.Fresh berries remain up to six months, which is enough to fill the vitamin deficiency in winter.

For processing and making sea-buckthorn jam, it is better to collect fruits early, slightly immature.

Ways and adaptations to collect sea buckthorn

Useful properties of sea-buckthorn

Berries grow on branches with sharp thorns that prevent harvesting. In addition, the fruits are kept quite firmly, when ripped off, they are often crushed, their juice corrodes the skin. As a result, many leave part of the crop on branches, especially in hard-to-reach places, as the desire to collect quickly disappears.

Method 1 . The easiest way to harvest sea buckthorn is to wait for the cold to come, to shake the branch and shake the frozen fruit onto the cloth, polyethylene spread on the ground. True, before freezing it is necessary in some way or another to protect the crop from bird raids.

Method 2 . If using another method, you will need an old umbrella-cane . Bent handle in the open form it is hung on a branch, sea buckthorn fruit is cut with scissors. Hands are better protected with gloves made of dense tissue. Despite the comparative safety for the skin, the method is quite painstaking and takes a lot of time.

Method 3 . Some gardeners sew a canvas gauntlet , from the palm side attach one side of a small bag for collecting sea-buckthorn berries, the other side with a slightly bent palm should be padded so that loose fruit falls into the pouch. Standing on the ladder, with your thumb and palm edge, squeeze the branch slightly, retreating about half a meter from its end, and make a move to the end of the branch. The torn fruits will be in the bag. Continue to harvest, moving to the bottom of the branch. When changing the position so as not to spill the collected berries, keep the palm straightened so that the edges of the pouch are closed.

Method 4 . In hard-to-reach places, a stick is useful, to the end of which is attached a loop made of elastic steel wire, bent by a contour in the shape of a candle flame. For convenience, the resulting contour is bent in half, so that it looks like a handful to the side. The obtained device must be seized with the base of the sea-buckthorn bunch and cut off with a light movement of the loop. On the branch, you can pre-hang the umbrella-cane opened upside down.

Harm and contra-indications of sea-buckthorn berries

In addition to useful properties, sea buckthorn in the presence of certain diseases can harm health:

  • do not use sea buckthorn oil for cholecystitis , hepatitis , a tendency to diarrhea ;
  • consumption of berries is harmful in diseases of gallbladder , gastric disorders ;
  • sea buckthorn increases the acidity of urine, so it should not be treated with urolithiasis .

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